tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 03

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 03


Serena Williams reign as the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is off to an awesome start. Recruitment of new members is at an all-time high. Cash is flowing into the coffers of the Down Low Sisterhood left and right. And so the Queen decides to throw herself a little vacation. The Sisterhood sent the Queen, her gorgeous Entourage and the top notch international security staff of Femme Force ( an all-female security agency ) in a resort in the beautiful city of Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa.

It was definitely an exciting trip. Serena Williams decided to enjoy herself. Like any bored person, she wants something to occupy her mind. To keep herself from boredom's door, Serena Williams brought one of the most recalcitrant recruits of the Down Low Sisterhood with her. A recruit who needs special training. And that's something the Queen is happy to administer.       What kind of Queen would Serena Williams be if she didn't keep her affairs in order? The new recruits of the Down Low Sisterhood are beautiful, wealthy and powerful women. Ladies from the upper echelons of society. Singers. Actresses. Politicians. Businesswomen. Religious leaders. Philanthropists. Educators. Scientists. Artists. Women who were definitely accomplished individuals. They were drawn to the Down Low Sisterhood because it wasn't easy to be a bisexual woman or a lesbian in the public eye.

A lot of these women would risk their careers and their reputations if the world knew what they truly were. Serena Williams runs the Down Low Sisterhood. And as its Queen and technically Commander in Chief, she's got to keep the new recruits in line. Otherwise her authority would be in jeopardy. So even while she was on vacation, Serena Williams had business to handle in her capacity as Queen.       Serena Williams looked deep into Queen Latifah's eyes and smiled wickedly. The big and tall, butch Black woman looked more nervous than a virgin in a honeymoon suite. Serena Williams couldn't help but notice that in many ways, that's what Queen Latifah was. She'd been fucking women her whole life without allowing any woman to fuck her. And Serena was determined to change that, right here in the honeymoon suite of South Africa's most spectacular hotel. Serena loved dominating butch women.

Proving to them that they're not so tough. Deep down, every butch woman/stud was someone else's bitch. Serena Williams raised Queen Latifah's big legs in the air and rubbed her thick strap-on dildo against the other woman's pussy. Queen Latifah gasped as she was penetrated for the first time. Serena grinned, and rubbed the big Black woman's huge tits together. The world's most dominant sportswoman had a thing for dominating butch Black chicks, especially red bones like Queen Latifah. The type that thought they were invincible. It made them awesome fucks.

Serena Williams sucked on Queen Latifah's giant tits while thrusting the dildo deep into her. Queen Latifah gasped as she got penetrated for the first time. Serena stopped sucking on her tits and locked eyes with Queen Latifah. With fierce passion she kissed the butch woman, silencing her. Queen Latifah could not believe she was letting Serena Williams dominate her. The tall, gorgeously dark-skinned and absolutely dominant Black sportswoman was tougher than most butch women she knew.

Queen Latifah took one look at Serena Williams in her skirts and high heels and thought she was like most femmes, submissive in the bedroom. Well, that turned out to be a big mistake. Serena Williams was bossy as Hell. At first, Queen Latifah didn't think this tough yet feminine young Black female athlete could dominate a mature butch Black woman like herself. Well, Serena Williams did all that and then some.       Serena Williams decided to try a game changer. She put Queen Latifah on all fours, face down and ass up. Serena took a good look at Queen Latifah's big round ass. Hot damn. The butch Black woman had one hell of a big ass. Serena Williams spanked Queen Latifah and laughed as the big Black woman yelped in surprise. Serena is a sexy Black woman with a big ass who likes other sexy Black women with big asses. And she delighted in spanking Queen Latifah's ass.

Watching the big Black woman's big butt cheeks jiggle turned Serena Williams on like you would not believe. Serena spread Queen Latifah's big butt cheeks wide open and slipped one finger inside the big Black woman's asshole. Queen Latifah gasped as she felt Serena Williams finger in her booty hole. Although Queen Latifah had once allowed some of her female lovers to lick her pussy and asshole, she never let them finger her ass. And now Serena Williams was thrusting two fingers up her ass. The big butch Black woman couldn't believe what the sexy, dominant Black femme was doing to her.       Serena Williams gently bit Queen Latifah's plump ass. Then she pressed her strap-on dildo against the big Black woman's puckered asshole and gently eased it inside. A sharp cry escaped Queen Latifah's lips as Serena Williams thick strap-on dildo penetrated her asshole. Serena Williams laughed. There was truly a first time for everything. Serena Williams recalled the first time she gave up the booty. She was new to the Down Low Sisterhood back then, and not yet Queen.

That's when she met the sexy, blonde-haired and blue-eyed white chick from South Africa, Hollywood superstar Charlize Theron. A gorgeous closet dyke who introduced Serena Williams to the taboo pleasures of hot interracial lesbian sex. Serena Williams smacked Queen Latifah's ass and thrust the dildo deeper into the butch Black woman's asshole. The Black sportswoman smiled to herself as she recalled getting fucked in her mouth, pussy and asshole by Charlize Theron's strap-on dildo.

Now that was fun. Wicked fun. It's wonderfully fun for a lesbian to get fucked in the ass by another woman's strap-on dildo. Having acquired this tasty bit of carnal knowledge, how could Serena Williams deny it to Queen Latifah? Time for this butch slut to drop the act and experience true pleasure and pain without fronting. Serena Williams loved women but she also hated the bullshit going on in the lesbian community about butch chicks and femme chicks. At the end of the day, they were all queer women. Why put up unnecessary barriers?       Serena Williams pushed the dildo deeper into Queen Latifah's asshole. Queen Latifah squealed as she got fucked in the ass for the first time. Truth be told, she was feeling conflicting emotions as the World's Number One female professional tennis player fucked her ass with the strap-on dildo. On one hand, Queen Latifah was scared shitless. She'd never been fucked in the ass before. All her life she'd been butch as hell. A hard chick who dominated the women she dated, both in and out of the bedroom. Queen Latifah had lost count of the women she'd fucked with her own gigantic strap-on dildo. Black women. White women. Asian women. Hispanic women. Middle-Eastern women. How she enjoyed fucking the hell out of them.

Making them suck her strap-on dildo, teasing their pussies with it and finally slamming it up their assholes. Yeah, she did it all. The whole nine yards. Queen Latifah was butch, Black and proud. And now she was doing the last thing any self-respecting butch Black lesbian would ever do. She was letting another woman, a sexy femme, fuck her in the ass with a strap-on dildo. This went against everything she believed a butch Black lesbian like herself should be. But why did getting dominated and fucked by Serena Williams feel so damn good?

Queen Latifah touched her own pussy while Serena Williams strap-on dildo filled her asshole. To her immense surprise, she was wet as a puddle. Serena Williams paid close attention to Queen Latifah's body language as the butch Black woman experienced her first ass fucking. Well, first time receiving some much deserved hard ass fucking anyway. As Serena Williams slammed her dildo into Queen Latifah's asshole, she noticed the big butch woman fingered her own pussy. Serena smiled. Definite proof that the big butch slut was enjoying herself. Good.

Serena Williams flipped Queen Latifah on her back and raised the big butch Black slut's legs in the air. She shoved the dildo right back into Queen Latifah's asshole. The Black sportswoman looked into the chubby singer/actress big brown eyes and smiled as she saw the look of sweet surrender in there. Serena Williams crowed proudly. She saw Queen Latifah attempt to finger her pussy and brushed the big woman's hands away. No pussy play for now. She wanted the big woman to experience an orgasm while getting her ass fucked...and nothing else.

The Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood completely dominated the big butch Black woman. And so Serena Williams plowed away at Queen Latifah's ass, drilling her dildo up the big Black woman's booty hole like a Spaniard drilling for gold in the New World. Queen Latifah squealed as she got the ass fucking of a lifetime. Serena Williams smacked her hard across the face and grinned when she saw Queen Latifah's shocked expression. Serena Williams is a dominant femme who occasionally smacks her bitches, even the butch ones.

To spice things up, she slipped two fingers into Queen Latifah's pussy, then three. As Queen Latifah looked on, Serena Williams inserted her entire fist into the big woman's vagina. Queen Latifah's eyes bulged in shock. Serena laughed and fisted the big Black woman's pussy while thrusting her dildo deep into her asshole. The erotic combination practically sent Queen Latifah into orbit. The big butch Black woman shrieked in pleasure as she came spectacularly, oozing hot girly cum all over. Serena Williams grinned and gently kissed a very stunned Queen Latifah. It was just the beginning of their erotic adventures together.

Over the next few days, Serena Williams transformed Queen Latifah from a tough butch woman into her own personal and very willing love slave. Queen Latifah acknowledges Serena Williams as her Queen, her lover and her instructor in the erotic art of submission. Queen Latifah is really into no-holds-barred lesbian sex now. She can't get enough of Serena Williams seductive, dominant ways.

And she's addicted to Serena Williams strap-on dildo. She can't stop sucking on it all day and demands that Serena fuck her pussy and asshole with it at least once a day. From reluctant butch slut putting on airs to eager submissive in just a few days. Serena Williams transformation of Queen Latifah was absolutely fucking amazing. Now we know why Serena Williams is the world's sexiest woman and the undisputed Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Simply put, she absolutely frigging rocks!

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