tagGroup SexDreaming in Color Ch. 4

Dreaming in Color Ch. 4


Dream Journal
July 16, 2001 Continued

I know what you're thinking. That was a terrible place to stop, wasn't it? Sorry. I seem to wake every time I cum really hard. Don't worry, though. I drifted back off to dreamland immediately. To my delight, all the characters were there.

This time, however, we weren't in mine and Phillip's bedroom now, but mine and Emil's then. The bed was enormous and decadent. Black silk sheets, tall posts, tiny, nearly invisible hooks at the headboard made to hold handcuffs and, the piece de resistance the huge mirror hidden in the canopy. Fortunately, Emil and I spent our honeymoon at a little B&B in Giverney, or I might still be a virgin. All eagerness aside, it would be intimidating to a novice. I could see Ana and Phillip shifting a little nervously in that lake of midnight silk, and Emil turned and gave me a naughty grin.

Beside the bed was a tall wardrobe, inside of which Emil kept a hoard of treasures that made my little box look like a kindergarten playground. Opening the doors, he began pulling things out.

"That one for you," he tossed me a black corset. "You are playing the villain tonight. It always was a role you appreciated. Now Ana, for you…white I think. You will be the little angel." He handed her a white corset and a pair of stockings, garter belt, and slippers. He bought me a pair of thigh-high suede boots. Black, of course. "And for you, Phillip…" Emil began, but I grabbed his arm and pulled his ear close.

"Don't make him feel guilty, Emil," I whispered. "You'll lose him if you do."

"You mean we'll lose him, don't you, darling? You enjoyed that even more than I did," he challenged and pulled back from me. "Don't worry, ma petite. I will be nothing but gentle and loving with your precious boy here. For you, Phillip, we have this." He waved a cock and ball harness.

"No," Phillip's response was immediate, but not quite firm. I could see his eyes riveted by the harness, and it wasn't all loathing in his face. "No," he said again, but with even less conviction this time.

"It's for the best," Emil said, advancing on Phillip slowly, but completely non-threatening. He was at his reasonable best, his tone placating. Emil could talk the Catholics and Protestants into slow dancing together if he put his mind to it. "We are going to play some fun games, but we both have to stay hard for all of them. This will let you enjoy, but prevent you from cumming." Carefully, and gently, Emil took Phillip's hand and pulled him to his feet. Fitting the harness around him, he pulled it tight. Then he licked his lips. It wasn't hard to figure out why. The harness snugged Phillip's balls close, but pushed his penis out, making it seem even larger, even now in its…relaxed state..

"Are you going to wear one too?" Phillip asked, tugging like a schoolboy at the vinyl strips around his precious manhood.

"If you like," Emil smiled indulgently, and looked carefully in the closet to choose.

Meanwhile, Ana and I were suiting up. The corsets Emil favored squeezed tightly at the chest, but left the top half of my breasts including my nipples, bare. Ana's were covered demurely by nearly transparent white gauze that gathered about two inches higher than the top of the corset. Both garments pinched our waists and ended just above our pubic hair, hers pale and yellow, mine a dark black that almost looked like the fringe at the bottom of my corset.

When I was dressed, I looked to Emil, and saw him make his choice, a plain, dark red harness, a simple ring. An idea was hatching, however, and I knew that one wouldn't quite do for tonight.

"Not that one, Emil," I said, and walked to the closet. It was time to give Phillip an inkling of something really new. "Hmmm," I hummed at the closet, pretending to contemplate my choice, when in reality, I knew exactly what I wanted. "This one," I said finally, pulling my selection from the closet.

Emil looked, and his eyes widened, as if asking me if I was sure Phillip was ready for this. I looked to see Phillip's reaction. His eyes were trained on the large black dildo protruding from the belt's lower strap. It curved from the phallus to the harness in front, then attached again, nice and snug, I knew, to the belt again.

"Do you…?" he looked to Emil like a little boy finding that his daddy wasn't a superhero. "Can you…Are you?"

"I do, I can, I am not, but I have, in the past, and will again in the future," Emil answered. "I prefer women, but a nice stiff cock is appreciated every now and again, for variety."

I ignored Phillip's shocked face, and turned instead to my friend. "Ana, you want to grab me the lube?"

"Sure, may I do the honors?" she asked again. I shrugged, and handed her the device. I crossed to my husband, and put a comforting hand on his shoulder, the other caressed his rock-hard chest and abs. "Emil is not as young as you are, darling," I whispered. It was true, I realized. My ex was probably pushing sixty, at this point. "He needs a bit of extra stimulation, if we want to have any fun with him this evening. Otherwise, he will cum too quickly now, and will be out of the party for the rest of the night."

Ana was working a coated finger into Emil's ass. He was too stoic to cry out yet, but I could see the delight in his face.

"Is it…enjoyable?" Phillip asked, hesitant, but curious. Good, he was keeping an open mind.

"Stimulation of the prostate is like frigging my clit, Phillip," I said seriously. I knew teasing wasn't going to work now. "It is extremely erotic, and can make a man, or a woman, for that matter, cum without any other stimulation, under the right circumstances."

"I…ah, Ana, that is lovely," Emil sighed as Ana began probing with the dildo. "I very much enjoy the sensation. Mmmmmmmm, Oh, yes," the black rubber phallus slipped past the ring of muscle guarding his anus. "Being opened, Ahh, it is the most delicious violation, Phillip...Mon dieu, Ana, that is it, that is the spot," his breath hissed out into a pleasured sigh. "Only when you have been penetrated like this can you truly understand the vulnerability in a woman's surrender."

When the black plastic object was halfway to its maximum depth in Emil's ass, Ana withdrew it a bit, and pushed back in, eliciting a long, low moan from my ex-husband. Then she reached around and began fastening the cock ring. Since the dildo was not all the way in, it pulled hard on his dick, and put painful pressure on his balls.

When she moved to attach the harness to the belt, he stayed her hand. "No, wait. It hurts."

"That's the idea," Ana grinned maliciously. Ana pulled the strap, and the agony increased for Emil, making his face go white, but then the dildo slid deliciously deeper, at just the right angle and speed to cause unbearable pleasure. When Ana finished the attachment, and the dildo was all the way in, Emil stopped her again.

"Tighten…the ring, or I am going to cum," he gasped. His ass and thigh muscles were rigid, so I knew he wasn't exaggerating. Ana did as he asked, and Emil was "dressed."

I could feel Phillip swell just a fraction every time Emil moaned, either in pain or in pleasure as it was inserted.

Then Emil had all of us do a little turn to show off the rear view. I had to vote for Phillip's as the best. His harness straps crossed at the seam where his butt cheeks met his legs, and they did nothing to obscure the scenery of firm flesh and muscle.

"To be democratic about this, I think we should roll the dice to decide who should be the leader for our next game," Emil said.

Dice appeared, tossed, and I came up the winner. Dreams again.

Now the fun really starts. No hurt feelings, no jealousies, just sex. My rules.

First I wanted to make sure that someone took care of Ana. It wasn't going to be me this time, but she was my friend, and I wanted her to have the best, so… "Guys, Ana's halo looks a little tarnished. What do you say, Ana? What are you up for? You name it, it's yours, who you want, what you want, and how and when you want it."

"I thought you were in charge."

"I am. I just want to make sure everyone has fun."

"Well then…" she began.

"Not me," I added quickly.

"Really?" she looked disappointed.

"Sorry, pal. Not my thing. Anything else goes, though."

"You won't be mad?"

"Not tonight."

"Could I…may I whip your husband?"

Both men twitched at that. Emil excited; Phillip nervous. I laughed. "You're going to have to be more specific. Current or ex?"

"Oh, current, I think. He has such nice buns," she giggled

"Sounds great. I'll tell you what. Emil, do you still have that black bench with the hole in it?"

"Naturalmente. I would not give up one of my prime toys," he moved to the wall, and removed a throw and a few silk pillows from a small couch against the wall. "Voila!"

"Perfect. Ana, there are straps underneath. Would you mind fastening him, with his head on the short end, so it hangs off the bench." Phillip gave me a hurt look, and I crossed to him.

"Relax, lover," I whispered. "It will be fun. This kind of thing, for us, it is an experience, not an everyday practice. It's meant to be out of the ordinary."

He still didn't look happy, but he allowed Ana to lead him to the bench and attach him face down on the black leather surface. The hole in the bench was just perfect for his cock and the heavy sac of his balls to poke through. His arms were fastened tight to his side by a wide leather strap across his back, Another was fastened to his knees, and his ankles were cuffed.

"Lovely," I said, admiring the picture. I ran my long fingernails lightly over nervous flesh. I could feel the muscles jump tensely. Perfect.

"Now, Ana, would you mind terribly if I asked you to start out with a spanking? He's never felt the whip before, and since I want him willing to do this again we'd better not scare him."

There was a method to my madness, so to speak. I didn't want to harm Phillip, and I didn't want to alarm him. I wanted him to have a slow introduction to the way pain can heighten pleasure to a nearly unbearable edge. I also knew that a spanking for a grown man, especially with an audience, had to be embarrassing, if not humiliating. I could see Philip's face redden with the ignominy of his position, strapped down and prepped for a spanking as if he were a naughty child. I watched his muscles carefully for any sign of real resistance, but his squirms were from the arousal. Apparently, the humiliation had only made him hornier.

"I'm a little disappointed," Ana was saying. "Emil has such lovely toys here," she fingered a nylon lash with tiny metal beads at the end. "But I agree. It would be a shame to frighten this little bird away."

"Wonderful. Emil, grab some of those thick pillows you have on the bed, and pile them up at the head of the bench. That's it. Now, lay down on them, with your head facing away, and your legs under the bench." Emil eased slowly down onto the pillows, his face creasing in pleasure the movements caused in his ass. "A little closer, just about a foot more…yes, that's it."

Positioned perfectly, Emil's adorned cock twitched crazily just centimeters from Phillips soft lips. Phillip pulled his neck back as far as possible without being obvious, but I could see his eyes riveted by the steel balls at the head. If I hadn't been watching so carefully, I would have missed the slight flick of Phillip's tongue on his lower lip. Emil saw it too, and he met my eyes in surprise. I knew he had had some doubts about Phillip's participation, but they were clear now.

"Now, here's what we're going to do: Phillip, Emil is going to lie there like that, and you are going to return the favor that he did you a while ago. If you hesitate, or slow, or stop, Ana will grab a whip," he started in surprise at the firm tone of my voice. "You'll start with twenty spanks, the same you gave me. Ana will add more, or go to the whip if you aren't managing your end."

"And you, chere?"

"I am going to watch, and play by myself," I said, fingering my clit. "Ana, when you're ready?"

"Mmmmm, delicious. Look at these cheeks. How do you stand going five minutes without you hands on them. In them. They are so round, so perfectly shaped, and just aching for…this!" she gave Phillip a sharp smack, and he jumped in his restraints. "Get your mouth around that cock, little boy," she ordered, and smacked him hard again, pacing her strokes so that the sting of one blow just had time to peak before the next was delivered. "If you don't, this will get much worse. Now!"

Phillip shot me a look, but his tongue stretched the distance and made contact with the steel rod in the head of Emil's penis. Once again, they both gave that slight sigh. Sweet. Phillip's brows furrowed, not in displeasure, but in concentration as he savored the taste of his first dick. I could see the thoughts pass clear as water over his face. He wondered if he tasted this way, if liking the taste, the smooth feel of the head of the penis made him gay. He wondered, too, what Ana was doing to him. The heat from the spanking was making his ass red, but it was also making his hard cock jerk with each stroke.

"Suck me," Emil gasped out, every muscle trembling. I knew from experience that his asshole was clenching ever faster around the stiff invader.

"You heard him," Ana punctuated her words with a hard spank to the uninitiated skin of his lower back. "NOW!" Another brutal smack.

His lips fumbled for Emil's hard penis. Emil gave an evil grin, but didn't help him in the least. It was awkward without his hands, so I walked over and firmly took Emil's cock in hand, and brought it to my husband's lips. Phillip's lips were less sculpted than Emil's, but the joy of seeing their gentle edge around Emil's flesh was indescribable. My pussy gushed at the sheer excitement of feeding that velvet-covered hardness to my husband. I was dying for a touch, so I let my other hand slip down to my aching clit.

Someone groaned. Someone whimpered. Emil bucked and pushed deeper, and I pushed his hips down.

"Slowly," I snapped. "He's a neophyte."

"You make a terrible dom, my dear. You are too soft."

"I'm soft on him," I said. "I love him."

"I won't be soft," Ana said from the other side of the bench. "How's he doing, Emil?" Her words were punctuated by a hard SLAP! on his restrained flesh.

"Too gentle. Suck harder."

"You heard him," Ana snapped out. "Harder!" SLAP…SLAP…SLAP…SLAP. Anna was really laying into him now, the rhythmic hits were coming faster and harder each time.

I looked carefully at Phillip's face, ready to call a halt if he was truly upset by events, but he was absorbed in his duty. Carefully, he drew more of the hard cock in his mouth and pulled. I stepped back to watch, and let Ana and Emil play the bad guys. I took myself off to a cushion a few feet away, and sat back to enjoy myself. I rounded my clit delicately, not wanting to rush the sensation, this show wasn't going anywhere, and I didn't want to miss a bit of it.

Emil called out instructions, which Ana enforced with a hard slap on Phillip's bottom. Despite his legendary control, I could tell that Emil was close to cumming, and it was a good thing, because it looked like Ana might sprain her wrist with the enthusiastic walloping she was giving.

Phillip's bottom was bright red now with her efforts, and as the spanks went on, he began to raise his bottom to meet them. Ana waited half a beat before one, to show me how his ass rose to receive the blow, and winked at me. My fingers moved faster, and my breath was coming quicker and quicker.

Suddenly, Emil's cock jumped as it usually did when he was about to cum. Phillip, too, must have realized what it meant, because he yanked his head away quickly. Emil growled.

"Uh oh," I said.

"Ah, ah, ah," Ana chided with a grin. "Now that was a very naughty thing to do." She looked to me for permission, and I nodded my head. Phillip was enjoying his task and his punishment too much for me to deprive him. Ana's smile grew, and she took a light lash, ten unbraided strings with knots at the ends. "Now we're going to have to get tough," she said, and she brought the lash down on his pink buttocks.

Phillip screamed. I felt the stroke all the way down to my pussy, and for a moment, I wished that it was my bottom receiving such a treatment. Ana was good. Her strokes fell with regularity and creativity. She spaced each so that she reddened new flesh each time.

"Get your lips back around his dick, or I'll thrash you till you bleed, do you hear me, little man? Do it!"

Phillip fumbled for the cock again, and this time I didn't move to help. He reached, stretching his lips out to take it in. Emil jumped. He was the only one who hadn't come yet, and with the hard dildo in his ass, he was primed. Bucking once, he pushed deep in Phillip's mouth, all the way back to his throat. Ana whipped him again, and the stroke reverberated through Phillip, whose mouth tightened around the rod. Emil's gave a hoarse cry and blew. "AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh, MON DIEU! God!"

I watched Phillip choke on the hard gush of cum shooting into his mouth. I knew from experience that it was boiling hot and slightly salty, but not too thick. Like Goldilocks's dream, this porridge was just right!


Ana whipped him once hard, and the lash curled around Phillip and touched just the tips on his cock. "Shit!" he shrieked out, sounding thick and sticky with cum, but his body bucked and arched on the bench.

I gave up watching and came with an explosive yell. "Phillip, oh God baby! I'm CUMMING!! Baby, I love you! You are such a good boy, you are so sweet, so precious! I love you so much!"

As I came down, the blows continued to fall, but lighter now, barely even a tickle. I knew Phillip, too, was close to cumming, but the taste of sperm in his mouth was distracting him a bit. Good. I wanted him to enjoy the feeling, but I wasn't ready for him to cum again yet. His buttocks clenched, and I motioned to Ana to stop, which she did immediately. Just in time, too.

"Ahhh!" Phillip cried. "I'm going to CUM! Please, someone, touch me!!"

Ana looked to me, I shook my head. "

After a brief pause, everyone looked to me for instruction. It was a powerful rush. I smiled wickedly. "Don't worry, kids. That was just a preview. The best is yet to come."

To be continued...

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