Double Wedding


My eyes where still watering. They had performed miracles in more ways than one. I now had a fleshy backside that was unmistakably female and the ivory coloured chiffon dress now clung to my every curve. Plus any drop of masculinity that hadn't been wrung from me over the last few months squeezed out like water from a bed sheet fed through a Victorian mangle.

I should have argued my case, stood my corner but I was strangely drawn to my new image and thirty minutes later my mother-in-law took my delicate manicured hand and waltzed me back into the reception hall. I say waltzed but the new shoes, dress and plug took some getting used to. Yet despite the discomfort I rather enjoyed the sensation.

The lights where dimmed in the main hall for the dancing yet my entrance was spectacular. Physically it was impossible to cower in my new heels. They forced me to take a stand, to strike a pose, because anatomically my centre of gravity had been displaced forward. I proudly waltzed across the floor my large buxom hips swinging wildly as the plug settled deep inside me. Paula was gob smacked with my appearance and the bemused guests looked even more bewildered. Paula, eyes on stalks, smacked my rump unaware of the dildo deep inside my arse then took my hand and waltzed me round the dance floor taking the lead.

My new 4 inch ivory patent shoes with their satin bows where a dream. I danced like Ginger Rogers, remembering my every taught move as she squeezed me round the waist. And as I clung to her my heart fluttered and my wilted spent cock throbbed excitedly.

'What on earth have you done? Where did you get this dress? It's certainly not one of mine. I wouldn't be seen dead in anything so feminine. Where's your going away suit? Aren't you taking this a bit far?'

I smiled awkwardly as the penny began to drop.

'Your mother said you bought it,' I whimpered.

Paula didn't look convinced, 'and yet you still wore it?'

'I thought you wanted me to' I cry as the dildo panties seemingly slipped deeper and deeper within me.

'Doh! No, I think this charade has out stayed its welcome people are starting to talk. They must think I'm well odd.'

'What,' I trembled, 'if they think that about you. What about me? I'm the one wearing the chiffon dress.'

Then Paula seems to look at me differently as if she had made a sudden decision one that she had been wresting with for months. 'You do look amazing,' Paula gasps holding me by the hands at arms length as we danced. 'The dress is so flattering, your hips so incredibly wide and womanly, your bum so fleshy and those shoes are just so you... I don't know how you do it. You don't want me you want a groom.'

The very words make me cum yet again and oddly I grin proudly but wonder how I was going to explain my foundation garments.

We danced and danced occasionally swapping partners and I soon forgot about my dildo panties and the dress. Graham the loser, or so I thought, seemed to be taking it rather well. He even asked for a dance. This was obviously awkward but rather than make a scene I accepted. We danced in silence his hands wandering all over me as if checking out what I wore and yes as his hands groped my arse he smiled almost knowingly and he pressed up close so I could feel his huge cock against my thin dress. Paula's dad was next and he danced masterfully. I think he forgot who I was as he too held me close.

'If only I was thirty years younger.' he said holding my back and hand dancing a tango.

Later as Paula and I danced yet again I began to flag and she took that moment to quietly tell me of what she had done. The registry wedding, her true feelings, everything, Graham, her mother. I was heart broken again but this time I quite inexplicably burst into tears.

She put a reassuring arm around me and whisked me to the ladies toilets.

'Don't worry. I know your upset that's understandable, I feel terrible. I didn't want to cause you distress but I felt something was wrong. The past few months have confirmed that. I'm sorry.'

'Its because I'm wearing this stupid dress,' I cry between sobs.

'Its not just the dress,' she says reassuringly, 'though you have taken to it rather well.'

'I knew it,' I cry, 'I shouldn't have let your mother do this to me. I can never go back how I was. It's true I love being pretty and feminine. I loved being the bride and I love this dress.'

Paula was delighted with my confession. It seemed to indemnify her actions. 'I love you in this dress too,' she says, 'but not as a husband. Graham and you are very special yet you are quite different. I don't want to lose you and I'm sure we can work something out. Graham and I are doing well at work he's promised to buy me a huge house and I bet we could persuade him to let you stay. We won't be able to cope on our own.'

She gave me a hug and dried my tears and I reapplied my make-up. She took my trembling hand and led me back into the party. I was immediately whisked away by another man to dance and out of the corner of my eye I saw Paula tell her mother and father the news.

It was evident that they where delighted by the way the mother held her hands and hugged Paula with enthusiasm. What now I mused? But Graham had vanished.

After her parents where informed I felt tricked and considered running away but miles from anywhere dressed in the dress with high heels it didn't seem a wise idea. I didn't have to worry for long as Paula pulled me off the dance floor. 'Don't say anything. Lets go away as planned and lets sort it out in the morning.'

I nodded and as if by magic Mrs Rother appeared and held out for me a brown angora coat with fur collar and cuffs and placed a felt fedora on my head. I caught a glimpse of my reflection and thought I looked like a movie star. The vintage car took us both to our hotel. Our guests waved us goodbye.

Back at the hotel despite everything Paula took great delight stripping me out of my dress and as she pushed me onto the bed for a moment I forgot about the fiasco. I was hers and wanted her to take me there and then.

But as she lifted my slip she saw the padded panties and recoiled in horror. 'Oh my goodness,' she said clasping a hand over her mouth, 'I've seen those before. My mother talked about these when we played a joke on one of her friends. They where never worn of course... up until now that is. What on earth made you wear them? Are you telling me you prefer to receive than to give? You really are a sissy.'

I began to cry and wanted to run away but as I sopped into a handkerchief Graham walked through the door a smile so wide on his face I though his head might split in two.

Paula seemed delighted to see him and she ran into his arms and they kissed. Graham leered at me cruelly and I watched the two of them kiss as they took delight in seeing me squirm with humiliation. I could take no more and opened the wardrobe to see if my trousers had been delivered so I could make my escape. What I saw was another surprise. The wardrobe was full of clothes but not my trousers. I flicked through the pretty things quickly in a state of shock. There was a short black crepe dress, a bee-stripe sweater and a gold lame miniskirt, a black wrap dress, a silver mini dress, a black silk-satin blouse, a pair of velvet trousers, mary-jane shoes, suede boots, silver sling-backs, Cuban heeled boots, a jersey dress. I could go on but I shut the door quickly.

'They're for you,' Graham said, 'consider them as a consolation prize.'

What happens next? Do we live together? Do I remain as the faithful second wife and take on all the domestic duties? Does Graham take advantage of me or do I just revel in being a kept woman. You decide. Want to hear more about a particular part drop me a line.

The end

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