Dr. Feelgood


My husband and I had been married for many years, and we were having problems in the bedroom, due to my latent frigidity, so we were referred to Dr. Kris Ryers for therapy. When we met with her, the first thing I noticed was her height. She was easily six feet tall, if she was an inch. Her figure was another story. She had the biggest breasts, the smallest waist, and the longest legs I'd ever seen on a woman. On top of that, she had the nerve to wear high heels! My husband had a hard time keeping his eyes on her face, not to mention concentrating on what she said, but he managed. During our sessions, I often wondered how she managed to stand up and not fall over, but never had the nerve to ask her.

We sat and talked for the first few sessions, separately and together. I don't know what my husband told her, but I felt comfortable with her, and revealed all of my deepest, darkest secrets. By the sixth session, she met with me privately and told me that she had a certain kind of therapy that might help me loosen up. "Is it hypnosis?" I asked, "Because I've had that already, and it didn't work all that well." She laughed, and said it wasn't, but that I would enjoy it.

I showed up the following week for the session, and she told me to follow her downstairs. The room she led me to was dark and warm. In the middle of the room, handcuffs were hanging from the ceiling, and ankle cuffs were on the floor. There was a big metal X bolted to the floor, and she told me to sit down on it. "Don't worry; I keep it warm down here so it never gets cold." I sat down. She stood in front of me, and said, "The first part of this is, I will tie you up on this X and massage you, in order for you to relax. After that, I'm going to tickle you. Don't worry, you'll love it. You can scream or laugh as loud as you want; no one will hear you. Are you ok with this?"

I was in complete shock, but also intrigued by what she said. I'm very ticklish, and I was concerned about letting go of my control. "I guess it's ok, but you won't hurt me, will you?"

"Only if you want me to." she teased.

"No, I don't want that, but I guess the rest is okay."

She left the room briefly, and yelled back for me to undress. I removed my clothes, and decided to hit the bathroom while I had the chance, so that I wouldn't pee on myself. When she came back, she was dressed in this dominatrix outfit, and it made her breasts looked even bigger. My eyes bugged out when she looked at me, and she smiled and licked her lips. She asked if I had any other questions before she began, and I shook my head. We came up with a safe word I was to say when I'd had enough, and we agreed that she would stop immediately, but she hoped I wouldn't say it until way after "the good part".

While I wondering what "the good part" was, she reached up and grabbed one of the handcuffs, put my hand into it, and locked it. She did the same for my other hand, and both ankles, so now I'm strapped in a sitting position on this X, with my legs wide open. She began by massaging my neck, and I closed my eyes. Her hands felt really good. "Are you ok?" she asked. All I could do was nod, and expose a little more neck for her to massage. Her hands continued on my neck, then went further, down to my breasts. She moved to stand in front of me, straddling my leg, and she leaned over and began to tickle my breasts. I had no idea that breasts were so ticklish, so I laughed, and began to squirm around. She continued tickling me faster and faster, making me laugh uncontrollably. She didn't let up for what seemed like an eternity, tickling my arms, stomach and legs, and saying things like, "You like this, huh? You want this? You want me to suck you off?"

When she would tickle my nipples, I got such a tingly feeling in my pussy, it was unreal! My hips bucked, and I could feel myself getting so wet down there. She went down my legs, tickling all the way, and realized that the insides of my thighs were the most sensitive. She tickled me there, and had me really screaming. I was close to saying the safe word, but she left them and reached my feet, and tickled them mercilessly. I screamed with laughter, and could hardly breathe. I begged her to stop, just so I could breathe for a minute, and after another few seconds, she did stop.

My chest was heaving, my legs were twitching, and I watched her walk around the room, picking up this and touching that, contemplating whether or not to use it on me. She decided on a couple of feathers, and used them on my feet first, and then tortured my clit with them and her tongue, at the same time! What I mean is, she had my clit captured between the feathers, and was licking it, making me really scream. I could feel myself having an orgasm, my first in a long time. She took the feathers away, and began to lick me clean, stabbing her tongue into my pussy over and over, making me come all over again.

She really liked going down on me, (so did I!) and kept at it. It seemed like hours before she let up. Between the tickling and her going down on me, I forgot what the safe word was! I had so many orgasms, I passed out from ecstasy. When I woke up, I found myself fully clothed and back in her office, lying on the couch. I laid there, wondering how I'd gotten there, and she told me she dressed me, but my husband had carried me up to her office. She indicated the other chair, and there he was, with this big smile on his face. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"I feel fine, very relaxed, and very horny!" I said, as I sat up. She laughed and went on to explain that he had been watching us the whole time, through a one way mirror. I looked at him, and said, "You were jacking off watching me??" He sheepishly admitted that he had been watching. He had gotten such a hard-on from watching my reaction to her, and he still had it. I looked at his pants, and there it was, a small tent, but a tent nonetheless. I smiled, got up and walked over to him. Kneeling down in front of him, I unzipped his pants, and freed him to my view. He slid his pants down past his hips, and I took him in my mouth, and played him like a flute. When I knew he was about to explode, I got up and sat on his lap, facing away from him. I looked at Dr. Ryers, and she was watching us with avid interest. "Come here," I whispered, and she did. She brought a chair over, and sat down in front of me. I opened her blouse, and exposed those massive breasts. They were so beautiful, very real and warm; there were no implants. I couldn't stop touching them, couldn't see anything else. I took a nipple into my mouth, and sucked gently. Dr. Ryers threw her head back, and moaned a little.

"Oh yes, keep going. I like that." she said. She stroked my head, and I continued suckling her. I was still bouncing on my husband, and I realized her legs were open, and she was fingering herself. I moved her hand, and replaced it with mine, feeling her wetness. She was so juicy, and I brought my fingers up and tasted her. "Mmmmm, you taste really good." She smiled, and leaned back in the chair, hiking up her skirt and spreading her legs wide. I got off my husband, and dived in between her legs. I licked her pussy like a pro, using my fingers and tongue to bring her to orgasm. Up and down, in and out, her clit would get hard and soft, depending on what I did. When it was hard, I would suck on it, when it got soft, I would lick elsewhere, until it got hard again. She came like a tsunami, and I drank her dry. My husband watched the whole thing, and he jerked off until he exploded on my back. I licked her clean, and sat back. My husband took some tissues off a nearby table, and cleaned off my back. Dr. Ryers was breathing hard, and she said, "Wow. You lied to me. You said you were frigid, but those weren't the moves of a sexually frigid woman. Have you done that before?"

"No, never. I've watched lots of lesbian porn, and I learned from that. That was one secret I didn't tell you. I'm sorry." She waved it off, as she stood and straightened her skirt.

As I stood up and straightened my clothes. I looked at my husband and said, "Come on, let's go home."

My husband stood up and walked out ahead of me. I stayed behind with the doctor for a quick second. "Thanks so much, Dr. Um, can I meet with you again for some more, um, therapy?"

She smiled. "Yes, you can, if you want to. I won't even charge you for the visits." I smiled at her, leaned up and gave her a kiss on her cheek, sneaking a quick squeeze of her breast. She smiled back at me. I smiled to myself as I walked out the door, thinking that I might learn something new from Dr. Ryers, and my sex life would be all that much better.

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