tagFetishDouble Elimination

Double Elimination


Disclaimer: The writings here are total fiction; the characters and events have no basis in persons living or dead. This story is intended for those over 18 years of age, and contains subject matter of an adult nature. (Smoking fetish, light bdsm)

Double Elimination

I am naked except for a leather mask. My wrists, ankles, knees and elbows are strapped to a St Andrews cross. My movement is very limited. And yes, I am here because I want to be. Across the room is Karen. She is just finishing touching up her makeup and lipstick. Karen is 25 years old, about 5'5" and 120 lbs. Blonde hair down to her shoulders, and is gorgeous. Her movements reflect her years spent as a stripper. With her makeup finished she reaches for a cigarette. I watch her as she brings her BIC to flame, and touches it to the end of the Virginia Slim. A quick inhale and a slow exhale.

"Are you ready to begin?" I quickly nod my head to the affirmative; a ball gag keeps me quiet. She smiles coyly and approaches. I hear the squeaking sound of the black vinyl corset she has on. Black hose, spike heels, and a small tattoo complete the outfit. My erection begins to grow. Karen is close to me now, smiling, taking a drag from her cigarette. Slow exhale.

CLICK......iiieeeeeeeeeeeee. The sound of the camera shutter, flash, and the unit's batteries recharging for the next shot.

" I see my worries about you being able to perform in this condition were needless. Hmmmm. Looks like you are going to be just fine. For an old man that is..." Karen smiles, takes another drag and exhales up towards the ceiling. She is now just inches from my chest, looking up at me, and lowering her left hand. With a few quick strokes, my penis is now rock hard. CLICK......iiieeeeeeeee. Karen smiles at me, glances to the right to confirm the green light is on and takes another drag on her Slim. Smiling, she lowers herself as she kisses her way down my chest. CLICK......iiieeeeee.

Karen reaches the level of my erection, and smiling, takes my penis into her mouth, very gently. Her tongue does a quick lap around the engorged head, wetting it well. Now another drag, quick inhale, and my cock is back into her soft mouth...Smoke comes from her nose and around the penis. CLICK....iiieeeee. Another inhale, another exhale, and methodical insertion into her soft mouth. CLICK....iiieeeee.

Now begins the hardest part of my job. Not to cum. I must think of something else...but what....her mouth is so exquisite. Her long fingernails tugging at my balls are shear perfection. Must think of something else.......

Tri City Nine Ball tournament last April. I was shooting good pool. I had won the first three matches and was working my way up the left side of the card. I had my $50. Fee back, one more win and I was in the money rounds. As I glanced at the right side of the card (first round losers brackets) I recognized several of my fellow league shooters. I seemed to be the one with the most success today. Even with the "Double Elimination" scoring, chances of a payout seemed good.

"Attention double A. Round four coming up. On table twelve we have Misters Stevens and Jackson. Table nine, Misters Rudy and Beckfield and on table five we have Misters Webber and Smith.

"Hi, Ron Webber good luck."

"Steve Smith, same to you." We shook hands, and lagged for the first break. Steve took the lag, and I racked the balls. Steve had an impressive break shot. Side of the kitchen, and all the power of a pro. I played him well, and we went back and forth winning and losing. I ran out of games. In the race to seven, I came up a game short. We shook hands; I complemented him on his game. After putting my cues away, and with case in hand I retired to the bar for a cold one. About half way through my Bud Lite, Steve ambled into the bar, and took the stool next to mine.

" I drew Rudy in the next round, what does the right side look like for you?"

Steve Smith was tall, about 6'3" and maybe 200lbs soaking wet. Being about 35 years old would be my guess, and about 20 years my junior. Dark brown hair, neatly trimmed mustache, and a bright smile. Things that I had not noticed during our match, as I always play the rack, not the opponent. "I haven't checked it yet, thought I would grab a cold one first. I should have an hour at least before I play again. Can I buy you a beer?"

"Diet Coke please. Beer doesn't do anything for my game."

We chatted on about pool for about 40 minutes. Steve's father and mother owned a bar in Midland. Steve grew up around pool tables, and until recently, the bar had seven on which he could practice. Steve worked in the bar part time going to school. After he finished college with a degree in business, he went into the bar business with his folks full time. Economics had dictated that the pool tables be replaced first with a dance floor, and when that didn't fill the house, they built a stage for live bands, and eventually strip artists. The strip artists made the business a success, however, Steve managed to keep a small area just for the pool shooters. We hit it off well, and since I enjoyed his company, and his nine-ball ability, we set a date to shoot some pool at his club.



Karen was now deep throating me. Oh God. Her feel, her gentle sucking. Her mouth made a slight pop as she pulled back.

" I need a fresh cigarette. Can I bring you something? Oh, sorry, forgot you can't talk too well with the ball gag. I'll just be a moment. And bye the way, you taste pretty good for an old guy."

"Mmmmmph......" I nodded. I was fine, and a short break was very necessary for my self-control. I think Karen could sense where I was at, and out of friendship, was going to spare me. For a while anyway.

With her freshened lipstick, and newly lit Virginia Slim, Karen returned to survey her captive. " You have some small beads of sweat around your neck. Very sexy I might add." Bringing her red nails gently across my neck, and down my chest she glanced into my eyes, I could detect arousal within her too. Maybe this scene was affecting her? Karen broke off the eye contact with a wink, and resumed her position on her knees. Now resting her right hand on my left hip, her cigarette at a right angle to and in between her first two fingers, she reinserted my still hard cock back into her mouth. Her left hand went back to massaging my balls.... Oh God. Here it goes again.....Think...think....


Steve's club was nice. Not too busy at 3:10 pm, but Steve told me the best time to come in was between 3 and 4 when his evening bartender was there to take over for him, allowing him some time to shoot pool. I shot well. We ran perhaps 25 racks of 9-ball, and although we weren't keeping score, I won 19. Afterwards we took a booth at the far end of the bar, and away from the stage. Steve made a motion to the guy behind the bar, and momentarily a very scantily clad dancer brought us two Bud Lites and a tall glass of ice water.

"Ron this is Karen, Karen this is Ron Webber." With the introduction, Karen set the beers in front of both Steve and I, and slid into the booth next to me with the ice water.

"Nice to meet you." Karen was a "looker" all right. Blonde hair, green eyes and a wonderfully proportioned body. My guess would be 25 years old. If I were just a quarter century younger.

"I watched you two shooting pool and you seem to be pretty good."

"Steve edged me out a couple of weeks ago, but today I put up a better fight."

Little did I know that I was looking into those deep green eyes that would later hold me captive.

The conversation progressed politely for many minutes about the bar business, pool, and life in general. Karen admitted to being relationship impaired and the lack of opportunities to meet men while working strange hours in a strip joint. I was impressed by her ease and intelligence. Steve excused himself to tend to some business, Karen moved to the other side of the table, and reaching down into her waist apron, pulled out a package of Virginia Slims and a lighter.

"Do you mind if I smoke?"

"No, go right ahead. Were you waiting for the boss to leave before you had a cigarette?"

"Nah, Steven encourages it while we are visiting with the men. Seems many men get off on seeing women smoke, for some reason. Most all of us smoke at least while working."

"I spend some time on the Internet, and there are several web sites devoted just to women smoking. Smoking Fetish web sites are what they call themselves. Some are very well done. Let me have your email address and I will send you the URL for some of my favorites." I shot her a quick smile. Karen smiled back. "I don't have a home computer, and I must confess, I just never have gotten interested in them."

Bar business was beginning to pick up and Karen was ready to get back to work. Before leaving the booth, we exchanged phone numbers, and I offered to make her somewhat computer literate. Before the week had passed, a time was set for her to visit my house and learn a little bit about computers.


A most inopportune bite on my foreskin brought me back front and center.


Sleeeshhhhh pop...Sorry"

"Onnnnnnnmmph...KNNNN" I had better get back to thinking.

I was doing some bill paying in the front study, a monthly task I hated, and however, living by myself meant cooking cleaning and bill paying. I heard a car on the gravel driveway, and with out looking I reached over and pushed the button on my computer. After serving Karen a cup of coffee, I proceeded to show her the basics. I took her to a smoking site, explained how the "links" worked and offered her the big leather chair and let her drive. She took off like a shot, and after a few minutes of looking over her shoulders, and smelling her shampoo, I was back finishing off my paper work.

"How much money do you suppose these models make?"

"There seems to be a bunch of em, so I imagine it pays pretty well."

"How do the photos get to the web sites?"

"That's easy. You take a digital camera, shoot the photos, down load the camera into the computer, then submit them to the web master which is usually mentioned somewhere on the homepage." The wheels were turning in her pretty head. I could almost see dollar signs in her eyes.

"Do you have a digital camera?"


And a star was born. Karen went out to her car to get a couple of her costumes and her makeup case while I got out the camera and a fresh cartridge. We shot some photos around my fireplace, leather sofa, back porch and sun deck. Karen tried three different outfits. During each pose, she had a cigarette and imitated what the other women were doing on their shoots. In less than two hours, we had a dozen or so winners, and while Karen had to dash off to work, I spent the evening on the computer using photo software to fine-tune the shots. After completing them, I attached them to an email and sent them off to five of the web masters that Karen had picked out. I used my email as a return as Karen didn't have one, and her home address for the necessary release forms that would be coming should they be accepted for the web site. Just sit back and wait.

Eight days went by, during which Karen would check with me about every other day but no bites until. "Howdy partner.... Guess what?"

"Hi Karen, you sexy thing you. Did you get a bite?"

"Not just one bite, but two. I got releases and checks for $500. and $350. And get this; they want me to do another layout. This time a little more customized. And I need you to help again." Karen giggled as if she were almost giddy.

"Have camera, will travel" I doubted she was old enough to get the reference.

"Two things, I need you to have an open mind, and does you camera have an automatic timer and would you by chance know where we can borrow a thing called a Saint Andrews Cross."


Slluuurrrp pop.

Beep Beep Beep

Karen paused, and glanced to the right. I couldn't tell if she was smiling or not. She kissed her way up to a standing position, and pressed herself in real close to me.

With a whisper "The red light is on the camera, are we out of pictures?"

"Mmmmmm Mmmmmm"

" Good timing.... I have a little bit of this cigarette left, and I don't want any witnesses for this part." With her half spent Virginia Slim in her right hand holding my cheek, she nuzzled her face into my neck. Her left hand went back to my swollen cock. Standing to her tiptoes, and with one smooth motion, she inserted me into her very wet mound. It didn't take long before Karen had finished herself, her cigarette and thankfully, me.

The End

All of us amateur writers enjoy a feedback. Yours would be most welcome.

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