tagGroup SexDreaming in Color Ch. 3

Dreaming in Color Ch. 3


Dream Journal
July 15, 2001, Continued

Ha, I bet you thought I was awake for that one! To tell the truth, so did I. Waking up to the phone ringing seemed so real. Now I look over and see it beside me on the bed, buzzing from being off the hook. Did I really answer the phone, and who was on the other end? Did I talk to Phillip? And if I did, what in god's name did I say to him? Did I call out Emil's name? I hope not. Phillip really would be wounded if he learned I was dreaming about my former husband.

Despite my dreams to the contrary, Phillip is not really due home for three more days, and you know what that means. Two more nights of erotically charged dreams, that is what it means. I have a feeling that I will be writing to you often in the next few days.

Dream Journal
July 16, 2001

I bet you are saying to yourself, "Now what? What strange things is she up to now?" Well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to burn this book. Just kidding, but it is pretty close. My latest sleeping porn flick is so hot, I'm afraid it will melt the ink off of the pages.

Where does this stuff come from? Is this the kind of thing that has been storing up in the back of my mind since I married Phillip, and sacrificed wild, dirty sex for love, tenderness, and respect? Not that I would change a single thing about the decision. Sex is not enough to live on, but do I have to give it up entirely? Well, if I must, I hope that I will always have dreams like these. Orgasms are not an option, but a need, like oxygen, or jogging.

Enough philosophy. I'm sure you're just waiting for me to get down and dirty. Okay, here goes. This time the three of us, Phillip, Emil, and I, start in my bedroom. Phillip is on top of me, inside me, and Emil is once again orchestrating our strokes. "Faster, harder, deeper," he yells, like a drill sergeant.

Neither Phillip nor I are getting anywhere with all of the instructions. It's like learning to drive with one of your parents in the seat beside you. With their constant criticism you are so nervous you can barely grip the wheel, much less drive.

As he drove into me again, Phillip's eyes met mine and rolled to the side, pointing to Emil. I cocked my head to the side in question. "Two of us," he whispered to me on the down stroke. "We could take him," he said on the next.

Ironically, I felt my pussy tighten at the idea. Phillip moaned as I clenched him inside, but we couldn't come. If we did, we'd be too wrung out to grab Emil.

Reluctantly, I relaxed my snug grip on his cock, and he moved back as if he were going to drive in again. Instead, he pulled out completely, sprang up, and grabbed Emil tightly.

"Just hold him for a second," I said helpfully, and went to a box in the closet. I rifled through vibrators, dildoes, videos, books, massage oil, a set of lovely silver balls, a small leather whip, one lone cock ring in studded gold…where are they? Frustrated, I just yanked the whole box out of the closet and dumped it all on the bed.

"Aha," I pounced on the shiny police handcuffs. Fortunately, the key was in the lock. I crossed behind the struggling body of my ex husband and snapped the cuffs on his wrists. I turned with a triumphant smile for Phillip, only to find his eyes riveted by the assortment of sex toys on the bed.

He released Emil, and walked over to shift through the mess, and picked up the cock ring. Turning it this way and that in the light, he looked it over carefully. I'd expected revulsion, even accusations from him, but what I saw instead was...curiosity. I walked over and ran my finger over his, over the soft gold metal, and the small, rounded studs on the surface.

"Ribbed, for her pleasure," I quipped.

He gave me a half grin, and picked up the whip. There were three leather cords, not braided, not stiff in any way. This little toy was made for pleasure, not true pain. "Does it hurt?" he asked.

"Let's see," I gave him a wicked grin and took the whip from him. Walking behind Emil, I snapped it a few times in the air to get the rhythm again. "I used to be pretty good that this. Grab me a pillow, will you darling?"

Phillip tossed me a pillow, and I placed over the foot board of the bed, and bent Emil's reluctant body over it. He struggled, and I had to gesture to Phillip to climb on the bed and hold his head down. "Now, a little of your own medicine, mon amie," I mocked.

I cracked the whip in the air again, delighted to see him jump at the sound. Then I brought it down on his back in earnest. Emil squeaked, but didn't say anything as I delivered five fiery strokes, each lash mark separate and distinct. Instead of the pink wheals, my eyes were riveted by what was happening on the bed.

Emil jumped with each stroke, and one movement shifted his head onto Phillip's lap. Despite the pain, I could see his gaze trained on the enormous cock right in front of his eyes. As each breath hissed out, all three of us watched it jump in response.

Moving my line of sight upwards, I got a good look at the struggle in Phillip's eyes. The sensation was obviously pleasurable, but Emil was a man. Phillip's jaw was clenched with the internal war, to move away, or stay and let Emil's mouth caresses him.

As aroused as I was by the sight, I knew it was too soon for that kind of intimacy, and I stopped the movement of the whip. Nevertheless, I promised myself that I'd see it happen sometime during the night. "You're such a good boy, Emil," I taunted, to divert his attention. "You held so still for your punishment, and didn't even cry out."

He sent me a vicious look, but could not control the plea that slipped through his lips. "More."

"Nope. I'm even going to uncuff you."

"No," he pleaded. I'd never heard him plead. I'd never seen him this desperate before, but then, I'd never expirimented with ending one of our sessions a little prematurely. Perhaps I should have tried that. I removed the cuffs, and ran my hands delicately over the red stripes on his flanks when the door opened.

"Could I do that?" a voice asked, and I turned to see my best friend, Annabelle, come into the bedroom, naked. "I've always wanted to."

Now it is the nature of dreams that impossible things can happen, and one doesn't question them, so I merely stepped aside. Ignoring the whip I held out to her, she merely ran long, scarlet nails down his wounded flesh, then up again to his back.

"Mmmm." Another trip up and down, acrylic raking in the same furrows as before, had Emil arching in pain, and his cock jumping with delight. Now it was Phillip's eyes riveted to his flesh. The silver piercing winked with each movement, and Phillip stared as if memorized. Moving onto the bed behind him, I put my lips to his ear and whispered, "Go ahead."


"I know, but it's all right. Really it is. Just touch it."

"But he's a guy!" His thoughts were so loud on his face that I could see the wheels turning in his head. I can't touch another guy! That would make me…

"It would really make me happy," I said, giving him an out. Later, he could deny the whole thing, saying that it was only to give me pleasure.

With one last hesitation, Phillip reached out and glommed onto Emil's cock with reluctant fingers, but then a funny thing happened. Both of them let out a little sigh of delight, at the same time. How sweet.

At first, my lover's fingers merely moved curiously over the piercing, tugging and playing, making Emil groan as he stretched the sensitive skin of the glans. I could tell that Emil was really reacting to Phillip's big, rough fingers on his joystick, and my blood pressure was increasing just from the sight. Especially when Phillip's other hand slipped down to knead Emil's balls.

"Merde," Emil hissed, and I had to nod in agreement.

Unable to resist, I grabbed a vibrator from the pile on the bed, and went to work on my clit, while I kept a gentle, loving hand on my husband's own cock. Then I remembered Annabelle. "Ana," I called. "You want one?" I gestured to the vibe,

"You have a strap-on? 'Cause I'm enjoying myself too much to stop."

I glanced at my hoard. "I have one, it's pretty large, though."

"Perfect. Come, put it on me, will you?"

I shrugged. "Sure." Releasing Phillip, who was oblivious in the wonder of new discovery, I crossed to where Ana stood behind Emil. Reluctant to lose my view, I moved her to the side so that I could lean around and watch the show. The dildo was rather large, and I dipped a finger into her crease to see if I needed to slather some lube over the plastic surface. Ana groaned, and one hand came up to caress the ball of my shoulder, the other she kept at Emil's back, scratching over the wheals harder now, making him jump and shiver in agony.

"Touch me," she whispered. Surprised, I glanced at her. Her eyes were closed, and the fingers of one hand were still raking down Emil's back.

Around front, Phillip's hand was just beginning an instinctive, steady pumping motion, and I really didn't want to miss a single second of my fantasy.

Besides, other women never have really tripped my switches. I'd tried a few times to please Emil with a little menage a trois action, but I was never really able to get into it. Still, Ana was my best friend, and she looked to be in some serious pain, here.

To solve the dilemma, I tugged her away from her torturous enterprise, and over to the sofa. Laying her back over the arm, I opened her legs. I had to take my eyes off the guys for a second to move the head of the vibrator to her sopping cunt. It was a tight fit, and I really had to work to get it in.

Push, pull out a bit, push in. Just a little deeper. A little more. Ana was writhing beneath me, and once again, I had to give her my full attention. When I did look, the sight was oddly arousing. The dildo was bright purple, and Ana's bush was pale blonde, like her hair. Her pussy was obscenely stretched by the wide purple shape of the plastic, and I felt my pussy clench in response. With a flick of my thumb, I flipped the vibrator on to a low setting, and Ana screamed, gushed, and opened completely. I drove the dildo the rest of the way into her.

"God! Oh, Yesssssss" she cried, bucking up, and I quickly ran the belt around her waist.

"Is that on right?" I asked, moving to adjust the smaller vibrator over her clit.

"AhhMmmm. Ohhhhhhh."

"Good." Leaving her to her own devices, I moved back to the men by the bed. Phillip was watching Ana thrash around on the couch, arching and bucking to the call of the vibrator.

"Is that…Do you…You and Ana…?"

I took pity on him. "No. I've never been much into other women. I did try it, but it wasn't my thing."

I moved slightly to check his attention, but he was still watching my best friend on the couch. Motioning to Emil, I grabbed his hand and put it over Phillip's cock. Phillip jerked around quickly and started to pull away, but Emil had a grip.

"Merde, it's huge! Lovely. Mon dieu, what a shape. It must feel fabulous moving in and out of you, ma petite."

With a flash of my mean streak, I took a page from their book of last night, and moved to touch my lover, instructing Emil as if Phillip weren't there. "He loves this spot right here." I brought my finger to the perineum, and Phillip jerked beneath me. "You see. He gets hard as a rock when I stroke him there."

"And the tongue?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. He doesn't let me play very often."

"What a shame. Doesn't he know how you love it?"

"I've told him, but I don't think he likes giving me that much control. It's a very vulnerable position for a man."

Emil nodded wisely, and gave me a wink that only I could see.

"Help me! Oh, please let me cum! PLEASE" Ana cried from the couch, distracting me. Too many balls in play at once, I decided, no pun intended. For a second I stood over her, trying to figure out what the problem was, then I realized that the setting on the vibrator was too low. She couldn't come. I cranked it up and turned to go, but she grabbed my hand. "My nipples! Please suck them! PLEASE, I need your mouth on me!"

Frustrated at having my sport interrupted, I nearly left her again, but she looked so pitiful that I just couldn't leave her like that, so I pulled her up, and slipped onto the couch, settling her on my lap. She was fairly light, and the sofa was soft enough that she didn't hurt me. I slipped a hand beneath her to fist against the clit stimulator, and the other behind her back to pull her to me. My mouth found her right nipple, and began to pull hard and steady.

"Oh, oh, oh," she whimpered. "Oh yessssssssssss!!!"

When I looked back up, I nearly dumped her on her ass on the floor, for Emil was leaning forward to lick Phillip's huge rod. Phillip moaned and bucked, the motion driving him into Emil's mouth.

"How does that feel, baby?" I called out to him.

"Oh, baby, Its...I can't...Oh, yessss! Fuck!"

I could tell the very second that he started to suck, because I could see it in the rapture on my husband's face.I could hear it in his voice as he spit out on of his "no-no" words as he called them.

The power of the feeling shook him like a rag doll, and he heaved and tossed and yelled. "Oh, yess, OH FUCK!!! Baby, his mouth! Its so tight, so hot! Oh, there! Shit..Right there...That's...Fuck!"

Emil stuck with him as he writhed, drawing him deeper and deeper until he was deep in his throat. Phillip threw his head back and arched, his back bowing impossibly high off the bed. I could see every tense muscle standing out in relief. His face was twisted in a combination of agony and ecstasy that I'd never seen from him before. And all the while, Emil's mobile, sculpted lips made love to that hard, red penis.

Oh, god, the sight. I was nearly ready to come just from the sight! I needed stimulation immediately, or I was going to go crazy. The problem was that Ana was still moving too much for me to take my hand from her back. The other was trapped beneath her. I could pull it out, but still couldn't do anything with it, because we were too close to allow my fingers any movement.

Just when panic was setting in, I felt the buzzing against my fingers and got an idea. I moved my hand out of the way, spread my legs wider, and pressed my pussy up against the outside of the vibrator. A tiny raised bump was perfect to mash my clit against. It wasn't much stimulation, but it was enough

On the bed, I could see Phillip's balls tighten, and knew he had seconds left before he came. Ana, too was on the brink. I pulled harder at her breast, and felt her clench, then release. She bucked against me, and that was all I needed. Just as I heard my husband yell across the bedroom, I screamed in release. "PHILLIP! I LOVE YOU, BABY!"

"Simultaneous orgasm even now," was my last conscious thought. "Take that, Emil."

To be continued...

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