Don't Speak


Penny was feeling a bit down – she'd broken up with her boyfriend, Jamie, two weeks ago. He'd been receiving explicit photos from other women via his phone. Penny was hurt, she'd loved Jamie, and didn't understand what the matter was – why did Jamie need other women?

So she was down, sitting in her flat, reading a book, trying to keep her mind off Jamie.

Getting absorbed in her book, Penny was startled to hear a knock on her door. When she answered it, there was Jamie... who pushed his way into the flat, backing Penny against the wall and kissing her. Penny was a bit startled, but she'd wished that Jamie would come back so they could talk it through... but this wasn't talking.

She tried to push him away, but at 6'2, Jamie was considerably stronger than Penny with her cuddly build. Meanwhile, Jamie's hand were seeking her wrists. When he had both wrists, he pinned her hands together, then shut the door of the flat.

Still kissing her hard, with his tongue hot in her mouth, Jamie pushed Penny back into the lounge room of the flat. He now had both of her wrists in one of his hands, and he reached into the backpack he was carrying and removed a roll of packing tape. Pushing Penny against the wall to keep her still, his mouth still covering hers, he pulled her hands over her head, and then taped the wrists together.

Jamie reached up and twined one hand in Penny's hair, the other was busy at the fly of his jeans, undoing his belt, pushing his jeans to the floor. Stepping out of his pants, Jamie suddenly backed away, pushing Penny down to kneel in front of him. "Get your mouth around my hard cock" he growled, feeding it into Penny's mouth. "Suck me off, get your tongue working on my hard, hot cock. I was to cum in your hot mouth."

Penny had no choice – his hand was holding her hair too tight for her to protest. Her head bobbed backwards and forwards, as she licked and sucked his hard cock into her mouth. Jamie was enjoying the power he had over Penny – she was a good little cocksucker, and he'd missed that the last couple of weeks. But she also had other talents. "Take it deep now" he commanded. "Take it deep into that hot little mouth of yours, take it down your throat. I want to feel my balls slap onto your chin."

Penny was getting hot and wet, her tongue working on Jamie's hard cock. Just the feeling of helplessness was turning her on.

Jamie forced his cock further into Penny's mouth. She gagged a bit, but opened her throat as wide as she could and felt Jamie's hot cock hit the back of her throat. "Ooooh, that's good. You suck my cock so well. I know you love to suck cock, because you're such a little slut for cum." Still he wanted more, though. "Alright baby, I want you to rim my arse for me. That's it, put your tongue down between my thighs, lick my arse hole. Mmmmmm. That's it, lick it good. Stick your tongue in there, good girl. Now suck my balls. Good little slut. I might reward you later," he promised with a wicked smile. Penny got even wetter just thinking what that would be.

"But just now I want you to suck my cock again. That's it" and he forced his hard cock back into Penny's mouth. Grabbing her head with both hands, he started to fuck her mouth hard, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her throat with every thrust. "That's good, little cum slut, drink it deep. Want me to cum in your mouth?" Jamie thrust even harder, his balls building up the pressure, and then he came violently into Penny's mouth. "Oh God, that's so good!! You suck cock so well." Penny's mouth was filled with hot sticky cum, and as Jamie didn't let up on her hair, she was forced to swallow it all.

When he'd finished cumming, Jamie pulled Penny up by the hair, 'til she was standing. She opened her mouth to protest the rough treatment, or at least demand an explanation. However, pushing her back against the wall, Jamie put his hand roughly over her mouth.

"Not a word, slut. Not a single word." Stepping closer, Jamie undid Penny's jeans, pushing them down to her ankles. He cupped his hand over her pussy, feeling the juices. "Hmmmm. Got you all wet, didn't it, sucking my hard cock? I might let you do that again, later. In the meantime..." Jamie pushed Penny's wet panties down to her ankles, stepping on them to get them off. With his foot, he kicked the panties up, then quickly grabbed them mid-air, so he didn't have to remove his hand from Penny's mouth.

He brought the wet panties to his nose. "Hmmmmmm. Smells good. Smells like you're all hot and wet and ready for some action. Good." He wadded the panties up, slipped his hand aside and shoved them hard into Penny's mouth. She could taste and smell her own wetness on them, although she still had the taste of Jamie's cum in her mouth and throat.

"That's good" said Jamie. Then he grabbed the roll of packing tape, and taped her mouth shut over the panties. Penny was getting even hotter thinking about what Jamie would do to her now. She was helpless and vulnerable, and completely unable to protest. Unfortunately, this meant that the safe word that she and Jamie had agreed on whilst together also couldn't be used. She'd have no way to stop him, no matter what he did to her.

Jamie stood back to appreciate his handiwork. Smirking, he said "well, that t-shirt and bra have to go next" and he lifted them over Penny's head. As her hands were still taped together, he couldn't take the clothes completely off, so he left them dangling over her wrists. "That's okay, they won't interfere with what we're going to do" He ducked his head down and started to lick her nipples, then gently bit them, then not quite so gently. Soon his teeth were tweaking one nipple, then the other. They were hard and swollen, and aching. Her pussy was also aching, but Jamie showed no inclination to satisfy that need just yet.

Straightening, Jamie led Penny over to the back of the lounge chair. "Okay my little cum slut, I want you to bend over this chair, and put your head on the cushion. I want your pussy in the air, that's it... put your hands over your head, to dangle on the floor, yes, that's it." Jamie prodded each ankle until it was close to a leg of the chair, and then taped Penny's ankles to the chair. Around at the front of the chair, he tied some string to one leg of the chair at the front, through her wrists and then tied it to the other chair leg. She was spread, over the chair, naked and vulnerable, with her pussy in the air, and her legs spread wide. Her pussy, hot and wet and aching, was now open for Jamie to do whatever he liked with.

"Well now my dirty little slut. What can I do with you?" Into that backpack again, Jamie removed a riding crop. "I think I'll beat you. What do you think? Have you been bad?" Penny shook her head, whimpering through the gag. "Have you been good, do you think?" Penny nodded. "I don't think you sucked my cock long enough. I think you could've sucked it harder. Next time you'll suck it harder, won't you?" and he brought the whip down onto her backside. Not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to sting.

Crying now, tears dripping down her face, crying into the gag, Penny tried to get away from the riding crop, but she was tied too securely. Jamie had done his work well. Then after the fifth sting, Penny felt Jamie run his finger up her wet slit. Her pussy was still hot and wet, aching to be fucked hard, wanting that hard cock inside her. Sting! with the whip, then the finger was plunged into her pussy, making her jump. The finger was removed and the whip came down again. Again, the finger was thrust into her pussy, and removed. Whip, then finger thrust... Then two fingers, and then three. Alternately being fucked by Jamie's fingers and whipped, poor Penny was crying and writhing, trying to get her pleasure.

But Jamie wasn't finished. He removed his fingers and knelt behind Penny. "You want my tongue here?" he asked. He couldn't see any response, but licked up Penny's wet slit. Her clit was throbbing and Jamie thought it looked perfect for a light sting with the whip. Helplessly, Penny was alternately licked and lightly stung, her pussy getting wetter and wetter with this treatment, her clit throbbing. She was whimpering and begging into the gag. Jamie thought this had gone on long enough.

He stood. "I remember your toy box being in here" he said as he walked to the bedroom. He found Penny's vibrator and brought it to the chair. Playing his fingers through her dripping pussy, he coated the vibrator with juice. Penny couldn't see what he had, but she could guess, and was waiting – she couldn't move, she was tied too tightly.

"Want this?" Jamie asked. Without waiting for any muffled answer, he plunged the vibrator into Penny's tight wet pussy as far as it would go. Penny jumped with surprise, but then bucked her hips back, to get more. Switching on the vibrator, Jamie fucked Penny with it, telling her how hard he was getting, just watching her fuck this hard little machine.

Penny couldn't move much, but she did try to get as much of that vibrator as possible. She desperately wanted to cum, she needed to, had wanted to ever since being forced to suck Jamie's hard cock. Now he was forcing her to fuck this machine, hard and impersonal, thrusting hard and deep into her bruised pussy.

Just as she started to build up to her orgasm, Jamie slowed down, and pulled the vibrator out! "Nah, not that easy, little slut, not that easy." With his fingers, he played a bit more in her dripping pussy, and coated his now-hard again cock with more of her juice. "Can you guess where I'm going to put my hot hard cock, slut? Can you guess where I'm going to fuck you now?" Jamie taunted. "That's right. You wouldn't ever let me fuck your arse, you always said no. Now you aren't saying no, are you? Now you're begging for my cock, through the taste of your own juice and my hot cum in your mouth. You're begging me to fuck you, aren't you? Well I am. Right in the arse. And you're going to love it."

His slick coated fingers prodded against her tight hole. She clenched – she didn't want anything there, afraid it would hurt. Jamie was implacable, he meant to fuck her arse, and she wasn't going to get a choice in that. He pushed his finger slowly into her tight little hole, gently spreading it wider. Then he added a second finger, wiggling it around, widening her arse a bit more.

Then he couldn't stop himself any longer – he brought his cock head to the hole and pushed it in. Slick with her pussy juices, it slid in 'til it reached the tight point. He pulled out, and pushed in again slowly.

"Little slut, stop clenching. You're only going to make this harder on yourself." The, pulling back, he rammed his cock home into her arse and just stood for a bit, savouring the feeling of his hard cock deep in her rectum, and the sound of her scream through the gag as he did it. She was crying again now – he savoured her helplessness and his power over her, he could do whatever he wanted to her, she wouldn't – couldn't tell him to stop.

However, this could be fun for both of them. He reached back under and re-inserted the vibrator into her still-wet pussy. Then, keeping both in time, he began to fuck her in both her tight little holes.

Penny couldn't believe that Jamie was fucking her in both holes – couldn't believe he had his hard cock deep in her anus. She felt violated, helpless and at the same time incredibly turned on. How could he have known the pleasure she was getting, knowing that she was a helpless sex toy for him to take in any way that gave him pleasure?

Now as he continued fucking her hard and deep in both her anus and her pussy, she started to get really turned on. She loved that feeling of being stretched, of taking more than she thought she could. She loved being reamed, and that little bit of pain that went with it just made the pleasure even more. Her tears dried and she started to push back against his hips.

"That's it! I knew you'd love it when I fucked you like this." She couldn't move, so it was easy for him to thrust harder and plunge even deeper into her helpless body. He had to be bruising her pussy, but she was whimpering with pleasure through the gag now, so close to cumming.

"Want to cum? Want to cum on my hard cock? Hmmm?" Jamie was very close to cumming again himself. Her arse was tight, and her pussy was dripping its juices onto his hand. He worked one of his fingers against her clit now, still fucking hard and deep. "Cum, slut. I'm gonna fill your arse full of cum, I know you want it"

Penny was writhing, trying to get that orgasm, she wanted to cum, she was getting so much pleasure from this double fucking, she just wanted to cum and cum.

Jamie started fucking even harder, slamming into her helpless body, rocking her forward. "If you really get off on this, I'll invite some friends over and we can do it right, hey? How would you like that, slut? One cock in your pussy, one in your arse and one in your mouth. You could service us all 'til you were full of cum in every hole."

It was too much. The image of being fucked in both holes and sucking a hard cock 'til it came in her mouth was enough to send her over the edge. Penny came so hard and so long she started to get dizzy.

Penny's orgasm was just what Jamie needed. He thrust hard into her, then stiffened, his cock gushing hot sticky cum into her sweet arse.

After he'd softened and pulled out, cum dribbling down and mixing with her pussy juices, Jamie went around the chair and loosened the string holding her hands to the front of the chair. Slowly he helped Penny stand, holding her until she was steady. The he cut the tape holding her ankles to the chair, and led her into the kitchen. He laid her down on the table, spread her legs, and took a seat between them.

Leaning forward, he started to lick the juice out of her pussy. Quickly she started to moan again, putting her bound hands onto his head to keep him there if she could. Jamie licked Penny's wet slit, concentrating on the clit, licking it until it was again throbbing with need.

Penny was again near to fainting, this was amazing. Jamie had always been good at licking her pussy, and now she was going to cum again from it.

Jamie kept his hands on the insides of Penny's thighs, keeping them apart, while he licked at that hot wet slit. He dipped his head lower and rimmed Penny's newly reamed arse, eliciting a groan from behind the gag. Grinning, he brought his tongue to bear on her clit again – sucking and biting and nibbling it, 'til Penny was bucking and thrashing and crying out to cum. With a huge heave, she bucked her hips up to his mouth and kept them there, while she pulsed and came and came and came.

When the shockwaves had abated, Jamie once again helped Penny up. He led her back into the lounge, and sat on one of the chairs. He pulled Penny to her knees in front of him. "My cock needs cleaning, and you're just the slut to do it" he said. Reaching out, he ripped the tape from Penny's mouth. Tears sprang to her eyes. "That's good, you've cried a bit today, and I've enjoyed every tear" said Jamie. Let me just take those panties out, and you can replace them with my cock."

Jamie violently pulled the panties out, and Penny barely had time to swallow against the dryness in her mouth before he forced her head down onto his now swelling cock. "Get sucking, I want that clean before I leave here" he said. His hands were in her hair again, so she had little choice. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth, tasting her own pussy juice and a sharp bitter taste that she assumed must be her anus.

"That's it, slut, get licking, suck me hard, get it into your throat." As she bent to the task of sucking and licking his cock clean, Penny found, again, that she was becoming aroused by the helplessness of her situation. Her pussy was getting wet again.

Jamie began to suspect this, and when he was about to cum, he pulled his cock out of Penny's mouth, and pushed her hard down onto the floor. Putting his hand over her mouth, he rammed his cock deep into her bruised pussy.

Deep and hard he thrust, pulling himself up, Jamie brought Penny's legs up, over his shoulders, and thrust even deeper and harder, hurting her with the strength of his fucking.

She was wincing, but wanting him deeper and harder, really loving the feeling of him punishing her with his cock. He thrust even harder, then stiffened and came again, gushing into her pussy, filling her with his hot cum.

He dropped onto her, then rolled sideways, his hand dropping from her mouth and onto her wet pussy. "You want to cum?" he asked. She nodded, not able to speak yet. He played with her clit, telling her all about the two other guys he wanted to bring in, telling her about how big their cocks were, and how hard, and how she'd be fucking them all night, until she was too sore to sit down. She came hard, thinking about that possibility.

While they'd been together, she'd never have thought Jamie would bring two mates over to fuck her, but since today, when she'd been tied and forced to suck his cock, and then fucked hard in the arse... well, she didn't know whether he'd do it or not.

She looked up at him, vulnerable, unsure... he just smiled.

"I had to keep your mouth covered. You couldn't tell me to stop if you couldn't speak" Jamie explained.

"So what does this all mean?" asked Penny.

"It means we need to talk," replied Jamie.

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