Donna and Kevin's Valentine Gift


He was right about Donna's intentions. She had never performed oral sex on her first husband, because he would have thought such a thing, since it could not possibly result in a pregnancy, was an abomination. She had never seen a pornographic movie or even any pictures but, on the previous Christmas Eve, she had sucked off her husband as a demonstration of her special love for him. Before beginning the first time, Donna read a sex manual describing fellatio as being one of the most loving things any woman could do for her husband or partner, and the technique had been described.

On that occasion, she hoped Kevin would not think less of her for doing such a thing, but she wanted to show him how very special he was, and how much she appreciated all he had done for her. She had gotten her wish; he had been ecstatic that time, and this would be the first occasion since then.

Before going any further, she raised her face to see Kevin's reaction. "I hope you like this," she said, ready to stop if he told her to.

"I know I will. I always do. Already, I love what you're doing."

She kissed and nuzzled her way down his body, stopping to lick his nipples along the way. They were much smaller than hers, of course, but she was glad to feel their hardness, because the manual had described that as being a sign of arousal in a man as well as a woman. When she reached her hand lower on his body, she found something much bigger, which was also hard, and she, correctly, took this to mean Kevin really liked what she was doing.

So did she. Donna expected to enjoy giving pleasure to Kevin in bed, but she was always surprised at how much she liked doing it for its own sake. She had relished the feel of his hard nipples under her tongue and the texture of his skin as she licked and caressed him with her mouth, and she reveled in the feel of his erect cock in her hand. When she reached his pubic hair, she raised her face from his body and moved farther down the bed. While her open mouth was poised less than a foot above his stiff cock, she looked up at his face again. Kevin smiled his encouragement, and Donna lowered her head until her lips were touching the end, and opened her mouth.

The sex manual had suggested licking the head of the man's cock before taking it into her mouth, so Donna extended her tongue and slowly stroked it across Kevin's erection. Once again, she was amazed at how wonderful it felt, at the warm, velvety texture, and she continued licking the entire head while slowly lowering her mouth until her tongue was caressing under the hard ridge. The farther she went, the better it felt, and she hoped Kevin was having as much fun as she already was.

He very definitely was. Kevin dearly loved his wife, and would never have asked her to do something she didn't want to do, but he had been elated the first time she started going down on him. He had always enjoyed it immensely, even though the other times had been with hookers, who didn't really care whether he liked it or not, as long as he paid them. Much as he adored Donna already, Kevin felt an immense outpouring of love for her, that she was doing this for him. He also grinned at the serious look on her face as she took his cock ever more deeply into her mouth.

She was being careful, first because she wanted to avoid having the head press suddenly against the back of her throat and set off her gag reflex, which had been mentioned in the manual. That had not happened to her the first time, and she wanted to be sure it never did. Retching with his cock in her mouth would be about the least romantic thing she could think of. More important, she wanted to be sure she didn't bite him accidentally. Besides that, she was having a lot of fun feeling the hard head slide over her tongue and the thick shaft spreading her lips.

Finally, she felt the end against her throat. There had been something in the book about "deep-throating" but it had sounded difficult, and Donna wanted to make sure Kevin liked having her make love to him with her mouth before she got too involved in such advanced ideas. She might try it later, but so far, she would just take his cock in as far as the back of her throat. With her mouth filled with his cock, she looked at her husband's face again, wanting to see if he still liked it. As she did, she started moving her tongue around, reaching as far up the sides of his cock as she could. The smooth skin tightly stretched around the hard roundness felt extra good, so she continued doing it, while watching his face as she pleasured him and herself.

He not only liked it, Kevin loved it! He adored everything about it, especially the way Donna was looking at him with love in her eyes. Even if she did happen to bite him, he wouldn't complain, because he would hate to make her feel even a little bit bad about anything being wrong with what he thought of as a gift for him on Valentine's Day. Her tongue softly stroking the bottom of his cock was wonderful, and her lips were exerting the perfect amount of pressure. It was a visual delight too, seeing his shaft imbedded in his wife's sweet face, and even that got better as she started raising her head, her tongue and lips working perfectly and her eyes still gazing with adoration at him.

Donna delighted in the obvious pleasure flickering across Kevin's visage, as well as the way his cock continued to make her mouth feel good. She raised her face slowly until just the head was nestled between her lips, and held it there while her tongue stroked everything she could reach. After a few seconds, she lowered her head again, continuing to take delight in everything that was happening, especially the way she was pleasing the man she loved so much.

Lovingly, she kept slowly stroking his shaft between her lips, while her tongue laved everything within reach. As she continued, Donna noted she was getting better at it, which had happened on the other occasion too. Kevin's thick cock seemed to glide more easily in and out of her mouth, and her tongue became more limber, and was able to caress more of its girth. When the head brushed against the back of her mouth, there was no feeling of gagging at all, just the joyful sensation of doing something for her cherished husband.

Kevin noticed the same thing, that Donna was getting better as she went along. He was deriving tremendous pleasure and told her as much. "Sweetheart, that feels wonderful," he told her, and meant it sincerely.

She was glad to know she was giving pleasure to him, especially because she was truly reveling in what she was doing. Over the last year, his stiff cock had provided a tremendous amount of joy to her pussy, and on that night, it was providing a different kind to her mouth. As she continued sucking, Donna noted a change; the cock in her mouth was starting to throb against her tongue and lips in a pleasant way.

"I'm getting ready to cum, Sweetheart," Kevin told her, explaining the different sensation and warning her of what to expect momentarily.

The sex manual had described the man ejaculating into the woman's mouth, and said she had the option of catching it in her mouth or not, and that she could choose to swallow it or not. To Donna, the choice seemed a simple one. Not letting Kevin squirt his juices into her mouth, or spitting it out once he had, would be equivalent to a rejection of him. Besides that, she liked the way his semen tasted.

Being eager to have him cum into her mouth, she started sucking faster. For still being a novice, Donna believed she was doing quite well, because Kevin was obviously enjoying what she was doing, and his cock was moving in and out of her mouth so easily as her head bobbed up and down. She felt it jerking, and knew he was starting to feed his cum to her, so she stopped stroking with the head of his cock in the perfect position to squirt it onto her tongue.

The first gush landed exactly where she wanted it, and Donna savored its taste. She liked it. As it had before, Kevin's semen had a nice meaty flavor, although slightly salty. She resumed stroking, and he ejaculated again, and again after that, but that was the end, although she tried for another minute to get more. She took his cock out of her mouth and swirled his semen around, relishing the viscous texture and the flavor, before letting her husband's love juices slide down her throat. After swallowing that, Donna licked off everything that remained on his cock and let those juices slip down her throat too.

"That was wonderful, Sweetheart," he enthused. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you've been doing that for a long time."

"No, you were the first, and I know you'll be the only. It's always a lot of fun for me too, especially since I could tell how much you were enjoying it."

"I sure did, and now I'm going to do the same for you."

Donna lay on her back, and Kevin quickly unbuttoned her pajama top. He had gotten quite adept at that highly enjoyable task since the first time in her small apartment. She sat up, and he pulled the garment loose and, when she lay on her back again, he kissed her mouth. The fact she still had some of his semen on her lips didn't deter him, because he doted on that affectionate gesture so much. From there, he started licking the nearest of her nipples, and was elated to find it already rigid.

He switched back and forth between the hard nubbins, and Donna's lush body began squirming on the bed under him. He could already smell the delectable fragrance of her pussy, and decided that, although licking her breasts was a lot of fun for both of them, licking her pussy would be so much more. With no hesitation, he started kissing his way down her sexy soft belly until he reached the elastic waistband of her pajamas. Pulling them down and off around her feet took only seconds, and his wife was as naked as he.

Unlike her sucking him off, this was a frequent part of their love-making, and Donna knew what Kevin would do next. She raised her legs; he ducked under them and wrapped his arms around her thighs, so her knees were resting on his shoulders. As always, he was enraptured by the beauty of his wife's pussy, besides being enticed by its aroma. Her skin was ivory in color, and covered sparsely with soft, light brown hair, which did nothing to conceal her pink lips, which were engorged with her arousal. He loved Donna's pussy so much, Kevin gently spread the edges of her slit to breathe deeply of the cloud of delectable fragrance that arose, and to gaze into the channel, which was pink and shiny-wet with the source of that fragrance.

While her mouth was making love to him, Donna had become aroused, and some of her juices had trickled onto the insides of her thighs. He licked the nectar from her, and it was delicious, as always, but the best part was the soft, smooth texture of her skin. With her legs cleaned of the drops of her juices, he licked her crotch, getting closer to the source of the most delicious treat in the world to him. When he started on one of her outer lips, Donna's pussy was already squirming under him, and she was cooing happily, one of the most enchanting sounds he had ever heard.

As his tongue continued caressing the lip, her happy noises grew even louder and more delightful to him. Her movements became more strenuous too, as he slowly licked all the way to her Mount of Venus and kissed her there. He knew there was a great wealth of fresh nectar that had gushed from the pink hole which was its source, and he quickly brought his tongue back down to devour it, before starting on Donna's other outer pussy lip.

Licking her there was even better than licking the first, because of the increase in her movements and her cooing, which had evolved into moans of bliss. They went to bed early in order to fully enjoy making love, and he took a long time, licking the entire lip over and over until he once again reached her mons. He kissed her there again, and raised his head to revel in the results his oral love-making was having.

Donna's whole body was writhing under his ministrations, and her head, with her eyes closed and mouth open in a smile of joy, was rolling back and forth on her pillow. Her pussy had started to thrust up against his mouth, one of the most wonderful parts of eating her pussy, because he knew it always meant her climax was approaching, although that glorious event wouldn't happen for a while. Her happiness and pleasure meant more than almost anything else in the world, and Kevin was elated at how well he was succeeding at bringing so much of both to her that night. Once again, he brought his mouth back below her love hole and feasted on the fresh nectar, bringing immense joy to himself.

He pressed his face even more closely against Donna's pussy and started to slowly and gently lick between the labia on one side, starting with the smooth, soft area between their origins. His tongue caressed her there and moved up to the place where they were close, always moving slowly and repeatedly covering the entire area. Kevin reveled in the texture, the soft slickness of the outer lip and the sponginess of the inner, which was swollen with her arousal. When he reached the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood, he raised his head again.

He smiled when he saw how little protection the hood was providing, because Donna's precious clit was so swollen with her passion it had pushed completely out from under it, and resembled a lovely pink pearl. He could have brought her to an orgasm then by licking and sucking that sweetest of sweet spots, but he wanted to bring his beloved wife to a higher level of arousal. Once again, he brought his mouth back below her dripping pink hole and devoured all the fresh nectar she had produced.

He began licking between her other outer and inner lips, treating them the same as he had the others. When he reached her clit again, her movements were even more strenuous than they had been. She was moaning in bliss, and her sounds of joy were starting to end in whimpers. Kevin believed Donna had reached the highest level of sexual excitement possible to her, so he opened his mouth wide, drew in her adorable clit and started sucking on the little cutie, while his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. Less than a minute later, she uttered a cry of exquisite joy as she started to climax.

Donna's movements while she was in the throes of cumming were purely reflex; she gave no thought to what she was doing or why. Her legs clamped tightly on the sides of his head, while her hands went to the back to press his face tightly against her pussy, which she was ramming up against his mouth. Her legs swung from side to side, while she continued to exhort Kevin to keep licking and sucking, two things he had no intention of ceasing. He clung tightly to her thighs and kept his mouth clamped on her clit and did what they both wanted him to do.

When she climaxed, all the muscles in her body clenched, and she jammed her pussy against Kevin for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, Donna sagged into the mattress, sexually satisfied and even more in love with the wonderful man who had brought about that condition. He wasn't satisfied yet but, after licking all the fresh nectar from Donna's legs, crotch and pussy, he was. Kevin slid back up to lie beside his wife for a long kiss and embrace. The fact that she still had traces of his semen on her lips and his face was smeared with her juices did nothing to discourage them from continuing to demonstrate their love.

On a Friday or Saturday night, they would have rested and made love again, in the more usual way, with him on top of her but, since they both had to work the next day, they drifted off to sleep while embracing each other's nude bodies in the bed they shared. Her juices smeared on his face and his cum around her mouth served to remind them, if they needed a reminder, of how totally in love they were with one another.

The next morning, things went very much as they had the previous day. Kevin greeted all the children, as usual, without pushing himself on Shauna, and prepared breakfasts for three children instead of two. As at dinner on the previous evening, he helped Katie with her food, while Donna helped Shauna. The newest member of the household was still wondering about her mother not being there, but she had often been left in the care of friends or neighbors, sometimes even overnight, so she was not frightened, nor did she consider the situation to be unique. As on the previous night, the presence of her teacher and best friend helped, and she felt less fear of the man who had scared her so much at first. Katie liked him and so did Teacher Donna, so he couldn't have been all bad.

"Mommy," Kate chirped up after all had eaten and Donna was clearing the dishes to put them in the dishwasher. "Shauny feels bad she didn't give you a valentine yesterday."

"Sweetheart," Donna responded as she hugged and kissed the young African American child. "Don't worry about that. Having you here and knowing you're safe is the best valentine I could ever get."

Shauna didn't understand everything that was said, but she did know Teacher wasn't mad about her being remiss on Valentine's Day, which made her feel better. After that, she allowed herself to be dressed in some of her new clothing and jeans and a sweater Donna borrowed from Katie. The only thing different about the family's respective trips to where they would spend their day was that Donna held the hands of two little girls as she walked up the sidewalk to Mrs. Ortiz's establishment.

Her employer was waiting, with news about the mother of the newer of the two girls. "I got a call from Dorothy Stevens last night at home. She's worried about Shauna but, when I said her daughter was staying with you for the time being, she was really relieved."

"I'm glad to hear that. Did she say anything about her case? I mean, Kevin and I will gladly take care of Shauna, all the way through sending her to college, if necessary. But I'm worried about Dorothy too."

"Well, she said the charge is phony, and she's pleading not guilty, but she'd say that anyhow. They record telephone conversations, and they could use her own words against her if she says the wrong thing."

"I hope everything works out alright for her. If she calls you again, why don't you give her my telephone number, so she can call and get any news about her daughter?"

After that, Donna got busy doing what she loves and does so well. Usually, she treats all the children equally, spreading her love among them, and showing no favoritism not even toward Katie or Kerry, after he arrived from class. That day was an exception, however, and she spent more time with Shauna, who doted on the extra attention. Otherwise, the day was quite routine, including all five members of the family riding to a restaurant and home with Kevin.

The rest of the week was equally routine, up until Saturday. Donna and Kevin made gentle weekend-morning love, their favorite kind and, after delicious big breakfast for everybody, they prepared to go shopping with Shauna for new clothing and whatever else they needed. Fred and Wilma Brown, an older neighbor couple who feel about Donna and Kevin as if they were a daughter and son, gladly agreed to keep an eye on the other two children. They had been told about the latest addition to the household and, since they already thought of Kate and Kerry as practically their own grandchildren, they had no problem adding a third.

Shauna enjoyed the attention she was receiving that morning. Although still somewhat wary of the man who lived in the nice place she had been for the last five days, she was starting to think he must be alright. He hadn't threatened her since the time at the day care center, and her teacher and her best friend and the boy who lived there seemed to think he was okay, and had often even demonstrated affection toward him. Even so, she still had some doubts. The man and woman who had come to the apartment were an unknown quantity, but they were similar to friends of her mother's, and her teacher and the other children seemed to think well of them. She would have to wait and see about those people too.

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