tagNovels and NovellasDonal' Ch. 02

Donal' Ch. 02


Donal' woke and yawned, his back warm from the still glowing embers of the fire. He rolled onto his back and glanced at the fire. His morning erection jogged his memory of the previous night. He glanced to his right but Mhari was not there. He looked down at the bulge in hiskilt and said to it, "Ye've had enough exercise, go back to sleep."

He got to his feet and stretched, picked up his cloak and folded it before placing it back on his bed roll. He threw a couple of logs onto the fire and walked through to the main hall of the ruined castle.

The snow had stopped falling some time during the night and a thick covering blanketed the landscape. The sky was overcast. The clouds hung low over the mountaintops to the south, hiding the peaks. The many tracks in the snow reminded him of breakfast.

Donal' returned to his fire and set his half-full copper kettle on it to warm through.

"Mhari!" he called out. He climbed the spiral stairs to the room above and called out again, louder. "Mhari!" Still no reply was forthcoming. He climbed the next stair to Mhari's empty bedchamber and looked around. Therewas dust on the floor apart from near the window slit where snow had entered. He crossed to the window, rested his hands on the sill and looked out over the white landscape. He noted some likely animal tracks before turning back to the room.

He studied the floor: footprints, his own, led from the stairs to where he stood in a puddle of melted snow. More footprints from the previous night were just inside the room, again his own. He crossed to them and hunkered down to study the floor there: footprints and dust, nothing else. This was where he had whacked his cock over Mhari, he thought. There should have been some evidence on the floor. He stroked his stubbled chin and thought.

"I wasn't dreaming," he said to the empty room.

Donal' returned to his fire and stirred his broth that was starting to steam as it warmed up. He looked through his backpack and selected the few items he would need for his morning chores. He left the shelter of the main hall and made his way to the tracks he had noted earlier, set some traps in the runs.

Washed and shaved, fed and warm, Donal' thought on what to do. Hehad no urgent business that required seeing to and he was comfortable here. He would stay for a while and see what transpired. He hoped Mhari would return. That was why he was staying, he admitted to himself.

The sound of a rabbit in distress brought him from his musings. He made his way to the screaming beastie and dispatched it with a blow tothe head with the hilt of his sword. Donal' wrung its neck to make sure it was dead and reset the trap. Presently the rabbit was added to his broth.

Donal' spent the rest of the day making his stay at the castle more comfortable and exploring the remaining structure. The west tower, on the other side of the great hearth, was much like the rooms Donal' had explored the previous night: two empty rooms one above the other. The only other room that remained was the kitchen; it was open to the elements, an emptydoorway that led out to a stream that wound its way around the rear of the castle.

Snow had started to fall again as he returned to his fire in the late afternoon. He made himself comfortable and was soon fast asleep.

Donal' stirred from his rest. His legs were cold and his balls felt as if they were being tickled with a feather. He opened an eye to see his silvery companion from the previous night naked and straddling his legs, her nose nuzzling his balls. His cock hardened as he watched her and a grin softened his face.

"A fine way to be roused, m'lady," he said.

Mhari's eyes looked up to his as her cheek caressed his erection. "It took you long enough to notice! What does an innocent young lass have to do to get your attention?"

The touch of her cheek on his cock was like the coldest, softest silk. "Well, an innocent lass wouldn't be doin' that," he said and nodded down to her hand.

She straightened up and ran her fingers over his cock and it jerked under her cold touch. Donal' reached forward to caress her cheek, surprised at her just-there-not-there presence. Mhari met his eyes as she wrapped herhand around his cock and stroked the shaft up and down. "Are you implying, Donal' MacDonald, that I am not innocent?" She returned her attention to his cock, concentrating on her task.

"Let us say... skilful, then."

"Mm! You're forgiven." Mhari looked back up to him. "I don't think I can do this much longer. It takes a lot of concentration to affect the mortal realm." She reached out to take his hand and wrap it around his shaft. "Please?" she asked him. Mhari lay her head down in Donal's lap and reached her hands up to caress his thighs.

Donal' was close to coming and a few quick strokes finished what she had started. He came with a mighty spurt over her head and back and then again over her hair. The last few drops oozed out to be absorbed by Mhari's cheekas she raised her head. She nuzzled the tip of his cock and planted a kiss there. She shivered. "Thank you again, kind sir. Hm! Missed some." She licked a few stray drops from the back of Donal'shand and shivered again.

Her voice had taken on a deeper note, more real than previously. She sat back, blurred and cleared, and again was clothed in her blouse, bodice and skirt. Mhari returned her attention to Donal's flaccid cock, tracing a finger from the tip and down to his balls and back up again.

Donal's cock jerked in response to the cold touch and he bit his lip.

Mhari looked around the room. "I see ye have made yerself comfortable. Are ye planning on staying awhile?"

"I have no reason for rushing away, maybe a reason to tarry for abit." Donal' looked down to where Mhari's finger continued to trace its path up and down his cock.

"Would that reason be me?" She looked up to him and said, "I've heard that the French ladies can make a man come with their mouths." Her head dipped to one side as she regarded him, his quick intake of breath and the sharpening of his eyes.

"It would pass the time. Mayhap we could see how... skilful ye can become." He looked down to his semi-erect cock. "I'm afraid it would have to wait for a wee while, though."

"Will it be long before we can try this thing?" Mhari asked.

"Not long, hussy."

"Hussy! I've never been called such! Hussy." She savoured the word. She concentrated and pulled his kilt down to cover his cock and said, "When ye feel up to it again ye will let me know?"

"I'll let ye know, soon enough. Now to other matters. Don't take this the wrong way. Much as I like a beautiful young lass to be sitting on me, I fear that ma legs are turning blue."

Mhari laughed and stood up, stepping to one side. "I was forgetting the effect I have on mortals."

Donal' rubbed the circulation back into his chilled legs. He poured some broth into his wooden bowl and sipped at the thick liquid. "Ah! Not bad at all."

Mhari regarded him from where she sat cross-legged on the floor, her elbows on her knees, her chin in her hands.

Donal' looked back at her over the top of his steaming bowl. He broke the silence. "Would ye tell me a bit about yerself, Mhari? From before..."

"There's not a lot to tell. My mother and father loved me. I was an only child so I was set to become the Clan Chief of these lands." Her gaze drifted over to the fire. "I was sent to Edinburgh to learn my letters and to be introduced to the court of William." Mhari glanced back to Donal'. "He was a boor of a man, more interested in his homeland. I learned to use the rapier; a bit more ladylike than a pig sticker. No offence." She had glanced at Donal' again.

"None taken." He drew his sword from its scabbard and commenced to sharpen the edges.

"On my return my faither had a tutor brought over from France so I could continue with the rapier. It was soon after that that we were attacked by the Campbells."

Donal' kept his gaze on the bowl. He said, "It wasn't just the Campbells. From what I hear it was on orders from the King. True, Campbell of Glen Lyon led at Glencoe, but most of his men were from other clans. He was made a scapegoat along with Dalrymple. I hear the same happened here. A commission of enquiry was set up in Edinburgh the year after and nothing has been heard from them these last eleven years. But, with the king dead for the last two years..."

"William is dead?"

"Aye. Anne is now queen."

Mhari listened, her head to one side. "How do ye know all this?"

"I've travelled a bit. Ye hear things when ye'r travelling. The truth isn't always black and white."

A far away look came over her eyes. "Hush, Donal'." She concentrated and turned her head to the face the west. "Two men approach. They are not happy to be out on such a night. They have a task to do." She turned back to Donal'. "They come for ye, to murder ye!" Mhari's eyes flashed with anger.

Donal' stood and sheathed his sword, checked his dirk was snug in its sheath and said, "I'll go and greet them."

"Be careful, Donal'."

"That I will be, lass." He nodded to his copper kettle. "Make sure my broth doesn't burn."

He slipped through the doorway and left the castle by way of the ruined kitchen. Fresh snow covered the tracks he had made before and still fell gently, muffling the sounds of his movements. The snow would muffle the sounds of his attackers too, but they didn't know he had been warned of their arrival. Donal' left the cover of the castle and ran, crouching low, towards the path that led up the glen and skirted the castle. He hunkered down behind a tree to listen for the men's approach.

He was rewarded with the sound of cursing coming down the path.

"Keep quiet, man."

Donal' glanced over to his left towards the voice and to where the other man must be on one of the game trails. Just as well he had scouted earlier in the day, he thought. He drew his sword, judged his moment, and stepped onto the path in front of the first man. Donal' smiled. Theman opened his mouth and reached for his sword just as Donal' lunged at his throat, cutting off the man's attempted warning shout.

A look of shock crossed over the man's face as Donal withdrew his sword from his throat to let him fall to the ground with a soft thud. Donal' bent down to wipe the blood from his blade on the man's tunic, keeping an eye on where he reckoned the other attacker was. He dragged the body off the path to hide it.

"Is that you tripping up again?" asked the other.

"Aye," hissed Donal', just loud enough to be heard. He circled around to join the trail behind the other man and crept along in the footprints he found. The attacker had stopped at the edge of the trees to look towards the castle. Donal' glanced in its direction and could see smoke rising from the lum atop the west tower.

Donal' stepped closer to the man, recognised the Argyle tartan he wore, and said in a whisper, "Are ye looking for me?"

The man spun around, his sword swinging through the space where Donal's neck would have been had he not stepped back. Before the attacker could recover Donal' lunged forward, driving his sword up through the man's chest and through his heart. Donal' yanked his sword free as the man just stood there, blood spreading in a dark patch onhis tunic and bubbling from his mouth.

"Ye forgot to cover yerself there," Donal' said nodding to him. "Ye won't make that mistake again, though," he said as the man slumped to the ground. Donal' bent down to wipe his sword clean again before sheathing it. He checked the body and found a pouch of coins. The only other item of note was a medallion hung on a leather thong around the man's neck. Donal' cut the thong and pocketed his find.

He made his way back to the other body and rolled it over onto its back. He found another pouch of coins, another of the medallions and a sheathed dagger. Donal' pocketed everything and stood, looking around. The men carried no backpacks or food with them, so they couldn't have come very far. But there again, he thought, the sea was no more than five miles from any part of the island.

Donal' trudged back to the castle through the swirling snow.

He kicked the snow from his shoes before going through the doorway. When he looked up it was to see Mhari's naked, silvery buttocks. Donal' undid his belt and let it and the attached sword drop to the floor as Mhari looked over her shoulder at him.

"Your broth needed some attention," she said. She looked at the growing erection under his kilt. "Anything else I can attend to?" Mhari licked her lips.

Donal' smiled and said, "Hussy!" She smiled in return and approached him. He undid his kilt pin and shrugged the material from off his shoulder, unwound the rest from his waist and let it fall to the floor. He stood in just his tunic, his cock pointing towards the ceiling.

Mhari knelt in front of him, inches from his upright cock. "I would never have thought of doing this before, but now... I need to." She kissed the tip of his cock and it jumped in reaction to the cold touch. She glanced up to Donal's eyes. Mhari licked the opening at the tip of his cock, slid her lips over the purple head and then off again. She looked back up to him. "How does that feel?"

"Heaven, but cool," he said, and moved his hands to her head to pull her forward onto his cock again; the feel of her hair in his hands was like quicksilver.

She engulfed his cock head again and concentrated her attention on making her lips and tongue more substantial as she bobbed her head up and down. His precum was warming to her, no taste. His cum when it came shooting into her mouth was like fire, warming her through with the tasteof life. She shivered as the heat of his cum coursed into her and kept her lips glued to his cock, her tongue flicking at the opening there.

Donal' gave his cock a last pull to force the last of his cum out. Mhari licked at the proffered drop and shivered.

"Thank you again, Donal'," she said as he sat down on his blanket and made to cover up his softening cock with his tunic. "Don't!" A look of almost panic mixed with lust crossed her face.

He relented and uncovered his cock. "Why, lass?"

"I want it where I can get to it! Ye never know, ye might feel up to it again and I wouldn't want to miss out."

He said, "If that's how you feel... though I doubt we'll get muchmore out of him tonight. And don't ye go covering up!"

She smiled and pulled her shoulders back, her breasts forced forward.

Donal lay down on his side, his head supported by his hand, and ran his gaze over her figure. "Ye'r beautiful, Mhari."

"Thank you again." She looked to the pouches Donal' had taken from the two attackers, an eyebrow raised in question.

Donal' followed her glance and picked one up, feeling the weight of it in his hand. He tipped the contents out, his eyes opening in surprise as gold coins tumbled out. He poured out the contents of the other pouch and was rewarded with more gold coins. "That's a tidy sum to be carrying about. They had no papers on them, either." He reached for his own pouch and drew out the two medallions on their leather cords, and studied the emblem embossed on them. "A five pointed star." Donal' looked to Mhari and asked her, "Do you know the emblem?"

Mhari's brow furrowed as she thought. "That's a Templar symbol." She continued at Donal's quizzical look. "The Knights Templar. I thought they had disappeared."

"Apparently not." Donal' dropped the two medallions onto the pileof coins. "I wonder why they came here."

"Did they say anything to you?"

"They didn't seem to be in a talking mood."

Donal' sat up, reached around to take his broth from the fire and peered into it. He would have to add some more water. He grinned at Mhari. "I have to keep my strength up!"

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