tagFetishDown The Path Ch. 03

Down The Path Ch. 03


This story involves gay sex and forced fem, not your thing, move to another story.


I haven't been able to concentrate all day, didn't get anything done. All I can think about is having to go back to the bookstore tonight. I don't know if I can do it but if I don't I'm not sure what he might do. Maybe he just won't contact me anymore and I really don't want that. More troubling is the thought of him having the pictures of me. I know several of them are really nasty and I can't imagine them getting out. What if he went to where I work and just left some copies lying around, like in the men's room. I know I would have to quit my job. How could I go to work with everyone knowing?

I know what I have to do. It's going to be so hard to act fem. I really don't think I'm very good at it. How can I try on a dress there and let him see me in it? What if he makes me come out of the dressing room? Oh god, how did I get into this? Maybe I should just refuse to do it. I wish I could do that but I know that fear of discovery will overcome everything else and that I will do what he told me to do. What will the guy want me to do? I know he wants me to suck his cock but will that be all. What if he expects more? I never have had anything bigger than my finger up my ass. What if he goes there? I'm so on edge, can't sit down very long till I'm pacing around again.

Unknown to me, you call the guy you know at the bookstore. He was home and you talk to him about me. You two aren't really friends, just know each other through the bookstore. He had got in touch with you a few times when he saw submissive boys at the store. You had went down there and had some success so you kind of felt you owned him and this was a chance to square things up a little.

'Hello, Brian here,' the clerk answers the phone.

'Hello ,Brian, Mike here, nice seeing you again last night.'

'Yea, you too Mike, where did you find this one?'

I laugh, 'I didn't find this boy anywhere. He found me online. Boys got issues, he a fag if I have ever met one but he is having trouble admitting it to himself. He needs to be pushed there if you know what I mean Brian.'

'Yea Mike, I know what you mean. I spotted that about him the minute he came into the store. I love this kind don't you? Pushing them, knowing it so hard for them but they do it anyway,' he laughs softly. 'So are you really sending him over here tonight?'

'The little bitch better show up or he and I have issues and he wouldn't be very happy about what I would do to prove a point. Guys like this must learn it's not important what they think.'

'My guess is he scared to death of being exposed. Is that the way it is Mike?'

'Exactly, and that makes everything so easy when dealing with guys like this. They will publicly humiliate themselves so that people don't find out what a fag they are. Bitches don't want others to think they are a fag and what does he do, he goes out and let men see him behave like a total fag. Crazy isn't it and they don't even realize it. By the way this fag's name is Steve but I want you to call him Steffi when he shows up. That work for you?'

'For sure, can't wait. I could see how hard it was for him last night. He did admit to me that he sucked three cocks. I would have like to have seen that,' laughing.

'Yea, it was great. He didn't want to do it but once he was on a cock it would have been hard to pull him off. The fag loves a cock in his mouth. Anyway, when he comes over tonight, I told him since he tried to act like a man in the bookstore last night that tonight he had to be a sissy fag when he comes over to see you. I told him that he would be expected to sound like a sissy fag and act like one. I also told him that he had to tell you about how much he wanted to be a sissy fag for you. Make sure you draw that out of him. Make him admit it to you out at the counter. Let's put him through it Brian, test him. That ok with you? I know you like sissy boys too.'

'I'm going to enjoy this Mike. Something about the fag when he showed up last night that really got my attention. How far can I take it?'

'First of all, no fucking him this time. I get first shot at his virgin ass. That's not to say there would be a problem with a small butt plug if he needs help learning how a sissy walks. I told him he has to try on a dress over there tonight. Dress him as fully as you want. You can put some makeup on him if you want but make sure he still looks like a man, a sissy fag man. As far as exposing him, if you want to walk him through arcade in dress, I have no problem with that. It would be good advertising. Sexually, anything goes except the fucking. I owe you, enjoy my fag.'

'I know you Mike. I know exactly how you like to have these boys treated and I'm really looking forward to this one. I have seen some of your boys when you have released them. Biggest little sluts that come in here, they will suck anyone and don't mind being fucked either. You definitely took the man out of them Mike.'

'There was no man there before Brian, they just didn't realize it or want to accept it. Amazing with a little time with a strap or paddle will help them understand. Time spent with a cock in their mouth is also needed.'

'Hey Brian, I told him he had to wear a dress home tonight. Let him believe that but when you finish with him don't make him wear it,' I tell him laughing. 'That is unless he begs to wear it home.'

Thinking to myself that I will have to make sure he begs to do just that. I can imagine him walking out of here all dressed now. I have to reach down and adjust myself. I wonder what he looks like with tears running down his face, cute I bet. Got to stop thinking about him or won't be able to save a big load for him later. 'Got you Mike. I really appreciate this. I guess you noticed the way I looked at him last night. I owe you for this buddy.'

'No problem, will talk to you tomorrow to see how he did. Enjoy.' The phone call ends.

I'm still home trying to settle down. Should I give myself an enema? Really don't want to, hate them but what if he wants to play with my ass? I decide I'm not going to do it, I think he just wants me to suck him and anyway, maybe that might keep him away. The phone rings.


'Is this Steffi?'

'I think you have the wrong number.'

'I don't think so faggot.'

I realize who it is now. 'Hello Sir.'

'You will answer to Steffi now, Steve sounds way to masculine for you,' I hear you tell me.

'Yes Sir I understand.' It really doesn't seem that big of deal.

'Tell me where you are going tonight Steffi.'

'I'm going to the bookstore Sir.'

'Why are you going there Steffi?'

'Because you told me to Sir.'

'Don't lie to me Steffi, why are you going there?'

'I'm going there to meet the clerk there Sir.'

'That's your excuse. Tell me why you are going there. There is only one reason guys like you go to places like that. Tell me.'

I know what he wants me to say. Is he right? No, he's making me go there but if I tell him that he might get mad at me. 'I'm going there to suck cock Sir.'

'Why do you have so much trouble admitting the truth boy? I can see we need to spend some serious time together to adjust your thinking.'

I know what he means. He's going to punish me, probably hard. Why do I keep disappointing him? I know I have to try harder to please him. 'I'm sorry Sir, I really am trying.'

'Well boy, you need to start trying harder then because I'm not at all happy with you right now. I better not get a bad report on you from Brian at the bookstore. Do you fucking understand faggot?'

'Yes Sir, I will try harder.' Damn, he has me near tears over the phone.

'You understand how you are expected to behave tonight, right?'

'Yes Sir.'

'Tell me.'

'I'm supposed to act like a sissy fag Sir.'

'And if Brian tells you to do something, what are you going to do Steffi?

'I'm going to do it Sir.'

'And what are you going to wear home Steffi?'

'A dress Sir.'


'Because I'm a sissy fag Sir.'

'Good. Do not disappoint me Steffi. I have told Mike that I want him to take a few pictures on his phone and send them to me so do not give him any shit about that or there will be consequences.'

'Yes Sir,' I try not to sound down but that will just give him that much more to hold over me. This is all developing into much more than what I was looking for.

It's getting about time to leave and start getting dressed. Do I wear panties? He told me he wanted me to be a sissy so I guess I better. Want to try and do this right and maybe he will take it easier on me then. I put on a pair of pink panties and then a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. Sit down and smoke some pot. That usually helps me relax and feel more submissive. Finally, it's time to go and get up and take the short drive down there.

I sit there in front of the bookstore trying to build up my courage. How can I do this? I practice saying hello, trying to make my voice sound more fem but it just comes out sounding really faggy. No one has gone in while I have been sitting here so maybe there aren't many people in there right now. I finally force myself out of the car and go in. I move inside and look over at the counter and see the clerk looking at me then he smiles.

'Hello sweetie,' he says from across the room.

There was only one other man in there looking at DVDs and I notice him look over at me. I can feel my face getting red as I walk over to the counter. I force myself to take smaller steps and try to swish my ass a little as I walk. 'Hello Sir,' trying hard to sound fem but not feeling like I did it very good.

'It's so nice so showed up, I was afraid you would wimp out of me but of course you aren't a wimp at all, are you?' Brian says leaning over on the counter looking at me, a smirk on his face.

Concentrating on my voice, 'No Sir.'

'Lean over enough to put your forearms on the counter.'

I do as he says then he tells me to put my feet together and stick my cute butt out a little more so I do it. Realize he makes me stand like a girl might stand there. It does make me feel different.

Leaning down closer to me, 'Why don't you tell me what you are Steffi?'

He called me Steffi. You must have called him and talked to him. Wondering what you told him about me. I bet this guy is going to tell him all about tonight and if you aren't pleased I will be in trouble. Head down, I say softly, 'I'm a sissy fagboy Sir.'

'I know Steffi, I knew the first time I saw you yesterday. It doesn't take a detective to tell you aren't very manly. You are behaving so much better than yesterday but a good sissy doesn't just stand there. They move their butts slowly to attract men. Did you get a good night sleep? You must have been worn out. You know, sucking all those cocks.'

I can't look up at him. I force myself to slowly swish my ass as I stand there. I can't believe how he talks to me. What did you tell him, does he know what I'm supposed to say? What if he does and I don't do it? What would you do to me? Know I better not take a chance so I force myself to say it. 'Sir, I didn't sleep very good last night, all I could think about was you and how much I wanted to be a sissy for you.' My face feels like it's on fire.

'Look at me Steffi, I didn't hear the last of it, look at me and tell me again.'

I look at him and try to keep eye contact but fail as I tell him again. 'Sir all I could think about is how much I wanted to be your sissy.' He smiles at me.

Just then the door opens and a guy, looks to be in early 30's come up to counter. He turns and looks at me. I see him checking out my ass and then he tells the clerk he needs some tokens.

The clerk looks at me, 'Can you give me a minute sweetie while I take care of this real man.'

I see the guy look at me again, smirk, and I look away. Why did he have to say that? He has to know how embarrassing that is for me. I hear him give the guys his tokens and the guy goes back to the arcade.

'Good looking guy don't you think Steffi?'

'Yea I guess.'

'Think he has a big cock Steffi?'

'I don't know Sir.'

'I bet he does. Maybe he will hang around and you will get a chance to find out later.'

Head down, this is all so hard for me.

'What's wrong sweetie, I thought you would be happy to see me but you look so sad.'

Realize what he is hinting at and know that I have to do better. I look over at him and smile. 'I am happy to see you Sir. I was thinking about you all day long.' Know that I sound like a fag but it's as fem as I can make it sound. I reach out and put my hand on yours. 'I couldn't wait to be with you,' smiling up at you as I squeeze your hand.

'I have a few things I have to do before my break. Why don't you look around, toys over there, female clothes over here. Maybe you will find something you like.'

'Ok', I walk away. I'm just glad to get alone for a few minutes to try and stop my mind from racing. I go over to the toy section and start looking around. Come to a section of leather and chrome toys under a glass counter. You walk over. 'See anything you like?'

'I was just looking.'

'One of my favorites is the chrome butt plug,' he tells me pointing to a chrome butt plug that is around 5" long and maybe an inch and a half wide at the widest till it narrows back down. 'Would you like to try it? It's not too big, just right for new sissies.'

'No thanks. I'm not ready for something like that, trust me Sir.'

'Ok sweetie but I think you are missing out.'

I can't believe he keeps calling me sweetie. It sounds so faggy. I keep moving till I'm finally in the section with the women's clothes. There is a lot of stuff in this section. They must sell a lot of clothes here. There is a small room in the back with nothing but shoes, mainly high heels and boots. Then there is the wall full of different stocking and some corsets and garter belts hanging there too. There is an area that has sweaters and blouses and next to it a full rack of school girl skirts cut so short. On the far wall is nothing but dresses and skirts. In the back is a table with nothing but panties and bras. Find myself fascinated by all the clothes when suddenly, I realize you are standing behind me.

'See anything you like Steffi?' I tense up when I feel your hands on my shoulders. 'Would you like to try something on? It's my break time, I have an hour.'

Oh god, oh god. I force it out, 'Do you want me to Sir?'

'That's up to you sweetie. If you would like to dress up for me, that would be nice but I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do.'

I'm so glad not to be facing him. I know I have to do this or he will find out. 'I want to Sir.' He makes me turn around and he puts his hands back on my arms holding me.

'You want what sweetie?'

'I want to dress up like a sissy for you Sir,' I finally get it out.

'That would be so nice Steffi. Do you know what you want to try on?'

'No, I don't have any idea. There is so much stuff back here.'

'Do you want me to help you Steffi?'

'Please Sir.'

You walk over to the wall and take down a package of black, seamed nylons and a black, lacy garter belt and you bring them over to me. 'The dressing room is back there, I want you to go back there and take your clothes off and put these on while I look for something for you to try on. Now be a good girl and give Daddy a kiss then go do as you are told.'

I'm shocked when he says that. I hadn't even considered having to kiss another guy, suck his cock or be fucked, but to kiss another guy. And the Daddy thing, he wants me to call him that? Look around and no one is in this part of store. 'Maybe we could do that later Sir...you know back there.'

He puts his arms around me and pulls me close. 'Now give me a kiss sweet boy.'

There's no way out of this, I look up some, coming closer until our lips finally meet and I give him a quick kiss. Surprised when he grabs my head pulling it back as his lips meet mine and he pushes his tongue into my mouth. He holds me tightly as he kisses me passionately. Feels like he is sucking the breath from me and find myself panting softly when he finally breaks the kiss.

'That is how you kiss Daddy sweetie, do you understand?'

I nod my head yes.

'Tell me, Daddy I understand.'

Still can taste him in my mouth, eyes down, 'yes Daddy, I understand.'

'Ok sweetie, go do as told and make sure you get your seams straight.'

I go back to dressing room and start undressing. At least the store is empty, that helps a lot. Get down to my panties and then unwrap the nylons. They are so silky feeling, black and when I look closer notice the seam up the back. I have watched videos enough to know how to put them on. Pull them up as high as I can. They feel so smooth and sexy, running my hands over them. Then put the garter belt on and attach the stockings after a struggle. When I stand, it pulls the stocking up nice and tight. You open the door and come right into the booth and look me over.

'Those panties will never do, take them off now.' much more forceful than before.

I wait for him to leave but he just stands there so I go to take panties off but realize I can't take them off with the garters in the way. 'Sir, do you want me to unfasten the nylons or what.' You walk over to me.

'That won't be necessary,' and you reach down with both hands, take my panties in them and pull, ripping them. You stay with it till you have ripped them off of me. 'Any other problems Steffi?'

I can't believe you just did that. Standing there as I see you looking at my cock.

'I guess I understand now why you are a sissy. No way you could satisfy a woman or a gay guy with that little cock.'

I never really thought it was that small but when I look down it does look really small and having him talking to me like this is making it shrivel up even more. 'I'm sorry Sir but I'm very nervous right now and...'

'Spare me sweetie, I don't care at all that you have a little boy cock. Your cock is not really important anyway, is it?'

'I guess not Sir.'

'Tell me what's important around here Steffi.'

Thinking what he wants from me then think I know. 'Your cock is important Sir.'

'That's right and whose cock is it sweetie?'

'It's Daddy's cock.'

'That's right sweetie, maybe you aren't as big as bimbo as Mike says you are. Now lift up your arms.'

I lift them up and feel you slide the bra straps over them and then attach it in the back. When you let go, it feels so heavy and when I look down there are really big silicone breast forms in the bra. They have to be at least a D cup. 'Sir, please, I just wanted to try on a dress or something.' He comes around in front of me giving one cheek little love slaps. They are just hard enough to sting a little but worse on my physic.

'Steffi, this is something, now quit whining. I don't like whiny girls, you understand?'

'Yes Daddy.' You smile when I call you Daddy, know that you are breaking me down already.

'Now I got this nice little black miniskirt for you, try in on.'

I take it and pull it up my legs and try to zip it but it zips in the back and I can't get it. When I look down I see how short it is. Standing up it just covers the top of my nylons.

'Don't worry about the zipper, put this on.' and he hands me a bright pink long sleeved sweater.

I pull it over my head and its stretchy material but still very tight as I pull it down. When I look down, I realize it makes my tits look even bigger, stretching the sweater and making the fake nipples really stand out.

'Tuck it into the mini skirt.'

I do as you say and after I do it, I feel you zip up the skirt in back. Then you take a wide black patent leather belt, must be about 5" wide and put it on me and tighten it very tight making me hold my stomach in and forcing my tits and ass to stand out even more. Wish there was a mirror in here but mirror in other section of dressing room.

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