tagNonHumanDon't Fear the Vampyr!

Don't Fear the Vampyr!


A special thank you to sun_sea_sky for editing my first story

Here we are in my cellar. I can smell your lust, trussed up like this, spider gag in your mouth, ass in the air, not sure what I have in store for you. Yes, I must say, you are quite the picture of manhood, this lovely piece of meat between your legs, so big. Ah, it's sensitive to the touch, so long, so hard. Do you enjoy my hand pumping your organ this way? Yes, I smell your lust but also, yes, I smell your fear. I can see in your eyes the dawning realization as I rub your cock head that in this position you will shoot your cum down your own throat. Yes you will, what you don't know is that you will do this for me many times tonight. Yes, there, your fear, ahhh the aroma of fear. Mmmmm.


Let me tell you something of vampyrs. We are creatures of the night, but can walk in daylight if precautions are taken. Our skin is thinner with less pigment then the non-dead. We sunburn easily, skin blistering, itching, as a human would. Also our vision is more suited to the night; without dark sunglasses we get 'snow' blindness quickly. Actually all a vampyr's senses are more intense, smell, hearing, taste, touch and even the sixth sense: telepathy.

We have emotions as well, though as with people they change with the individual. Some vampyrs have anger issues, usually relating to how they were turned. I have no such issues. I was turned while on death's door, I was given the choice and took it.

Though immortal, we are not invincible; death can take us again. Overt damage to the heart, head or major loss of a body part are not good. Fire, of course, there is always fire, our bodies tend to burn more easily as we don't contain as much water as a human. Older vampyrs tend to be more aware of their limitations.

We feed as does any creature on this earth, blood is our food. Human food is not easily passed through our system, the physiology is changed, blood is our food. Drinking liquids is acceptable, though we have a high tolerance to alcohol.

Vampyrs are not shape shifters. I wish! We can't disappear in a vapor cloud, but we can move very quickly. Traveling long distances in a short time, without losing one's breath, is a good attribute to have.

Sex? Ah yes, that is true, as with our other senses our sex drive is increased. In some it is more powerful then the hunger for blood. Vampyrs feed once, maybe twice, a week; but have sex many times a night, multiple partners, both sexes; well at least for me. There are other thrills even more powerful than sex --- hunting and killing are such a rush. The smell of fear can be more intense then the smell of sex. If one harnesses this skill you can make a living hunting and killing. It is how I have made much of the wealth that you see here. I am a hired assassin, I have killed many people in my centuries on the Earth.

I enjoy a good fuck, man or woman, but what I truly enjoy is the smell of fear, the taste of fear, far more powerful.

Human life is far more fragile than a Vampyr's, I know no fear, I have died already, I know what death brings. For humans, the fear of death is palpable, the smell intoxicating, even the biggest strongest man will beg me for mercy.

As you can clearly see I am not imposing at 5' 6", a mere hundred pounds and female. Many a man has underestimated my power, sexually as well as physically. I can strike fear as quickly as lust in any man's heart.


But let us make this more interesting shall we, see this lovely steel rod, the undulations, the size small at the tip yet larger here at the base. Yes, you understand where I'm going to put this, yes in your ASS.

Oh my, that was an impressive explosion, swallow --- swallow, it will be much easier on you if you just swallow. There that wasn't so bad? Yes I so enjoyed your orgasm. It wasn't so bad was it?

But that was only the first of many, see you are still hard my love, in fact you have grown larger. We could almost work the tip of your cock right into your mouth. Let me help with that, yes if we pull your legs down farther, there.

Oh don't be such a baby, I will not break you two, what I will break is your mind.

Mmmmm ...

Your fear is so wonderful, what do you fear most, what I am doing to you, or that you are enjoying it? You are! I can see the lust! Yes, you are enjoying yourself, see how your cock now fits in your mouth? Lick it. Let's take the gag from your mouth so you can better suck yourself. Yessss, what a talented cocksucker you are, see how you are twitching and pulsating.

Let me help you along, you thought I forgot about this, didn't you? I'm not that easily distracted. Yes I will grease it up for you, we don't want you bleeding too soon. There, if you relax it will be less painful. Aaahhh, I know that when I pull your cock like this, it is 'hard' to relax. HaHaHa, I made myself laugh.

Oh! Are those tears I see? Give it a minute, once your ass gets used to it the pain will dissipate. What you don't know is it is hollow, it's like a tuning fork, here. Aren't those vibrations in your ass wonderful? Oh oh, we missed your mouth a little, swallow it will be better, no you're not drowning in your cum.

Let's play a tune on your ass, delightful the way you squirm. Do you like when I play your ass? Oh yes you do! Let's make you cum faster this time, suck your dick you little cocksucker, yes you're my little cum slut aren't you? Cum for me, yes suck your fat prick, oh oh yes there you are.

Oh it's leaking out of your mouth. I would have thought by now there wouldn't be so much left. You are quite the stud.

Shall we try for one more? You shake your head 'no' but your eyes are telling me 'yes'. More importantly THIS is telling me what you want, look how hard you are, look it's pulsing with excitement.

Your balls are so wonderfully blue and hummm; so tasty. Sorry did I bite your balls? Yumm, your fear tastes so good. You're not losing that much blood, concentrate on sucking your cock. That's better, you have one more in you. Let's see if we can get more cock into your mouth. Does that hurt, oh my, OK I'll back off a little. You're more flexible than you thought, see I didn't snap you in two, yet. You've got almost a third of that monster in your mouth, MOST impressive.

Don't cum yet, no you don't, let's pull this out and ... Wow that was a good one! Swallow, swallow, that's it, you won't choke if you swallow. Ymmmm your bloody balls taste so good.

I'm going to bite you here behind your balls, you have a nice vein that feeds that big dick. Oh my, did you just come again? Mmmmmmm.... I love the taste of your fear in your blood. I could just suck you dry... Mmmmmmmm.

Oh you baby, sit still! I was just kidding I'm not going to suck you dry, besides I think you sucked you dry! Ha ha ha! You amuse me so.

There there, let me release your legs. See you stopped bleeding already. I'm going to attach your legs to the table here just so you don't hurt yourself.

That's it, sleep now I'll be back to see you soon.

Mmmmm, your fear is SO delicious!

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