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Donovan's Coeds


[Two female college students, each doing her own thing, and all for your reading pleasure.]

Seven, And I Was Done

I threw my roomie Jennifer down on her bed and jumped her hot little body. We were both wearing nothing but panties, and I rubbed my silk-clad cunt right against here. I could feel the bulge of her clitoris and lined mine up against it, pressing down as hard as I could on her.

"Suck my tits," she panted, squirming like an eel. "Bite them." I did what she said, sucking her perky nipples until they turned into pebbles in my mouth, and then tubes of flesh an inch long, like tiny little cocks. Then I got my teeth in. Jennifer winced and creamed those pretty little silk panties.

Of course, she wasn't nearly finished -- she was only beginning to get really worked up. "Fuck me with your fingers," she groaned. "Hurry up, keep me coming."

I stopped bearing down, just resting lightly on her while I slipped my hand into her panties and curved a couple of fingers into her hole while my thumb did a number on her bare clit. She humped back and clutched my head with both hands to keep my teeth clamped around her nipple. When she asked for more, I gave her a third finger and then a fourth, and finally curved my thumb under and in until I was fisting her, her pussy lips stretched wide to enclose my whole hand and half my forearm. Her cunt was so wet that no lube whatsoever was required. To Jennifer, sex wasn't really sex without penetration.

I used my free hand to push myself down in the bed until I could lick her as well. She howled and gave up the big one while my other hand worked my own cunt until I could jill off to a small but surprisingly pleasant orgasm.

After that I had a lecture, and then I stopped by my sociology professor's office. He had my latest paper on his desk and I saw that I had gotten an A on it. Then he locked the door and was fumbling with the buttons on my white blouse as he grabbed me into his arms. He undid the clasp on the front of my bra, and then he was sucking my tits like he thought he could actually get milk from them.

"Easy, you might come too fast," I reminded him. I had to slow the excitable little man down.

"Take it out," he panted.

Would this be the day he was actually going to fuck me? I sure hoped so. My pussy was juicy with the thought. Then, oops, the professor was shooting his load all over my skirt -- again!

I knelt down on the office floor and at least got a taste of the man's jism, licking him clean. He reached around on his desk for a box of tissues and used them awkwardly to wipe some of the come from my skirt, grinding in the rest while he was at it. I zipped him back up and redid my own clothes, and then I was off, an A student in sociology, but a very unsatisfied woman.

My next stop was the library, where I met up with Henry, the geek who actually wrote all my term papers. He saw me and he lit up like a Christmas tree. He handed over his latest work on a CD, my next assignment in English literature, and I stuck it in my purse and nodded toward the open stacks. He followed me behind a row of books where I knelt down and unzipped his pants. The guy had a typical nerd body until you saw his dick, which believe me was all stud.

Henry peered between the books on an upper shelf nervously. Yeah, like once I had my lips wrapped around his cock he would want me to stop for anything! I sucked him off, enjoying the feel of the large hard-on in my mouth. He had better will-power than my professor, for he must have lasted at least three or four minutes before he was spitting come down my throat, and at least I got his whole load this time.

Back at the apartment, Jennifer had gone out, but Lucy, one of her arty friends, was there hanging out in our bedroom. One glance at her told me she was packing today, and all my enthusiasm for a good fucking flared up again instantly. I stripped and so did she, and I flung myself down on the bed next to her, giving her my best fuck-me look. I was so hot I didn't even want my pussy eaten, though Lucy was a stone lesbian and expert at it. I just wanted that hunk of plastic she was wearing straight up my cunt and no damned nonsense about it.

"You wouldn't believe the day I've had," I moaned, just to make her ego swell up with what she was about to do to me. "Another jism-stained skirt, and a bellyful of come. Not a decent fuck anywhere." The gleam in Lucy's eyes told me I had her complete attention. Pretty soon she was right where I wanted her, dildo up my cunt, tongue down my throat, finger up my ass, going to town on me. Although the buzzer in the fake prick felt magnificent on my clit, it wasn't quite the same as a fuck from a man. Oh well, perhaps I'd get luckier tomorrow.

In the meantime, I was certainly feeling no pain. "Keep it up!" I shouted at her as she pumped me endlessly. My nub twitched between my pussy lips, and I whirled away on the hurricane of my orgasm. "Again!" She kept me on the plateau and then tipped me over again, howling and thrashing and coming, but her hips never stopped thrusting and the vibrator never stopped buzzing. "More, more, more," I shrieked. "I'm going for the record." Three. Four, five, six. "Fuck me, fuck me, keep going, keep me going!" Seven, and I was done. A low squawk came from Lucy's throat as the epidemic of climaxes finally infected her too, and she was calling me nasty names I could hardly understand as she bit my shoulder till it was sore and bruised, to say nothing of how sore and bruised my cunt was as well.

I was done, too done to give her back what she had given me. No matter, tomorrow was another day.

##### ##### #####

Too Much Fun

Sharing an apartment with a girl in my sophomore year may not have been the greatest idea, and of all the girls I had to pick, Melissa was undoubtedly the biggest tramp who ever lived. I tossed and turned in my bed every night, getting little or no sleep while Melissa got off with the latest in her succession of boyfriends. Her bed squeaked as she and the man of the moment pounded it all night long. I would lie awake with my fingers in my pussy, listening and jilling off until my hand was nothing but one big massive cramp. I was so jealous listening to them fuck.

The three fingers inside me twisted and turned as they did me no good. I wondered if the guy had a big cock. It had to be bigger than my fingers, for sure, judging by the way Melissa was not only going at it, but screaming at the top of her lungs. This fellow was the latest conquest, only about a week old, and if his dick was built anything like the rest of him -- tall and broad-shouldered with a supremely squeezable ass -- then her shaved pussy was stretched around it into a perfect O. I knew she shaved, because she brazenly left her short and curlies all over the floor of the bathtub every night.

Damn, she was loud. I wished I could be as loud, but I used the pillow and all my will power to muffle my groans of relief as my cunt finally turned inside out in the one that would relax me enough to let me sleep despite the noises. Finally I slipped under the covers and knew nothing until about 3 A.M.

That was when the door to my bedroom was opened and I was wide awake, with the new dude, whose name was Peter, staring at my body in the strong moonlight shining in through the window. I had apparently kicked my covers off while I slept, for he surely couldn't have peeled them back without my realizing it. I could feel his eyes fixed on me as I reached for the covers. When I looked over at him, he was naked too, and half hard as well.

"What is it?"

He smiled. "I thought the bathroom was the second door on the left. I guess not."

"Damn," I yelled, not caring if I woke Melissa up or not. Don't you know left from right?" Peter kept on looking at me and smiling. "All right, all right, no harm done," I grumped, and pulled my pillow over my head this time.

But not five minutes later they were back at it. Melissa's squeals of delight made sleep impossible. I got out of bed and went over to the wall that separated our rooms and put my ear to it. At the same time, my fingers were back in my pussy, doing their magic.

"No, no," she was saying imperiously. "Get back down there and go on licking my pussy. I want to come in your mouth."

Melissa had no scruples about dressing in front of me, and I'd seen that pussy. I would hardly admit this even to myself, but the fact is, it was a pretty one, and into my mind's eye flashed the picture of me eating her pussy myself as I stuffed my fingers back up my own cunt and gave myself an orgasm just as Melissa was having one, my knees sagging against the wall as they became too weak to hold me up. All three of us went on, and I thought, Melissa's tongue in my cunt, yeah, that would be good, and I'd be licking her honey pot at the same time. Does she go both ways? I've never seen another woman around here, but I could give her a better mouth-job than her boyfriend, I bet.

Fired up all over, I didn't even notice that the noise had stopped as I went on jilling myself, my hips thrusting against the bare wall, my fingers pumping me, my thumb circling my clit endlessly. I stretched my pussy wide open and forced myself down on my hand, and then I was hissing through my teeth and coming again. I leaned against the wall and panted, trying to recover my equilibrium.

"I got to get myself a guy," I said out loud, trying to stand up straight again and not succeeding. "Melissa is having too much fun and I'm not having enough."

"We can change that right now."

I whirled around, my weakness forgotten. Melissa was standing in my bedroom door right where her lover had been, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh. You opened the wrong door too, I suppose," I said sarcastically.

Melissa's grin shrank only a little. "I thought you must need help, but I see it was your pelvis pounding the wall, not your fists." I still didn't believe her. "That can't have been 'too much fun.'"

"Don't you have any classes in the morning?" I asked superciliously.

Somehow that grin just wouldn't quit. "Well, I was going to invite you in, but if that's your attitude ...." Her voice trailed off. Her eyebrows arched, questioning me.

Oh! That was different. "Sure," I said.

The lights were on in Melissa's room as we came in, holding hands. Peter was sitting up in bed, fisting his peter. When he saw me and my roommate, he smiled as if to say "I knew you wanted it." Smug bastard, I thought, but I didn't really care. I did want his cock, which was now fully erect and looked like quite a pussy-pleaser.

First things first. I got on the bed and loosened his grip on his thing, taking it into my mouth instead with hardly a break in rhythm. He thought I was just eager for his cream, and I was, but I also wanted to taste Melissa's pussy juice. It was tangy, just what I'd expected from the red curls on her head and the smaller, tighter ones on the tub floor. I watched her face in my peripheral vision.

"Come here, baby, let me suck your tits," he said to her, and Melissa complied. "You've got such nice titties."

It was true. One nipple got longer and longer as he sucked on the other. She stared at me and I stared at her along the side of her boyfriend's cock. Finally I eased up and off his prick, and I patted the bed, urging Melissa to take her place next to him. Then I crawled between her legs, and without a word I had my tongue in her pussy and was licking it from asshole to clit and back again.

"Hey, you didn't tell me your roommate was a lesbian," he said, sounding a little anxious. I wanted him to feel the heat of competition before he had his way with me.

"You're such ... a jerk ..." Melissa said between gasps. "Pay no attention ... to him."

"I won't," I said, as my hand snaked out and grabbed his cock, fisting its root. I jerked him off deftly as my tongue did its thing on Melissa's clit. She patted my head, twining her fingers in my hair, while her other hand ran down her boyfriend's side and joined me at his cock, though she certainly couldn't give it anything like the attention it deserved.

Well, when I had brought Melissa to a suitably sheet-plucking, leg-thrashing, feet-pounding amazing wonder of an orgasm, I decided it was time to take pity on Peter. I sat on him in the reverse cowgirl position and wrapped my cunt around his eight-incher. All the air went out of him in a rush as I fucked him, doing all the work myself. I heard slurping noises that told me Melissa's tongue was going somewhere interesting as well, possibly his ear. Soon, as I rocked on him, I felt her kissing down the length of his frame.

I had no idea if he had already come, but he certainly had plenty of jism for me when he burst upward into my pussy. What's more, after I had rocked and fingered myself to a much more satisfying orgasm than being stuffed with just my fingers could possibly give me, I felt him still hard and working his way up to a second climax with me. When his groans and heavy breathing told me the time was near, I hopped off and jerked him off the rest of the way, using his prick to spray Melissa's body with his new load of joy juice. The next thing you know, I was licking it all off her lovingly, chunk by chunk.

Melissa smiled and toyed with my hair. "I knew I'd get you in my bed eventually," she said lazily.

"All you had to do was ask," I replied.

Melissa and I hugged each other, both our cunts now dripping like a leaky faucet. Soon we were in the missionary position, our legs locked together, humping like madwomen while Peter jerked himself off, eventually spraying his last load of the night over our united bodies.

I couldn't be luckier. My roommate is as bi as I am, and she doesn't mind sharing her men with me. They don't mind either -- Melissa may have the looks, but I've definitely got the moves, and I have no scruples about taking it up the ass, being tied to the bed, or delivering a touch of the whip to their pale asses myself. So we'll definitely be roommates till we graduate. And after that, who knows?

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