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Double the Fun


Jason's breath caught in his throat as he read the text message he'd just received from Claire. It said that she would meet him at the front door of the restaurant, and that Tom, a co-worker that she'd admitted to fancying, would be there with her, as she was going to take him home with them for a little fun.

As he drove up to the door, there was Claire, as good as her word, with Tom by her side. However, what took him slightly aback was the fact that one of her other co-workers, Vicky, was standing with them too.

Stopping the car, Jason looked at Claire with a puzzled look on his face, but she simply smiled back. She and Tom got into the back of the car, and Vicky joined Jason in the front.

As soon as they'd set off for home, Claire and Tom began to kiss on the back seat. Jason could see Claire's hand resting on Tom's thigh, then slowly moving upwards towards his crotch, rubbing his cock gently through his trousers.

Jason was getting hard watching this, and he nearly drove the car off the road when he felt Vicky's hand rubbing him through his trousers. He looked round at her and she had a big smile on her face as she rubbed him. She then unzipped his trousers and released his cock, wrapping her small, warm hand around it.

Vicky then began to slowly move her hand up and down Jason's shaft, all the time looking ahead of her as if nothing was happening. Jason reached over with his left hand and slid it down the front of her dress, cupping her breast, rubbing gently. He felt her nipple harden under his palm, then moved his hand slightly to pinch it. Vicky gasped at the feeling and squirmed in her seat.

Jason then whispered to Vicky to hitch up her dress - she released Jason's cock for a second, and pulled her dress over her hips. She then pulled her panties off in one quick movement, showing off her trimmed blonde pussy, which was glistening with wetness.

Just as Jason's hand moved down to Vicky's groin and began to play with her clit, he heard moans from the back seat, where Claire's top was off and Tom was sucking on her nipples, just as she liked it.

Claire had also removed Tom's cock from his trousers, and he was wanking him off hard. She then moved her head down and began to lick and suck him, taking his full length into her mouth. Tom rested his head back against the seat, enjoying the feeling.

Meanwhile, Vicky's breathing became shallower as Jason continued to play with her, dipping one then two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Within seconds, she began to pant heavily and came noisily, fucking Jason's fingers until she was done. She continued to play with Jason's cock, wanting to see his cum leaping from it.

In the back seat, Tom was close to cumming, and Claire knew that she wanted to swallow every drop. She began to suck harder, playing with the shaft of Tom's cock at the same time. He told her that he was about to cum, and she prepared herself. When it happened, it felt like her mouth was almost full, and she gulped down every bit, continuing to suck hard, taking every drop from him.

Watching his wife sucking off Tom in the back seat, Jason felt his orgasm rising, and warned Vicky. She moved her hand up and down his cock faster, and watched as Jason's cum exploded out, wave after wave of it rising into the air. Vicky then took a hanky and gently wiped Jason down, cleaning up all the drops of cum.

With everyone except Claire having cum, they arrived back at the house where she knew it was her turn. She asked Vicky to join her in the bedroom, and for Jason and Tom to go to the living room until they were ready.

A couple of minutes later, they heard a knock on the bedroom wall and went through - when they entered the room, they found both Claire and Vicky lying naked, spreadeagled on the bed, waiting for them.

Claire told Tom to strip naked and come over to her, and Vicky did the same for Jason. Both guys quickly stripped and went to their respective partners. To begin with, they all lay there naked and kissed, their hands exploring their bodies, playing, stroking and probing.

Jason then moved down the bed and positioned his head between Vicky's legs. She raised her hips slightly as she knew what was coming. Jason kissed her pussy gently and rubbed her clit with his finger. He then slid two fingers into Vicky and licked and sucked her clit, making her groan with pleasure.

On the other side of the bed, Claire didn't want any foreplay and told Tom to fuck her hard. He didn't need telling twice and lay between her legs, teasing her pussy with the head of his cock. Claire kept trying to push her hips into his, wanting him inside her, but he kept pulling back. Then, without warning, he plunged deep into her in one movement, causing her to gasp. Tom was slightly bigger and thicker than Jason, so she wasn't prepared for it, but it felt better than she'd ever imagined.

He stayed all the way inside her for a second, to let her grow accustomed to the feeling, then began to slowly move back and forth, fucking her gently. Claire moved her hips against him, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone. She reached around and grabbed his arse, pulling him in deeper.

Meanwhile, Jason was still going down on Vicky, and she had one hand on his head, pushing him deeper into her. He removed his fingers from her pussy and instead replaced them with his tongue, probing deep into her, loving the taste.

Vicky's hips were moving against Jason's head and very soon she began to make small groaning noises, which climaxed in her cumming noisily and pushing herself against Jason's tongue. For a few seconds more, Jason licked and sucked her clit to make her orgasm last a little longer. She then fell back flat on the bed, feeling shattered.

After a minute or so, she had recovered and told Jason that she wanted to fuck his cock. She told him to lie back on the bed, which he did, and she positioned herself over his shaft. She gently lowered herself down over it, taking him in all the way, and held herself there, enjoying the feeling of being filled.

She then slowly started to ride him, moving up and down on his cock, enjoying the rubbing of her clit against his skin. Jason's hands moved around to her arse and caressed it, rubbing gently and pulling her against him. At the same time, he raised his head and began to kiss her breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples.

On the other side of the bed, Tom and Claire were still fucking, but much harder now. They were kissing deeply whilst Jason watched Tom's arse move in and out of his wife's thighs. Claire was obviously enjoying this, as she was screaming for Tom to fuck her harder.

Jason reached a hand across and began to play with Claire's nipples whilst she was being fucked, which proved too much for her. She began to pant heavily and screamed with an orgasm stronger than she'd ever experience before. At the same time, Tom told her he was cumming, but Claire told him that she wanted his cum inside her.

Within seconds, wave after wave of Tom's cum splashed deep into Claire's pussy, quickly giving her a second, even stronger orgasm as her pussy muscles gripped his cock, sucking every last drop of cum out.

They both lay there exhausted, breathing heavily and kissing gently. With Tom still inside her, Claire turned her head to watch Jason fucking Vicky. As Tom got up to go and get cleaned up, Claire moved to the bottom of the bed, just so she could see what it was like to watch Jason's cock inside another woman. She had to admit she liked what she saw, and got back on the bed to give Jason a kiss.

Jason's head turned to the side so he could kiss his wife, just as Vicky's third orgasm of the night hit her. She ground herself harder against Jason's body, groaning with ecstacy at the same time.

Whilst watching this, Claire had an idea and asked Jason and Vicky to turn and move down the bed a bit. They did so, and Claire took Jason by surprise by straddling his face, facing away from Vicky and towards the cupboards. She then asked him to lick her pussy, as she was going to suck Tom off when he returned.

A minute or so later, he did return and Claire just looked at him and he knew what she wanted. He moved in front of her face and gave her his cock, which she greedily took into her mouth. She sucked him hard and fast, making his cock grow quickly in her mouth.

At the same time, Jason's orgasm was building, and Vicky moved quicker and harder against him. Grabbing her arse, Jason came deep inside her, his cock pulsing as load after load of cum shot deep into her pussy. As he recovered, Vicky leant down to gently kiss him, thanking him for her orgasms, then got up to go and clean herself up.

Jason then lay back on the bed to watch Claire sucking off Tom again. As he reached for a hanky to clean himself, Claire stopped sucking Tom and told him not to clean himself. Instead, she turned round on the bed, her arse pointing towards Tom's hard cock, and told Tom to fuck her doggy style whilst she sucked Jason's cock clean.

Without hesitation, Tom positioned himself behind Claire's beautiful arse, spread her legs slightly and slid his cock inside her. At the same time, Claire lowered her head and began to suck Jason off. Jason had suggested in the past that she might like to try two guys at the same time, but she'd always said no. If she'd realised it was going to feel this good, she'd have agreed sooner! The feeling of having one man fucking her pussy and another fucking her mouth was incredible.

At that moment, Vicky walked back into the room, then sat down on the edge of the bed to watch the other three having fun. She parted her legs and began to play with herself whilst watching, dipping her fingers into her pussy whilst playing with her clit.

As Tom gripped Claire's hips, he slid deep inside her, and she pushed back hard against his cock, feeling his balls against her pussy.

To his surprise, Jason's cock grew hard again as Claire sucked it. It helped that he was also watching Vicky playing with herself, fingering herself towards orgasm.

Behind Claire, Tom was getting close to orgasm again and warned Claire before pumping another load of his cum deep into her pussy. She had never felt her pussy as full as this, but wasn't complaining as it felt so good to have so much cum inside her at one time.

As Tom withdrew and went to the bathroom, Claire admitted one thing to Jason - that she wanted to watch him fucking Vicky again, as it had looked so horny the first time around. Vicky wasn't going to argue, so she got onto all fours on the bed and pointed her juicy blonde pussy straight up into the air.

Jason positioned himself between her legs and slowly fed his rock hard cock into her, rubbing her arse cheeks at the same time. Once inside, he held onto her hips and moved back and forth, fucking her gently. Vicky's hand moved to her clit to help bring herself off. At the same time, Claire lay back on the bed and began to play with herself whilst watching her husband fucking her friend.

Claire then closed her eyes, rubbing herself towards orgasm, when she felt Tom kissing her nipples. He then moved over her and began to kiss her deeply, asking her if she wanted to be fucked again. How could she refuse? She got him to lie on his back so she could ride him, as she knew that Jason would love to see that.

Once Tom was lying down, Claire straddled his stiff cock and lowered herself over it. Standing where he was, Jason had a perfect view of this, and was loving the sight as Claire started to move up and down on Tom's shaft. Jason then began to pump his cock deeper and harder into Vicky's pussy, at the same time as she rubbed her clit harder, bringing her to another orgasm. Jason felt his cum building up and shot deep into Vicky, his cock pulsing with wave after wave.

He spent a minute or two sliding his softening cock into Vicky, gently rubbing and caressing her arse at the same time, complimenting her on her body as he stroked it, reaching around to play with her breasts and nipples, before withdrawing and watching as his cum began to ooze from her pussy.

On the other side of the bed, Claire was getting close to orgasm as she rode Tom's cock, and she moved her legs down so she could get more feeling as she rubbed against him. Jason watched her body visibly shudder as her orgasm shot through her, just at the same time as Tom's next load of cum entered her pussy.

Everyone then collapsed onto the bed in an exhausted heap, absolutely shattered from the mini-orgy that had just taken place. They all got under the covers of the bed, the light was switched off, and after a few minutes, everyone was asleep, dreaming with smiles on their faces of what had just happened.

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