tagSci-Fi & FantasyDr. Snip Ch. 05

Dr. Snip Ch. 05


Dr. Snip 5

Crusher Carnelli wasn't worried about Dr. Snip, he had been attacked many times by many enemies and he was still here. As he was fond of telling people he didn't have any friends, but he also didn't have any enemies, alive that is.

There was something puzzling him, about the heads in this bed. When his men had tried to remove them, they had left a mess of bloody drips all over his cream carpet. Crusher wondered how Snip had managed to get twelve bloody severed heads into his bed, without making a similar mess.

However Carnelli was a very smart man; and he believed in the power of technology. Sweets and his crew had been expendable, and if the video he had just received explained there untimely demises, then their sacrifice would be worth it.

The warehouse hade been monitored by CCTV; and he was just about to watch the last minutes of Sweets & Co. The video commenced with Sweets setting up his ambush, it seemed perfectly adequate to Crusher. The video had four screens, that showed the warehouse from four different cameras.

He saw Snip walk up to the warehouse door and look up at the emergency power cut-off switch. It was located just to the right of the door, and about eight foot off the ground. Crusher watched as Snip drew a sword from behind his back. Using the four foot blade, he switched off the power to the warehouse.

He then kicked the door open and seemed to vanish into thin air, as a storm of bullets ripped through the steel door and walls. The mass of lead passed through the space he had recently occupied. Crusher went to freeze the film, but changed his mind and decided to watch it right through before getting sidetracked.

Once the firing ceased, Snip re-appeared outside the door waiting for Bones to emerge. Bones was so stunned to see the man still standing, that by the time he raised his gun, Snip had swung that sword and sliced his head off.

Sweets then sent two more soldiers to check on Bones. Crusher watched fascinated as Snip vanished again. He re-appeared inside the warehouse, in the middle of a group of soldiers. Before any could react he picked the one nearest, and again swung his sword, with a meaty thud another head hit the concrete floor.

Crusher heard Sweets scream the order to shoot, and the group of soldiers on the left of sweets fired. Snip vanished again, leaving the right hand group of men to receive the devastating lead storm that killed them all.

The outside camera then recorded the two soldiers that were outside, turn to run back into the warehouse. They stopped dead in their tracks, as Snip appeared in front of them.

His sword was already swinging, and the two soldiers were standing so close together, that he was able to decapitate both men at one stroke. Again he vanished, and Crusher heard his warning to the remaining soldiers.

The warning wasn't heeded and two more soldiers died, leaving Sweets alone. Crusher watched with professional interest as Snip questioned Sweets. When he had obtained the information he required, he vanished again.

He left Sweets alive, albeit minus a hand and foot. The scene jumped to the adjoining warehouse, where the kids were kept. Crusher watched as Snip killed the sadistic female guard, and freed the kids. He talked to some of the children and then almost to fast to take in, Snip vanished from warehouse two.

He reappeared in front of Sweets, decapitated him and vanished again. By the time Crusher had redirected his attention to the other screen, Snip, the kids and a forty-foot steel container had vanished. Sweets, ten soldiers and the woman lay dead, and the kids were gone.

Crusher was an intelligent man, he knew about camera tricks. He suspected that Snip was something of an illusionist. Therefore he sent the tape to a Laboratory for examination, whilst he planned his plans. First priority was his own safety; he picked up the phone and called a specialist.

Oscar Stalin was at his computer, when he heard a polite cough behind him. 'Dr. Snip, or should I call you Ogun, Spirit of War, nice of you to drop in again,' he said without turning from the screen. Stalin recited the Voodoo prayer to the Voodoo God of War.

Ogun, Ogun, de Timbire Ogun de mana Zambe dao Luanda As aves cantam quando ele vem de Aruanda Trazendo pemba para salvar filhos de Unbanda Oh japones, olha as costas do mar Oh japones, olha as costas do mar.

'When did you first suspect it was me?' asked the man. 'Ogun, God of War, bathes in blood, the first time we met I knew you were here because I could smell blood. When I first saw you, you were covered in the blood of my guards. Had I realised then who you were, I would never have tried to kill you.'

'Mawu Lisa, sends her regards, I am merely repaying a favour I owe her.' replied Steve. 'Ah the spirit of Creation, I see now where the children come into this. Mawu Lisa is the protector of children, but is unable to destroy,' said Stalin. 'It is a shame that other men are not as reasonable as yourself,' said Steve.

'That being the case I need to know who to leave alive amongst Carnelli's lieutenants, so when they take over they will comply with my demands.' 'By Take over you mean after you have killed Carnelli?' said Stalin. 'He didn't take me seriously, I had to send him twelve reminders.'

'Yes so I have been informed, the man is under the impression that you are a human being. He has had no experience of Loas. I would suggest "Numbers" Carletta, he is a cold blooded man who calculates the odds for every action, he will see that it is cheaper to comply than to fight you.'

'Thank you, I will inform "Numbers" that he owes you a favour.' Stalin didn't bother to look round, he sensed the office was empty. He turned back to his computer, Carnelli was a dead man walking and Stalin had to plan his next moves with that in mind.

It was such a large building that KIS, seemed to be the best way of finding "Numbers". The receptionist was a beautiful intelligent woman, who had no idea that she was working for the mob. She smiled a professional smile, at the big man in the black coat.

'I'm afraid that Mr. Carletta only sees visitors by appointment sir.' 'Fair enough Miss, could I make an appointment to see him asap?' 'Steve watched, as the girl looked through her computer for a empty slot.'

He saw what he was looking for when "Numbers" room No. appeared on the screen. 'How about .......?' The girl realised that the man had gone.

"Numbers" Carletta was a dry stick of a man; he had a doctorate in economics and was the mobs accountant.

He lived in the world of figures; he didn't like people at all. They were unpredictable and messy, figures could lie but only if he played with them first. A shadow fell across his keyboard, and he looked up to see a big man standing far too close to him.


"Numbers"?' 'Mr. Carletta if you don't mind,' whispered the dry voice. 'My name is Dr. Snip, have you heard of me?' 'We are twelve assets missing because of you,' I believe.

'Tough, you are soon going to be missing "Crusher Carnelli".' Steve explained his plan to the little man, and asked him the question. 'We can survive without the monies from that particular business. So yes, I would go along with that scenario, if indeed it came about,' agreed Numbers coldly.

Crusher felt a presence in the room, and looked up to see Snip standing just inside the door, sword in hand. 'Not camera trickery then?' crusher commented as the big man moved towards him.

Crusher calmly pressed a button in his pocket; it was a radio transmitter. It released an odourless gas from canisters placed around his house. He had planned that wherever he was accosted by Snip, both he and Snip would be within range of its effects.

Steve was surprised to see Crusher smile at him, before collapsing onto the floor. He was considering what to do when the lights went out. Steve's limp body followed Crusher's to the floor, his sword falling from his hand.

As planned, the release of the gas triggered an alarm in the guard's room. Donning gas masks they rushed to Crusher's location, and found both him and his would be assailant crumpled on the floor unconscious. Snip was stripped down to his underpants, and securely tied up. His effects including his sword were piled in a heap, and the guards then waited for the effects of the gas to wear off.

Crusher came round first, his head was pounding with pain but he still had a head for which he was grateful. Seeing Snip trussed up on his floor, cheered him up no end. His guards helped him to his feet, and congratulated him on a perfectly executed plan.

'Take him down to the basement, I will be questioning him as soon as I have fully recovered,' ordered Crusher. He was in no rush; he planned to have a few hours sleep and something to eat. That would be just the thing to remove all traces of the gasses effects, from his body and mind.

When Steve woke up, he was handcuffed to a steel chair that was bolted to the floor. He instinctively tried to jump via the QT, but nothing happened. His device had been taken from him, as had his clothes and sword. He looked around; he was in a concrete walled room, possibly a basement.

The design of the chair, indicated that this was the interrogation room for the mob. Glancing down at the floor he saw a drain in its centre. Various implements were arrayed on stainless steel trays, placed on a steel table to one side of the chair. There was a camera pointing at him.

Fuck it; thought Steve this is not good. It wasn't in his nature to rail at fate, so he just sat quietly and waited. Crusher watched him on the monitor. 'Go in there and threaten to hit him with a baseball bat, don't actually hit him but stop your swing just before touching him,' he ordered his main bodyguard.

Steve heard the door open behind him, steps approached. By the sound of them it was a big heavy man. As he moved around to stand in front of Steve; it was obvious he wasn't here to rescue him. In his meaty hands was a baseball bat, without warning he swung it straight at Steve's face.

Steve's eyes closed in reflex, as he braced himself for the pain. After a few seconds he realised that there was no impact or pain. He opened his eyes, to see the baseball bat hovering just in front of his nose. The thug smirked at him and walked out of the room.

Interesting, very interesting, mused Crusher. He didn't disappear; he just sat there thinking his face was going to be smashed. He didn't disappear; because he couldn't disappear. Crusher was a great believer in technology, this was just technology nothing else.

He sifted through Snip's possessions; he considered the sword. Why on earth would Snip use a fucking sword instead of a gun? Could it be the sword that was the key? Crusher was alone in his study as he tried to figure this problem out. He wanted no help in this; he was a clever man and what he learned he would keep to himself.

He checked the sword thoroughly, looking for hidden switches or buttons. Nothing could be found to tell him, that this was anything but a simple killing machine. He reluctantly turned to the cell phone; Snip had a top of the range cell phone. Crusher hated cell phones; he preferred the old-fashioned landline. He had banned them from his presence; none of his soldiers carried them on pain of his displeasure.

The FBI routinely monitored cell phones, and many of his associates in the mob were serving time because of their misplaced trust in these gadgets. He had no idea what all the buttons and gizmos did, it annoyed him intensely but he would have to ask Snip how he did what he did.

Steve looked up when the door opened, and Crusher walked in. He sat in a chair opposite Steve, and regarded this strange person. 'What are you Snip? CIA, MI5 some secret agency determined to destroy me?' asked Crusher politely. 'I suggest you ask Stalin, if you are really curious he might tell you,' replied Steve equally politely.

'I try to deal as little as possible with Stalin, he has his own agenda as have I,' admitted Crusher. 'I am surprised he didn't kill you.' 'He tried his best,' replied Steve ' but saw the error of his ways before it was too late.'

'Why do you use a sword instead of a gun?' Steve saw no harm in answering Crushers questions, providing they didn't relate to his time travelling attributes. 'I like to be sure who I am killing, a gun is a less precise tool than a sword.'

'Your trick in the warehouse proved that point very well, getting Sweets own men to shoot their fellow soldiers,' agreed Crusher. Alarm bells went off in Steve's mind; he had left no witnesses to that event. How could Crusher know about it? 'Teleportation springs to my mind,' continued Crusher, but were that the case why on earth would you still be here if you could just vanish?'

Steve smiled, ' Perhaps I want to be here, I enjoy conversing with someone as astute as yourself. It is a shame that you won't reconsider your stance on Child slavery. That is the only bone of contention between us,' he said.

'I beg to differ Dr. Snip, there is the small matter of twelve of my soldiers decapitated to address.'

'We both know that was just a test, to see if I was worthy of your time. I hope the show I put on for your cameras was entertaining.' Steve realised that there was only one logical way Crusher could know about the events in the warehouse; it was monitored by CCTV.

Crusher made a decision and walked over to a telephone on the wall of the room. He rang Stalin's direct number. 'Yes?' said Stalin. 'Carnelli.' 'What do you want?' 'I have Snip, who is he?' asked Crusher.

'Let him go, if you kill him it won't matter, he will still kill you if he wishes.' 'If I kill him he will be dead,' protested Crusher. 'No mon, if you kill him, that body will be dead, but he wont be.' 'Thank you Stalin, goodbye,' said Crusher politely.

Crusher hung up the phone; he respected Stalin despite the fact that he came from a culture steeped in superstition. He walked back over to his chair and sat down again. 'You have certainly impressed Stalin; he is convinced that I cannot kill you. Perhaps he is right, but we could always try the same persuasion on you that you used on Sweets. What would you say, if I told my men to cut off your right hand?'

'Please don't do that, I need it to pick my nose,' answered Steve. He was using every drop of his courage, to project the fact that he wasn't afraid of death. His only chance at the moment; was to talk his way out of this situation.

Crusher conceded that he would have to ask outright, how Snip had vanished and re-appeared at will. He had been hoping that he could deduce the means by himself, but realised that this was simply too strange for conventional minds to solve.

'If you don't mind me asking, where is my sword?' said Steve suddenly. Crusher's mind jumped on the fact that despite being nearly naked, Snip hadn't asked where his clothes were. He seemed more concerned about this sword. 'Your sword is in my study, it is quite safe,' he replied.

'If you are going to cut bits off this body, perhaps you could use my sword to do it,' suggested Steve. 'It does have a poetic feel about it, I will send for it while we talk,' agreed Crusher. He motioned to one of the men standing behind Steve, and the man left the room.

Steve started counting silently to himself. 'Very well Snip, I will ask you once only. How did you vanish and re-appear as you apparently did on the tape?' 'You had already worked it out for yourself, Teleportation,' answered Steve. Stalin's ego was pleased but he had to ask.

'If you can teleport why don't you do so now?' In answer Steve rattled the steel handcuffs holding him to the chair. 'If I jump out whilst being handcuffed to this chair, I will lose both my hands.' 'If what you say is true, then you are far too dangerous to let live; despite the warnings of my associate.' said Crusher. 'I must admit, I was hoping that you were using technology, had that been the case then I could have used it as well. However if you are a natural teleporter, then I assume I have no chance of doing what you do, is that correct Snip?'

To Steve's relief, Crushers man returned with Excalibur. Two hundred and thirty seconds Merlin, thought Steve to the old wizard sitting on the table. 'Well within QT field limits', confirmed the old man, 'any preference?' We will have to wait a bit, until one of my hands is freed.

'You have hit the nail on the head Crusher, only I can do what I do,' said Steve out loud.

'Then you leave me no choice but to kill you. However in fairness to Sweets I think your idea of using your sword to cut off bits of you is a good one, and I will happily oblige you,' said Crusher. 'Marcos, cut off Snips right hand,' he ordered the man with the sword.

Steve moved his arm down, as far as the handcuffs allowed. 'I can't get to his hand like that boss, someone will have to hold it out for me,' complained Marcos. Crusher sighed, just when things had been going so smoothly, Snip had to fuck about. 'Jules, undo the handcuff and hold out his arm for Marcos,' growled Crusher.

Jules approached warily, the other men drew and aimed their guns at Steve's head, as the handcuff was unlocked. The snick of the cuff releasing, was Merlin's cue to operate the QT device and jump out. All around him the thugs collapsed onto the floor to join Crusher.

Steve reached down and picked up the keys to the handcuffs, dropped by Jules. He calmly released himself, and stood up carefully. His legs were stiff, and ignoring the unconscious men he went to retrieve his clothes and possessions.

He locked the room behind him; he didn't want anybody wandering off. When he was dressed, and had the QT device back on his waist where it belonged, he felt much better. 'That went well I thought old friend,' he said to Merlin.

'Yes Steve, although I am relieved that the device was so close. I would have been concerned less the field strength was insufficient to jump the entire building to the location you thought of,' replied the old wizard.

'Well I thought if we could jump tons of gold from here to there, a little building wouldn't be too much of a problem,' said Steve sliding Excalibur into its hidden sheath.

When he returned to the room, Crusher and his goons were still unconscious due to the effects of the QT field on the human body. After a while the body got used to it and didn't lose consciousness. However everyone in the entire building, from secretary to Crusher himself was unconscious.

All except Marcos, his enormous body seemed to shake off the effects far quicker than the rest of the thugs. Steve was dragging the thugs into the centre of the room; he was planning on leaving them outside the building. Suddenly his viewpoint changed, as he was automatically jumped to the side of his original position.

The sound of a heavy calibre handgun was deafening in the confines of the room, as Marcos fired point blank at his back. Merlin's bullet dodging field proved its worth, as Steve was transported out of the path of the lead projectile. Dr. Snip drew his sword as Marcos fired again. This time he was ready for the relocation, and as he re-appeared to the side of the giant thug he thrust Excalibur through the man's torso.

Such was the animal strength of Marcos, that he backhanded Snip across the room. Grabbing hold of Excalibur's hilt, Marcos pulled it from his body. That was a big mistake; it was only the blade that was staunching the flow of blood from his skewered body. As it was pulled out, a jet of blood splashed across the room and painted the wall red.

Marcos mouth filled with blood, and he fell to his knees with a mighty crash. The sword fell from his unresponsive fingers, and was recovered by Snip. Marcos's attack had given the rest of the thug's time to recover. They threw themselves onto the big man in the centre of the room.

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