tagErotic CouplingsDouble Vision Ch. 02

Double Vision Ch. 02


[Note: This is a continuation of the story commencing with Double Vision 1 in which the main characters are introduced. The installations are meant to be read in order.]

On Monday I met Daniella for lunch. She was wearing a lavender sundress that hugged her body with matching amethyst earrings that flashed out from beneath her satiny black hair. I asked her about her family. She told me a bit about her parents and said she had a brother and two sisters and that she'd tell me more about them another time. We exchanged embarrassing childhood experiences with our immigrant parents and had a good laugh.

She told me about her desire to become a public interest attorney and about her volunteer work with an immigrant rights coalition. I respected her commitment to helping others and I told her so. We were eating udon noodle soup at the food court. As she slurped her last noodle I looked lustfully at her sexy mouth. She caught my look and said, "are you looking forward to Friday night?"

"Yes," I said, "and I think it will be delicious."

Daniella laughed as she stood up and grabbed her bag to catch her next class. She tenderly kissed me on the lips and dashed off with an agreement to meet to study and then have dinner on Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon I was walking through the golden glow of the late afternoon sun through a tree-lined courtyard after my last class of the day. I saw Daniella coming my way in a white sun dress and platform sandals that dramatically set off her bronzed body.

As she neared I called out, "Hi Dee!"

Daniella looked at me in surprise as if she had been a million miles away. "Hi" she replied, assuming a flirty smile.

"You look gorgeous, you know," I told her, then said teasingly. "Do I really have to wait 'till the weekend to get with you?"

Daniella stared me down with a look that was both defiant and playful. "You're awfully confident," she said. "But you know what? That excites me. Let's go."

My heart leapt with this unexpected development and my cock strained against the fabric of my jeans as I looked at the goddess beside me. Daniella took my arm as I led her to my dorm. In the elevator I kissed her and she kissed me back passionately. She grabbed my cock with her little hand and rubbed it as I caressed her perfect ass through her dress.

I opened my apartment door and Matt was sitting on our crappy couch reading a textbook. "Hey Dio," he greeted me then got an eyeful of Daniella.

"Um, Matt, this is Dee, Dee, Matt," I awkwardly introduced them.

"Nice to meet you," Daniella breezed, then grabbed my arm, pushing me toward the hallway. As I ushered her out of the living room I saw Matt's astonished look. Despite her concerns about her roommate, Daniella didn't seem bothered in the least by the presence of mine.

When we got to my room and closed the door we tore off each other's clothes.

"Fuck me," Daniella commanded.

Not that she was timid before but I was surprised and excited by this more aggressive side of her. I grabbed a condom and put it on my rock hard cock as Daniella bent over the bed with her ass invitingly in the air. I reached down to rub the lips of Daniella's pretty pussy and found them already wet.

"Put your cock in me," she said with a breathy voice.

I placed my cock head between the lips of her pussy and wedged it up inside her. She was so tight and her body so sexy I couldn't believe I was actually fucking her. I grabbed Daniella's ass and started to pump my cock into her until I was all the way in. As I pulled out I began to plunge in and out of her and she thrust back against me, moaning and encouraging me.

"Yeah, like that, fuck me, fuck me."

I ran my hands over the golden brown curves of her narrow waist, rounded ass and gently curving back. I reached under and grabbed her breasts, flicking her nipples with my finger as we fucked. Daniella was breathing heavily and her moaning rose to a higher, more desperate pitch.

"I'm cumming," she announced and pushed back against me with savage force. This was too much for me and I let loose a torrent of jism as I pounding against Daniella's ass.

When we regained our breath Daniella asked, "where's the bathroom Dio?" Pulling on our clothes, I showed her our crappy bathroom where she went to freshen up. When she came back to my room she looked composed and glamorous again, notwithstanding the post-coital glow.

"You coming to the Ulysses Duterte exhibit opening on Thursday?" she asked.

"Yeah, I expect every Filipino on campus will be there," I replied.

"Good. I'll see you then," she said, and checking her lipstick in the mirror, Daniella winked and left as suddenly as she had arrived.

"Bye" I heard her call to Matt.

I realized that Daniella hadn't kissed me. Although I had just had to hottest fuck of my life, the fact that Daniella hadn't shown me the tenderness of our past encounter bothered me. Something seemed different and instead of feeling great, I felt troubled. I didn't want to talk to Matt about it so I lay on my bed worrying about my new, not-quite relationship with a beautiful, exciting but mercurial young woman.

On Wednesday I met with Daniella to study and then went out for burritos. Everything seemed back to normal. She didn't bring up the previous evening and neither did I. We held hands over the table as we talked affectionately. I would have been burning with lust and would have invited her up to my place but my confusion about the two sides of Daniella's personality led me to let her take the lead. Again. Before saying goodnight, we kissed in the darkness outside her dorm.

"See you at the opening tomorrow?" I reminded her.

"The Duterte, sure, everyone's going, right?" she replied.

We kissed once more and she went up to her room and I back to mine. Everything seemed alright but I couldn't entirely dismiss the sensation that something was off. I chalked it up to my insecurity and studied a bit before vegetating in front of the TV, then going to bed.

The evening of the Duterte exhibit I showered and put on black pants and a black shirt. I was interested in art but wildly interested in seeing Daniella. I wondered what she would wear and how affectionate she would be with me. If she acted like my girlfriend I would feel very proud in front of the others guys but if she was distant to me, they would be hitting on her like crazy and I would be miserable.

The opening was packed and the room was broken up with tall panels at different angles that displayed Duterte's paintings. I didn't see Daniella in the front so I started to make my way through the exhibit hoping to find her if she was already there or for her to find me when she had arrived.

I tried to appreciate the paintings—many of them depicted envelopes, photos and other objects attached to walls and I tried to think about what the artist was doing—but I kept looking around for Daniella. There were a lot of other Pinays there, many of them pretty. Ordinarily, I would have been trying to meet one of them but not tonight. I saw of flash of black hair and a red dress near the last panel in the back of the gallery that I thought was Daniella. Of course ninety percent of the women in the room had black hair and I just had Daniella on the brain, but I made my way through the crowd to check.

When I got to the other side of the last panel I saw her. Daniella had a glass of wine in her hand and was talking to another glamorous Pinay, her graceful neck shown off by her tied-back hair. Daniella saw me and, motioning me over, said something to her friend who looked at me appraisingly.

"Hey Dio," she said, "this is my friend Virgilyn. Virgilyn, Dio"

"Nice to meet you, Virgilyn," I said, shaking her hand.

After a few pleasantries Daniella suggested, "Dio, why don't you get yourself a glass of wine, and get another one for me."

I got in line at the table in the back where gallery employees were pouring wine at a table with crackers and cheese and a huge platter of lumpia. I downed a few of the lumpia, they were still crunchy on the outside and warm on the inside, just the way I liked them. I was finally just about next in line for wine when Daniella grabbed my arm and gave me a kiss.

"Hi Dio, you look great," she said.

I looked at Daniella. She was wearing a short black skirt and a gauzy white peasant blouse. I goggled at her with a look of stupid confusion.

"Is something wrong?" she asked with a look of concern.

"You changed your clothes," I replied in explanation. Daniella laughed.

"I change them everyday, silly," she said. Now I was feeling like an idiot. Was she messing with me? How could she have changed so quickly and in this crowd?

I plodded on, "But I just saw you in a red dress. What's going on?"

A look of realization dawned on Daniella's pretty face. "Oh, that happens a lot. You must have seen my twin sister, Darolyn. Get me a glass of wine, I'll introduce you," and she flounced off to find her sister.

Sister. Twin sister. Identical twin sister. Identical twin sister who I had fucked. My stomach churned. What had I done and, more importantly, how was I going to deal with the impending aftermath? I got three glasses of wine and carried them precariously back to where I had met who I now knew to be Darolyn.

As I got back to the three women, I handed the wine to the sisters who both turned to me and said "Thanks Dio," at the same time with identical voices. Stereo had never sounded so bad to me.

Daniella turned to Darolyn and asked, "you've met Dio before?"

"Oh he's quite the stud," Darolyn replied, "he just came up to me a few nights ago and wouldn't take no for an answer," she related with a tipsy laugh.

Daniella's face fell, then she looked at me with an expression of hurt and anger.

"I'm going," she said tersely, and slipped away through the crown. In turmoil, I followed her without saying goodbye to Darolyn and Virgilyn who were busy talking about something else anyway.

I caught up to Daniella outside. "Dee, I'm so sorry, I thought she was you," I explained in abject misery.

"And let me guess, you wondered why I was so much more fun to be with than usual, right?" she shot back angrily.

"No Dee, I missed the gentle person that I'm falling in love with," I blurted out. "I knew something was wrong and couldn't figure it out."

Daniella softened at this, then burst into tears.

"I'm so sorry, Dee," I repeated, not daring to touch her or say anything more.

"I guess it's my own fault," she sniffled. "I should have told you about her, but guys always like her better, and I didn't want the competition. Again."

"Daniella," I said, "this guy likes you better. I promise I won't see her again."

Daniella turned to me and embraced me fiercely, one small hand gripping my arm and the other, my neck. After a while, she drew apart from me and we sat down on a bench in the moonlight, my arm around her slim body as she leaned into me.

"Dio," she said at last, "I don't want to fight her or make you fight her on my behalf. If I know my sister, all she wants is an occasional fuck buddy. If you give in—if I give in—she'll lose interest soon anyway."

"But Dee," I objected.

"You don't know her. Believe me, this is better," she said. "Plus, if I love you, why would I take something from you? The sex with Dee was hot wasn't it?" she asked.

"Wait a minute," I stopped her, "you're both called 'Dee'?"

"She was born first, she's Dee One and I'm Dee Two," she explained.

"And you want me to hook up with her?" I asked doubtfully.

"I know it doesn't make sense, but really, I would feel better if the thing between the two of you took its course. If it works out between you and I, I don't want you to feel that I took something away from you and I don't want Dee to compete with me, and try to seduce you behind my back. Besides, this way I'm more in control instead of always being on the defensive."

"Okay," I agreed. "This is a lot to take in. Can we stop talking about Dee One now? All I want to do is hold Dee Two. And I'll hold you all night if you let me."

"Come up to my room," she said.

When we got to Daniella's apartment, her roommate Jennifer was there, working on the computer. Wearing workout gear, her hair in a ponytail, Jennifer was slim, pretty, and girlish with Chinese features. Daniella introduced us and Jennifer jumped up to shake my hand, "I've heard good things about you," she said with a smile.

"I look forward to hearing more about you," I returned.

"Well, I was about to take a shower and go meet a friend to study," Jennifer said. As she left the room I couldn't help noticing her tight little ass. Daniella gave me a playful punch on the arm and giggled as Jennifer closed the bathroom door.

"It's okay, you can look," she said.

Daniella got us some tea from the kitchen. When she came back, her blouse was unlaced, falling low on the upper curve of her small breasts, her dark nipples showing through the thin fabric. She had obviously removed her bra in the kitchen. I drank in the sight of her, noticing that her nipples were hard. Daniella handed me a mug and sat facing me, cross-legged on the couch. My gaze drifted between her sexy feet and legs, her sweet face and pointed nipples.

"Enjoying the view?" Daniella asked me.

"You are so beautiful," I told her. Daniella smiled contentedly.

Jennifer emerged from her room and passed us on her way out. "I'll be back at around eleven," she told us. I looked at my watch and saw that it was nearly nine o'clock.

"I guess I have about two hours with you then," I remarked.

"No, we have all night," Daniella rejoined. "But we have two hours before you need to take me to my bedroom."

I put down my tea and took one of Daniella's feet in my hands. She sighed as I pulled on her dainty toes and ran my thumb along the arch. Following the trauma we had gone through less than an hour ago, I felt that we had reached a new, more comfortable level of our relationship. I was really smitten but felt fairly certain that this beautiful young lady was mutually infatuated with me.

Daniella finished her tea and placed her mug on the floor, smiling at me. I reached for her face and caressed her cheek. She took my hand and kissed it, first on the back, then on the palm, then sucked my middle finger into her mouth. With my left hand I stroked her neck and slowly slid my fingers over her collar bone and down to her shoulder, pushed her blouse until it fell down. Daniella took my left hand and placed it on her naked breast. I moved closer to kiss her. We made out like this on the couch for a long time. I never wanted it to end.

Both of our shirts were off and Daniella sat in my lap as we kissed and caressed each other. My cock strained against my pants and Daniella ground her pussy down on me. Her little skirt was up around her waist, revealing a tiny black thong. "Take off your pants," she breathed in my ear.

Daniella hoped off me and went to get something from her purse. A condom. "Put this on, okay?" she said as she slipped her skirt and panties down her thighs. Seeing my cock free of my pants, Daniella, took the condom back as I was about to open it and said, "wait. Sit down a minute."

As I sat, Daniella knelt on the couch next to me and brought her lips down to my cock. I caressed her lithe brown back as she slurped my cock into her mouth wetly. It felt so good. I sighed and drank in the experience. After about ten minutes of this loving blow job, Daniella popped up and said, "I just had to do that. I've been thinking about your cock all week." She laughed, "and of course the guy attached to it! Now put on that rubber."

I unrolled the latex sheath over my straining cock and Daniella climbed, facing me, into my lap. She reached down for my cock and gently placed it between her bald pussy lips, then slowly slid down, impaling herself on my rod with a strong exhalation. I put my hands around her waist and she placed hers on my shoulders and began to move up and down on my cock as we looked into each other's eyes. Daniella's movements became more rhythmic and I grabbed her firm little ass in my hands to help her as she pistoned up and down. Daniella was flushed and breathing hard, her small firm breasts barely bounced as her nipples pointed straight at me.

"Dio, Dio, Dio," she moaned, frantically fucking me with her tight pussy. "I'm cumming," she breathed, "keep fucking me, Dio, please." I pushed my hips up to ram my cock as deep as I could into her pulsing cunt and came with a muffled yell. Daniella threw her arms around my neck and collapsed onto me, her labored breaths puffing in my ear, her heart pounding against mine. I had never felt this close to anyone in my life.

Finally, Daniella pulled away from me, our sweat-coated skin making a squelching sound as we separated. "You want to shower with me?" she asked, collecting her scattered clothes.

"I'd love to," I responded, picking up my own stuff and carrying it to her room.

We soaped each others body in the steam-filled shower stall. Her body felt so good in my hands and her touch soon had me excited again. We kissed and I held her perfect ass in my hands, and ran a soapy finger down the crack, resting on her little butt hole. She kissed me forcefully so I gently caressed her asshole and began to push the tip of my finger just inside.

"Wow," she exclaimed, "no one's ever touched me there. It feels kind of good."

"I'd like to lick you there, if you'd let me," I said, unsure of her reaction.

"You'd do that?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied.

"Well let's get out of this shower. You can do whatever you want to me tonight."

That last sentence may have been the most exciting words I'd ever heard. Despite the inauspicious start, this was turning out to be the best night of my life.

We dried off and went to Daniella's room. She lit a few candles and joined me on the bed. "I use body oil after I bathe," she said, holding up a plastic bottle. "Would you like me to rub some on you?"

"That sounds great," I said. Daniella poured oil into a small bowl and made me lie on my stomach as she oiled my back, ass and legs. She was giving me a great massage. Then she had me turn over and massaged my face, hands and feet, then the front of my body, avoiding my half-hard cock.

"I don't want to get oil on that," she laughed, "'cause it's going to be in my mouth pretty soon." Daniella knelt over me and rubbed her hard nipples over my chest and up and down my legs, then put them one by one in my mouth. I kissed, sucked and gently bit them as she whimpered in pleasure.

"Know what I've never done?" Daniella asked me, "69," she told me, not waiting for me to guess. "I want to try it."

Straddling my head, she bent down and took my cock in her mouth as I guided her slim hips to position her pussy above my mouth. Rubbing my balls with her oiled hands, Daniella slobbered on my cock as I licked the outside of her pussy while caressing her ass. I was having trouble reaching her clit with my tongue when I remembered about her ass. Moving my head slightly up the pillow I positioned her asshole right in front of my lips. I flicked her little opening with my tongue and felt Daniella moan onto my cock. I began to lick her ass in earnest and reached around to flick her clit with my finger as she tried to take more of my cock in her mouth. Moaning as she drooled over my cock, Daniella's rhythm was breaking up but I didn't care. Dipping a finger from my other hand in the oil, I brought it up and gently probed at her tight little opening. Daniella rocked back and forth, pushing my finger deeper into her ass and my cock deeper into her throat on the upstroke. Then I felt her oiled finger at my asshole and she began to push it in as she sucked my cock with abandon. I was pushing my finger all the way into her ass as I ran my tongue along her pussy lips and flicked her clit with my other hand. Daniella came with a muffled scream and pulled my hand away from her clit.

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