Done for Dogma


I had been anticipating my summer vacation for the last 11 months. Every year I leave the UK go home for a month to California to visit my Dad and Brothers. However this year was to be very different.

My father greeted me at San Francisco International airport and looked very concerned. On questioning him I learned that my Step mother had been due to go with my brothers who had gotten summer jobs in LA on the set of the movie Dogma. However she had fallen in the stable and broken her leg and could not go. Would I mind awfully going to LA to watch over my brothers.

Well what could I do. So I said "Sure don't worry Big Sis to the rescue".

With a smile of relief Dad gave me a hug. "i'm sorry to rush you honey, but your plane leaves in 15 minutes". Plane leaves. I couldn't take it all in and it must have showed on my face for my father stalled our headlong flight into the crowd and looked me in the eye.

"Sorry sweetheart but the boys flew down yesterday and your Stepmother is worried sick", I understood his concern now. I thought he had been worried I would say no but actually he was concerned that my brothers were getting up to mischief in LA.

As if to emphasize my thoughts my father grabbed my hand and hauled me through the airport.

We made the flight with 5 minutes to spare and as I took my seat I realised that it had been the least stressful visit I had spent with my father. The thought made me laugh and I was still smiling a couple of hours later as I landed in LA.

In the arrival lounge I nervously scanned the crowd for my brothers. Of all my siblings I knew these two the least. We had been raised on different sides of the globe and only in recent years had any sort of contact.

As I nervously fingered the strap to my case I scanned the crowd and was startled when a deep mellow voice said "Can I help you Ma'am?".

As I turned my brother Rick smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. At the same time I felt my other brother Darren give me a bear hug.

With a laugh of joy at seeing them both well and happy I returned their affection.

After a couple of minutes we broke our group hug and they showed me to the car. A limousine no less and with the windos tinted and mysteriously shut on this sunny LA afternoon.

As Rick opened the door for me Darren's mobile began to ring, "Hello,....Yep.....How long?.....Ok......I'm sure she won't mind....No problem...Ok...Bye".

With a look of interest I stared at Darren. "Well, What won't I mind?"

"Ok Sis, Calm down" Darren said laughingly. "It's like this. Rick and I are needed across town. There are some VIP's coming in at the private airfield and this car is supposed to run an errand after taking you to the hotel". "Yes" I said still not seeing how any of this concerned me. "So the errand needs to be run now and I thought you wouldn't mind going along. It would give you a chance to see some sights." At this both Rick an Darren started to grin and I knew they were up to something.

With a wave they both walked to the nearby Cab Stand and got into the waiting car. The car swiftly entered the lane of traffic and was soon lost to my sight.

Dejectedly I turned towards the limousine and nearly ran into the driver, who had exited the vehicle to see if I required assistance. Reassuring him that I was fine, I informed him that I was happy to go on the errand and I proceeded to enjoy my ride through LA in a limousine.

After about 45 minutes of driving through some beautiful homes we pulled into a long driveway. The attention to detail that had been shown in this drive told me that the house and the end was going to be awe inspiring.

And it was.....

As the car drew up to the front steps the door openend and a man in butlers livery hastened down to the car. He opened the door and presented me his hand. Upon my exit he said "Ms Cherry, the company is in the drawing room. Please follow me". With a sharp turn he began to climb the steps. I followed after him my mind ablaze. The company, what company? And how had he known my handle?.

On entering the house all thoughts left my mind. The interior was a vision. I felt like someone had reached into my fantasies and created my perfect home. There was nothing out of place it was perfect.

A gentle cough from my guide brought me back to the moment and we continued through the house.

It took me a second to realise that our journey had halted and before I knew it I had been announced. I stepped into a bright airy drawing room and confronted a wet dream. There infront of me lounging on sofas in various states of undress were a select group of the cast from the movie.

My own personal fantasies Kevin Smith, Ben Afleck, Chris Rock and Alan Rickman were lounging on a variety of airmchairs. On the two sofas Linda Fiorentino and Salma Hyeck were draped with legs wide open.

At my entrance all of them rose and came to greet me. I was flushed and did not know what to say. I had admired the work of most of these people for quite awhile. In the case of Kevin Smith, admiration was a very mild term for it. I had, had a major crush on him for years and my siblings teased me about it. Hey we all have fantasies.

With a smile Ben introduced himself and gve me a sweet kiss on the cheek. As I moved round the group making introductions the physical greetings got more and more intense, until I reached the last in the group Kevin. In true 'Silent Bob' tradition he said nothing and drew me close as he looked me square in the eye. His beard tickled as he pulled in to kiss me on the lips and I could feel my pussy start to contract. He kissed me hard and deep and left me gasping. Without saying a word he lifted my skirt and I heard his moan of surprise as he realised I had no underwear on.

In a flash I felt his toungue on my inner thigh and I automatically spread my legs. At that the others began to explore my body and each other. I was drawn to a pile of cushions on the patio and stripped of my clothing.

As the warm evening breeze hit my naked body Linda lay me down on the cushions and proceeded to suck my nipples. Salma joined her and proceeded to kiss my ample belly down to my now aching pussy. She squeezed between my large thighs and began eagerly lapping my cunt. As I started to squeal Linda sat on my face and I began happily bringing her off. All the while the men had been stroking their cocks and watching the action. As Salma made me cum for the second time Kevin pulled her out from between my legs and entered me in one stroke. I froze in disbelief that my most teenage fantasy was comming true. I was fucking Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith was ploughing my pussy for all he was worth. There was only one thing left. "Ben" I gasped around Linda's gushing cunt. "Ben I need you in my ass now. But you must be gentle I have never done it before". With a kiss Linda removed herself from my face and began to help Salma prepare me for Ben. Through all this Kevin never broke his stride and I could feel a monumental orgasm building. This was the most erotic thing that I had ever experienced. As I started to cum I felt Bens cock start to enter my tight ass. As the giant orgasm washed over me he slowly eased himself into me while Kevin kept stroking my insides with his mammoth cock. As the wave of the orgasm broke and I started to come down I felt the fullness of the two cocks inside me. It was amazing. I had never been so full. I could feel them rubbing together inside me only separated by a thin membrane. As I got used to the sensation a friction inside me began to build. It was like having an itch that keeps on getting worse and you can't scratch it. As they picked up their pace I began to moan. Deep in my belly fires were starting sending little sparks of red hot lust through my body. Making my nipples so stiff they ached. Suddenly Kevin reached down and tweaked my clit at the same time that Linda and Salma descended on my nipples. That was all it took and I felt the fires in my belly instantly explode into a raging tornado. I came so hard I screamed out loud. L couldn't stop. I thrust myself back hard against Ben's cock in my ass and started cumming again. Kevin kept on mauling my clit and fucking me at a frenzied pace and I kept on cumming. As I thrashed my head I caught glimpses of Linda and Salma getting hammered by Alan and Chris and I knew from the way they were all watching me that they wanted me next.

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