tagBDSMDown by the River

Down by the River


I had known Lucy for two years now and discovered completely by accident a small submissive side to her, she had never been into master and slave, or any form of mild smacking at all, to her that was indeed a step to far, it simply wasn't for her at all.

However, she did enjoy being restrained for short periods of time and I took full advantage of that. It was a kind of double whammy for me if you like, I enjoyed pleasuring her while she was tied down and when I let her loose she would just be on fire when she was free again.

I had told Lucy in the morning when we had awoke that the afternoon held a surprise for her, she had done her best to worm it out of me but to no avail. Some months before we had found, completely by accident a real beautiful spot by the river, unless you knew the area it was totally impossible to find and was not overlooked by anything.

Most of the area was thick bush and trees, except a small area by the river about ten meters square that run gently down to the rivers edge, almost in the middle of this small grassy area stood just one tree that seemed to defy logic in why it stood alone amongst all that grass. We had come here several times following our initial find and even made a point of telling no one about the place in the hope that this most beautiful of spots would remain ours.

It was here that I drove Lucy that fine summer evening, we pulled up and after getting out and looking at the stunning view, I walked to the boot of the car. I had made sure I had what I needed the day before, so I knew they were there, Lucy smiled when I pulled out a rolled up blanket, tucked it under my arm, took her hand and we walked to the clearing, the only sounds where those of nature at peace with itself, the tree looked like a good spot.

I knelt down and unrolled the blanket, a small black bag fell away from the blanket and hit the floor making a slight jangle noise, I looked up at Lucy and told her to take her clothes off, as I finished spreading out the blanket I could see her out of the corner of my eye, she was just taking off her bra and stood there naked and smiling, her mind awash with ideas of what was to come.

I told her to sit on the blanket and reached over for the black bag, she knelt down beside me waiting, her nipples already giving away her state of arousal I handed her four straps and told her to put them on her wrists and ankles, as she did this I undressed myself, once I was satisfied that the straps were on correctly and wouldn't hurt her.

I pulled out four pegs and hammered them into each corner of the blankets edge. Lucy laid in the middle and I tied the straps to the pegs, then putting a blindfold on her I sat closer to her and gently ran my fingers over her body. I could feel my penis becoming erect with the anticipation and I felt Lucy stirring as well.

I kissed her neck and run a hand over her breast, the nipple grew more erect immediately, I slowly kissed along her upper body and cupping her breast in both hands I took her intensely hard nipple in my mouth, she gasped as I sucked and nibbled on it, my hand gently brushed her skin as it traveled down her stomach and stopped at her navel.

My lips were playing gentle catch up with my hand as I kissed and gently licked the under side of her breast and every bone I could see in her rib cage, when I had caught up with my hand I could feel the heat of her body getting very intense now and although she tried not to wriggle she just couldn't help herself.

I run my tongue around the edge of her navel, Lucy was softly moaning and biting her bottom lip, again my hand wandered further down her body, stopping at the ridge of her pubic bone. I could feel the heat from her vagina, she was on fire now, her arousal state was now very high and I could hear her pulling against the restraints, her hearing and other senses intensified now due to the loss of sight.

In one motion a forced my tongue into her navel and my hand down to her now soaked vagina and gently pinched her vagina lips between my fingers, Lucy could hold back no more and arched her body, the restraints holding her to the blanket, my hard penis twitching, demanding action. My mouth again on the move, stopping at her pubic bone as my soaking fingers delved into her vagina, first two, then three fingers inside her as I thrust them hard into her, curling them upward and finding her love button.

Lucy was now franticly trying to pull against the restraints, trying to force her thighs closed around my hand, wanting to make sure I didn't remove my fingers buried deep inside her, I pushed on to her button again, she screamed and her body would shudder out another small orgasm, with her head now to one side she just moaned.

I withdrew my fingers and she whimpered, trying desperately to force her body down the blanket to savor every last moment of my fingers in her cum soaked vagina, I then moved my body between her legs and let my tongue roam her now blood engorged lips, pulling them apart I slip my tongue into her, licking at the juices that rushed from her body.

Both of us seemed to read each others minds, Lucy needed me to enter her so I laid over her and in one move buried my penis into her cum filled vagina, she tried so hard to move her legs again, wanting to wrap them around me so I wouldn't leave that place.

I withdrew and another whimper came from her lips, again I entered her, the thought of gentle thrusts gone now as lust on both our parts took us and I buried myself again and again into her, with one final deep thrust I erupted into her.

Lucy came and her whole body arched she almost pulled one of the restraints out of the ground, such was the strength of her orgasm, then she went slack, I withdrew and as I did a moan of frustration escaped from her lips, I undid all the restraints and the blindfold, in an instant she had pushed me onto my back and sat on my stomach, she was smiling, both with the freedom and the anticipation of what she wanted to do. I could feel our mixed cum oozing from her and spreading across my stomach, Lucy moved off and laid across my legs, then proceeded to lick all the juices from my stomach, watching her do that was making me hard again.

Lucy held my almost erect penis in her hand as she finished licking off all the mixed cum juices from my stomach, then turned her attention to my penis, first the tip went into her mouth, then more, eventually she had to move her fingers so she could take even more.

Her tongue and her head were poetry in motion, I could see her now free hand between her legs masturbating herself to yet another orgasm, I held her under her arms and lifted her onto my body then onto my incredibly hard penis, she squealed again as she lowered herself onto me, her breasts dangled just above my mouth and I took a nipple into it and sucked and nibbled long and hard.

she gasped and then started to lower and raise herself, slowly at first then faster as all pretence of love making was lost and lust took hold of both of us, as she would lower herself onto me I lifted my body to meet her, faster and faster we went, deeper and deeper we both tried to force my penis into her.

Suddenly she let out a squeal, her body shook and shook and we both came together again, lucy flopped onto my body exhausted and panting, her sweat mixing with mine just as our cum had just done...

We stayed like that for some time, her body too shattered to move. I loved the feeling of both of us so close, finally my penis slid out of her and a slow whimper came form her lips. I rolled her off of me and she turned away and into my body, trying to get as much skin contact as she could, soon after that, I could hear her gently breathing as she fell asleep, I wrapped an arm around her and held he close, soon sleep took me as well.

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