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Dragons After Dark


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Dragons after Dark

"Well, well, little dragon. I see you are adequately prepared for me."

Folding her wings in close to her back, the feral emerald green dragoness parted her formidable jaws in a draconian smirk. Walking on all fours, she approached the smaller male in the middle of his cave, illuminated only by candles spaced around the rough walls. He must have stolen them from a nearby village - too reclusive a type to mingle with intelligent beings in light of day - but she appreciated the touch nonetheless. Tail swishing, Amethyst rumbled a laugh at the bound male, black scales glistening wetly as moisture dripped from the ceiling, a continuous plip-plop. His snout rested on top of his paws and he peered up at her, tail arched up wickedly over his bowed back, rump high in the air as if he was waiting for her attention.

She held her head high, yellow horns protruding straight back from her skull and a wind-ruffled emerald mane, her underscales a lighter shade than the bulk of her body. As she stalked, claws clicking over stone, she poured magic into her soul, growing larger with every step, muscle rippling beneath her scaly hide. The dragoness chuffed a laugh. It was a benefit of being a shape-shifter that her form was fluid, moulding to her will as and when she chose to change. On fine form, there was not a dragon that could overpower her and her domain was unchallenged, even if she only visited it upon occasion in her feral form, choosing anthro life for the majority of her time. Though there were some rather charming individuals, such as the fine black and purple scaled Zaros, that she would transform especially for, upon the occasional visit.

She stalked around him in a circle, taking in the bow of his body with a sharp, yellow eye with a slit for the pupil. The dragon flexed his toes and tried to watch her progress, tail bound with two strips of leather that lashed it tight to the collar around his neck, old hide toughened by weather: a scrap coveted and tamed to his bondage needs. Amethyst brushed her snout over his spine and revelled in his shiver, tail tugging fruitlessly on the collar. Self-bondage was all well and good if one could release themselves but this little dragon had no hope of escape.

"Little dragon, you should have shown more caution that this," she chided. "Inviting a strange lady into your lair. One would almost think that you wanted me to abuse you."

Zaros grumbled into the gag tying his muzzle shut, teeth locked together as neatly as they would close upon his prey if he was hunting. Only, this time, he was the prey for a more powerful predator who had no interest in devouring him. Amethyst had something very different in mind.

Or at least he hoped she did.

Standing before the dragon, Amethyst backed up so that her hind paws thudded heavily to the ground on either side of his head, just barely nudging his grey horns to remind the dragon of the position he was it. It would be so easy to demonstrate her dominance by crushing his head into the ground with a hind paw and she trembled, pussy clenching at the thought. One did not always have to take every display of dominance offered, though it still played to arouse her.

Poor drake...

With the tip of her tail, Amethyst neatly undid the binding around his muzzle, leaving his paws crudely tied for the time being. Zaros lifted his head and stretched out his neck, working his jaw to relieve some of the tension there. He blinked, eyes adjusting to the light as he had kept them closed for some time before her arrival - she had taken rather a long time in her opinion, but it was not his place to say.

"What are you doing to do to me?" He whispered instead, spreading and fluttering his wings like a fledgling let out of the nest for the first time. "Please...don't hurt me."

Amethyst locked her gaze with his and stared him down until the dragon crumpled to the stone floor, a whimpering burbling from his lips.

"Quiet," she snarled, her voice a low rumble. "I don't believe I said you could talk."

Zaros had almost formed the word 'sorry' before clamping his jaws shut again and casting his eyes down, cowed by her size and snarl. An electric shiver tickled his spine and the dragon chanced a glance up to see her legs bending, pussy descending towards his muzzle. He did not need to be told what to do.

Lapping eagerly over her vent, Zaros drove his tongue into her pussy, finding the softer scales of her lips and the nectar within. He murred softly, tail tip twitching, and wriggled his tongue until he discovered the nub of her clit, tucked under the lip of her vent in a draconian feature that was similar to that of a mammal but not quiet. It was uniquely Amethyst and he knew her sex well, perhaps too well, enough that he understood exactly how to draw wicked shivers from her body as her pussy slowly but steadily drenched his muzzle.

Amethyst swung her tail over his head and growled, though whether the sound was from pleasure or displeasure he could not tell. It was difficult to tell very much with her.

"I will hurt you if I wish to, dragon," she hissed. "So you'd best dig that tongue in nice and deep."

Whining, the dragon bobbed his muzzle and pressed his lips to her sex, tongue driving in as if he was French kissing her pussy - not that he would know what that manner of kiss was. A kiss was a kiss to a dragon and quite a challenge with their kind of jaws.

"Mmm..." She parted her jaws and exhaled, sides heaving. "That's more like it. Eat me out like it's the last thing you'll ever do, dragon. Or perhaps it will be."

The threat hung in the air and Zaros flinched, playing his tongue over her clit as if his life really did depend on it. He dipped into the sweet nectar with revere, teasing and stroking through the intimate passage for the cluster of nerves that was the dragoness' sweet spot. Stomping, the dragoness arched and shook her mane off her neck, jaws parted to pant heavily. Heat radiated from her pussy and his cock twitched in response, dropping from the neat sheath on the underside of his stomach, close to where his hind legs joined with the mass of his body. It was inherently right to be beneath a powerful female, serving her whims with adoration and lust. His tongue flicked rapidly and Amethyst groaned, flanks trembling.

Growling, the dragoness pressed back to his muzzle, tail swaying with a mind of its own. He shivered with the thought of what she could do to him if he did not please her well enough. Bound as he was - willingly bound by his own paws! - the dragon was as helpless as a hatchling, reverted to that stage of his life where he was forced to depend on another for solace and sustenance. Amethyst purred and a fresh gush of juices splashed over his muzzle.

Threats were all part of their game.

Amethyst spread her wings and flapped three times, buffeting Zaros with the downdraft. He blinked against the sudden gust, licking more fervently as he eased her towards her peak, the first orgasm always a swift and sudden one for her. He ground his snout into her pussy, smearing the fine black scales with slick sexual juices as his cock hung ostentatiously from its sheath, the pink tapered tip pointing down to the ground. Bucking his hips, he whimpered into her scales and sought to grind into something, anything - anything that would supply even an iota of relief.

But that relief was for the dragoness to give, if she so desired. He had no say in that matter.

With a roar that shook the founding of the cave itself, Amethyst climaxed, wings pumping as if she strove to launch herself into the air. Her tail curled around his neck and squeezed, cutting off his air supply as she contained herself through orgasm, able to snap his neck with a single twist of the prehensile limb. She snapped at empty air and spouted a jet of fire to the cavern roof, scorching a black mark across tone, as ecstasy rolled through her body, boulders thundering down an emotional landscape.

She released the hold on the dragon's neck with a groan, arching her muzzle down to the ground where she inhaled slowly and deeply, snout scooting pebbles across the ground. As she came down from her high, the dragon continued to lick, caressing her passage in long, luxurious laps as if bathing her in praise and adoration. Zaros held his breath even after her tail was removed and snaked his tongue in deep, the very tip tickling her cervix in a kiss that sent further ripples through her body.

Returning to herself and some semblance of motion, though her legs buckled beneath her weight, Amethyst rumbled with pleasure and stepped away from her victim, tail lashing. The motion was hypnotic and Zaros' eyes followed the green fluffy tip back and forth, back and forth, several times and it was a moment before he realised exactly what the dragoness was doing. Her body, yet again, was changing in front of his very eyes.

She spread her hind legs apart as a sheath grew between them, a pair of heavy, plump balls swelling with dragon seed. Her arousal, never sated after a mere single climax, bid her cock to drop from the leathery sheath, hanging proudly as pre cum beaded at the tip in thick, fat dollops. There was an audible 'plop' of moisture as it dripped to the ground and splattered, drops flicking on to Zaros' paws. The dragon gulped and fluttered his wings, whining and acutely aware of how his rump thrust wantonly into the air. He would have flattened his body to the ground but the bondage kept him rigidly in place. The only part of his body he could move was his head and wings and he splayed them out with a pleading glisten to his gaze.

Displaying her body broadside to the dragon, Amethyst lifted a forepaw proudly, tail waving to waft the scent of sex and male musk over his muzzle, an intoxicating combination that made him inhale deeply, lustfully. Her cock pulsed, drooling copious ropes of pre cum in a thick stream, over-productive in a show of virility. Any female would have begged the hermaphrodite to breed them hard and Zaros was halfway there himself.

Amethyst snarled, long and low, the dominant hiss shuddering through Zaros' bones.

"Time to pound that tail of yours, dragon," she growled, eyes glittering. "I do so hope it is as tight as the last time I had you."

Flexing the shaft so that it slapped against her belly like that of a wild stallion, Amethyst laughed wildly, mane tossing back from her neck as her smaller, weaker prey shrank down to the ground, tail hole clenching reflexively. There was nothing he could do to stop her from taking him and, not so secretly, part of him adored the thought, cock drooling clear pre cum to pool between his spread legs.

Amethyst reared up to mount him, cock slapping his rump, and Zaros' eyes went wide, feeling that tapered, ridged length nuzzle at the entrance of his tail hole, a teaser of what was to come. The dragoness dipped her head until her chin rested on top of his skull, a paw between his shoulder blades keeping him pinned down as if the bondage was not there at all.

"You better be tight for me, dragon," she snarled, voice rasping as she slowly forced open his anal ring. "Either way, you're not walking out of this cave tonight."

Shuddering and closing his eyes against the onslaught of sensation, pleasure and pain entwined in an everlasting embrace, Zaros thought that he would not have it any other way. And, if Amethyst had her way with him, he would not be able to fly straight for days either.

All worth it.

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