Down by the Lake Ch. 04


Exhausted, they lay before me. Opening her legs, I slid into Jeannie, stroking slowly, deeply. Minutes later I moved to Madge, sliding into that wonderful silken caress, thrusting slowly while she lifted her knees, clasping me to her. We danced like this for several minutes, then, leaning down, I kissed her, whispering 'I will be back', and moved to Jeannie again. She was ready for me, encircling my waist, locking her ankles behind my back, telling me I wasn't leaving 'til she had come. Now driving into her, building speed and force, we neared climax, Jeannie finally crashing over, hips lifting, legs clamping tightly. How I held back I'm not sure. I only knew Madge was waiting. Slowly, Jeannie released her grip, her legs splaying out. I moved back to Madge, who had watched the last few minutes rubbing her clit furiously. Now on her ragged edge, she pulled me into her, locking her legs, thrusting upward, ensuring full penetration. All I could do now was hang on for the ride. She was a mad woman, lifting, clasping, groaning, mumbling, urging me, "Harder, more, yes, deeper, again, again, oh gawd, I'm coming, hold me, hold me."

We came together. Murmuring words of love we slowly returned to here, now. I called Jeannie to us, pulling her into our embrace. Madge and I kissed her, whispering words of endearment, caressing her arms, shoulders, urging her to be one with us.

As we returned to the present, we realized clouds had swept in, covering the sun, cooling us. Smelling the rain coming, I ushered the two lovelies in the house, then picked up the cushions and wisps of clothing scattered about the deck. The girls had gone to shower, I chose to sit and contemplate my new life, something I seemed to be doing quite often of late.

Their return to the den shook me from my reverie. Smiling, I announced my turn for a shower, asking they make lunch. "And please, no salad. I need my strength!"

Laughter echoing in my ears, I was off to a long, well deserved shower.

Rain was falling as we ate. Madge was asking more about Jeannie's kids, her parents, how it was living with them. I sat quietly, listening. A pattern was emerging, and I sensed where this would lead. Determined not to act hastily (riight), I waited for the question I knew would eventually come. To buy myself a few days, I suggested once again Jeannie should bring the kids next time.

"You know that will cut back on our sex?"

"Yes, but those kids are an important part of you; I'd like to know them."

Later in the day, Jeannie had to go. She kissed me tenderly, saying she would miss me. I returned the kiss and the comments, I really would miss her. She moved into Madge's arms. They kissed, whispering to each other, tears on their cheeks.

Then she got in her car and drove down the hill.

Bogart sat on the porch, whining, as her car disappeared.


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