All the participants in this story are eighteen or older. This story is pure fiction.


By the time I was fourteen, it was obvious that I was going I have an abnormal set of gonads. By the time I was fifteen, I was having trouble getting it all stuffed into my underwear. You may think this was a good thing but the fact is, it embarrassed me. My fellow students saw it in the shower room after football practice and started calling me "Donkey". Pretty soon, everyone in school was aware that I was packing more meat than most. The girls all laughed and pointed at me but they wouldn't date me. The guys told me they were afraid of my extra large equipment.

Finally in my senior year of high school, I met a senior girl who didn't call me names and laugh at me. Her name was Sharon Ryan. I was eighteen and she was a year older than me. By this time, I shunned the girls. I was developing a negative attitude toward females and sex in general at a time when most high school boys were expending all their time and cash in the pursuit of pussy. Sharon approached me one afternoon after school as I was beginning my long walk home.

"Hey Jim!" she yelled as I left the school grounds. I stopped to see what kind of ribbing I would get from her.

"Hey Sharon," I replied.

I didn't know her very well. I had seen her around the school but had never met her. She walked right up to me and said, "You're Jim Pearson, aren't you?"


"My name is Sharon. I know we've just met, but I have to ask you a question. Do you mind?"

I gritted my teeth and groaned, "Okay."

"I heard that you have the biggest penis in the state. Is it true?"

"Ha, ha, very funny. Who put you up to this?"

"Nobody put me up to anything. I just heard this rumor and I want to know. Is it really big?"

"I don't even know you. Why should I talk to you about it? You'll just start making fun of me like the rest of them. I've had enough of that!" I started walking away.

"Wait! I'm not going to make you feel bad. In fact, I've heard you haven't had a girlfriend all through school because of the size of your gear. I was thinking maybe I could be the one."

"This really is some kind of joke, right? I don't think it's funny. I think it's cruel. Leave me alone."

"This isn't a joke. I always wondered what it would be like to have a boyfriend who didn't have a small pecker like these high school boys. Can I come home with you? I want to see it."

Well, there it was. It was my chance to explore the wonderful world of sex. "You can come to my house with me, but when you see it, you'll probably run screaming back to your mama."

We walked together to my house. I didn't touch her or hold her hand. I still was not convinced this wasn't a joke. Mom was home when we got there. "Hi, mom, this is Sharon. We're going to study together downstairs."

"That's good honey. She's very pretty. Is she your girlfriend?"

"Not yet. We're only studying together."

I walked down the basement stairs with Sharon close behind me. We went into my room and I locked the door. When I turned around, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I could feel her tongue probing my lips trying to find a way in. "Come on Jim. You've got to give me some help here. Haven't you ever kissed a girl?"

"Nnno," I mumbled pathetically.

"Oh good! I get to teach you everything!"

She sat on the bed and pulled me down beside her. "Let's try that kiss again, but this time open your mouth a little and suck on my tongue."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yup, that's the way it's done!"

Once again she put her mouth on my mouth. I felt her probing again so I opened my mouth a little and her tongue shot into me like a striking cobra. It felt good and tasted even better. I rammed my tongue into her and she moaned, rubbing my mouth with her tongue. I couldn't believe the sensations she was generating in me. I felt my cock start to swell in my underwear. Her hand was on it, rubbing it through my clothes.

She broke the kiss. "Squeeze my tits!" she excitedly moaned.

I didn't know how to do it, so I just felt them and then gently squeezed them. "Oh, that's good," she whispered, "It's getting bigger! Please let me see it, please!"

I stood next to her and unzipped my pants. She pulled them from me and slid my shorts down to my ankles. My cock was half hard and hung about nine inches out from my nuts. She stared at it for a long time. I figured she was getting ready to bolt for the door.

She said reverently, "It's beautiful. Can I touch it?"

"Sure," I agreed. "Touch it all you want."

She squeezed the big red head with one hand and grabbed the shaft with her other hand. It was getting bigger and harder by the second. It was as long as her forearm and just about as thick. "Can I kiss it?" she inquired.

"At this point, you can do just about anything you want with it!" I moaned.

She wrapped her lips around the head and licked the little hole in the end. I almost came right then. My hips started to quiver. I was lost. She took it out of her mouth and grinned at me. "You're a virgin, aren't you?"

"Yes," I wheezed, "How about you?"

"I've tried it a couple of times but it wasn't very satisfying. They told me I have a big pussy. That's why I came looking for you. I think this big cock will keep me very happy for a long time."

"Did you bring condoms?" I asked.

"I've been on the pill for the last two years. Mama made me take them. I'm glad she did now."

She looked down at my dick as a little drop of precum oozed out of it. To my surprise, she licked it right up. "Mmm, that's good," she remarked. "I can't wait to suck you off. But right now, I want you to fuck me. And be careful. That cannon of yours could be a deadly weapon."

She stood up and took her clothes off. My eyes bugged out as more and more of her was revealed. She had big tits with smooth brown nipples. I squeezed her breasts and her nipples stood up like little soldiers. I sucked on one of them. It tasted great, so sucked the other one too. Then her panties hit the floor. I sat on the bed and stared at her pussy. I had never seen one before. "God, it's beautiful," I croaked.

"Let's lay down," she suggested.

I held her closely to me. "You'll have to tell me what to do." I whispered.

"Rub my pussy and stick your fingers in it."

It was soft and smooth with a slit running down the middle. The slit was wet. I fingered the dampness and my finger slid right in. I rubbed it and felt the hard little button up at the top. When I rubbed it, her hips bounced up and she yelped, "Yes, that's it, yes, yes!"

"Jimmy, please kiss it. I want to feel your tongue on my clit."

When my lips arrived at her pussy, I could detect an aroma I was totally unfamiliar with. It was really nice. I breathed in her essence and lowered my tongue to her slit. It tasted a lot better than I thought it would. Soon I found the little love bud with my tongue. She screamed a little when I licked it. "Oh yes, yes, yes," she squealed.

Her juices tasted so good and her pussy was so delectable that I didn't want to ever stop eating her. Her hips were quivering and she pushed them off the mattress, and then she released a river of girl juice. She screamed a little more and came on my tongue. I just kept licking.

She grabbed my ears and pulled me up to her mouth. We kissed again. Both of her hands were stroking my dick which was now fully inflated. "I hope it fits," she remarked. "Fuck me now."

I mounted her just like I had seen in sex education. She had hold of my meat and guided me into her temple. It was a very tight fit. "Push it hard," she instructed.

I pushed as hard as I could and felt the head slip past her entrance. "More, more," she begged.

Slowly my whole cock was engulfed by her pussy. I felt her mound against me. I was all the way in. Her pussy was very tight for me. I couldn't have squeezed my cock that hard with my hand. "It's just right for me!" she gleefully giggled. "Stroke me hard. I want to cum on your cock."

I was on autopilot. Animal instinct took over as I drove in and out of her. Every time I hit her cervix, she emitted a little squeak. Instinct drove me faster and harder. She was moaning and thrashing about. Me too. Then I felt that thing deep within me. "I'm gonna cum!" I told her.

"Put it all in me. Squirt it in as deep as you can."

When I started to squirt, I slammed it as far into her as I could and held it there while I fired shot after shot into her pussy. I felt her cunt flex around me as I drove in to my deepest point and I knew she had cum too.

"You must have dumped a gallon in me," she giggled. "Don't take it out. I want to enjoy feeling your cum inside me."

Finally, totally exhausted, I rolled off beside her. I hugged her as tight as I could. Her nude body pressed against mine was almost more than I could stand. We stayed locked in our lover's embrace for a long time. She let me go and rolled to the side of the bed. "Sex is hungry work," she exclaimed. "Do you think your mother has a snack for us?"

"I'm sure of it. But we'd better get dressed to go get it," I laughed.

We dressed and staggered upstairs. Mother took one look at us and grinned. "It looks like she really is your girlfriend," she commented. "I'm so glad you've finally found someone."

"She'll be here every day after school. She'll probably spend the weekend with me. I love having a girlfriend." I said.

"Well, I love having a boyfriend who is a real man." She told mom.

After she left, mom gave me a kind of funny sideways look.

"What?" I asked her.

"Your new girlfriend told me why she came over here Is it really as big as she said it is?"

"Come on, mom. I don't want to discuss my sexual equipment with you."

"Well now at least I know why they call you 'donkey' at school. I always thought it was because you're stubborn. Hahaha. Silly me!"

"You don't mind if she's over here a lot, do you, mom?"

"I think it's nice that you finally have someone. I like her. I think she's in love with you, so watch out!"

"It's too early for love mom. She probably just loves part of me."

Graduation day came and went. Sharon had practically moved into our house. I slept with her almost every night. As time marched on, I started to love her, not just her pussy. By July I was sunk. I had fallen in love with her.

We were sitting nude on my bed and kissing. I looked into her eyes and said, "Where is this relationship going?"

"It's going wherever you want it to go."

"Sharon, I have fallen in love with you. I don't think I can live without you."

"I wondered how long it would take you to confess. I fell in love with you the first day I met you before we even got to your house. What are we going to do?"

"I want to marry you. I have that job at the foundry and I make pretty good money, more than enough for a wife and some kids. Will you marry me?"

"Of course, I'll marry you, you idiot! I already told you I love you. That should have at least given you a clue! Where's my ring?"

"We'll go pick it out tomorrow."

I laid her on her back and rammed my tongue into her mouth. She had me by the dick and was squeezing it hard as it rose to maximum strength. I mounted her and slid my cock into her hot, slippery love tunnel. She squealed as I bottomed out against her cervix.

"You've got to get off the pill. I want to make a baby in you as soon as possible."

"It could happen tonight. I dropped the pills last month! I figured I'd get you to the altar one way or another!"

"You are a crafty young lass. I'll have to keep an eye on you."

"You talk too much. This is our first fiancé fuck. Put a baby in me now!"

As it turned out, I did put a baby in her that night. We've got three of them now. She tells me that the youngest boy is gonna have a dick like a donkey!

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