tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 02

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 02


Welcome to another top secret meeting of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. As you know by now, these meetings are top secret. And only the most successful and sexy lesbian and bisexual women of Tinseltown are allowed. Tonight, we have a bevy of stellar beauties for you. And they're getting down in all kinds of ways. Tonight's star is Serena Williams, the most dominant athlete on God's green Earth.

The World's Number One when it comes to women's professional Tennis. A sexy African-American Goddess. Worshiped by millions of men worldwide and probably by just as many women, many of them lesbians. She's taking certain stage right now. And we're glad to have her. Like many women in places of power, she led a secret life. And here at the Sisterhood, we're all about making the dreams of sexy and powerful women come true.

Serena Williams sat on a throne-like chair in a vast hall of the Eastern European Chateau where tonight's meeting of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was being conducted. Clad in a white bikini and flowing red cape, she looked very much like royalty. Sexy and powerful women of all hues from all over America and Europe were flown to the premises.

Tonight was the Crowning of Serena Williams, who would henceforth be Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood for a whole year. The Club's members had to pay tribute to their newest Queen. Serena greeted the new inductees, or Fresh Meat as the Club's veterans called them. Queen Serena Williams held her Scepter in her right hand and looked at the Fresh Meat. Licking her lips, she noticed quite a few familiar faces. Maria Sharapova, the tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Russian tennis sensation. Well, well. Who would have guessed that the gorgeous Russian upstart was into chicks?

Maria Sharapova stood in the vast meeting hall of the Chateau. She looked at her archrival Serena Williams and shook her head. She really shouldn't be surprised to see Serena Williams. The African-American tennis champion seemed to be everywhere these days. Maria looked at Serena and grinned. Truth be told, if she was honest with herself, Russia's favorite sportswoman had a thing for America's most exceptional Black female athlete. More than once, Maria caught herself fantasizing about Serena. Of course, Serena was always dating some guy.

These days, according to the media, she was in a relationship with the actor/rapper Common. Maria had zero gaydar and thought Serena Williams was straight. Well, how wrong she was. The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was the last place in the universe to look for a heterosexual woman. A woman had to be a multi-millionaire and at least bisexual simply to get an audience with the leaders of the Sisterhood. Maria smiled as she was ordered to kneel before Queen Serena Williams. Their eyes met. Both women smiled. This was going to be fun.

Next to Maria Sharapova knelt Lucy Liu, one of the most talented and sexiest women in Hollywood. The tall, regal Asian beauty looked at Queen Serena Williams and licked her lips. Lucy Liu was a tough woman in everything that she did and everywhere she went. She didn't like the idea of kneeling before anyone. However, that was before she gazed at the divine sight of Serena Williams sitting on a throne, wearing a red cape and a sexy white bikini. The sexy Black sportswoman looked good enough to eat. A thought which didn't escape a certain light-skinned, long-haired and pretty-faced African-American beauty.

Kneeling beside Lucy Liu was Alicia Keys, the world-famous singer and actress. Alicia Keys looked at Serena Williams and like the other women, she was amazed. Something about Serena Williams sitting on a throne seemed right. The tall, gorgeous and supremely talented Black female athlete always carried herself like a princess. And not a dainty one either. Serena Williams was strong, smart and sexy. And she was more than capable of taking on just about anything the world threw her way. On and off the tennis court. For this she had the respect and admiration of millions. And the hatred of a bunch of haters who were jealous of her beauty, her success and her talent. Naysayers are everywhere.

Before the assembled women of the Down Low Sisterhood, Queen Serena Williams clapped her hands and decided the meeting could begin. She ordered the three new inductees to disrobe and show everyone what they had. Maria Sharapova took the lead. The tall, slender young Russian hastily took off her clothes. Until she stood naked before Queen Serena Williams and the other women. The six-foot-two, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Russian sportswoman looked very much like a Teutonic Amazon. And she knew it. Queen Serena Williams nodded, and asked Maria to turn around. And Maria did so happily. She had a booty and she knew it. Yeah, the Russian sportswoman didn't mind showing anyone what she had. The Queen smiled and nodded.

The other women took Maria's lead. Lucy Liu was completely naked under her overcoat. She stood with her hands on her hips, displaying her spectacular breasts, sexy slender figure, killer legs, narrow hips and nicely rounded ass. Queen Serena Williams nodded in approval. Lucy Liu smiled confidently and shot Maria Sharapova a look. The Russian sportswoman scoffed. Not to be outdone by a white chick and an Asian broad, Alicia Keys decided to show everyone what she had.

The tall, light-skinned Black woman took off her clothes. Her body was nothing short of spectacular. From her gorgeous, angelic face to her spectacular, all-natural breasts, narrow hips, big sexy butt and smooth, athletic yet curvy body. She stood naked before Queen Serena Williams, and winked at her. The Queen winked right back. Maria gasped in surprise. Lucy Liu rolled her eyes. Alicia Keys looked at them defiantly then shrugged. Yeah, the sexy New York chick knew how to make an impression.

Queen Serena Williams gestured from her throne, and asked the women to come to her. As one they went to her. Serena kissed each and every one of them, and then the fun began. Alicia Keys knelt before Serena Williams and began sucking on her toes. Lucy Liu kissed Serena and gently stroked her breasts. Maria Sharapova, always a goal-oriented sort of gal, went straight for Serena Williams pussy. Gently spreading the Black sportswoman's big sexy thighs, she inhaled the scent of Serena's pussy. She liked it. She pulled off Serena's panties and the Queen was impressed by the Russian female athlete's boldness. Maria smiled. Serena hadn't seen anything yet.

Maria had a lot more to show her. And just like that, Maria Sharapova fastened her lips to Serena Williams pussy. She gently bit Serena's clit and inserted two fingers into the Black woman's pussy. Maria began eating Serena's pussy like there was no tomorrow. Unknown to the world is the fact that Maria Sharapova liked Black pussy more than the average heterosexual Black man. Living in Russia, she hardly met any Black women. So when she began traveling to America, she hooked up with sexy Black women left and right. Of course, she kept it all very hush hush. Yet somehow she caught the attention of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. They invited her to a top secret meeting, and here she was. Kneeling before Serena Williams, one of the toughest, sexiest and most powerful women in the world. On her knees before a Black Goddess and licking her pussy like her life depended on it.Queen Serena Williams was happy as can be as three of the world's sexiest women tried their best to please her. Maria Sharapova licked her pussy so damn good it wasn't even funny. Alicia Keys took Serena's right foot and pressed it against her vagina. And just like that, the sexy light-skinned Black woman used the Queen's right foot to fuck her pussy. Serena Williams raised her left foot in the air as Maria Sharapova licked and fingered her snatch. Lucy Liu was not inactive.

Cupping Serena's breasts in her slim hands, she sucked on the Black woman's tits, licking the areolas as if they were sugar cubes. Lucy Liu was so damn good that she had Serena Williams on the brink of orgasm. Working together, the three sexy women sucked, licked and fingered Serena Williams until she came, shrieking in pleasure as hot girly cum oozed out of her pussy. Once she came, all three women tasted her. Maria Sharapova eagerly drank Serena's hot girly cum, and shared it with Alicia Keys and Lucy Liu. Alicia dipped her hand in Serena's cum-filled snatch and rubbed it against Serena's lips, allowing the Queen to taste herself. Serena Williams sucked Alicia Keys fingers. Alicia smiled and kissed Serena while Lucy Liu and Maria Sharapova went down on her, licking her every last drop.

Yeah, the action was off to an interesting start. Serena Williams took a box full of sex toys from under her throne and handed it to her trio of worshipers. Lucy Liu grabbed a vibrator while Alicia Keys took a strap-on dildo and a double-headed dildo. Maria Sharapova took the strap-on dildo and put it on. Serena noticed how sexy the Russian looked while wearing it. Maria Sharapova kissed Serena Williams, then asked her if she was ready to get down. What do you think Serena Williams said?

Maria Sharapova put Serena Williams on all fours and rubbed her strap-on dildo against the gorgeous Black woman's spectacular ass. Serena laughed as Maria smacked her butt. Maria grinned and gently bit Serena's ass. Truth be told, Maria had been fantasizing about Queen Serena's spectacular butt for ages. She eased the dildo into Serena's pussy and began fucking her. Serena smiled as Maria's dildo slid inside her. Oh, man. Serena loved getting fucked. Maria held her hips tightly and thrust the dildo deep into her, relishing the experience of fucking one of the world's sexiest women...and her secret crush.

Meanwhile, Alicia Keys and Lucy Liu had their own fun. Alicia Keys put Lucy Liu on all fours and licked her pussy from behind. Then she inserted the strap-on dildo into Lucy Liu's quite naturally bald pussy. Lucy Liu gasped as Alicia Keys penetrated her. Alicia laughed. A lot of women looked at the sexy, seemingly innocent Alicia Keys and thought she was easygoing and gentle. The truth is that Alicia Keys is one hell of a kinky gal. A gorgeous lesbian who loved to have wild and sensual fun. And she fucked her women roughly.

A dominant femme, Alicia Keys had been known to fuck even butch women with her strap-on dildo. She fucked even the so-called studs of the Black lesbian community. And so she was right in her element as she bent Lucy Liu over and fucked the Asian starlet like there was no tomorrow. Lucy Liu squealed as Alicia Keys began fucking her roughly. The sexy light-skinned Black woman smacked the Asian actress butt as she fucked her with the strap-on dildo. Lucy Liu yelped. Alicia Keys laughed out loud and only fucked her harder.

Maria Sharapova was having the time of her life as she fucked Serena Williams, Queen-elect of the Down Low Sisterhood, with her strap-on dildo. The Russian sportswoman grabbed the Black Goddess hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Serena Williams yelped, and told Maria she loved a rough fuck. Well, Maria was totally okay with that. She smacked Serena's big round ass, watching it jiggle under the force of the thrusts of her dildo into the Black woman's pussy. Maria cursed in Russian as she made Serena ride her strap-on, fucking her hard and fast. Well, hard and fast is exactly the way Serena Williams likes to be fucked.

After a few minutes of rough fucking, Maria decided to try something new. She pulled the dildo out of Serena's pussy. The Black sportswoman gasped in surprise. Maria laughed and whispered something into her ear. Serena Williams nodded excitedly. Maria spread the Black woman's sexy ass cheeks wide open. She slid one finger inside Serena's asshole, then two. The first thing the Russian sportswoman noticed was that Serena Williams was clearly no stranger to anal sex. Her asshole was warm and tight, yet supple. Nice. She slid two fingers up Serena's ass and the Black woman moaned in pleasure. Laughing, Maria pressed the dildo against Serena's asshole and gently eased it inside.

Meanwhile, Lucy Liu was riding Alicia Keys strap-on dildo like there was no tomorrow. Alicia Keys yelled cuss words at Lucy as she fucked her roughly with the dildo. Lucy Liu cursed in Chinese as she got fucked by the sexy light-skinned Black woman. Alicia Keys definitely knew how to fuck. Grabbing Lucy Liu's long black hair, Alicia Keys rammed the dildo deep into the Asian woman's pussy. Alicia Keys noticed Maria Sharapova fucking Serena Williams in the ass with her strap-on dildo...and felt inspired. Pulling the dildo out of Lucy's pussy, she spread the Asian starlet's ass cheeks and pressed her plastic cock against her puckered asshole. Alicia Keys asked Lucy Liu if she was down for some wilder fun. Lucy nodded. Alicia gleefully pushed the dildo into Lucy's asshole and began fucking her roughly. Lucy Liu rocked back and forth, grinding her ass against Alicia's dildo. She really, really loved a good fuck in the ass.

Maria Sharapova flipped Serena Williams on her back. The Russian sportswoman wanted to look into the African-American superstar's ass while fucking her in the ass with the strap-on dildo. And Serena was more than okay with that. Maria raised Serena's big, strong legs in the air and slammed her dildo deep into Serena's asshole.

Serena Williams looked into Maria Sharapova's sexy eyes and smiled. Laying on the carpeted floor of the throne room, she relaxed while getting her ass fucked. She actually completely surrendered to the sexy Maria.

What millions of women's tennis fans around the world didn't know is that Serena Williams loved anal sex. Every chance she got, she fucked her own ass with vibrators, dildos, butt plus and even cucumbers. And quite often she let her female lovers fuck her ass with toys. Serena Williams has the biggest, baddest and most beautiful piece of ass on the planet and she loves anal sex. Millions of fans prayers have been answered. Maria looked into Serena's eyes while drilling her ass with the strap-on dildo.

The Russian sportswoman loved the look of sensual surrender in the eyes of the strong Black woman. Serena tried to finger her own pussy while getting fucked but Maria batted her hand away. No distractions allowed. Maria rammed the dildo as deep as it could go inside Serena's ass. The Black woman squealed. Maria Sharapova laughed. Afterwards, she pulled the dildo out of Serena Williams ass and thrust it into her mouth. Serena sucked on the dildo, tasting her ass on it. Maria loved how submissive Serena turned out to be. It was so fun to dominate her!

After making Serena Williams polish the dildo with her tongue, Maria Sharapova went looking for some new booty. Alicia Keys just finished fucking the hell out of Lucy Liu's ass and stroked her own strap-on dildo with a look of smug satisfaction on her pretty face. Maria Sharapova looked at Alicia Keys sexy ass and grinned. She definitely wanted to fuck Alicia. Maria had a thing for the light-skinned Black female singer.

Alicia Keys looked magically delicious to the sexy Russian sportswoman. Unfortunately, Alicia was dominant and not about to surrender her ass to anyone, not even Russia's top sportswoman. Maria Sharapova brought the matter to Queen Serena Williams. The Queen decided the two women should settle it among themselves. Alicia Keys and Maria Sharapova did some competitive arm wrestling. Maria Sharapova won. A dismayed Alicia Keys shook her head. Smiling, Maria Sharapova removed Alicia Keys strap-on dildo and tossed it to Queen Serena Williams.

Lucy Liu and Serena Williams watched as Maria Sharapova put Alicia Keys on all fours and began fucking her. Maria went straight for Alicia's ass. She spread the light-skinned Black woman's sexy ass cheeks and pressed the dildo against her asshole. With a swift thrust, she penetrated her. Alicia Keys shrieked as she got penetrated by another woman for the first time. Maria Sharapova laughed as she fucked Alicia Keys in the ass. She loved taming dominant women. Alicia Keys relaxed and enjoyed herself after a while. It actually felt good to get fucked at last.

Maria fucked her ass hard and fast, filling her up with the dildo. Alicia Keys screamed in pleasure as she came. She hadn't known she could cum from getting fucked in the ass by another woman's dildo. It felt good! Afterwards, Alicia kissed Maria passionately and thanked her for a wonderful fuck. Maria smiled, and kissed Alicia back. Then she made Alicia suck on the dildo, as Serena had done earlier. Alicia Keys sucked Maria Sharapova's dildo happily. She felt as though a burden had been lifted from her soul. Deep down, she always wondered what it would be like to get fucked instead of always doing the fucking. Now she knew, and she absolutely loved it!

To thunderous applause of the assembled women, Queen Serena Williams welcomed Lucy Liu, Alicia Keys and Maria Sharapova into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. The three sexy, powerful young women were welcome additions to the growing Sisterhood. Serena Williams chose Maria to be her own personal Royal Apprentice, as well as her bed partner for the night. After all the kinky things Maria had done to her and Alicia, are you really surprised? A new and exciting life awaits three of the world's sexiest and most powerful women as they join the most exclusive club for women. They're bringing new life into the club, keeping it sexy and preventing stagnation. Queen Serena Williams is wicked cool, and sexy as hell. She's sensual, intelligent and flexible. A wonderful leader. May her reign be long and fruitful!

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