tagGay MaleDorian Ch. 01

Dorian Ch. 01


Dorian sat at the desk in the main sitting room. Three young women sat on the ornate couch across the room from him. Their high laughter tittered around, setting his teeth on edge.

"Dorian, come speak with us," his sister, Jane, called to him.

"I must decline," "he said, going back to his letter. Either it was his tone or Jane's acquaintance with his personality that led her not to press him. He wasn't a man to be swayed when he didn't want to do something and at the moment he wanted to do nothing more than write his letters.

"You're always so quiet, Dorian," Elizabeth said from the couch, stirring her tea.

"I apologize."

"You could make it up to us by joining our circle," Emma added.

"Not now," he said, not looking up from his letters to Jackson's sister. He felt Emma's gaze lingering on him, but would not raise his to his future fiancée's. In her youth she found him fascinating, this infatuation was extending into her early womanhood. He found her endearing, as a sister to a brother. If a match must be made for him, she would work best. It was a relationship of the upmost convenience for their families. "Emma, when did Jackson say he would arrive?"

"This evening. He promised to be home before the ball."

"Thank you."

Then he returned to his letters with a small smile coming to his lips.


Dorian stood in front of his floor length mirror adjusting the black double-breasted jacket across his chest. The fastens were large bronze buttons. His ash short hair was fixed, but not overly so leaving the texture and ruffled look hardly tamed. His light gray eyes stood out nicely against his face. He knew he had many flaws. His appearance was not one of them. His pride, bordering on arrogance and quiet, nearly rude, demeanor could be among the highest on the list.

As he left his room he heard the women in their rooms yelling at each other for different articles of clothing. Servants were running this way and that to serve the young ladies. He avoided the business of the hallway and went to the stairs. People were already swarming the lower level, pouring in and out of the ballroom of his family's estate, now only his, as his and Jane's father and mother were dead for many years now.

"Mr. Bay, wonderful party," the town banker called to him.

Dorian inclined his head. This party was of no design on his part. He would much rather be in his library reading. The raised voiced in the ornate hallways ricocheted and built. Emma was indeed beautiful. She was smart and quiet. She would be perfect for him.

As the night progressed, Emma, Jane and Elizabeth finally came downstairs. Emma made a grand entrance in a floor length light purple gown. Her pale hair was done in an elegant style. It made her neck look longer, more delicate. Her neck was his second most favorite feature about her.

The three women never lacked partners. Even Jane, his sister, who was already married to Jackson, had many partners. Dorian watched her dance and heard her laughter. He loved to hear his sister laugh, it was a sweet sound. The hours ticked away and the dances continued. The sun was setting and his nerves became increasingly taut. Soon he would have to make the announcement. He wanted Jackson to be there before he announced his engagement to his sister. It would be rude to do otherwise, among other things. Still, another hour went by and he couldn't wait any longer. He did allow himself one more dance with Emma, it was their third that night. When people saw them dancing they received kind, sweet smiles. Everyone already knew what tonight was about. It was the way things were done. When the music for the dance ended, he took Emma's hand and led her to the front of the ballroom.

He did not have to capture the attention of the surrounding people, his presence alone did that. The guests went silent. Emma's hand became damp in his. He fought the urge to withdraw his from her grasp and wipe it on his pants. It would only stain them and it would look unseemly. That wasn't to be stood.

"Excuse me, if I could have your attention," he said to the room.

The room was already silent. Silent enough that when the heavy sound of someone walking in boots broke through the room, he looked toward the archway. Jackson stood in there from the opening room, still wearing the clothing he had been traveling in. His black jacket had dust on it. Their eyes met and Dorian swallowed hard.

"Dorian?" Emma asked quietly, bringing his attention back to the surrounding people.

"I apologize," he said, turning back to her. He raised his voice again. "I have received the permission of Emma's brother, Jackson Mialve, to marry her. She has accepted my proposal. She is beautiful, I am a lucky man," he said, taking her hand then kissing the back. Then as decorum expected, he leaned down and kissed her. Her lips were soft, the shape of them familiar. They were his favorite feature about her. It was chaste, as all their kisses had ever been and pulled away.

Emma smiled at him nervously, an adorable blush rising in her full, pale cheeks. The applause echoed around the room until his head vibrated with it.


Congratulations were given to him through-out the evening. Most people who avoided him, giving him his space as he liked, came up to him now under this pretense. It was as if they expected his personality to change by this occurrence. His personality had not altered and the numerous well wishes annoyed him greatly. Emma had disappeared from his side to receive her own congratulations. She should be congratulated. The Mialve family had a large amount of money, but the connections that the Bay family could give her were wonderful. It was advantageous to be certain. It would be more advantageous for him, even more so than her.

"Congratulations," a man called.

At the words, he was ready to be annoyed. At the voice it was spoken in, he never could be. He turned to Jackson with a smile already coming to his lips.

"Thank you, Brother," he said.

Jackson's light brown hair was disheveled, but he had changed out of his traveling clothes. His skin was tanned from his time away from the estate, giving his handsome face a warm healthy glow. Now he wore a jacket similar to Dorian's, but with silver buttons. Their statures were similar, close in height, with Dorian maybe an inch or so shorter, but broader across his chest.

"You looked happy doing the announcing."

"I am happy."

"Is that so?"

"It is."

"And why is that?" Jackson asked.

Again, Jackson received a close-mouthed smile that so many others never did, "You of all people need not ask."

"But I do anyway," Jackson pressed. Dorian saw the flint of something behind his warm brown eyes.

He put his hand lightly on Jackson's shoulder and leaned close as if to be heard over the loud music. "Her lips are the same shape as yours." When he pulled away, the uneasy emotion in Jackson's face was gone, replaced by the beautiful warmth in his deep brown eyes.

"Mr. Bay, congratulations," Mr. Walker said, joining their conversation.

Dorian removed his hand from Jackson's shoulder and inclined his head to Walker.


The estate was dark as Dorian made his way to his room. He had just watched the last of the guests' carriages rolling away, carrying a very drunk Mrs. Walker. It was only an hour or so before sunrise. He was exhausted, but his body tingled with pins embedded beneath the surface. Emma and the other women were still downstairs speaking of what had transpired. He had given her a good-night kiss and went to his room.

The room was large and dark. He lit a lamp on his bedside table and turned it low as he began to undress. A small bookshelf held the volumes he was reading at the moment. Most nights he would read before bed then some nights he didn't. The words on the thick pages helped him not to think on the nights that he must be alone. Tonight he was too tired to think about reading. Still, the pins beneath his skin remained. The night wasn't over yet.

He had just taken off his jacket when the light knock came at his door, just as he knew it would. He went and open it. His heart pounded harder as Jackson stood there. Jackson pushed him inside and closed the door behind them as he pressed Dorian against the wall. Dorian met his lips in a kiss that would never be considered chaste.

He groaned into Jackson's mouth, savoring the slight tinge of alcohol mingled with his natural flavor. He heard Jackson inhale deeply through his nose and pulled them closer together. When Jackson's fingers went to the buttons of his shirt, he allowed it. Jackson finished and ran his hands over his chest and up to his neck. He tilted his head back against the wall and let Jackson kiss and suck.

"I missed you, My Love," Jackson spoke quietly.

"Not nearly as much as I did you," Dorian said, running his fingers through the soft texture of Jackson's hair. "We can't do this tonight. You have to go be with Jane."

"I don't have to do anything, but be with you," Jackson said, going back to Dorian's throat. He bit and Dorian kneaded the back of his neck as a spike went down his spine and spread through his stomach.

"You've been away for a month. The servants will talk if you don't spend tonight with her."

"Let them."

He tried to breathe correctly as Jackson continued his assault going down his chest. Before he could go lower than his sternum, Dorian pulled him up and back enough so their lips couldn't meet.

"Tomorrow, come to me tomorrow."

"I don't want to. I want to stay with you tonight," Jackson nearly whined. "I haven't kissed you, touched you, felt you in over a month. I need you."

"And it is mutual I assure you," he said, taking Jackson's hand and pressing it to his erection through his pants. "Don't press this. Not tonight."

"Don't press?" Jackson asked, pushing his palm against the hard flesh.

Dorian groaned, closing his eyes. "Jackson, please."

"Anything," Jackson laughed quietly, kissing his neck again.

"That isn't what I mean," he said. "Not tonight."

Jackson exhaled heavily against his neck. "I can't convince you?"

"We've been doing this too long for you to ask."

"Fine," Jackson said and got on his knees. He undid the fastening of Dorian's pants and pulled them down.

"What did I just say?" he asked frustrated.

"I'm going to get off tonight, although not by the person I would prefer, and you should too. Stop talking."

It wasn't such a hard task when Jackson took his dick into his mouth. He moaned again and wound his fingers into Jackson's hair. This is how it had all began when he was fourteen and Jackson was fifteen. It had even been in this room. That first time, he was been so nervous he nearly puked on his closest friend. After he had gotten off at fourteen, he had reciprocated. They hadn't talked about it much in the beginning, but things had progressed over a few month period. Now, he was twenty-six and Jackson was twenty-seven and things were what they were. Watching Jackson's lips sealed around his dick, moving up and down still thrilled him. True, it wasn't the intense thrill it had once inspired, but it was wonderful. Jackson began working his length and after a month of separation his climax didn't take long.

Jackson gagged slightly while trying to take him all the way. He had never been good at opening his throat, but he tried. It was adorable and exhilaration to see his brown eyes watering from trying to please him. He made up for his lack in depth by always swallowing his cum, even when they were young. It never failed to make Dorian's heart pound, to watch the slightest grimace across his face and the bob of his throat. Dorian leaned against the wall after, panting while Jackson pulled up his pants and buttoned them again. Then Jackson stood.

Dorian kissed him lazily, already wanting to sleep. "You smell so good after you travel," he said quietly, inhaling the scent at Jackson's neck. He smelled faintly of country air, horse, sweat, and his own warmth.

Jackson laughed quietly, nuzzling into his check, while he rested against his shoulder. "I need a good bath. You are gross for thinking sweat smells good."

"Says the man who swallows my cum."

Jackson laughed again. Dorian nearly purred into his neck to hear the sound. He held him closer. They stood that way for a few more moments before Jackson led him to the bed. Dorian sat on the edge and took Jackson's hand.

"I changed my mind, stay with me," he said.

"You always change your mind after I blow you," Jackson said, reaching to right an errant lock of Dorian's hair. "You were right though, not tonight. I only had to see you after you kissed Emma," he said with an uncommon frown.

"Love, I had to."

"It doesn't make it any easier."

"I know it is painful."

Jackson took a deep breath, grazing his cheek with his hand. "I need to go. Jane is most likely looking for me. I'll see you tomorrow night?"


"I love you."

"And I love you."

Jackson leaned down and kissed him again before leaving the room. Dorian stood and took off his clothing before crawling into his large, cold bed. To keep from thinking of Jackson with his sister and his poor sister with a man who didn't love her as he should, he rolled over and went to sleep.

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