tagNonHumanDragon's Delight

Dragon's Delight


Copyright "Frenchslot/Hse_Nao" (2006)


Prospects always change.

1935, as her father said with a resolute wink, is the year of prospects. And Lei-Fang had to admit that prospects were something she particularly enjoyed. China hadn't been the same since the Japanese had invaded - and although this corner of the country was relatively quiet (her father was the town's headman - a resourceful and barrel-chested man of surprising diplomacy - for which most of this quiet could be rested), there was still a sense of grim deprivation.

But prospects might change.

Early morning was the best time to make a move, and so she'd taken it, when the first few rays of dawn were peaking over the tiles and timber roofs, she'd picked her way carefully towards the forested hills outside town. It wasn't hard dodging the Japanese patrols. Lei-Fang had learnt all the secret routes into the woods, and no matter how dangerous it was to go out these days - what with the Japanese and the bandits and communists - she had never had any trouble so far.

But then, on those other days when she went up there to think and practise her reading, she had never worried about... well, that would be telling.

Lei-Fang was eighteen, and at that cusp of sexuality where she noticed the way men looked at her, but didn't necessarily realise that their cocks twitched and hardened underneath their clothing. Short and delicate, with the smooth pale of her skin offset by the crimson qipao - the body-hugging one-piece dress worn by girls - she was wearing, she easily bested the painted-women who plyed the special areas of town where the menfolk went when their wives were being frigid or unaccepting. The fact that she was wearing no make-up, that her face held no imperfections, should say more. Beneath the tight fit of her dress, was the gentle swell of her breasts - the first demonstrations of femininity without the inordinate fecundity that she'd seen in photographs of the strange ghostly white folk that lived in Shanghai.

She was slight, but not weak. She walked with purpose.

And her purpose was to check on the egg.

She had found it a few days before, while walking by the river. It was a blue-green thing, dappled and mottled, twice the size of a normal bird's egg. At first she thought it might have been some sort of eagle's, like the ones she'd heard about from her mother (her mother had been born in the mountains, where eagles were apparently common). But when it had quivered in her hand, and seemed to glow with a weird light, she had realised it was something more.

There was a cabin that she knew of, used by trappers in the colder months, and she had left it there for safe-keeping. Today she was going to get it and bring it back down into town.

The cabin door was stuck when she got there, and it took a couple of tugs to get it open before she slipped inside, closing it behind her. A thin, dusty stream of light filtered in through the windows and ceiling slats. Lei-Fang made her way across the open centre of the room to the grimy old cloths she had hidden the egg under.

It wasn't there.

She pulled all the blankets apart - dislodging a few surprised spiders and a lot of dust. But no egg. Perhaps it had rolled away? She poked around the edges of the room, finding nothing more than the corpses of a few mice and some old knick-knacks left by previous occupants.

When she turned back the dragon was watching her with a sort of bemused expression. It glittered like fire, even in the pale half-fug that kept it nearly hidden it on the other side of the room, and they both stared at each other for a long time.

"Are you..." started the girl.

Thank you. The dragon's mouth didn't seem to form the words, just twitch. You are the one who found my egg and brought me to this sanctuary.

It stepped forward into the centre of the room where Lei-Fang could see it more clearly. Please step forward. Its voice was soft and hissing, like sand rushing through an hourglass. An ageless voice.

Lei-Fang stepped forward, and then lowered herself to her knees, bowing her head. A dragon, she thought.

It too moved forward to meet her, and for the first time in a long time she felt blessed.

Prospects change, indeed.

The dragon reminded Lei-Fang of a snake. It was long and thin, extraordinarily long, at least as tall as her and she wondered how something that big managed to fit into such a tiny egg. It must have grown. But... if it had only hatched that night... The dragon grinned. A whole foot of snout yawned open to reveal thousands of tiny ebony teeth set into the lipless mouth, and its tongue flicked out like another foot of brilliant red dress-thread. The tip of the tongue waggled in what might have been mirth, its snake-like forks twisting this way and that seemingly at their own will. Tasting the air.

So young, so young, hissed the dragon in that silibant half-song voice. It scampered forwards, head bobbing, to take in the full effect of the delicate young girl kneeling before it. Lei-Fang watched it. With her head tilted down in supplication to the creature, she could only see the glittering of its scales as it twisted first to the left and then to the right. She kept her head perfectly still, following it only with her eyes as it moved to circle her.

It vanished from view.

And then it was back again, this time on her other side, hissing softly to itself as it moved around to face her.

What is your name?

"Lei-Fang," said Lei-Fang, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed, and she blushed. She'd managed to go this entire time without telling him (she presumed it was a him - dragons were always meant to be male) it; but if the dragon minded it didn't seem to notice. Instead the creature seemed to sigh, its jaw opening again in what she assumed was a dragon's laugh. Tongue lashing to-and-fro. Ah, a phoenix. The tongue whipped now, like a rattle, thrashing in the air. I need your help little phoenix, whispered the dragon. It rattled sideways on the short, pipecleaner legs of its, the three needle claws of its feet tapping on the hardwood floor.


Lei-Fang finally looked up. Without stopping its dancing little footfalls, the dragon shook its head. Yes, yes. Help. I need your help. Please, trust me. You trust a dragon, don't you?

Lei-Fang was not a stupid girl, but she was a naive girl. And more importantly, she was an awestruck girl. At any other time, if one of the local boys had offered her a treat or an apple for a touch of her (some had, and a couple of the more uncouth ones more than just a touch) she would have readily told them where to get off. But this was something different.

Without much thought she nodded. Without another word, the dragon darted forward.

The dragon was more like a snake than she imagined. It darted between her legs, underneath her qipao and she felt it scuttle up her back, the claws nicking the flesh of her back. A squeal escaped her lips as this strange, alien monstrosity weighed down on her back - but it latched on all the tighter when she made to shake herself free. Its head rose up above her shoulder and to the side, so that its enormous snout hung next to her cheek. Its breath smelt of wet earth and salt water. The tongue snaked out to move gently now, to brush against her cheek ~ so, so delicately. Like a kiss.

Terror gripped her. She almost bucked against the monster properly - the feather-light dancing of that hot, dry ribbon of flesh against her own. And then, it tickled the lobe of her ear. The breath followed it. The dragon's forepaws reached around, one gripping her shoulder to steady itself, the other arcing around, to rest gently, but forcefully, on her youthful breast.

Lei-Fang's development for her age in that regard was generally better than many of the other females in the town, excluding two the more easily-manhandled girls. Her knowledge of this pair was perfunctory at best, but suddenly there swam a memory unbidden into her mind; the sight of one of them, the policeman's daughter - a tall girl, who everyone whispered must have had a bit of the white-devil's blood in her past - sucking on a male pupil's thing. It had been a while, last year, when the weather was hotter, and Lei-Fang had gone into the school during break to cool down. She'd found the boy leaning back over one of the desks, his penis hard and heavy and poking through the brushed back folds of his cheongsam. The girl was sucking on the head, her hands pressed against his knees for leverage, and her dress undone, so that it fell about her to reveal her nude breasts.

Lei-Fang's interest wasn't very much in the boy. She'd seen a cock before; as had most girls when they took surreptitious looks at the men washing in the stream. What caught her attention was the other girl's body. Everytime she bobbed her head backwards and forwards on the boy's manhood, her breasts jiggled delightfully. They were large, heavy things - the size and shape of the noodle-bowls - nipples swollen and perky, the size of a fingertip. The boy's face was bright red, and when his hips suddenly started jerking on their own, the girl pressed forward one last time - to swallow the entirety of his rock hard rod deep into her mouth.

When she was finished, the girl had turned and looked at the stricken Lei-Fang, a trickle of white cum hanging between her lips and the slit-head of the boy's penis. Licking her lips, seeming to savour the taste, she'd grinned. It was that what had done it. Almost inviting. Excited. Aroused. Lei-Fang had turned tail and ran.

But there was no running here. Her attention was suddenly taken up by the feeling of her legs being drawn apart, with the feeling of needles in the soft flesh of her thighs. The dragon, taking the initiative. Even with the high slits cut into the sides of the dress, the front hemline was pulling back to display more and more of the pale white of her legs. When she tried to kick out the dragon gripped her tighter.

Oh God, thought Lei-Fang looking down past the claw absently rubbing at her breast - its pronged 'fingers' plucking at the edge of her aerola through her dress, tickling the delicate nub of her nipple, both of which were poking through the tight sheen of fabric. Oh God - he's going to see my place.

Underwear hadn't been considered a necessity for such an early morning jaunt.

She reached down, hoping to grab at her hemline and pull it down. Instead the beautiful young girl grabbed hold of something else. She blinked.

The lower half of the dragon's body was still under her, bent around where her backside touched the ground, and from it was growing an enormous, fleshy-headed cock. It was sliding from a notch in the golden underside of the monstrosity's body. And Lei-Fang's fingers managed to have wrapped themselves around the circumference of it.

Stroke it. The dragon's tongue wiggled sensuously along her cheek to her mouth, the ticklish feeling of it playing on her lips. You know you want to, hissed the beast. Its body wriggled, the bulk of the massive cock thrusting hot in her hands.

The penis was surprisingly firm, and she was thankful that it wasn't scaled like the rest of its body. With both hands she could get a firm grip on the shaft, working it up and down slowly at first, and then faster. Her arousal was growing. The dragon's claw, squeezing at her breast was intoxicating - so too was it when she opened her mouth and let their tongues meet. Its sensitivity was exquisite. Its delicacy unparallelled.

Lei-Fang didn't know how long she'd worked the oversized shaft, when suddenly the voice muttered into her ear. Roll back. She shifted backwards, and the creatures hind legs did the rest, pulling her own up and holding them so that she was displayed and open. With her dress pulled back, both of them could look down at the soft downy hair above her cunt, which was already glistening with her arousal.



"Pleeeease." This was wrong. She tried to clear her head, but she couldn't. She needed this, right here. Right now. She wanted to rub her legs together, feel something - anything - fill the sudden cold-moist-warmth of her pussy. "Stick it in me."

The monster's penis was glistening too with pre-cum.

Hips bucking, Lei-Fang's lip quivered. "Please. Please. I want your thing in me. Please, Mr Dragon..." And she shrieked as it gave her a hard jab on the tip of her now swollen and sensitive nipple.


With expert ease, the dragon shifted its weight, letting her roll back a little more. And then, the heavy bulk of the creature's lower half turned so that the tip of its equally monstrous phallus was pointed at somewhere a little lower than Lei-Fang's dripping maidenhead. She suddenly realised where it was aimed.

It pressed its tip against the opening of her anus, and without a pause began to slide in. She screamed as the tiny ring of her asshole began to widen, and the dragon hissed its hissing laugh. The first inch slid in, the lubrication of its cum making it easier - but it was still a big cock, too wide for Lei-Fang to have wrapped one hand around it in full, and the sudden pressure made her cry out - shriek for mercy - beg for anything other than this. Another inch popped past her asshole, then another, and the dragon started pushing her down, letting her take the slack rather than itself.

Lei-Fang squealed, tears running down her beautiful cheeks as her asshole felt like it was being split. Her cunt spasmed, feeling the force and size of the massive member through the thin joining wall between her womb and her rectum. And still the cock went deeper.

"IT CAN'T GO ANY FURTHER!" she shrieked. "IT CAN'T! IT CAN'T! IT CAN'T!"

It can.


She felt it so deep in her that it felt like she was going to throw up, that it was going to tear her right in half. And then, with one last juddering thud, it bottomed out. She felt the scales brushing against the ring of distended muscle that had, that morning, been her pristine ass.

Sobbing quietly, Lei-Fang closed her eyes, squeezing the tears in long, thin streams. "Please." He chest heaved - and she was sure she felt something rub against her, inside her, near her stomach - "Please, take it out."

For you, my phoenix, the dragon sighed.

Its foreclaws snaked down to grip its partner under her armpits, the hindlegs prepared to lift her, and they did so, raising her up so that bottom inch popped out with a squelch. Up - two inches, three inches - and the feeling in her bowels seemed to loosen slightly. It wasn't that bad now that it was leaving, she thought. Over halway. Then, without warning, it slammed her back down on it.

The six inches already pulled out jerked back in, and Lei-Fang bite her lip as the dragon suddenly started pistoning her up and down on the bulky meat of its phallus. It was filling her so hard and so fast that she thought that her heart was going to stop; her cunt was dribbling all over the floor, and the pain seemed to be lifted only by the sudden warmth of the dragon thrusting deep into her with increasing and rapid bravado.

Tears were still streaming down her face as the dragon pushed her forward onto her hands and knees so that it could get a better angle by which to take her anal virginity. Now, without the floor in the way of its underside, it could draw itself out to all but the massive cock-head, before slamming back in as hard and fast as it liked. The great glistening spike of its manhood rocketed into her, the accompaniment to the rasping slap of scales on rapidly chaffing buttocks being the sobbing hiccoughs that welled up from Lei-Fang with each painful thrust.

Taken like a dog, her knees scuffed the cabin's wood floor - but she didn't notice. All she could feel was the sharp stabbing pains that hit her hard in her stomach, and the hot - almost enjoyable warmth that filled her up - slipped up her spine, before tingling down her nerves - into her arms, through her fingers - into her brain. She was drooling and she couldn't help it. A thick band of saliva drooped from her tongue as she moaned like a whore between the tears.

Suddenly, the dragon's ministrations became more laboured - its hissing became a soft whine. Then, with one final thrust, its cock spasmed within the confines of her passage. Lei-Fang screamed as she felt spurt after spurt of the dragon's sperm force itself into her backside, the monster seemingly unwilling to extricate itself until it had forced every last burst of hot, slimy jism deep into her bowels. Still weeping she hardly felt the penis slowly be removed. She barely even heard the loud pop as her asshole pulled against the over-sized head, before finally letting it free. She did feel the warmth of the dragon's spunk pouring out of her abused backside, flowing down across her pussy and the length of her thighs to pour into a great viscous pool under her openings.

The dragon grinned and rubbed the bloody cum off his cock on the back of Lei-Fang's qipao. Her asshole was all but useless now, certainly not good enough for more than a couple more fucks - if any at all with it gaping so horribly now. But her mouth and cunt were still ripe. Especially the mouth. It licked its lips. By tomorrow he would be bigger anyway - and slips of girls were fine right now. But soon he'd need women of more... prodigious... abilities.

Hissing delightedly, the dragon lowered its swollen prick in line with its practise-session's equally swollen and slimy cunt.

Lei-Fang never knew she had so many tears.

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