Dream Red


The next thirty minutes or so passed in a blur as one after another she sucked off every cock presented to her, revelling in the utterly degraded way she was behaving. Delirious with lust, her face smeared with lipstick, sweat and cum, her blonde hair plastered to her head with sweat, unable to rise because of the heels and the corset, she crawled from one man to the next, offering them the use of her mouth and the sight of her almost naked body. By the time she came to the last cock - for all she knew it was the first man recovered and having another go, she'd lost count - she was almost past coming herself. But knowing he was the last - no more cocks poked hopefully at her from the mirrored walls - she slipped a hand between her thighs as she sucked him and pressed her fingers against her throbbing, swollen clit. By now her jaws were aching but still she ministered to him with enthusiasm and finesse, her tongue gliding up and down his shaft and teasing the piss hole in the tip before enveloping him in the warmth of her mouth. And as she sucked, her fingers pressed rhythmically against her clit and her body moved to its own increasing beat. As her orgasm grew, swelling and exploding suddenly, the man's cock slipped from her lips but as she came, so did he, his jets of cum splattering against her cheeks and hair and dripping in globules off her nose and chin. Really it was the completely appropriate finishing touch. Jenny slumped on the ground in the aftermath of her own shattering orgasm with cum beading her hair and caking her mouth and cheek. She felt exhausted and barely heard the applause, whistles and stamped appreciation of the men whom she'd serviced that afternoon.

After a little while she picked herself up as best she could. She could hear footseps coming down the corridor and knew her new friend was coming to help her clean herself up and dress. She reached into her bag, her fingers curling around her lipstick. Withdrawing it, she pulled off the cap and twisted it up, wanting to see how much was left for next time. Shocked, she saw that there was only the tiniest stump of colour, barely enough for one final coat of her lips. As she lay there, sated and limp with exhaustion but feeling strangely upset - for if the lipstick were gone, how would her new-found life unfold? she heard, faintly, a sibilant whisper in the distance. 'You're on your own now, darling slut. You'll be fine...'

'Don't go!' cried Jenny. 'Don't leave me... not yet....'

The salesgirl entered the room and bent down solicitously over her, helping her to rise. 'Who were you talking to?' she asked.

'No-one - I don't know...' said Jenny, embarrassed.

'You were fan-fucking-tastic!' said the girl. 'I can't believe you've never done anything like this before... except if you had I suppose you wouldn't have shown quite so much enthusiasm...'

Jenny smiled. 'It FELT fantastic' she admitted. 'I loved every minute of it...'

'Slut' came the whisper in her ear. 'So long, slut. Don't forget now... be yourself... it's what you want and need...'

'I won't forget' she answered, her eyes bright, beautiful despite her smudged mascara and the smears of lipstick and cum all over her face.

'I don't suppose you will' smiled the salesgirl. 'Let's get you cleaned up now shall we?'

'Sure... thanks...' said Jenny.

But she was in a dream as the girl showed her into the little washroom and tenderly rinsed the evidence of her activities from her face and body. Passively she let herself be cleansed and dressed, her limbs as floppy as a doll's. He's gone... she thought. But it's OK. I know what I am now and I know what I want and need. I'm a slut... a slut... a slut...

And her mouth curved in a distinctly naughty smile.

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