tagFetishDon Takes Over Ch. 01

Don Takes Over Ch. 01


The giant butt plug made me squirm and moan in discomfort as I knelt by the door. Don had been training me well from a distance; having me wear bigger and bigger plugs each week. The one lodged in my ass as I knelt patiently felt like a giant log.

It had taken me months to convince Steph that we should have Don visit us. But now that she had finally agreed, I was having second thoughts. The scary reality was finally sinking in. He was going to be in the house any minute.

Steph meanwhile was looking completely gorgeous. Her blonde hair came down over her bare shoulders in a tantalizing way. The light summer dress she had chosen flaunted her beautiful natural breasts, and invited you to explore with your hands. I wanted to fuck her so bad. My tiny boy clit had been locked without relief for two weeks, and it was aching desperately for pussy.

The doorbell rang, and Stephanie jumped to answer it. Her dress flipped back and forth tantalizingly as she swung the door open.

Don confidently introduced himself to my wife and stepped inside the house. Steph took his hand and pulled him inside.

I knelt quietly, my head bowed slightly. This was terrifying.

He looked over at me cowering and chuckled "Hi Crissy. You look even weaker in person than I thought you would".

I just nodded, not knowing what to say.

Don looked at my wife and told her he was looking forward to taking her out of that dress, but he had to get everything else settled first.

First he asked where the keys for my chastity cage were.

Steph smiled and took the chain from around her neck and handed the key to him.

"Is there a backup?" he asked. Steph ran and got the other key out of hiding and handed it to him as well. My heart sank as I saw the keys to my aching sissy clit handed to this confident man who was invading my house.

He looked at me, a big smile on his face. I was helpless, and he knew it. I thought I might cry.

But he wasn't done.

"Okay wuss. Now it's your turn" he ordered. "I want you to go find absolutely every house key, including spares hidden outside. Take as long as you need."

I jumped up and ran to do as I was told, already eager to keep the man who now owned my clit happy.

I found all four, and I cautiously knelt in front of him, holding them in my palm.

"Good girl" he said confidently as I weakly gave them to him. "I own this house now, and you are both trespassing on my property."

I looked up, horrified.

He grinned "I'll let you stay here for now, but I might kick you out at any point. So be a good girl and earn your keep."

I thought Stephanie would be as horrified as I was, but it was having the opposite effect on her. Watching this strong man come in and take over was obviously getting her wet. She was tilting her chin, giving Don the "Fuck me" look.


Stephanie was a virgin before we were married, so the only sex she had ever experienced was with my 3 inch clit.

I was sure the neighbors would hear as Don gently pushed his big rod inside her dripping pussy. She was finding out what she had been missing all the years she was only having sex with me.

I watched from the foot of the bed. Don had brought a present for me: the most massive dildo I had ever seen. It was close to a foot long, with a massive girth.

Before ripping my wife's dress off, he had bent me over and shoved it deep into my sissy ass. The humiliation of having the giant cock shoved up my ass in front of my wife was worse than I could have imagined.

So while Don spread my wife's legs and gave her a series of loud orgasm, I knelt on the floor and obediently fucked myself with the dildo.

Steph was amazing. Every few minutes she arched her back, her toes curling as she screamed his name.

She completely forgot I existed. His cock was her world for that moment.


Tears rolled down my cheeks as I licked Stephanie's pussy. Don's load was huge, and his big cock had shot it deep inside my beautiful wife.

To add injury to insult, Don grabbed the bottom of the giant dildo and shoved it further up my ass as I licked his cum from my wife.

For her part, Steph was enjoying telling me how incredible a lover Don was. Periodically she would pause from singing his praises to ridicule my shortcomings.

After a few minutes, Don interrupted me. "Time for round two" he said confidently. Sure enough, his thick cock was hard again. He looked at me "You don't get to watch this time. Go put that big plug back in your ass and make us some dinner."

And with that he turned back to my wife, caressing her cheek before spreading her legs again. Predictably, I did exactly as I was told; scampering out of the bedroom quietly so the lovebirds could fuck without a sissy around to bother them.

My balls ached as I listened to my wife moan and scream. I had never heard sounds like this coming out of her. I made sandwiches as Master Don made another creampie.

After dinner there was another assessment of the household. Every computer in the house was now his. I whimpered as he typed in the new master password on what used to be my macbook. I was locked out of it for good.

At that moment something snapped in me. It was too much. Taking over my house, breeding my wife, taking my computer...I couldn't handle it. I reached for the computer, my face red.

Don understood what was happening. Before I could grab the computer he had grabbed my wrist and twisted me around. "About to be disobedient, little cunt?" he asked with a little bit of a sneer.

I just whimpered weakly, knowing better than to struggle.

He pulled me over in front of the big windows facing the road. "Here, let me help you learn never to do that again." He spun me around so my back was to the windows and looked me square in the eyes. "You are going to stay right here in whatever position I tell you for the next two hours, got it?" I nodded slightly.

What followed was a horrible belt spanking in front of the window with the lights turned on bright so the neighbors could clearly see my punishment. Periodically he would turn me around so my face was right up against the window. He didn't want to leave any doubt in the neighbors' minds as to what was going on.

Finally it was over. My ass was on fire. Don just left me, bent over, panties down, for the neighbors' amusement as he went to lay in bed with my wife and watch tv.

Stephanie smiled and wrapped her arm around his neck, nibbling at his chin. "Make it three hours, wuss" he said as he lifted her in his arms and disappeared into what used to be my bedroom.


It was the longest three hours of my life. They had left the lights on bright, and as the night turned pitch black I was put on crystal clear display for the neighbors. My pants were at my ankles, and my pink panties stayed at my thighs. I didn't dare move.

I had never been spanked like that, and it stung so much more than I could have imagined. To make matters worse, I still had the awful butt plug in. I couldn't help but think that my asshole was never going to go back to normal size again.

The three hours were almost up when the bedroom door opened and Don walked out. He was wearing just a pair of boxers, and there were little spots of lipstick on his neck from Steph's sweet kisses.

He grabbed a marker from the drawer before walking over to me. I was finally going to be free. I was so relieved.

"How is your ass feeling, sissy?" he asked.

I muttered softly that it was very uncomfortable.

He just chuckled and gave my plug a little shove to make sure it was in deep before taking the lid off the sharpie marker and writing "CUNT" across my ass cheek. I could see what he was doing in the reflection of the windows, and I whimpered but held obediently still.

He gave my ass a few more smacks with his hand before speaking again. "You're going to learn to never question me. And we're going to start right now with you staying right here until midnight."

I couldn't believe it; that was two hours away yet.

"At midnight you may take your plug out and go sleep in my guest room."

He said it without hesitation, knowing I would be obedient.

Steph called from the bedroom "come back in here you stud, stop wasting time on that wuss".

Don chuckled and strode back to the bedroom and my beckoning wife.


I woke up the next morning to the sound of a bell from downstairs in the kitchen. My ass was so sore and stretched. I slowly pulled myself out of bed and started my morning routine of showering and shaving.

My poor clit had ached longingly all night, as I couldn't help but imagine my wife in Don's arms, probably naked and dripping with his cum. I shaved very gingerly around it after finishing up my legs. The scrubbing to remove the demeaning sharpie words on my ass was useless. I cringed as I recalled the horror of being put on embarrassing display for the neighborhood.

When I finally made it downstairs, the happy couple had already finished eating their breakfast. They were still sitting at the table chatting.

Steph cheerily said good morning, and Don just waved a motion towards the dishes.

I was supposed to clean up.

I jumped immediately, wanting to be sure to keep him happy at all costs.

Steph was wearing only a t-shirt, and her nipples teased through the soft fabric as she flirted with her newly found lover. I had to avoid looking as I washed the dishes.

I noticed Don was writing a list out on his macbook, occasionally smiling and asking Steph questions. They talked quietly as I finished cleaning up.

"Crissy" he said, a little louder than I thought necessary.

"Why don't you come join us?" It wasn't a question.

I hurried to kneel beside the table, looking at the floor.

Steph wore an amused smile as Don spoke.

"Since I own this house now, I thought I should write up some ground rules."

I squirmed but kept my mouth shut.

"Did you hear the bell this morning?" I nodded.

"The only way for you to earn your keep is to be our servant. When you hear that bell it means one of us has a job for you."

I knelt quietly, blushing.

"Now this morning I rang the bell, and it was almost thirty minutes before you showed up. That will mean extra strokes added to your nightly spanking tonight."

I started to protest. That wasn't fair at all!

Don silenced me with a cold glare. I shut up and nodded softly.

"One of us will be giving you a whipping every night unless you earn the right to skip it, so be a good girl."

Stephanie actually laughed at that one, her soft breasts bouncing under her shirt.

Don held up his key chain and isolated the smallest two. I looked longingly at the keys to my clit. What I wouldn't give for just thirty seconds of relief.

"These are only going to be used on very, very special occasions" he said as he jingled them in front of me. "We're going to start with one month, starting today. Any disobedience and I will add days or weeks."

My heart sank.

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