tagRomanceDonna and Kevin's Valentine Gift

Donna and Kevin's Valentine Gift


To all regular readers of my smutty stories: Bless you, and may you live long and prosper but, if you are expecting to find a lot of sex in this tale, you will be disappointed. There is only one scene and a little more by reference. You can find some in previous romantic stories about this couple, but not much even there.


On a Monday morning in the middle of February, Donna and Kevin O'Brien awoke at virtually the same time, as they did almost every morning, looked at each other and smiled at their close proximity, also as they did almost every morning. Neither of them said anything while they slid closer together and embraced, sharing a long kiss, which was also the way they always started their day. Not until they moved their faces apart, did either of them speak.

"Good morning, Sweetheart," Kevin said.

"Good morning, My Love." The greeting formalities were followed by another long, deep kiss while the ecstatically married lovers continued their embrace.

Except for weekends, Kevin and Donna rarely made nude, physical love in the morning. When they were doing something as pleasurable and important to them as that, they didn't like having to rush themselves in order to get to their respective jobs, but they more than made up for it most nights, including the previous one. That morning would not be one of the exceptions, and he moved away from her to slide over to her side, which faced the door. She moved over and they sat on the same side of the bed, not even letting their place of love-making come between them.

Another hug and kiss and Kevin arose, slid his feet into his slippers, put his pajamas back on, donned his robe and headed for the bathroom. Donna had gone to bed the previous night wearing matching pajamas and she put hers back on too, before shrugging into her robe, which also matched that of her beloved husband, and used the bathroom when he was finished. Kevin started toward the kitchen, stopping on the way to see if Kerry and Katie were awake yet. They were, so he kissed them good morning and continued to the kitchen, where he started preparing a fresh pot of coffee.

When she finished in the bathroom, Donna stopped to kiss the children good morning, followed by joining Kevin in the kitchen. There she sat at the table sipping the cup of coffee he had ready for her and watched while he set about preparing breakfast cereal for all the family members. This was a normal way for the family to start their weekdays, and Donna had no wish to deprive Kevin of something he enjoyed doing.

They thought of themselves as being in a groove, not a rut, and there was only one thing that might possibly have improved on their idyllic life. Because her womb was not fully developed, Donna was unable to have children of her own, so she lavished her love on those of Kevin from his previous marriage and on her charges at the day care center where she worked. All the children returned her unconditional love, and she knew she had to settle for that, although Donna still sometimes thought of how lovely it would have been if she could have had children of her own.

She had considered the possibility of adoption, but Donna's salary, before she started working at her current job, would not have been enough for her to support a child even if she, as a single woman, had been allowed to adopt. Fostering would have been another alternative, but the studio apartment where she lived would not have been big enough. With her marriage to Kevin and her moving into his spacious apartment, those factors no longer existed, but she had always been reluctant to broach the possibility to him. They had only even known each other slightly more than a year and, early in their relationship, he had expressed no interest in any more children in his life. Still, the idea of somehow adding to their family remained in the back of her mind.

After breakfast and everybody's morning ablutions and after everybody was properly clothed, Donna and Kevin shepherded the children into the elevator to the parking garage and from there to their automobile. With Kerry safety-belted into the back seat and Kate strapped safely in her children's' seat, Kevin began driving to their destinations. The first stop was Mrs. Ortiz's child care center where Donna worked. After ringing the doorbell and being recognized, she was allowed to enter with Kate. The next stop was dropping Kerry off at the school where he attended kindergarten, and the final destination was the parking lot beside the building where Kevin's accounting firm had their offices.

Everything that morning had followed the routine worked out, through trial and error by the adults of the family. They were aware the day was Valentine's Day, but hadn't given much thought to it. Donna had been brought up in an extremely fundamental Christian sect, where they considered almost every holiday and special occasion to be pagan inspired. Kevin, his youth devoid of any kind of romance never really thought about it, and the children were too young to even be aware of valentines or what they were meant to signify. The day started as a completely ordinary one but, once Donna spoke to Mrs. Ortiz, something different and unexpected was added.

"Donna, you know Shauna Stevens?" It was a rhetorical question, because the little girl asked about was in Donna's class.

"Of course. That sweet little black girl."

"Yes, that's the one. Well, Miss Stevens, her mother was arrested last night and charged with dealing drugs, and her bail is so high, she'll have to stay in jail until her trial. It seems she has an extensive record from years back, before Shauna was born."

"That's terrible. I really feel sorry for her. She always seemed so nice, and I know she worked really hard cleaning here. But, what about her daughter? What about little Shauna?"

As always, Donna's primary worry was with the welfare and safety of the child. Dorothy Stevens was a friend and co-worker, besides being the mother of one of her regular charges, and Donna was concerned and sympathetic, but her thoughts were primarily with the sweet and innocent child who might be put at risk without her mother. She was aware that Dorothy was a single mother who worked at a low-paying job and moonlighted as a cleaning lady at Mrs. Ortiz's day care center in exchange for leaving her daughter there while she worked at her regular job.

"That's where you come in," Mrs. Ortiz continued. "At least, I hope you do. Can you take Shauna home with you for a while, until something can be worked out, or until her mother gets out of jail?"

"Of course."

Donna replied without giving the question a lot of thought but, even if she had considered it long and hard, her answer would have been the same. She had unlimited love in her heart for children, not just the ones who called her "Mommy," and not just those who were in her daily care, but for all children, everywhere in the world. If a defenseless little one needed her help, and she was able to provide it, she would, regardless of what anybody, even including her husband, might think. She would have to call Kevin, but it would be to tell him what she had done, not to ask permission to do it.

But she couldn't do it just then. For one thing, he was still driving to work and she didn't want to call his cell phone. More importantly, parents were starting to arrive with their children, most of whom had valentines for their teacher. The cards had to be opened and read and exclaimed over, and thank-yous had to be appropriately expressed. Most important of all, appropriate care had to be taken of the little ones in her care. The youngest were gently placed in their assigned bassinets and covered comfortably. Those who were older but not yet walking were placed in cribs equipped with various toys for their education and exercise. Toddlers and older children, including Kate and Shauna, were taken to the large playroom where they would be able to socialize with their friends.

Donna was busy for the next three hours, changing diapers, giving out bottles, distributing toys, settling squabbles, kissing booboos and generally doing the work she loved and did better than anybody else. She was glad to see Shauna seemed none the worse for her mother being away, possibly for many years, and she was playing a simple children's game with Kate and two other little girls. She and Kate had been friends for almost as long as Donna had worked for Mrs. Ortiz, which made her even more certain she had done the right thing.

It was after eleven o'clock when she called her husband to tell him about the temporary addition to their household. Kevin took the news with equanimity. He was aware his wife loved children more than anybody else in the world, except maybe Santa Claus, and how she was still disappointed about being unable to have any of her own. Besides being sympathetic to his wife's needs and wishes, he liked children too, and saw the need to step in when his help was needed. This was especially so when the alternative was the bureaucratic hell of the County Child Welfare Services.

"It's a good thing we didn't get rid of Kerry's children's car seat after he outgrew it. I'll swing by the apartment and bring it with me when I come and pick you up. All four of you," he added. "I suppose Shauna can share Katie's bed for now, and wear some of her clothes until we can buy some new stuff for her."

After a profession of gratitude for his being so considerate, Donna chatted with her husband, but only briefly. He is the managing partner at the local branch of a large CPA firm, and tax season was starting to get hectic. She had to get back to work too so, after a profession of mutual love, they ended the phone call and returned to their work, which soon included introducing Kerry to his temporary second younger sister.

He was proud and happy about the news. "Don't worry, Mom," he told her. I'll protect her and Katie too."

While Donna was eating lunch with her charges, including Kerry and others who had just arrived from kindergartens, she was approached by Mrs. Ortiz, who had more news about the child she would be caring for. There was deep concern in her voice, but determination too.

"I just heard from the CWS. They know Shauna's here, and they want to get their clutches on her until they can decide what to do with her. Yeah. Fat chance. I stalled them; don't worry about that. I'll call my friend, Rocky, this afternoon, and he'll make sure we don't get hassled by anybody."

Charles "Rocky" Rockwell works for a bureaucracy, but he is far from being a bureaucrat. When his friend, Guadalupe Ortiz, called him and told him of the possible plight of Shauna and the temporary solution, he knew exactly what needed to be done. Rocky loves children, almost as much as Donna does, and would have no qualms about breaking the rules of the bureaucracy that was his employer. He was aware of the high quality of the day care center run by his friend, and of the child care paragon, Donna, who worked there. For as long as she would be separated from her mother, which might be many years, he was determined to see to it Shauna was in the best possible place for her, and would not be taken away from that place for some stupid bureaucratic reason.

"Don't worry, Lupe, I'll take care of it. That little girl's already going to be in the best place in the world for her, and if any of the idiots over here try to take her away from there, they'll be sorry."

After getting some details about Shauna's new foster parents, Rocky hung up the phone, filled out the application and other necessary paper work, signed it with Donna's and Kevin's names and approved it. He had no business doing any of those things. The more normal process would have been for strangers to drag the frightened child to the imposing building of the County Child Welfare Services, where she would be kept in a place more closely resembling reform school than a proper home for a three-year old.

After at least a month of investigating Kevin and Donna and other applicants, if there were any, and wrangling over irrelevant details such as the different races involved, the CWS would finally make their decision on Shauna's future. Rocky didn't like the idea of a possible bad decision, so he eliminated all the red tape and made the right one in advance. Some of his superiors might grumble, but none of them would dare do anything about it. Rocky's brother owned the local newspaper, and there was nothing he liked better than editorially pillorying high-ranking civil service employees or other officials who did stupid things through their bureaucratic bungling or, even worse, prevented reasonable and intelligent things from being done.

Donna didn't know about any of this, and neither did Kevin. He arrived at his usual time, with the aforementioned children's seat affixed to the back seat of the sedan. He had seen Shauna previously, but only when she was in a group with other children and hadn't taken any particular notice of her. He had always thought of her as being a cute child, with her soft tan complexion and braids but, when he approached, wanting to get to know her better and hoping for a hug, she shied away from him and hid behind Donna. Shauna feared men, and with good reason; she had been mistreated by some of her mother's boy friends and wanted nothing to do with the strange man who acted as if he might also be a threat to her. Although disappointed, Kevin was smart enough to refrain from forcing his attentions on a child who rejected them.

The little girl had no qualms about being strapped into a car seat. She was seated next to her friend, Katie, and Teacher Donna was in the back seat with them. The scary man was in the automobile too, but Shauna believed she was safe as long as her teacher was there to protect her. Being strapped into a car seat was nothing new for her; she was normally picked up at her mother's apartment in the morning and returned when somebody was there to receive her. This was the same way that Kerry and others were transported from schools to the day care center where they stayed until somebody came for them. Extra services such as those were part of what made Mrs. Ortiz's day care center the best in town and the most expensive.

The little group stopped for dinner at one of the family-oriented restaurants they frequented. Donna knew Shauna had no limitations on what she could eat, so she ordered the same nourishing children's meal for her as she did for Kate, and the whole family ate heartily, including the newest member. Kevin helped Kate with her food and Donna did the same for Shauna, while Kerry dealt with his macaroni and cheese and fish sticks and broccoli by himself.

The drive from the restaurant to the apartment was uneventful. Shauna was wondering where her mama was, but the presence of her teacher and her best friend calmed any fears she might have had. When Kevin stopped the car in the underground parking lot, she looked around with awe, because she had never been in a place like that. What little driving her mother did mostly involved parking in mall lots or on the street.

The ride on the elevator was also a new experience; she hugged Donna's leg to calm her apprehension, and felt safer when the teacher picked her up after the strange conveyance stopped. A hug and affectionate kiss on the cheek from that most trusted of persons, and being carried down the carpeted hallway to a strange door also helped allay any nervousness that might have beset her in the strange place. Once she was inside, things seemed more familiar, for her friend took her hand and pulled her to a corner of the family room where a box full of toys and other items waited.

"C'mon, Shauny," Kate invited her. A few minutes later, the two friends were sharing toys as they had been doing at the day care center, and talking about things children talk about when they have close for most of their lives.

The evening wasn't as routine for Kevin. He waited while his beloved wife sat down and prepared a list of pajamas and underwear and other items their new foster child would need during her stay with them. She would borrow other clothing from Katie for the next four days. Nobody knew how long Shauna would be staying with them, but they decided to prepare for a long period. He was not very used to buying such things, but Donna had written down all the sizes and even the colors she knew Shauna liked, and all he had to do was collect what was on the list, pay for it and return to the apartment, where bed time would be approaching for all three children. Shauna's new clothing was immediately washed, so some of it would be ready for her to wear that night.

The usual thing was for Donna and Kevin to take turns bathing Kate, while Kerry, as a Big Boy should, took care of his own washing needs and attired himself in his own PJ's. Because of the obvious fear Shauna had of Kevin, it was decided Donna would bathe both girls together, which was fun for all concerned. By the time she finished, the new jammies were dry and warm and ready to be used and the two friends were tucked into Katie's bed.

Donna kissed both children goodnight, but Kevin had to limit his kiss to Katie, although he felt somewhat perturbed at having to do so. He hoped to win the other little girl's trust and affection, and decided the best way to do that was by showing her he was not a person to fear, and was on her side. The two girls fell sound asleep after a minimum of whispering and giggling; Shauna's first day in her temporary home had gone about as well as Donna and Kevin could have hoped for.

Kerry was tucked into his bed also, and kissed goodnight by both his parents. It was still fairly early, but Kevin and Donna headed for bed too, but not to sleep for a while. They put on clean pajamas, matching again, but neither of them expected to be wearing any kind of garment very long.

"You are the sweetest man in the world," Donna said, immediately before she cuddled against him, and they shared a long kiss.

"Why do you say that?" Kevin asked when their mouths separated. "What did I do now?" He knew, of course, but considered providing a home to Shauna to be something any decent person would do.

"You opened your home and your heart to that poor little girl, Silly."

"Oh, well, yeah. I mean, somebody had to, and we were able to do it. I would have really hated to have the county get hold of her."

"Most men wouldn't have. Most women too, I suppose. They would have come up with some phony excuse not to get involved."

"You might be right. Of course, most men aren't lucky enough to have you for a wife and example."

Donna smiled at that, and didn't disagree, because she knew Kevin was right, at least about the last part. "Anyhow, to show you how special I think you are, I am going to do something special for you tonight. Something I've only done once before."

Donna's hands had been inside Kevin's pajama top during their conversation, and she started to unbutton it, the way she did most nights. He let her take the initiative, and lay back to relax and enjoy whatever it was she was going to do.

She finished the buttons and he sat up to let her strip the garment off him and toss it aside. Sometimes they wondered why they bothered to put the pajamas on at all, when they both knew they would be removed a few minutes later, but they continued to do it every night. Kevin lay back down and his doting wife untied the elastic cord at his waist and started to pull the pajama pants down. He raised his ass from the bed and she removed them and tossed them in the direction of where the top lay on the floor.

Kevin was naked and lying on his back, while Donna still wore her nightwear. He believed his beloved wife was about to suck him off, and hoped he was right. Taking his cock into her mouth was something she liked to do on special occasions, and she apparently thought taking Shauna into their household qualified as such. No woman, except prostitutes, had ever done that for him. He was inexperienced sexually, and had never been close enough to any girl or woman until he married Carla, who thought such things were gross and disgusting.

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