tagNon-EroticDownsizing Ch. 05

Downsizing Ch. 05


Monday Morning rolled around way too early for Dani. She got dressed up in her normal attire, put on her make up, and was waiting impatiently for Stacy to finish getting ready. Dani made the comment, "You know, you should be quicker than me still." Stacy was kind of hung over from their last night as a man and a woman couple. They both knew that the new position would require that Dani be in character all the time from now on to support the company in his new position.

When they arrived at the office, Dani saw on her desk, a large manila envelope. Upon opening it, she found plane tickets to New York City, and an expense card. Also there was a card from one of the local malls and a letter. Dani started reading the letter, and soon found herself at Stacy's desk. Dani looked at Stacy and smiled. She said to her, "Come on, let's go for a ride, you have been given the morning off with pay. It also says you won't have any vacation time deducted from what you have available for this morning."

Stacy was kind of confused, and tried asking several questions. Dani told her to just be patient, and she would get her answers in good time. As they got in the car, Dani told her, "We are going to the Mall, and we will be there the whole morning. We are to come back to work after lunch hour. The information I got suggests we take lunch from twelve noon to one o'clock."

Stacy turned to Dani and said, "You aren't going to give me any clues as to what is going on this morning are you?"

After Dani's short reply of no, they talked some idle chat for the rest of the ride to the mall. As they were pulling into the mall Dani said to Stacy, "There are three stores in the mall that have been suggested, and they are all expecting me. We should hurry so we beat all of the mall customers when the stores normally open up."

Dani looked at Stacy and said, "The first store here is called Lady's Business. That sounds like a good place to start." After looking for it on the map of the mall, they headed straight for the store. The person behind the pull down gate saw them approaching, and asked if they were with Today's Cosmetics™. Dani said to her, she was the representative of the new line called TC's Conversion.

The lady opened the gate up and let the two of them in. Dani looked at Stacy and said to her. "You are here to make sure that not only do I look good according to the store clerk, but as a honest friend. Ms. Stanton wanted to make double sure I was getting the right attire to suit me as a person, and Today's Cosmetics™."

When the clerk had closed the gate, she turned to Dani and Stacy and introduced herself as Mrs. Lambert. She began saying, "I am not your average clerk. I was sitting at home and the store manager called me Friday night and informed me Today's Cosmetics™ wanted to send a representative here for a special fitting session. Now normally I do not do the special fitting sessions, there is a well-paid staff here, and I can sit at home and let my store run itself. As the owner of the store I knew this could turn into a nice contract if I worked myself for the TC special fittings. I have been in the business of ladies attire for around thirty years, and I think we will be able to get you all taken care of here by ten thirty this morning. Before we get started, the manager said there were some unusual circumstances that needed to be addressed, but was not sure of what they were, can you tell me."

Dani started to talk, but Stacy interrupted. "Ohhh, you know this is my favorite part, I would like to explain the circumstances if you don't mind."

When Dani said she didn't mind Stacy started explaining. "You see Mrs. Lambert, we have been working in the same facility for several years now. TC came in and bought out the company we were working for. While downsizing, all employees were let go that didn't have great attendance or performance records. When that round of layoffs was done, the company came by again with a new dress code. The person you see here before us is really a man, Dan was such a good friend that I came up with this idea. The new dress code required all employees in front offices that could be seen by visitors or guests had to wear our line of make up. It is a great business plan, because those that chose not to wear it, had to quit and find new employment elsewhere, and because they quit, the company didn't have to pay for unemployment for those individuals. Dan was stressing big time about not being able to find another job, so I came up with the idea of giving him a female persona to use for work. That way he wouldn't look like a man going into work with makeup on. All I could think of at the time was, I wonder how many guys are going to come back to work looking like bozo the clown."

Mrs. Lambert had a knowing smile on her face as Stacy continued. "Last week, our Dani here was offered a position as the representative for the new line TC's Conversion. To do so, that means that Dan will have to remain as Dani any time he is out of the apartment we live in. Before we go any further, I would like to thank you myself for being here yourself to help us out. I have a bias about Dani as you may expect, and it's nice to know she will be well taken care of here in your store."

Mrs. Lambert looked at Dani and asked her to follow over to the measuring room in the back. Once inside, she smiled and cracked the first joke she remembers doing in a long time with one of her customers. Dan or Dani, one of you has to strip down to your under things so I can get some proper measurements of you." All three of them giggled at her saying "Dan or Dani, one of you"

Dani stripped down to her under things, and Mrs. Lambert went to work on taking measurements. She had commented that it was nice that she found a suitable gaff to prevent anything from bulging the dress when she would be in public. Said it was ok in private, but in public a bulge in a dress was not very appropriate. Then she asked something that threw both Dani and Stacy for a loop. "Are you going to work on your feminine figure?" Both of them looked at her a bit puzzled, because they both thought Dani had a very attractive figure.

Mrs. Lambert figured out what they were thinking before they had a chance to voice the question that was bothering them. She started talking again, "You have a thirty-eight chest size, and a twenty-eight waist size. You also only have a thirty hip size. Now there are some surgeons that can give you fuller hips so that you don't have to take hormones to have a womanly figure. My guess is you are happy being a man, you are just living the career of a woman. In order for the clothes to look one hundred percent proper, you would need to have fuller hips. As I have spent much of my money in the name of "Vanity," I do know of several surgeons that would be happy to take a little more business. The reason I am asking is simple. If you are going to go with the fuller hips, we wouldn't use the more expensive material for the dresses you need before then. If you are going to keep this figure, we could use the material I had planned to use to begin with. Due to your hips, I will definitely have to taper your skirts that you select. For right now though, I would like to be cost effective."

Dani told her to hold on for a second, and grabbed her cellular out of her purse. She dialed the number directly into Ms. Stanton's office. When she picked up the phone he said, "Hello Ms. Stanton, This is Dani, we are at Lady's Business getting fitted for my new work outfits, and Mrs. Lambert here posed an interesting question. She wanted to know if I would be working on getting a more feminine figure. There is only about two inches different between my waist and my hips, so she will have to tailor any of my suits I decide on today."

Ms. Stanton told replied, "Dani, you are now the representative of the new line, we will spend what ever is needed for the proper look. If we have to send you back to get fitted again, we will be happy to do so. When you are modeling we want you to look good, and be comfortable at the same time, so you do what you feel is best to make you feel comfortable, and Lady's Business will do what I feel is best to make you look good in clothing. Any other questions?"

After Dani replied no, and said farewell, she turned back to Mrs. Lambert and asked her to excuse her and Stacy for a moment. Mrs. Lambert said she would be back in a few minutes from the back room, she had some things she wanted to grab that would go either way. Dani informed Stacy of the conversation from Ms. Stanton's side of the call, and wanted to know what would be best for the two of them before any decisions were made. Stacy said to her, the company wants you to look good, so we go full outfits, and we can talk about it more at home when we have time to weight the pros and cons of the whole thing. Dani agreed, and they waited for Mrs. Lambert to come back out.

When Mrs. Lambert got back, Dani and Stacy told her how things went with Ms. Stanton. From that moment on they proceeded as if the clothes were going to be a permanent fit. Everything was to be top of the line. By the time they concluded business at ten fifteen, Dani had several outfits she would be able to wear for work. They wouldn't be ready today, but Dani had some clothing he would be able to get by with until everything was ready. Mrs. Lambert said the outfits would be ready by Wednesday afternoon, at which time they would pick them up. The lingerie store, and the shoe stores were not so much of a problem as getting fitted for ladies business suits. The only problem that arose out of the two stores was a very flustered shoe salesman that got a look at Dani's panties. Little was the salesman aware that it was a set up, one conjured before Dani and Stacy even stepped foot inside the store.

Dani and Stacy got back to work around quarter to one. Upon their return, Dani went to her supervisor, and asked if the two of them could have the rest of the day off. Linda looked up at Dani and said, "You are not one of my employees anymore Dani, I have no control over you. You will need to report directly to Ms. Stanton. If she does give you the rest of the day off, let me know and I'll give Stacy the rest of the day off."

After thanking Linda for her information and willingness to work, Dani headed for Ms. Stanton's office. When she got to Ms. Stanton's office, she was let in, and sat down once again opposite of Ms. Stanton. Ms. Stanton said, "Dani, now that you are a representative of a line, you will need your own office. You will be sharing my secretary, as you will need a contact inside the company for when you are away on business. Lucy will be able to help you out if you need to "Call Home." Other than that, you will be making your own arrangements as far as travel is concerned. I would imagine that you will want to be home as much as you can be so you can spend time with Stacy, so by making your own arrangements, you will be able to spend maximum time, and get directly where you are going from anywhere. Any questions?"

Dani seemed to be in deep thought for several minutes, then said. "I was wondering what I will be doing when I'm not gone on a trip."

Ms. Stanton said rather sweetly, "Dani, that is what you are here for, to make your travel arrangements. You will also be doing some of the tours through the facility when you are here if they are here to see the TC's Conversion. There may be some that come here not knowing about the men's line, but may want to talk to the rep while being here. If you are here during those moments, you will be expected to talk to them and answer any questions you have knowledge of."

"Well," Dani started, "That sounds easy enough. I will need to know what to do when I am away from here on business though.'

"Yes," Ms Stanton said, "you will need to know, that is what the plane tickets that were on your desk are for. You are going to New York for some modeling training. You will be working eight hours a day for 4 weeks in New York. As you may have noticed, there were two tickets in the envelope. One for you, and one for Stacy. We know that it would be a great idea, and you both have several weeks of built up vacation. You will not be charged vacation hours during your training, but Stacy will be if she chooses to go with you. I believe she only has two and a half weeks of vacation, so we will make a concession to let you donate some of your vacation time to her if you would like her to stay in New York with you the whole time you are there. Remember though, you are going to spend eighty hours working on modeling, and an additional eighty hours to learn how to be an excellent rep for Today's Cosmetics™. You have until Friday to decide if she is going to go with you. You will need to be on a plane to New York at 8:45 Friday morning or the tickets will need to be brought back to me."

Dani smiled and replied, "I have a feeling Stacy would enjoy New York City for a month. I may have trouble getting her back here though if it's as wonderful as people say it is."

Ms. Stanton said, "For the remainder of the week, you will need to make arrangements for your accommodations while you are in New York City. The expense card that was in the envelope will pay for anything in New York. You are a now a major representative of Today's Cosmetics, so you will be expected to be in the finest hotels in the finest cities. If you do carry cash, only keep enough on you for cab fair while on personal errands. If you are not on a personal errand, you will be using a limousine to make any rounds that need made. Dinners will be at company's expense along with the accommodations. I think it will be a good time for you to learn some of the benefits of being a model, and New York is the place to do so. Lucy will be able to help you with contact numbers for some of the finest places to stay in New York."

Suddenly Dani had a question that would need some answers. "Ms. Stanton, the owner of Lady's Business brought up some questions about hip implants to fill out the finer of the women's attire. Stacy and I are going to talk about checking into that later when we get home. I may need to take some time off for healing if we do decide that it would be best. If I am going to do this right, I am going to need to stay in women's attire any time I am out of our apartment. We are going over the pros and cons to the change, if we decide that it would be a good idea, how likely is it that I can get some time off for recovery?"

Ms. Stanton was stunned at first, and it took several moments to wear off, when she composed herself she had questions of her own. "Is that going to be a permanent change for you Dani? It may end up being something that is irreversible if you decide to change employers at some point. If you do decide to go through with it, I'm sure I can talk to the corporate office and work out a schedule that will be great for your recovery. If you do decide to do it, let me know before you go to New York if you can. You may take longer talking over such a major move like that if it is irreversible. If you know you are going to do it, I have been through the representative training, and I know you would be able to do that part of the training and recover at the same time. It's more of a scholastic type of training, so it won't require too much movement on your part. One more thing before you go, when you are done with the modeling training, it is accustom for a model to have someone around them that works similar to a bodyguard. If you would like, you can select someone. It is not something that you need to do right away, so you will have time to think it over if you would like to. Now, if there isn't anything else, go see Lucy, she will show you to your office. When you are done making your arrangements for your accommodations; let her know the details. She will get everything all set in stone. She is very good, she may even be able to upgrade some things you may overlook while you are setting up."

Dani thanked Ms. Stanton for her time and headed to Lucy's desk. Lucy, as Dani had been informed, led Dani to her office. Dani got down to business of making arrangements for a stay for two in New York City. Lucy had given her a list of several of the best places for a guest of NYC to stay. Dani was grateful for the list. She did not ask questions such as the cost of the rooms, nor the amenities. She knew that it was going to be the best place she had ever stayed either as a man or a woman. When Dani had finished with all of the New York arrangements, she got ahold of Lucy and filled her in. Lucy then informed her that she had the rest of the week off until it was time to leave for New York City. Lucy explained that until she had been through her training, she would not be able to effectively do the job she had been moved into. Lucy also explained the company felt since she was no longer in one of the technical departments, that some time off before the trip would be an excellent reward for the representative of TC's Conversion.

Once Dani had gotten everything taken care of, and collected her purse, she went to get Stacy. Dani was going to tell Stacy the rest of her day was arranged to be a day off, but wasn't expecting her in Linda's area just shooting the breeze. Linda had talked to Lucy earlier and knew that Dani was only going to be there long enough for Ms. Stanton to go over the training in New York. Thus, Linda knew Dani would be coming by soon enough to find Stacy and take her home.

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