tagLoving WivesDonna's AMEX Christmas Party

Donna's AMEX Christmas Party


AMEX X-Mas Party

Dan's Version to Scott

Donna and Dan had gone together to an employee Christmas Party for American Express, where they both worked. Spouses were not invited, because it was for employees only. When Dan got to our house, he saw Donna's attire. A short black cocktail mini-dress that pushed her 36DD's almost out of the dress and matching ankle strapped highheels. Dan left his truck at our house and they drove in Donna's Mustang. As the party wore down later that night, both of them were getting horny and eager to fuck again. Donna looked up from her plate and caught Dan looking at her. He really is a very good looking guy, she thought for the umpteenth time. She could feel the moisture pooling between her legs as she envisioned him fucking her hard and fast.

"Excuse me, I'll be right back," she said, standing up.

She picked up her purse and headed to the ladies' room. She went into the first empty stall and locked the door. She needed to get off in the worst way. She lifted her skirt and slipped her hand into the front of her pantyhose. Her pussy was very wet as she stroked herself. She pushed a couple of fingers into her sopping wet hole and thrust them back and forth. Suddenly she had an idea. She removed her hand from her pantyhose and slid them down her long legs. Removing them she stuck them in her purse. After flushing the toilet, she washed her hands and headed back to the table.

"Ready to go?" Dan asked, standing.

Donna came up beside him and slipped her pussy juice coated pantyhose into his jacket pocket.

"Definitely," she said, patting his pocket and "accidentally" brushing her hand against the front of his pants.

She felt him twitch beneath her hand. They exited the resort and headed to the car. Once outside, Dan grabbed her and hauled her against him, capturing her lips with his. They devoured each other's mouths, tongues tangling the way they both knew they would be later. Dan broke the kiss and they got into the car. They pulled away from the resort and Donna placed her hand on Dan's thigh...walking her fingers up his leg and brushing against his cock. As she stroked him through his pants, Dan slipped his hand beneath her skirt.

As his fingers brushed against her bare pussy, Donna spread her legs a little wider, allowing him better access. He pressed two fingers into her love hole, causing her to moan loudly. She opened his belt and undid his zipper, freeing his hard cock as he finger fucked her. He stroked her clit with his thumb as she thrust her hips up to meet his fingers. Donna cried out as she came, her pussy muscles clenching tightly around his fingers. They pulled into the empty parking lot at Deer Valley Park. Dan removed his fingers from Donna's pussy and licked her sweet juices from his fingers.

"Your turn," Donna said, undoing her seat belt and turning in her seat.

She kissed his mouth quickly and then lowering her mouth to his exposed cock. She kissed the very tip of it as she fondled his balls. Then she took the head of it into her hot mouth and sucked it lightly, moving down the shaft until the head touched the back of her throat. Dan brought his hand to the back of Donna's head as she bobbed up and down. He could feel his nuts tightening and he knew he was going to blow his load. He knew that he should probably warn her, but he wanted Donna to drink his cum. Donna gagged slightly as the first shot of semen hit her throat. She backed up a bit and took all of his cum, swallowing furiously to catch every last drop of the sticky fluid. When she'd milked him dry, she slipped him out of her mouth.

"Wow," he said.

He pulled her close for a deep kiss. Donna opened her mouth to share some of his cum with him. As they kissed, Dan's hands cupped her full breasts through the thin blouse she wore. He undid the buttons and teased her pert nipples through the lace cups of her bra. Donna reached around her and undid the closure on her bra. She quickly slipped out of her blouse and Dan helped her remove her bra.

"Suck my nipples," Donna moaned as he lightly but firmly pinched her nipples.

She sighed in pleasure as his lips closed around one hard peak. As he sucked one nipple, he kneaded the other breast before moving his mouth to the other breast. It didn't take long for Donna to climax again. After a few minutes, Donna put her bra in her purse and put her blouse back on.

"We should go," Donna said, doing up the first couple of buttons on her blouse as Dan opened the car door. Dan walked her around to the rear her car. When they reached the back of her car, she turned to him and hugged him. "I had a really great time tonight, thank you."

"You're welcome," he said. He gently turned her around and pushed her forward against the back deck of the car. "We're not quite done yet though."

"Oh really?" Donna said, huskily. "Just what did you have in mind?"

Even as she said the words, she knew what was going to happen next and she could feel her body readying. Her pussy was dripping, her juices practically running down her leg. Dan quickly undid his pants and released his hard cock. He flipped Donna's skirt up and entered her in one quick, powerful thrust. Donna had never felt so excited. Dan pounded Donna's pussy, taking her hard and fast just the way she imagined him doing. Dan reached around her and slid his hands beneath her blouse, squeezing her tits. She slid her hand between her legs to her clit.

"You feel so fucking good!" Dan said as he continued to thrust deep inside her.

"Harder!" Donna shouted. "Fuck me hard and fast!" Dan grabbed Donna's hips and began to slam inside her. "DAN!" she cried as she came hard around his cock.

"I'm going to fill your hot pussy with my cum," Dan said as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. Suddenly he erupted into her.

Exhausted, Donna collapsed onto the rear deck of her car. If Dan hadn't still been holding her hips, she would've crumpled to the ground. They stayed like that as he started to soften inside her. He withdrew from her body and pulled up his pants while Donna fixed her skirt. She stood up and could feel the mixture of cum and pussy juice seeping from her love hole.

"You going be all right to drive?" Dan asked as Donna stumbled slightly trying to walk to the car door.

"Yes," she said, "I'll be fine. I can't wait to walk in the front door of the house and show Scott my cum-soaked pussy!"


Donna's Version

What a wonderful make-out. In this semi-privacy, Dan kissed me and our tongues were soon probing each other's mouths. My husband has a fetish for me in lipstick, but often wipes his mouth after the first kiss. Dan was consuming me, and I liked it that way. He pulled open the top of my blouse, helped me out of it, and then removed my bra. The warmth and softness of his hands on my breasts as he cupped them; squeezed them and pulled out the nipples so his mouth could softly clamp around them was way exciting. Then I revealed to Dan my sensual desire...for him to cup his entire mouth over my tit and to suck as much in as he could, then move back and forth in a milking motion, stretching me out as far as he could and then back in.

This is highly exciting to me and it drives me to new ecstasies as the sex foreplay goes on with another man. I grappled at his pants and Dan undid his belt, his zipper and tried to slip off his pants. He had to step outside the car briefly to get them off, and I saw another couple watching him as he stripped them off. Dan was wonderfully naked from the waist down in front of me and his hard cock went right into my mouth as I bent over to welcome him back inside the car. I also knew that the other couple could tell what I was now doing and that made me even more excited and I felt his hot shaft slide past my lips for the first time.

Dan's hands went back to my breasts, as I continued to suck on him. I could feel Dan pulling up my skirt over my ass. We were both a little out of breath I managed to tell him I might not have enough room in the car to slide them off easily. But that I wanted to. He wanted me to get out of the car and come over to his side, the darker side where the distant parking lot lights couldn't reach. So we both stood outside of the car and I leaned against it with my back. Dan stood before me, and as I held up the hem of my skirt to my waist, Dan gently buried his face between my legs and he started kissing me there. (I was glad that I hadn't let Scott do anything before I went out that night.)

I was leaning against the car and actually had my left leg lifted slightly up and definitely out as Dan's tongue entered me and explored as far in as it could. My hand was at the back of his head, pulling him into me when I heard sounds coming for our left. I knew that our voyeur couple was now doing their own thing. I wished fleetingly that I could see what they were up to. But instead, I asked Dan to come up to me and kiss me. He stood up and embraced me; his penis was sticking out between my legs looking for a home. When it found it, Dan plunged in so fast and hard, that I winced a little then felt the car jiggling behind me as he began to thrust in and out of me.

I was feeling very much like a bitch in heat! Dan was verbal and descriptive but also respectful. Secretly I was fantasizing about him not being so respectful as he enjoyed sex with me, and in my own dream world, I was conjuring up his aggressive voice calling me his slut-bitch and that I was his whore. I casually glanced over into the dark and caught a glint of light as the car several yards away began a rhythmic jiggle.

Then Dan turned me around and wanted to fuck me from behind. I gave into the desire. I could feel him position himself up against my anal hole, but I quickly readjusted him to my vagina and leaned out farther for him. He entered me from behind, grunting with each thrust as he shoved deeper and deeper into our mutual passions. I was now in a good position to see what was going on with the other couple. I watched as a pretty young blonde woman was being taken from behind. She was watching me doing the same. I was momentarily amazed that we could see what was happening to each other. I felt an almost sisterly feeling toward her.

I was the first to climax as my hands were sprawled across the trunk of the car and Dan's hands went from holding on to my tits, to holding on to my hips, as he humped back and forth harder and harder. Dan was also quick to come and I could sense it when he reached climax and he was ejaculating his cum inside of me. I knew when he had finished, but he didn't stop pumping me. He kept humping as long as he could keep it up and I let him. I was probably feeling more pleasure than he was at this point, and I thought it a new experience that a man would not stop so suddenly after climaxing and emptying himself of his cum.

My long silky legs were spread open on the blanket that was spread over the car. The moonlight shone on my face which was contorted in pleasure mixed with a slight measure of pain at the hard intense thrusting. I didn't even want to think of the idea of his stopping though!

"Fuck meee!" I moaned in his ear. "Fuck Me harder, uhhh!" I kept groaning and began to thrust my body up to meet each of his penetrating maneuvers.

The stars in the sky began to spin in my head as I felt my very desperate needs build. His long massive cock began another thrust into the helpless horny blonde beneath him. I had no chance to escape. Not that any woman would want to! He had been pounding my wet body with relentless sex for quite some time. That was all it was too and we both knew it. Uncontrolled lust for being fucked! For now it had been an animal attraction of burning lust and fuck-ability for us from the start. It had turned me into his personal slut. I had already come twice before the craving came. The skin on my naked body was filled with hot passion. His huge cock glimmered slick with my juices and the grinding of my body.

"I want you to fuck me over and over right out here in the open," I screamed in his ear.

His only answer was the pure look of desire aflame in his eyes as he stared directly into my eyes that shone like a liquid pool of fire. I was a total turn on for Dan. Watching me come would make him explode again and again. My slutty desires came forward to my mind. After all, the pounding I was taking on the trunk of my car was making a horriffic thudding with each thrust. I screamed at him to stop suddenly, and at first he refused.

"I want to swallow your cum," I begged.

I knew he was indeed near his climax. He withdrew, and I greedily grabbed the slick wet cock that had been crammed inside my hot wet pussy. I tilted my head to the side and ran my warm wet tongue up the shaft and wiggled the tip of my tongue along the edge of the shaft making long circles. At the same time, I began banging myself with my other hand, groaning. The only way this could be better was if there were two of him! I laughed out loud at the thought of another cock like his fucking me from behind while I devoured the massive throbbing dick he presented to me. I felt the pressure of his rod building as I longingly burned with lust to taste his sweet load and have it all over me.

Suddenly, I spread myself over him with my fine soft milky ass spread forward towards the open space in back of the low slung sports-car. My wet pussy was presented to the open air as I played with myself. There was a small rustling noise behind me that I hardly heard as I moaned louder. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the corner of my eyes and the glimmer of another car shone through to my brain. "Oh No!" I grunted and worked even harder at Dan's massive cock. I wasn't going to let anyone not allow me to finish the job, I thought to myself!

Unexpectedly, strong hands that were not Dan's grabbed the cheeks of my ass and I squealed with delight and confusion. All of a sudden another huge cock had appeared and I became aware of another form behind me as I attacked my original cock again with the soft curve of my lips. He had appeared out of nowhere and his cock was penetrating me from behind. A dream cum true! At this time in my lifestyle, I could have never admitted this to myself, but caught in the moment I lunged forward and the huge cock began a fast and furious thrusting into my small hot pussy.

I grinned and squealed. "More cock!" I cried out loud this time.

Suddenly the cock in my mouth began pulsating and I began my own hot orgasm from the sight and feel. The strange cock inside me filled me too. The load in front of me began its long spurt out towards my eager lips and face. A long stream of milky white cum splattered my lips and face. What a whore I was being! I grinned just as the second spurt began to build and I aimed it all over my breasts and body. Boy could he come tonight, I thought to myself, as the cock behind me and inside me began to come. Suddenly there were two cocks over my naked body and I was flipped over. Cum from the cock that had been fucking me shot all over my ass and legs and I screamed "Cum all over me"!

I was frantic now, as the third spurt from the first cock splashed hot liquid over my face and I began to gobble it up and swallow the remains. I was getting a real cum bath now, that's for sure! I grabbed both cocks, one in each hand now, and jerked them to squeeze the last drops of come from them. I had another naughty thought and wondered silently if there only had been a third cock to fuck me again after massaging the come into my nipples and ass. Finally, I sat up after being totally consumed and out of control. I grinned and looked at Doug who had happened upon them. He looked down at my erotic cum covered form and asked her what I had to say for myself.

"Don't dent the hood of my car!" was all I could say as I happily thought of doing it all over again.

For awhile we could hardly move, I was breathing so hard. Then I turned around and we embraced and held each other. Dan really wanted to sit down, so we got back in the car but not before throwing some clothes on first. Inside we reclined the seats and talked for awhile, recuperating. He told me that since Doug's wife, Janel, also attended the party, Doug had been left at home alone. He admitted that he kind of plan the park scene and had told Doug to drop by and he could possibly fuck me. I put some lipstick on, a little perfume, we touched some more and did some light petting and kissing. I felt his cock and it was soft but I enjoyed looking at it and feeling it. I noticed that sometime during our final excitement the other couple had left us.

It was after 2 a.m. when I arrived back home and as was customary, my husband was in bed, wide awake, waiting for me to come to him. I always freshen my makeup before coming into the house, and then sat next to him on the edge of the bed. He asked if I'd done it, and of course I said yes. He also wanted to know if it was a good experience for me. I always reassure him that it was a great time and that I liked it.

I then started to tell him about the evening as his hand went to my thigh and soon to my still sloppy pussy. He could feel the fullness of cum still sticking to the sides of my vagina and I rarely get far into the story before he has to get on top of me to penetrate this indecent receptacle of another man's cum. This is Scott's moment...his fantasy comes true... the time when his wonderfully hard penis is surrounded by the warm stickiness of a strange man's cum. In bed with his faithful wife, still unwashed, still smelling the same as an hour earlier in the parking lot, still faithful to our marriage, still adventurous.


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