tagGroup SexDreaming in Color Ch. 5

Dreaming in Color Ch. 5


Dream Journal July 16, 2001 Continued in the afternoon.

Sorry. I left you hanging again, didn’t I? I looked up at the clock and realized I was late for work! I really had to run for it. It’s just too easy to talk to you.

Anyway, this time there was no break when I came. This time the dream went on for the rest of the night, so you’ll just have to bear with me, and I can tell how disappointed you are by that.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Phillip was strapped to the bench, Emil had just cum and Ana was still holding the whip. Now, here’s where I really start to break my dream-husband’s inhibitions down to the last large piece. Oh, there are smaller chunks that we will have to work on later, but this is the last great taboo. Can you guess? I’d bet you can. You’re so clever.

“Don’t worry, kids, the best is yet to come,” I told all three of my little puppets. “Emil, can you stand?”

“Oui. I think so.” He rose slowly and came over near the bed where I stood.

“I want to take this the rest of the way,” I whispered.

“With your husband?”

“Mmm hmm. Can you do it?” I was talking about his recuperative powers. I knew that he had no trouble with men, or performance.

He laughed, and gestured down. I looked, and he was wicked hard again. Dreams. “I think I can handle it. The question is: can he?”

“I think he can if…” I whispered my plan to him, and he chuckled as I finished.

“Did I say you’d make a terrible dom? You would, but you do have a devious mind, chere. Let’s do it.”

We walked back to find Ana rubbing lotion into the wheals in his buttocks.

“Poor baby,” I crooned, squatting down near his head and taking his face in my hands. “Are you okay?”

He panted, and looked at me, a strange look in his eyes.

“Do you want to stop?”

At first, I knew he wanted to say yes, longed to say yes, but then he snorted out a slightly bitter laugh. “Look at me,” he said finally. “Do I really look like I want to stop?” His enormous cock stabbed down through the hole in the bench. It was harder than I’d ever seen it before, red and aching, with the veins throbbing along the surface.

The brief stab of guilt I’d felt at the end of his innocence disappeared in a wave of lust at the sight and at the thought of what was going to happen next. I was going to open my husband up, completely, until he had few inhibitions left.

Still, there was such a thing as fair play. “You’re hard, but I want to know if you want to continue with the game. I can bring you off, if you want to stop.”

He cocked his head to the side and regarded me. “What do you have planned?”

“I’m not going to tell you. Yes or no, Phillip, this is your last chance to get out. From here on, there are no stops, and you can’t call a halt. If you are nervous and want out, tell me now.”

He thought for a long moment, then shook his head. “Do your worst.”

I grinned wickedly and saw him pale. “Lovely. Ana, you want to step back for a second? You can grab a vibrator. Emil has some really inventive toys.”

Ana walked to the cabinet and opened the door. “How about this?” she asked, and I turned to see her pull a gorgeous woman out of the wardrobe. I recognized her as the new hire in the mailroom. I’d seen many of the men in the executive offices eyeing her with lust. She was lush and built, really curvy. Now it was Ana’s eyes trained with panting craziness at her huge tits.

Dreams are funny things, as I’ve said before. I mean, I don’t remember Emil ever keeping real human beings in his closet, still, what is impossible in life is mundane in dreams, and I didn’t bat an eyelash at her appearance.

“Sure, she looks like a great toy.”

“And I know just what to dress her in,” Ana said with a wicked grin. Slowly, she removed all the girl’s clothes, then pulled a lone, double-headed dildo from the closet.

“Just that?” I asked, curious.

“Just this.”

We all paused a moment, and watched when Ana dipped her lips to the girl’s left breast. As she took the nipple in her mouth, the girl arched, and seemed to wake from her toy-like state.

“What’s your name?” Ana asked.

“Sarah,” the doll answered in a quite voice, then she belied her shy manner by a loud moan, when Ana sucked harder at her breast.

I saw the guys watch, riveted, as Ana’s hand slid down Sarah’s soft stomach to the top of her mound. While they were enraptured, I poured almond oil on a hand, and slid it over Phillip’s back, massaging. He didn’t even seem to notice. I really dug my fingers into his tight, tense muscles, rubbing deep and hard. I was rewarded when I felt him relax into the bench. I glanced over at the action across the room, and saw Sarah shaking her head, and moving away from Ana’s caress.

“Naughty girl,” Ana said, and I knew that tone meant trouble for the Sarah-doll. “You don’t want to make me chase you, do you Sarah? Because I know you want this, and it would displease me greatly if you were to force me to chase you.”

I thought about intervening with a word to Ana, when I caught just a hint of excitement in Sarah’s eye. It was gone in a flash, but I had seen it, and so had Ana. I knew the guys hadn’t, because Phillip jerked automatically to assist when Sarah began to struggle with Ana. All his muscles tensed again as his white-knight reflexes kicked in.

For a moment I considered explain to him that she wanted this, that her reaction if I interrupted would be the same as Emil’s when I stopped whipping him and released his handcuffs before. She would be empty, unsatisfied, bereft. As I opened my mouth to explain, however, I realized that this would be the perfect opportunity. Ana was having trouble with Sarah’s bonds on the bed, so I nudged Emil. “Go help,” I whispered so that Phillip couldn’t hear.

“Don’t you need me?” he nodded his head at the bench, where Phillip was struggling in earnest now, as on the bed Sarah fought and one arm was restrained cruelly, he thought.

“It’d be easier without you at first,” I whispered again. “Once I have him in a frenzy, I’ll need you. Go help Ana. She’s good with a whip, but she seems to be a neophyte with restraints.”

Emil moved to the bed, and Phillip struggled harder. I renewed my massage. “Relax,” I whispered in his ear.

“Relax?” he nearly shouted. “She doesn’t want this, she wants out, let her go.”

“Relax, Phillip. She isn’t real, just a doll, a toy from Emil’s cabinet.”

He stopped thrashing so hard, but he was still tense, even more so when he realized his cock hadn’t gone flat, as he felt it should. The idea that he was turned on by the forced restraining of the doll was too much for my sweet gentleman, but I didn’t want him broken, just distracted.

“She wants it, Phillip. Some people get off on being forced. I was almost ready to stop it myself, but I saw the flash in her eyes. Look at her, really look. See, her movements aren’t really struggles. See how she arches her back. She’s not really trying to get away, just trying to make it rough.”

Phillip opened his eyes and looked at the scene, and I began to move my massage lower and lower down his back. I wanted him panting with pleasure before this started, so that he could never lie to himself and say he didn’t want it.

Over on the bed, Emil had finally helped Ana restrain the girl. Her arms were spread, and tied to each post, but her feet were lifted up, and cuffed with soft leather cuffs to hooks in the ceiling of the canopied bed. She was open and accessible to anyone who wanted her, from any hole. Sarah struggled against the restraints that kept her bound on her back, with her legs up in the air, exposing her lovely, gleaming ass to the room at large.

“Now, you have been a very bad girl,” Ana said in a dark voice. “You struggled and kicked, and poor Emil here had to help restrain you.” She sat down by the doll’s head and gently smoothed the hair back from her sweating brow. “You know you’ve been bad, don’t you.” A nod was the only answer. “And you need to be punished, don’t you darling? You want it.” Another nod, then Ana’s fist tightened in the hair. “Say it. Say it out loud so the nice man on the bench can hear you and stop worrying.”

“I…I need it.”

“Louder!!!” A vicious tug on the hair.

“You need what?”

“I need to be punished.”

“Is that how you speak to me? Is that how you answer me?”


“Tell me how much you want this, and say it very loud, so that he can hear you.”

“I want it so bad, Mistress,” her voice broke from the shame of admitting what she wanted. I don’t remember a time when I was embarrassed to admit that I craved the punishment. I’m sure that I was, at one time, at the beginning. When I dream of this, it must be my memories, my own face I see as Emil tore down mental barriers to push me farther into debauchery. They aren’t conscious memories, but they are there in my head.

“I ache. I need the pain, Mistress.”

“You little slut, you crave it, don’t you.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And what would you do for it?” Silence for a long moment. “Tell me!” Ana screamed.

“Anything,” Sarah finally answered, and her voice shook with fear and need. “I would do anything, Mistress.”

“Very well, you shall have what you want,” Ana stepped back and took a ping pong paddle from the closet. Taking careful aim, she swung in the air a few times to see the doll flinch at the swish, then she struck. Like any good whip-hand, Ana made the strokes regular at first, even and rhythmic, until she sensed her prey rising to the sting and the pain. Then she began to mix up the timing, so that the blow did not fall when expected.

Beneath my fingers, I could feel Phillip jump when the paddle fell on the doll’s bare bottom. I deepened my massage, and traveled lower on his back until I heard him groan. Watching the punishment was turning him on, I could tell by the restless way he shifted and moved beneath my (mostly) platonic hands.

I began to stroke his ass cheeks, rubbing deep into the taunt tissue and fiery red skin there. Casually, oh so casually, I ran a finger down the inviting, vulnerable crack before me. I felt a shiver down his back, but he was so caught in the beating, he didn’t even seem to notice consciously. Leaning over, I trailed hot kisses over the lash marks and heard my husband moan. Another squirt of oil on his abused flesh, and I knew he enjoyed the coolness of it on his heat. This time, however, I allowed a generous portion to trickle down between the cheeks. I spread them with both hands, still massaging the muscles there.

Emil looked over, and caught my attention. Cocking a single eyebrow upwards, he eyed my husband’s perfect ass. “Lovely,” he mouthed at me. I motioned him over with a tilt of my head. I watched Phillip carefully, but he didn’t follow Emil as he crossed the room to my side. His attention was still riveted by the action on the bed.

Men! What is it about the lesbian fantasy? My girlfriend says it is very simple, just that it is two women, neither of which requires any work from him. I laughed at the time, but now I wonder. Maybe it is the voyeur in all of us that wants to watch that moment of perfect pleasure on someone else’s face, to observe from a distance, perhaps to discover where we ourselves go when the world shudders to a halt and disappears for those seconds that last hours.

Whatever it was, Phillip was spellbound as he watched Ana trail scarlet nails over the reddened skin on the backs and insides of Sarah’s thighs, down to the light brown bush, and carefully, slowly back up again. Leaning down, she gently blew on the curly hair there, making the doll strain and buck in her bonds.

“Ah,” Ana murmured. “What have we here? I think the lady doth protest too much,” Ana dipped a hand into Sarah’s soaking slit, then walked towards Phillip, leaving the bound girl writhing in her restraints. “Phillip, do you see?” she raised the glistening fingers to his lips. He shut them tight, but his eyes never left the damp red nails. “She is soaking wet,” she rubbed the moisture on his lips, around and around and around, still speaking in a mesmerizing, sing-sing tone. “Bondage, the fantasy of being restrained, helpless, forced is so exciting to some. Are you excited, Phillip? Are you aroused by your helplessness? By her helplessness? Does it turn you on to be bound? To see her bound? Did it make you cream to be spanked? To see her spanked and punished?” Helplessly, Phillip nodded, and I saw just the tip of his tongue dart out to taste the moisture on his lips.

Satisfied, Ana stepped away to grab a light riding crop. “She craves the restraint. She loves the pain. She loves it, she wants it. She loves it, she wants it,” Ana repeated as she swung the crop in the air with a swooshing sound that, though barely above a whisper to me, must have been like the crack of thunder to the helpless doll. She bucked upwards, raising her bottom for the passing blow, only to shudder visibly when it passed her by. “Are you ready, little doll? Are you ready for your punishment? You have been a very bad girl. A very, very bad girl.”

Ana swung the crop, and brought it down this time on the tender skin just above her pubic hair. Sarah jumped and screamed, and I could feel Phillip tense beneath my hands. When I was sure he couldn’t be distracted, I moved one hand off his buttocks and brought Emil’s to replace it.

Emil’s hands are thin, his fingers long and soft. Mine are actually rougher, but Phillip didn’t seem to notice the difference. Emil stroked and rubbed Phillip’s ass, which seemed to rise to the touch. I moved my other hand until Emil’s were the only ones on Phillip’s flesh.

“Your wife loved it too, Phillip,” Emil leaned forward and spoke into Phillip’s ear. I tensed, waiting for Phillip to wake up from the spell and kick off Emil’s hands. I cursed my ex-husband under my breath for a split second, but Phillip didn’t take any notice.

“She craved it, as Sarah does now. She would whimper and cry out for the lash. I could make her cum with just the sting of the leather on her naked ass. Can you do that for her. Can you bring her to the brink with the razor edge of pain.”

Without me even realizing it, Emil had caught me in a spell, too. I remember the keen edge of the willow switch he had used on me once. When I saw the damage later, I forbade him ever to use it again, but mon dieu how it had taken me soaring to heights I had never felt before. The wicked slice of the thin wood stinging and cutting into soft flesh. There is pain, and there is pleasure, but there is nothing in the world like the pleasure brought by pain.

I could feel my own skin quake with desire as Ana brought the crop down hard on Sarah’s legs and stomach, each blow falling on white, untouched skin until it was red everywhere. Just as I knew the red covered the inside of her eyelids as each slice of pain exploded.

Oh yes…yes, we needed it, we wanted it. We craved it.

Then, all too soon, Ana stopped. She trailed the leather over Sarah’s voluptuous left breast, caressing the swell. In her restraints, Sarah bucked, and her eyes rolled wildly, like a terrified mare, but the deep, panting breaths gave away the desire. I felt my own frustration and the waves of thwarted need.

“What do you need, little doll?” Ana whispered gently to Sarah, and with a laugh I separated myself from the sensations. Ana’s hand still caressed with the leather.

“I…I need to cum!” Sarah panted. “Please Mistress!”

“What do you need to make you cum? Do you need a gentle touch here?” Ana trailed a long, red nail over the pink nipple. “Or here?” Gently, she brought just the edge of the leather down to Sarah’s clit and touched lightly. “Is this what you need, lovely girl?”

“No!” the doll gasped. “No, I need more!”

“A rougher touch?” Ana applied more pressure to the leather on Sarah’s clit.

“No…Mistress, please!!” she bucked wildly, suspended on the edge.

“What do you need?” Ana brought the crop back to Sarah’s nipple.

“I…Pain! I need pain, mistress! Please, hurt me, hit me! I need it! I need it to cum!”

“And you think you deserve to cum!” Ana shrieked in rage, bringing the crop down cruelly on the underside of Sarah’s generous breast. “Do you! Have you been good enough! Tell me, slave! Tell me!”

“No! No, I don’t deserve it…” Sarah sobbed as each blow fell on the tender skin of her breast. “I am worthless, Mistress, and I know it. But Mistress is merciful. Please, Mistress, allow your worthless slave to cum!”

“That is better. Beg for it, little toy. Beg for it, and I’ll give it to you!”


As Sarah began pleading, I motioned to Emil, who moved his one hand carefully between Phillip’s gorgeous ass cheeks and caressed the rosy-brown little pucker there. Phillip tensed, but didn’t turn or resist. Emil cautiously coaxed the little mouth open with the gentle massage of the almond oil. I could see concentration & lust on his face as he penetrated just a centimeter and heard Phillip’s low moan.

Emil looked up at Ana, and an unspoken communication passed between them. He gave a little nod and held up a closed fist.

One finger. Ana struck a hard blow directly to Sarah’s nipple. At the same second, Emil withdrew from Phillips sphincter.

Two. Another blow on the red nipple, timed with a touch on Sarah’s clit. Emil grinned wickedly and showed me two long, narrow fingers of the hand caressing Phillip. I understood and smiled.

Three. Ana pinched Sarah’s clit hard, and brought down the final blow at the same moment. Sarah screamed and came instantly. Her whole body arched off the bed, pulling herself up on the restraints that kept her legs apart and in the air. Just a half-second later, Emil plunged both well-lubed fingers into Phillip’s ass, driving hard and deep to hit his prostate.

“Oh god!” Phillip yelled and bucked wildly in his restraints, the pleasure swamping him even as the tight ring around his cock kept him from cumming.

“Okay, sweetheart?” I asked to keep him calm.

He nodded, shook his head, then nodded again. “More,” he finally said. “More.”

“Oh, baby…my love, I am going to give you more,” I crooned. “I’m going to give you everything.”

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