tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDorothy Does Oz Ch. 09

Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 09

byMaguppy Puppy©

Chapter 09. The Poppy Fields

"I think I can see the end of the forest!"

"Are you sure, Scarecrow," Dorothy asked. She wanted him to be right this time. She had been in the dark for days and she wanted to get past these woods. "That's the third time you've said you could see the end and we haven't gotten there yet..."

The straw man looked down the path again. "No, I'm sure this time. I can see it!"

"I think I can, too," the Lion said. "We're almost out of the forest."

Dorothy picked up her pace a little. She wanted out of the forest as soon as possible. "I'll feel a lot better when we're in the sunlight," Dorothy said. "When we're in the dark like this, I just can't shake the feeling that awful witch is watching us again." She glanced around and gave a little shiver.

"Don't worry, Dorothy," Tin Man said as he tried to comfort her. "She won't mess with you while you're traveling with an axe man and a giant Lion."


"Sorry, Scarecrow, but you weren't a lot of help last time."

Dorothy hugged the straw man's arm. "But he was very brave for a scarecrow standing up against a fireball spewing witch."

Scarecrow enjoyed the feeling of the brunette's huge breasts pressed up against his arm. "Besides, Dorothy said that the Witch couldn't hurt her. She has Glinda's mark, so no creature can hurt Dorothy."

Dorothy remembered the green skinned witch grinding up against her and shivered again. "I'm not really worried about her trying to hurt me. She's after these ruby heels that, er, Glinda gave me. Any ways, Glinda's mark won't keep her from spying on us."

"Trust me, Dorothy," Lion growled, "If she was around here, spying on us, I'd know it. I can sniff out a deer at half a mile, and skank smells stronger than deer does..."

"See, Dorothy! Nobody's spying on us," Scarecrow said.


In the tallest tower of her fortress, the Wicked Witch was laying naked on her wide bed. "Nobody's spying on us," she said in a mocking tone to her crystal ball. "If only you knew, straw-for-brains." She rolled over onto her back and rested the ball between her mountainous green breasts. Each breast was larger than the glass orb and she pushed them up with her arms until the orb was held between them.

She knew that soon they would be out of the forest and then they would only be a stone's throw from the Emerald City and the Wizard. She wasn't afraid of the slut and her band of boy toys, but, still, it would be better if they never reached the city. She watched them travel down the yellow road and suddenly an idea hit her.

"That's it!" She set the crystal ball down on her black silky sheets and got off of the bed. She went to the bedroom door naked, jiggling as she went. She leaned out the door and yelled. "Spankus! Bring me my spell book!"

The monkey at the end of the hall jumped at the sound of his mistress's voice. "Yes, beautiful Mistress! Right away!" He stood up and stretched his large, feathery wings. Quickly, he loped to the library and grabbed a large leather bound tome from the shelves. When he returned to the witch's bedroom, she was standing by her cauldron. He stopped in his tracks when he saw that she was still completely nude. His eyes ran over her emerald tinted skin, long sexy legs and her melonous breasts. He immediately wished that the witch allowed her flying monkeys to wear pants as he sprouted a bright red erection. He tried to move it behind the large book but the witch had already seen it.

"Spankus! Stop your ogling and give me my damn book!" She yanked the book away from him. "Now get out of here, you filthy beast!"

He turned tail quickly and dashed out of the room, his cock wagging between hs legs.

The witch set the book on it's stand and laughed to herself. She enjoyed torturing her monkey guards like that, getting them all excited and then sending them away unsatisfied. She would never touch them, but it was entertaining to see them so frustrated and powerless. She turned her attention back to the book and opened it to the spell she wanted.

"If she wants to fuck all of her freakish friends, let's see what happens when that's all she can do..." Her thin green finger traced the ingredients of the spell. "Let's see... I'll need frog juice, and poppy seeds..."


Back on the Yellow Brick Road, the foursome was just stepping out of the dark forest into the bright midday sunlight.

"Oh, finally," Dorothy said as she spread her arms wide, soaking up the heat of the light. She looked at her skin. "I'm so pale looking..."

"I think you look great," Tin Man said. The sun gleamed off of his metal hide.

Lion squinted his eyes and glanced around. "So bright..." he mumbled. "I never imagined it was so bright."

"Haven't you ever been out of the forest," Dorothy asked him.

"Never before. I've been near the edge but never out in the light. It feels good... warm."

Dorothy set Toto down to run around in the sunshine and she ran her hands over Lion's pelt. "Well, now you know what you've been missing out on."

As she stroked his fur, the large beast frowned a little.

Dorothy stopped when she noticed. "What's wrong, Lion?"

"Nothing," he said. "It's just, when you pet me like that... well, you know..." He turned and Dorothy saw his loincloth was now held up by his tent pole of a cock. She reached down towards it but before she touched it, Scarecrow touched her shoulder.

"I think that we'd better leave that for later," he told her, "If we want to get to the Emerald city before nightfall."

Dorothy didn't want to be out in the open again when the sun set. "I suppose that you're right. Sorry, Lion," She said as she patted the huge cock. "We'll have to take of that later."

Disappointed, Lion followed behind the other three as they made their way up the hillside. Usually, on long walks, Lion would travel on all fours, but when he was erect he had to walk upright or his cock would hit the ground. He noticed the other three had stopped at the top of the hill and he did too when he reached them.

The Emerald City was in view, it's tall spires piercing the sky. The main part of the city was huge with tall gates and there were smaller villages set up outside the main gates. It was probably less than five hours away and then they would be able to sleep on real beds.

"What're the red things," Lion asked. Between them and the city, there was a huge field of red flowers spreading all around and covering the bricks of the road.

"I think they're poppies," Dorothy said as she started down the hill. "They're beautiful..."

The three others followed her to the edge of the flowers and then they pushed ahead. The city was still visible ahead of them so they couldn't get lost. The ground was rough beneath the flowers, but because they were eager to reach the city, they kept a good pace.

Dorothy was leading but she stopped when she heard Scarecrow yell out.

"Hey, Dorothy! Can you tell your dog to leave me alone?"

She looked behind her to see that Toto was furiously humping the man's straw pant leg. "Toto! No! Bad puppy!" The dog wouldn't stop, so she bent over, grabbed him and pulled him away. The dog continued humping the air while she held him. "What is wrong with you, Toto?" She suddenly felt a wave of dizziness pass over her. "Oh my..." She dropped the dog and sat back on the ground. "Oh... oh my my my..."

"What's wrong, Dorothy," Tin Man asked. He knelt down next to her and was going to put his hand on her shoulder but she grabbed his metal hand and pushed it against her soft breast.

She bit her lower lip and then pulled up her skirt, exposing her trimmed pussy to the bright sun. Her fingers slid down her body and slipped between her pussy lips. "Nothing wrong..." she whispered, "Just really horny all of the sudden..."

Tin Man didn't know what to say when he was suddenly pushed aside by the huge paw of the Lion. "Move aside, Tin Can. The lady needs a cock in her." He picked Dorothy up as he laid back on a patch of poppies. He had already torn off his loincloth and his beastly cock stuck tall into the air. He gripped the stripper by her hips and then lowered her towards his huge shaft.

"Oh yessssss," she moaned as she pushed her pussy lips wide, giving him access. "Stuff my pussy, Lion..."

He dropped her down on his cock and spread her pussy wide. "Oh God! That's what I need!" She gripped the base of his cock as she pushed more into her pussy. "Ugh, it's fucking huge!"

Lion pulled her dress off over her head and took one of her round bouncing breasts into his wide mouth, careful not to bite it. His rough tongue dragged across her nipple and Dorothy moaned loudly. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

"Oh myyyyyyyyyy..." She wiggled her ass and slid more of the thick cock into her. Her fingers were now grabbing at Lion's hide, taking a handful of fur in each hand. She moved up and down the cock, taking more on each stroke and shaking each time it plowed back into her. "I love your cock, Lion!"

Tin Man and Scarecrow glanced at each other.

"What's got into them," the metal man asked. "They were fine a few minutes ago."

"I don't know," Scarecrow said. Suddenly he felt Toto mounting his leg again. He swung his leg a flipped the little dog away. "Looks like he's got it too." The dog came running back towards him and suddenly the straw man realized what was causing all of it. "The flowers! It's the flowers that are causing it!"

"What do you mean? How are the flowers causing this?"

Scarecrow shook his head. "I don't know, it must be the pollen or something. All I know is that those three breath air, we don't and they're suddenly overcome with lust. I think--" He stopped suddenly as Dorothy grabbed his shirt collar.

"I want you two to stop talking-- OH FUCK," she yelled as the Lion plunged into her again. "Stop standing there talking and help Lion fuck me!"

Scarecrow didn't hesitate even a moment. "All right, then!" He stared to move behind Dorothy when the Tin Man pulled him back.

"Not so fast," Tin Man told him. "You get the mouth this time. It's my turn back there." The metal man unlatched his crotch door and his metal cock sprang out. He started jerking it and it coated itself in lubricant. He moved behind Dorothy and saw the Lion's cock was stretching her little pussy in a wide 'O'. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her virgin butt hole. Smiling, he stepped over Lion's legs and laid his shiny rod along Dorothy's ass crack. He slid it up and down the crack a couple of times and then pushed it into her tight rear end. "Oh, man! Her ass is so tight!"

"OH GOD!" Dorothy screamed as Tin Man's cock pushed into her ass. She had never taken a cock the size of the Lion's into her pussy, and she had also never been double penetrated. "OMYGOD! I'M SO FULL! STUFF ME WITH YOUR FAT COCKS!!" She felt the two cocks matching their rhythms and the two cocks entered and pulled out at the same time. "OH IT'S SOOO GOOD! FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY--"

Her last words were cut off as Scarecrow pushed his wooden cock into her mouth and began fucking it. He matched his strokes to the other two cocks so Dorothy was filled full of cock in all three holes at one moment, and then emptied, only to be stuffed full again.

Dorothy's eyes bulged out as she was roughly fucked by the three cocks. "Mmmph! Mmmmmmphh Mmmmmmph!" she moaned around the cock in her mouth as she was fucked by it. She had never taken on so many cocks at once she felt like she was on fire. Her ass and pussy were being stretched to their limits by the cocks.

The Lion continued to kiss and lick her large bouncing breasts as he fucked her pussy, tasting the sweat that ran down her juicy tits. He growled loudly around the breast, sending tremors through Dorothy's body.

Toto went back to attacking Scarecrow's leg, but he was enjoying Dorothy's mouth so much, he didn't even notice the dog.

Tin Man felt his orgasm coming soon and he added speed to his strokes, his metal rod became a blur in the sexy brunette's ass. He gripped her hips and tried to hold her steady as he fucked her, but the other cocks kept bouncing her around. Finally he came and pushed his cock deep into her ass. "AW FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" His cum exploded from his cock filling her ass with warm gooey cum.

Dorothy screamed again as Tin Man flooded her ass, and pulled her head away from Scarecrow's wooden cock. "OH DAMMIT! IT'S SO HOT! I'M SOO HOT!" Lion kept pumping her pussy and she couldn't take it any more. She grabbed his mane and pulled his head tight to her huge breasts as she came. "I'M FUCKING CUMMING," she screamed , so loud that any one for a mile around would have heard it. "I'M CUMMING ON YOUR BIG FAT COCK, YOU BEAST!" Her pussy juices gushed all over the Lion's fur as she came and her body began to shake with orgasmic convulsions.

Lion kept pumping away and getting closer to his own orgasm. His cock kept fucking her pussy, hitting spots deep inside of her that no other cock had touched. He grabbed her hips and pulled her all the way down his cock and then came, roaring into her cleavage as he erupted. He shot his load into her already stuffed pussy and with nowhere else to go, the cum gushed out around his cock, onto his crotch and her legs. His orgasm was so intense that moments after filling her with his seed, he rolled his head back and fell into a deep sleep.

Dorothy collapsed onto his chest in a post orgasmic daze. "Sooo fucking full," she mumbled into Lion's chest fur. She closed her eyes and fell asleep with a wide grin on her face.


In her castle tower, the Wicked Witch watched the entire scene on her crystal ball as she pumped the thick handle of her broomstick into her pussy. "That was so fucking hot," she moaned as the broomstick pushed deep into her wet pussy. "I can't wait for round two..." She began pumping it faster as she neared her climax.


Tin Man and Scarecrow looked at the two sleeping lovers.

"We need to get them away from these flowers before they wake back up," Tin Man said. "Otherwise, we're never going to be able to get them to leave." He moved over to Dorothy and grabbed her shoulders. He pulled her forwards and heard Lion's thick flaccid cock fall out of her pussy with a loud slurping sound. "Grab her legs, Scarecrow."

The straw man grabbed her by her calves and the two of them began to carry her over the flowers. As Scarecrow looked down at Dorothy's stretched cum dripping pussy, he asked, "What about her dress?"

"Leave it. We need to get her out of this field now."

They carried her past the edge of the flowers and kept moving until they were a safe distance from the field. They rested her beneath the shade of a tall tree and Tin Man saw that Toto had followed them. The dog seemed to have lost interest in humping legs, so he figured that getting away from the flowers had solved the problem.

"Scarecrow, you stay here and watch Dorothy. I'm going to go back and get her dress and my axe. Hopefully, I'll be able to get Lion to wake up as well."

Scarecrow stayed and the Tin Man went back into the flowers. He found Lion and gathered up their belongings, including the picnic basket and the Lion's loincloth. He nudged he Lion with his foot and the Lion stirred but still slept. He pushed him again and the Lion opened his eyes.

As soon as Lion was on his feet, his cock went hard again. "Where's Dorothy," he roared. "Where's that tight little pussy of hers?"

"Over there," Tim Man said as he motioned past the field, where the tall tree was.

With out a word the Lion went galloping across the flowers and Tin Man slowly walked after him with the belongings.

As soon as Lion breached the edge of the flowers, his gait slowed and he finally slowed to a walk. He shook his head as though he were rising out of a dream and then glanced back at the flowers. He waited for Tin Man to catch up with him and the metallic man explained what had happened.

When they reached Dorothy and Scarecrow, she was already awake and dressing herself. She had cleaned off most of the sweat and cum with the wide leaves of the tree.

"Are you all right," Lion asked as she buttoned up her dress.

"Ooooh, I'm fine," she said to him as she stretched her legs. "But I don't know if my pussy is ever going to recover from that reaming..."

"I hope so," Tin Man said. "I haven't had a chance to get your pussy yet..."

Dorothy smiled. "Well, I'm going to need a few days to recover at least." She glanced at the horizon and the shadow of the immense Emerald City. "Right now, let's just get to the city and get somewhere to get some sleep."

Her three friends agreed and they started down the yellow brick road again, each step making the city loom larger in front of them.

to be continued...

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