tagErotic HorrorDon't Fear The Reaper

Don't Fear The Reaper


Eons progressed as he remained ever unchanged in his realm. Empires rise, conquer and fall still he would be there to see it all. Sitting upon his majestic throne of bone, viewing the destruction from afar. A part of everything and everyone yet eternally separated from the universe. Dark sockets permeated his fearsome visage and if he had the ability to, his brows would be furrowed. If he had brows or any skin at all.

He was Death everlasting. To view him is to mean you were chosen, for his physical form rarely allowed visitors inside his palace at the edge of time and space. The most ancient paintings had depicted him correctly, a skeleton cloaked within shadows. A formidable scythe stood to the side of his throne, waiting the judgment day for which to wield it and show those with mortal souls that there was something tangible of him to be feared.

Timeless, though, had the drawback of utter boredom from endless eons of existence. He had been there to experience everything and nothing was enticing to him anymore. There were millenniums left to spend before the end was to arrive and already his thoughts turned to dissatisfaction. Allotted only a few visitors every century Death needed to choose them carefully. The Reaper needed to be certain about who he chose in order to alleviate his weariness.

Tonight was one of those long awaited and anticipated nights. On the field of battle the life had been taken of an incredibly fierce warrior, a stunning woman that had slaughtered thousands in the service of her king. Death had not taken of the pleasures of a woman for a great long while, finding his tastes able to ruin even the most noble of women. This woman, though, this Aleria was not destined for the Promised Land but was neither meant for a special hell. She was to remain in limbo for many years.

Death wished this rebellious woman to be his for the night. It was his decision that made this universe spin and his will would be done upon her enticing flesh.

In front of his throne was the portal that would bring her soul to his palace and reconstruct it as flesh and blood. The old body would rot upon the ground where Aleria died, yet here she would be born anew. Red, gold and blue spirals of light whirred around the object forming the woman. Hips, curves, long shapely legs shone transparent as each piece of her essence reconstructed itself for his pleasure. A face of purity and virginity (for despite her many conquests in battle with men, she had as of yet never been conquered by man) slowly shaped. Green eyes opened slowly underneath a wild mane of golden blond hair. Flushed pale cheeks were flowing into a pert nose and succulent cupid bow lips.

As with her body her clothing formed as well, as her appearance as entire was a part of her personality. Outfits that she wore expressed her strength better than she could with words for her voice was too heavenly to believe that such a creature could be one of the deadliest soldiers ever to grace the world. Dangling from her neck a pendant she had held in high regard, a treasure she took from her teacher after slicing off her head. Purple gown flowing over her hips held in place by a thin belt crowned with a crow skull winding around her waist. Black and purple bodice began to come together around her chest, interlinking metal bits into the sparse armor she had become used to. Golden bands encircle her arms with sharp jutting points spiking off, ready to slice and rend her enemies flesh.

There she was in full form, dress and flesh. If death could grin, he would at this moment, viewing his new prize earned for unending service to the cosmos.

Breath surged into her lungs and the shock of rebirth ran electric through her body. Ever vigilante Aleria reached for a weapon that hadn't come with her. When she didn't find that she retreated, dashing throughout the throne room trying to find out where she was. Looking around for the enemy that had skewered her belly. No battle was raging around her, in fact there was nothing but silence and with this realization she became more disturbed. Finally, crouched into a corner ready to spring onto anyone that may attempt to attack her, her eyes fell on the hooded skull on the throne of mortality.

"Welcome Aleria." He rose from his throne and stood at a full six foot eight inches in height. His cloak bellowed around him briefly then shifted back into itself, clinging to his seemingly frail frame. "I hope the trip here wasn't too distressing."

Springing out form the corner she bolted straight towards Death bringing her arms out ready to attack. Leaping out to tackle the eternal one but his bony hand easily snatched a hold of the top of her metal bodice holding her a foot in the air and at arms length.

"Now that's no way to greet your new owner." The voice was tinged with the sounds of insects buzzing, sinuously amalgamating those most frightening of nightmares into words. With a flick of the wrist the Reaper flung her fifteen feet away easily separating her body from her metal chest piece. Her buttocks hit the floor shooting pain up her spine, her supple breasts were bouncing up with their newfound freedom.

Rubbing the small of her back, Aleria got back up and preparing to strike again her angelic voice rang out, "Nobody owns me! I am ruled only by my wishes." Aleria had no inhibitions, so the thought of covering up her now exposed breasts didn't cross her mind.

Death moved slowly towards her, his shadow creeping along the ground as he walked. "Perhaps that was true in your past life. Maybe on that world you were mighty and fearsome." a bony hand reached out harshly grabbing hold of Aleria's left breast, "Here, in the land of the dead, you are nothing more than my plaything!"

Aleria attempted to get away from his cold grip but found it difficult. With his other hand he reached down to the crow skull on her skirt, holding firmly to it. The fleshless face of the Reaper got in close, sockets of unlimited depth stared through her eyes only few inches from her face. Again he tossed her aside, ripping the flimsy garment leaving her with nothing on other than gold armlets.

Sex was not the pleasure he was looking for, it would merely help him achieve his goal. What made him interested in this woman was breaking her. A young girl like this having impaled, immolated, eviscerated and beheaded so many in combat. To break her would be the desired enjoyment he wished for. Rendering her completely naked, her genitalia, breasts, her body exposed to the cold of his palace was just the first step towards bringing her to her knees.

Peering around the place, trying to find something to fight him back with, Aleria spotted his intricate scythe sitting next to the throne. Distracting him by feigning to the left she bolted to the right grabbing a hold of the very large weapon. She held it out easily, her arms and legs vastly muscled from many battles won, getting prepared to swing the mighty weapon at her opponent.

Laughter erupted from the Reaper, a shrill sound that immediately curdled even Aleria's strong bones. "Go ahead little girl. Come at me, but you will not enjoy what happens if you do."

Aleria was used to pointless threats so she took no head of his warning and charged. Death stood his ground, placid and unwavering. She swung the scythe down with the great strength of a warrior woman, though she had never fought an eternal being before. A grinning maw of teeth did not waver as a bony hand caught its own weapon with great ease. Holding her still his other hand reached down and grabbed her by the pussy, inserting three cold dead fingers into her dry hole. Lifting her off the ground by the crotch his fingers dug even deeper.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" she screamed out at the violation. Despite all battles, despite how nubile and flexible she was, her hymen had never been broken. Painfully he had ripped right through it starting a flow of blood trailing across his hand.

Tossing his weapon at the wall, the bladed edge embedded inside, he let his tongue drift from his mouth. To truly say it was a tongue was incorrect. Its appearance was more like that of a snake, minus mouth and eyes. Darting straight out and diving into her open mouth causing her to choke. Quickly, in spite of pain, she bit down only finding that as hard as she bit was unable to sever the thing that squirmed inside her throat.

Death kept jabbing it in, thrusting it down her throat and back up. The taste and feel from it was one of two parts of his anatomy that actually could. Enjoying the sensation of the tight constriction, from her attempts to swallow. Gagging on it, attempting to breath but failing, she felt the engorgement of the snake tongue fucking her throat. His sensation was becoming overbearing, it had beens so long since he had even felt this.

Death's orgasm is strange. It causes something similar to what humans have, but as the being he is some things are stranger. A hole formed on the tip of his tongue as he felt the welling up of his own juices that flow within the marrow of his bones. Aleria kept trying to push herself off, flailing her free arm about, smashing her fist against his rib cage. Her other hand had been tightly held by Deaths free hand as his left kept fingering her tight swollen orifice.

Masturbating her roughly with the cold hand had caused her to squirm immensely. Aleria hated it, she hated the feeling of being out of control. Unable to fight him off, escape wasn't an option from the cold hand plunging up inside her cunt. Bony fingers searching out every crevice inside her. He kept thrusting them up into her, trying to cause discomfort, trying to make her bend to his will. Hate swelled in her but nothing she did could get her away from this horrible thing that wouldn't stop plundering her body.

Aleria had come to realize that she was being violated by the Grim Reaper.

Welling up so much of his fluids, Death's tongue finally let loose what could be called his semen. Shooting straight down her throat, filling her stomach so that it began protruding, soaking her esophagus, the fluid stuck to its walls, more so than normal ejaculate was supposed to. Almost like a webbing it criss crossed as it coated her throat. Death felt his orgasm with incredible intensity having not experienced one in such a very long time.

Pulling his tongue back out, feeling the pressure of her teeth against it a last shot covered the inside of her mouth. He threw her to the side again. He was enjoying tossing around such a pride filled woman. Arching backwards, laughing, the tongue licked at his hand, enjoying the taste of vestal virginity. So long, so long had it been since he had enjoyed the taste of purity. Centuries had passed since he had enjoyed it, the simple delight in it.

Aleria was wiping at the semen, it was clinging to her chest and breasts where it had splashed. It wouldn't go away. Sticking to everything in sight, encasing most of her mouth in it. Unable to wipe it from her skin, unable to really get away from it. Attempting to rub it off didn't work, all it did was cover even more of herself. Soaking herself in it, unable to feel clean again. For the first time in her life she felt truly naked, she felt exposed to the world and was disgusted by it.

Death spoke with flair, despite his groaning voice, "That felt incredible my beauty. Such a delightful start to a fully penetrable afterlife."

Fear rose into her eyes, fully understanding what was occurring. Crouched on the floor, covered by a web of his cum, having been violated so easily she saw what was going on. Her life was now forfeit, her body to be bent to this frightening visage of a being. Rage at her circumstances replaced the fear, need to strike back arose and she again charged at Death.

Wrapping his arm around her waist during mid flight, Death slammed her onto the floor. Harsh bursts of pain ran through her head when her chin hit the ground. Stars twinkled behind her eyes, white flashes were drifting through her field of vision. Death's hands ran across the smooth white skin of her back, gently caressing the curves of her body drifting along her ass.

With one quick movement he shoved the fingers of his left hand into her asshole. Screaming out into the emptiness, Aleria tried to get up and away. Death quickly grabbed a hold of her blond hair, pulling her head harshly back, the snake tongue darting out again to flick at her ear.

"You are mine, Aleria! You will understand that!" Four bony fingers were pounding into the virgin asshole, forcefully opening up the inside of a part of her body that she had never even thought about in such a sense. Her back passage was burning up from the invasion. Her neck felt like it was ready to snap as for every push of the fingers deep inside he pulled her head back, ripping a few stray hairs out with his rough hold.

The shadow cloak started dripping away, reforming into his second sensory appendage. A black cock started growing from the center of the cloak, growing far too large for an average woman to handle. Aleria, briefly looking behind her, saw it and knew immediately what he had intended for it. Trying to crawl away Death slammed the rampent cock deep inside her cunt.

Squealing out her pain, she accidentally pushed back on the too large beast of a cock sending thrills up Death's exposed spine. All at once he came inside her from too much sensation too quickly. Aleria's pussy filled with the sticky fluid, dripping down from the edges. As he came the thrusts kept pounding deep inside her tight sheath. There was no stopping his enjoyment, he refused to allow her even a single moment to recuperate. Her mind had not yet snapped, she had yet to break to his will.

Death's hips thrust forward even harder, Aleria could feel the bones of his pelvis slapping harshly against her round ass. From the cloak he created a second penis as a continuation of the first. The second part of his body that could feel sensation was the cloak itself. With the new cock ready to go he removed his hand from the opened asshole of Aleria. A gasp of relief escaped her mouth only to change to a scream as he quickly replaced his fingers with something far larger. Sliding his second cock in her tight asshole, he could feel his first one through the thin wall separating the two passageways.

Both hands now were clasped around her head, his long fingers shoving themselves into her mouth so she could taste herself. She kept asking why her neck hadn't snapped yet, kept wondering to distract the mind. It didn't help, but the question was all she had to hold onto as two cocks pounded into her, soaking her insides with Death's disgusting juices.

She was breaking, not there yet, but it was happening. Powerless for the first time in her life she wanted to give up to the bony figure ramming into her ass. Death knew, he couldn't let up yet, he had to keep going. His cloak unwrapped from his body enough to start trailing across her body. Through it he felt the contours of her back, her breasts, the shapeliness of her legs. With it he created several more cocks. One of them he used to start face fucking her again, inserting the black rock hard thing into her throat. Aleria accepted it, didn't even attempt to bite down but began to actually caress it with her tongue. Another cock was created to rub against her chest, gliding through the separation of her breasts.

Death was as close as he had ever gotten to heaven. Aleria was still fighting back, but not with the vigor as before. Instead she was now moving with him, allowing him to thrust deep inside all of her orifices. He felt more powerful than ever. The strangest part, though, was that she was starting to actually enjoy herself. Death could feel the transition of her thought, could feel the change of her mood. It confused him, yet not enough for him to stop. In fact, he kept going with renewed vigor, which was as endless as himself.

Aleria was enjoying herself. Despite being forcefully taken by this being, despite being flung somewhere into a realm, that was new and unknown to her she was beginning to enjoy it. Her body had been conquered, fully and finally and with it her soul. Never having given herself up to others, finding all men to be weak and powerless she was now in the presence of a being that had easily subdued her and used her. The once great hatred had been replaced with great respect for what had been accomplished and with that respect came yearning. Came the desire to continue to be conquered. To give up and let her body be used and abused as the Reaper saw fit.

In the eyeless view of Death she was its own.

Death's head reared back in ecstasy, loving every minute of sensation it took from her and now she was broken. He owned her body and soul. His will had shattered that which had seemingly in the land of the living been unbreakable. He came with the revelation, filling up every one of her holes with his mighty fluid. Instead of rejecting it, Aleria welcomed it, finding it soothing in the cold room. Voluntarily swallowing all that went down her throat, enjoying the taste and sensation. Experiencing the swell of her ass, her abdomen caused her to have something she had never had before.

Aleria experienced her first orgasm. Death removed the cock from her mouth to hear her. Splashing her face and chest with his cum from two cocks (the one for tits and the one for mouth-fucking), soaking her torso with his seed. Moaning loudly she relished the sensation of being filled to the brim she squealed out her delight and cried out into the seeming nightmare.

"GOD YES!! DON'T STOP, PLEASE DON'T STOP!!" The act of screaming out her want, her desire completed it. Aleria now belonged to Death. She was his for eternity.

Death was somewhat dumbfounded. Although he had wanted to break her this was unexpected. She still wanted him. She wasn't screaming out in desire to do anything just to make it stop. Her desire was genuine and with it came his own fascination with her.

With great ease he flipped her over and kept impaling her lower two holes with his cocks, still cumming, each spurt spilling out from the light cracks surrounding his cocks. Aleria looked up at the skull. She felt passion for this ancient endless being. To her it didn't matter the way it looked. She had for the first time been conquered, tamed. This was the powerful entity she was meant to be with. Aleria wrapped her arms around Death's spinal neck and enjoyed him riding her as she gasped in orgasmic joy. Her own juices didn't stop flowing and mixing with his. Her hips thrust upwards in time with his hard deep thrusts that filled her clenching, hungry holes.

Death had found his mistress, finally found his one, his companion through eternity. The thick tendrils snaking inside of her body didn't stop cumming. The snake tongue wormed into her mouth and Aleria accepted it. Her tongue caressed the snake and lavished at the texture of it. With each movement another orgasm erupted from her and with each moment came another shot of Death's own semen. Filling her cunt, stuffing her asshole, clogging her throat with every fluid his body could produce and project.

Hours passed as the two erupted together in ecstasy, each knowing something new and never before touched upon. Fluids dripping from them, being tasted or absorbed by Aleria's new found eagerness. Not a drop of their essence wasted to the floor, not a smidgen of it let to settle upon dust. Aleria was now the Reaper's woman with every thrust, cry and orgasm, with every movement and secretion exchange.

Aleria passed out, exhausted from a much more extreme workout than battles had ever been for her before. Death gently wrapped her in the warmth of his cloak.

"My beloved, you aren't going to leave my side." His inability to kiss her for some reason disturbed him at that moment, so a light flick of the snake tongue ran across her smooth brow, "My fierce woman of war, Aleria, you will spend eternity with me." Death made the declaration and it was so.

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