Donny Ch. 03


"Oh yeah, Kat. Pull your nipples for me. I love it! You are so sexy!" She was smiling and watching. Tugging her nipples nice and hard. Her breasts jiggles ever so slightly when she would release them and let them fall. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned loudly. "Oh god! You guys are so hot!" I looked down into Donny's smiling eyes. He was ready for another load of my fresh cream. "Oh baby! This is for you! Here I cum! Take it lover!"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kat reach down and start to play with her pussy as I began to shoot off again into her son's mouth. I was hunched over pushed both my cock and my warm creamy cum into Donny's luscious sucking mouth. I glanced over to see Kat with her hands in between her thighs; one hand pulled her panties aside while the other was a blur over her clit.

"Oh Donny, sweetie," she hissed through clenched teeth, "is it good? Does he taste good baby?"

"Oh mommy! He tastes so good! Steven's cum is so good!" he slid back over the tip of my cock. "Mmmm mmm mmm" Donny moaned as he continued to gobble me.

"Oh Steven!" Kat said over the noise of the shower, "you have such a beautiful penis. It looks so lovely, so handsome, so strong."

"Oh Kat, I am so excited that you like it." Donny moved to sit on the tiled bench in the middle of the shower, catching his breath. I watched Kat continue to strum her clit and gaze deeply into my eyes. I wanted to taste her as well.

"So Steven," she asked after taking a breather to catch her breath, "do you like Donny's big penis as much as he seems to like yours?" She was testing whether our relationship was one-sided.

"Oh kat, sweetie. Donny's cock is the most exquisite, most luscious, most incredible cock I've ever had."

"Oooooh! I like hearing that about my sexy son." She told me in a voice that almost made my cock hard again, almost. "You guys make a very sexy couple." Donny was sitting on the bench, facing his mother, legs apart and big cock full and erect, I was standing there facing her, still stroking myself, as she watched intently. "You know what I would really love to see, you beautiful, sexy men," she said in that same sexy voice, "I would love to watch you give Donny oral pleasure." She smiled in a way that really did make my cock hard again.

I never broke eye contact with her. But smiled and slowly got down on my knees. She glanced to Donny, signaling him to come around in front of me, which he did immediately. Turning to a profile view for Kat, I came face to face with Donny's beautiful, hard, monster cock. 'Monster' doesn't describe him actually; nothing as gorgeous and sexy and thrilling could ever be a monster. His size though, made him incredible!

I turned to look deeply into Kat's eyes as I took his massive penis in both hands and began to stroke him and caress him. Kat struggled a bit to her feet and pushed her panties down and off her feet. Sitting back down, she opened her legs and gave me a view of her spectacular, swollen shaved, gorgeous, pink pussy. I brought Donny's cock to my face and just caressed my cheek with the warm, stiff, enormous shaft. Our eyes were locked as I began to kiss along the shaft and lick the huge head.

"Oh yes, Steven. Play with that huge cock. Isn't he incredible?" I nodded against his hardness. "Doesn't he feel so good?" I nodded again, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. "Ooooh yes sweetie. Suck the head." I did, taking it gently in, washing my tongue all around it. She moaned loudly, plunging two fingers into her pussy.

I had to turn away in order to hold it up straight with both hands and guide half of his amazing length into my mouth. I heard Kat moaning loudly as I did so. Donny moaned loudly as well, drawing my gaze up into his eyes. He was watching me intently.

"Yeah Steven! That's it lover, Suck on my big cock. I know you love my big cock." I nodded around the mouthful of sweet meat lodged deeply in me. "Doesn't he look beautiful sucking me?" He asked his mother.

"Oh darling, yes! Oh he looks so good down there, on his knees, giving you such a beautiful blowjob, baby." She sounded strained as she masturbated herself while watching us together. "Oh Donny, baby, fuck him in the mouth! Fuck his sexy, sucking mouth!" Donny began to really get into it, thrusting hard and choking me a bit. "Yeah sweetie, shove it in there! He loves it, look at him. Oh Steven, take that huge cock, sweetie. Let my baby push it in your throat. Oh yeah! Deep throat my sweet baby boy!"

I had about 3 or 4 inches of his huge cock down past my tonsils and was gagging hard. My eyes were streaming. Donny's cock was harder than he had been with me so far, which made him uncomfortably thick in my throat. I was really being stretched, which I wasn't used to. He was possessed with getting more into my throat but I was choking and dying for air.

"Shoot him full of cum, baby! Oh sweetheart darling, give him your huge load! Oh Steven, I love my son's delicious cum! I love it in my mouth, on my face, all over my body. No doubt he's told you how much I love to suck his cock. Oh yeah. Suck my baby boy! Suck my baby boy! Make him drink all that cum."

I had just pushed Donny back enough to grab a breath when his cock began to hose me with his cream. Like it was shot out of a cannon, his cum squirted hard into the back of my throat. I had just gulped a lungful of air, so I didn't choke on it, but my mouth was completely filled in an instant with his thick cream.

It really was like having a hose turned on in my mouth. His spurts were thick and full and powerful. Long streams of his sperm flew out the tip of his cock into and onto me. He shoved back in and was incredibly slippery at that stage. His cock turned the corner at my tonsils and slid in deeper than before; way deeper!! I felt his huge cock in the center of my chest. I didn't have all of it but I had an incredible throat-full of the biggest cock ever!!

Kat practically screamed in her orgasm, which went on and on as I continued to cradle her son's enormous penis virtually all the way down my throat.

Kat was cumming. "Oh Steven! Yes darling. Swallow that huge load! Take his cum in you. Deep throat that huge sexy cock and drink it down."

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