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Dreams of an Everyday Housewife


Author's note.

This story is about a couple that dared to explore their sexuality by having sex outside of marriage. For them, it works.

If you dislike a story of this kind, or you think their conduct is improper, that is your right, but don't display your ignorance by taking the time to read it and then tell the world it is disgusting, while hiding behind your computer key board. Write your own story, if you can?


January fifteenth was a beautiful winter day in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jean Foxworth, standing on her front porch, was delighted to feel the gentle west wind, the sunny seventy degrees. Frank, her husband, had been promoted last November to captain, flying Marshall Laboratory's, Cessna 500. That had doubled his wages. They had gone from being poor folks to doing very well.

Jean had been looking at homes in the Ryland development. No one would be awed by their size, since they were only thirteen hundred foot by-levels, but they were a home. The first that Frank and Jean had ever owned.

Jean had dated a guy in New Jersey for five years. She just assumed that the time would come when she would marry him. Yet, when he gave her an engagement ring, it wasn't the moment of happiness that she had expected. She did not sleep that night. The next day, she returned the ring. There was pressure on all sides. She was still living at home. There were no other guys in the area that were attractive to her. Deep in her soul, she wanted to leave her small town and see the world. She packed all her possessions and set off to Portland, Maine. Once there, she easily got a job working for an insurance office.

The next year was mundane. She dated several guys. It seemed that each one had hang-ups of one sort or another. Two of them spent the entire night talking about their last girl friend.

Jean was no longer a kid. At age twenty-five, she wanted to get married and start a family. She met Frank. Her parents, and her brothers and sisters told her in no uncertain terms that she would be crazy to marry Frank. Why? Because Frank was a pilot. Her family, all farmers, thought that only crazy people flew, and certainly, no one could earn a living doing so.

Well, she had gone off on her own. She would follow her instinct. Married, they moved several times. It was tough living in apartments, with only one car. In short order, two children were added to the Foxworth family. To Jean, that was all that mattered.

That takes up to Jean being settled in her home in Raleigh. For the first time in her life there was more than enough money. She could have stopped working. Instead, she enrolled the kids in daycare. Now twenty-nine, she was the youngest of four women at the office she now worked in. It became their custom to have a girl's night out each week.

As women will, when they are at a lounge, and have had a couple drinks, they talk of the gentlemen in attendance, or the guys at work, or elsewhere. "How would you like to get under the covers with that guy?" was a question often asked.

Or, "if you girls weren't here, I'd go play that that guy in a minute."

It was all so risqué. Such comments always brought forth knowing, sexy laughter.

On one occasion, two guys joined the group. Soon, they were dancing with Kay and Brenda, the sexiest of the four women. Each was married and about thirty-seven. Both had more than enough to drink. Kay stopped at the table. With a smile, she announced, "Brenda and I have been asked over to Paul's apartment. See you two tomorrow."

As they walked away, Mary Jo said to Jean. "How would you like to be a fly on the wall to watch what goes on?"

Startled, Jean responded, "I would like to be more than a fly."

"Oh, you would, would you?"

Jean thought about that night for several weeks. Finally, one night when Frank was slowly moving inside her, she said. "Frank, do pilots like you have many opportunities to have sex when you are away from home?"

"Guys who are willing to go sit sipping booze at a lounge, have it offered to them quite often. As for me, I probably have someone approach me once or twice a month in restaurants."


"Have you ever thought about doing it?"

"What man hasn't? Why do you ask?"

Jean then told Frank about what happened to Kay and Brenda.

She even told him about her comment about wanting to be more than a fly on the wall. Frank stopped, still deeply in her. "You're about the right age."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You have been sexually active since you were eighteen. You have been in the sack with just two guys. Your girlfriends have opened your eyes to the fact that it is not uncommon for a gal to get it on with some strange guy, just for the merry-old-hell of it. Fascinating, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. It shocked me that they would go do that with strangers. They were giggling like they were going to a party. But, there is no doubt in my mind that they knew that they would be having sex with those guys."

"Oh, I'll bet that Kay and Brenda had sex with both guys."

Jean gasped. "Both?"

Frank laughed. He thrust into Jean a few times, and then continued. "You just brought this up, and it happened a month ago. You have been mulling this over in your mind. Your curiosity is killing you, isn't it?"


"No sweat. But if you do it, you should do it the smart way."

"I have no idea what you mean? Smart way?"

"Well, for starters, you should go by yourself. That way, none of the nice ladies in your office can dump on your reputation, if y'all have a falling out."

"I would be afraid to go alone. What if some guy was to hurt me?"

Frank was still running his cock slowly in and out of Jean's pussy. "Here is what you do. Go across town to the Lamplighter Lounge, next to the Radisson. Go in and chat only with guys wearing expensive suits. They will be business executives from out of town. A local guy does not go out to eat and drink wearing a suit. Now, I know for a fact that the least expensive room at the Radisson is two hundred, twenty-five dollars. The kind of guy that stay there will be a classy gentleman, with a first class position. If he has picked you up, and you are coming to his room, the last thing he would do is something that would jeopardize his position, his reputation."

"Frank Foxworth, you have not said a word to discourage me. Do you think that I would really do this?"

As she said that, Jean considered that her husband was a fully trained aircraft captain who was trained to think of every eventuality. She continued. "Would you be okay with it, if I did?"

"My judgment is that you will try it sooner or later, with or without my being a part of the loop. If you have to sneak around, then you would probably have an affair, which would royally piss me off. On the other hand, it would be interesting to hear a woman's version of how she likes a casual roll in the sack with a stranger. I would think that would be as exciting as can be."

"I would be afraid to try it."

In May, by chance the four gals ended up in the Lamplighter. They had a good time, with several guys hitting on them. Again, Kay and Brenda went to some guys' rooms. At ten thirty, Jean drove Mary Jo home. She phoned the baby sitter to ask if it would be a problem if she stayed out until one AM. There was not, so she drove back to the Lamplighter. It was just past eleven. The crowd had thinned. Her Stinger, being her third of the evening, went down smoothly. No one seemed to be paying any attention to her.

It was awkward being there by alone. She had become most excited driving from Mary Jo's to the Lamplighter. In fact, was wet, a sensation she had not felt in years except when Frank was stroking her down there. Am I so plain that no one finds me attractive? Crossed her mind.

She did not see him approach her. Glass in hand, and with a smile on his face, he asked, "Are you waiting for someone?"

"No..." She said, returning his smile.

"I'm Edward Austin."

Intently, she studied him. As Frank had predicted, he was wearing a four hundred dollar suit, a fifty-dollar tie, and a silk shirt. It was late, but he appeared to be freshly showered. She caught a faint whiff of his cologne. She knew at that instant that he would ask her to his room, that she would go, and he would have sex with her.

Her wetness returned, as he inquired about her. It was all light conversation, but she knew that he was running through his personal checklist to see if he was interested in being with her. Her eyes locked on his. His last comment was a statement. He had observed her wedding rings. He had one on also. "You're married, aren't you."


"Just out for some excitement?"

He had read her perfectly. "You could say that."

He rose. Side by side they went next door to the Radisson. Neither said anything on the elevator ride to his floor. His room was posh. Each removed their clothes. It was all so matter-of-fact. Jean took a position on her back in the middle of the king sized bed.

Ed left the light on. Jean raised her arms above he head, as she did with Frank. She closed her eyes. Her mind was racing. I'm really going to do it, screamed in her mind. She opened her eyes as Ed knee walked to a position between her legs. His body was toned. His cock was rigid. Not a big man, he was nice looking. Had she not been married, she would have been more than a little interested in Ed, who was husband material. He was nibbling her down there. His fingers were caressing her breast. The time came that he spread her legs, opened them so that her sex was exposed for use. His.

For Jean, everything was forgotten. She had always like her sex. It could be said that she loved having sex. She trembled, her mind anticipating his warmth in her, his fullness. He eased into her, as she had dreamed it would happen. Faster and faster the tempo increased, until both Ed and Jean were moaning. Her vagina was throbbing, clenching. His cock was swollen. Their breaths came in hisses, until there was no holding back. She felt the warm cum. It was wonderful.

What she had not anticipated was how nice it was to lie naked with a strange man making small talk. Both talked about their families. It is impossible to be pretentious with a person who you just had sex with. Ed may have been the vice president of a large company, but naked, he was just a nice guy with a nice cock that had given Jean a good screwing. She wanted more. Ed was aware that she made no move to get dressed. Finally she said. "I need to pee. Be right back."

Ed smiled. He knew that she would pee, clean out his come, and be ready for a second go. He was very comfortable with Jean. It was a hell of a lot more interesting screwing her, than sitting in that lounge, or being back here watching reruns on the TV.

Having come once, Ed was able to give Jean a long, hard fuck. It lasted twenty minutes. Jean came twice more. When finished, both had had enough. Tomorrow was another day.

When Frank returned from his RON two days later, the first thing he did, after the kids were in bed was get Jean in bed.

"So. Did you get laid?" He asked.

Jean let out a nervous giggle. "Do you love me?"

"Of course. You did it, didn't you?"

Jean told him everything, including every word of their conversation.

"Did you give him your cell phone number?"


"Are you going to meet with him again?" "If he calls me, I will. If you don't mind."

A week later, on a Thursday afternoon, the phone rang. "Jean Foxworth."

"Jean, it is Ed. Can you talk?"

Frank was right there. Jean answered. "I'm alone. Go ahead." As she did so, she motioned to Frank by pointing at her phone.

"Would you care to join me for dinner at seven?"

Frank overheard. He nodded yes to her.

"Yes. I would love to"

"It will be in the Radisson restaurant. Oh, and Jean, one of my colleagues from work will be with us, if you don't mind."

Frank rolled his eyes, as he nodded his head up and down.

Jean and Ed said goodbye. Jean turned to Frank with a puzzled expression. "Why are you laughing?"

"Jean, don't you understand what they have in mind?"

Puzzled, Jean said, "No."

"Jean, those two nice gentlemen are planning on both enjoying you tonight."

Jean was wide eyed. "What should I do?"

"It's your call. What do you want to do?"

"I've never thought of doing something like this. Would it bother you?"

"I like it better than you being one-on-one. It certainly is not an affair, if a couple guys are sharing you."

"I'll think about it. I need to go take a shower."

At the Radisson, Ed set the phone down. John Reedy looked at him with a big smile. "She is going to eat with us?"

"You got it."

"You said that she admitted to you that you were her third guy."

"She sure did, and I believe her. She is an easy read. She was having a great time when we were screwing. If you noticed, she didn't put up any fuss when I mentioned a second guy. Shit, we will finish dinner by eight. I'm planning on taking her right up to my room. I have some 150 proof vodka. We can fix her a strong one, and then fuck her as long as we want."

Both men stood as Jean walked to their table. Jean's lobster was delicious. Ed introduced John as his replacement in this territory. John quipped. "Since you are the best thing in the territory, I prevailed upon Ed to introduce us."

All chuckled. Yet Jean was fully aware that John had just inferred that her pussy was the best thing in the territory. The conversation was light. But, Jean, Ed, and John looked deeply into each other's eyes. Each mentally undressing the other. "It is sort of hot in here." Jean confessed.

Ed signed for the dinner. "To my room for a drink?"

Off they walked. As simple as that, Jean was on her way to her first gangbang.

Each of the men was gentlemanly as they sat drinking their drinks. Jean blinked her eyes several times. "Whew, that is a strong drink." She whispered.

Ed stood. Taking her hand, he lifted her to her feet. They took their time undressing her. There was no hurry. She wasn't going anywhere. John smiled as her black hair covered cunt came into view. Tits were maybe a B cup. But, who gives a shit? John thought. She has a tight ass, little tummy pot, and then "Downtown" nestled between her legs. All he could think of was plunging his cock into her. This however was Ed's show. Ed was so horny that once he felt Jean's wet cunt, he dismissed the idea of foreplay. His cock would be her foreplay.

Ed, a smart guy, smiled as he started to hump Jean Foxworth. There was no need to worry as to when she was ready to come. John would pump her at length, as soon as he finished.

The springs went thump thump, as did the head board as he pumped his cock deeply into Jean. Her tits were sliding up and back on her body, a sight that John loved to watch. Not a big woman, she would be covered, and controlled by either man. But, the happiest person in that room was Jean Foxworth. Sweat covered her body. This was so exciting! She was humping back at Ed as best she could. With several deep grunts, he came.

John pulled her legs up beside her head. Her gash, open and engorged by Ed pounding, was in perfect condition to accept John new, hard cock. John ran his cock forward and rearward, causing two great orgasms to grab and shake her whole being. John come.

Ed was ready to fuck her again, and did so with abandon. To Ed and Jean all that existed was her cunt and his cock. Both exploded and crumpled into each other's arms. Later, as Ed rolled off, Jean looked up with a big smile. "That was wonderful, Guys."

John would meet with Jean on five more occasions.

In August, there was a party. Frank and Jean were invited, even though they knew only a few people in attendance. In fact, most of the men did not know whom Jean had come with. At the start of the party, there were mostly groups of people in conversation. With an open bar, that soon changed. In the huge den, there was dance music. Jean discovered that the host had her favorite brand of champaine.

For Jean it had been a boring party, since she did not know any of the women. Frank knew two guys and had been in a conversation with them. So, Jean sat down on a couch and started drinking right from the bottle. When Frank spied her, three-quarters of the quart was gone. Frank smiled. He had been around Jean before when she was gunned. She became very friendly. So, he backed away to see what might happen. She was the girl who told him she loved having sex with Ed and John, so it was no secret to him that if a guy came on to her in the right way, that she would open those lovely legs to accommodate him. He would like to watch that unfold.

It didn't take long. An average size guy, whom Frank believed that women would think, was good looking stood looking a Jean for several minutes. It did not take an Einstein to realize that she was shit faced. He approached her. They talked. She stood and danced with him. Or more correctly she leaned on his shoulder. The room was dark, with a spinning globe that made it hard to see in the corners.

Frank changed his position. That was no big deal, because the guy appeared to be gunned also. He was not so gunned that he wasn't interested in pawing Jean's tit. There were people moving up and down the hallways. Some going to the john, some to get food upstairs. Some were going outside for a smoke. Frank observed that several of the dancing women were allowing the men to run their hands on their tits, ass, and up their pussy. This was a fast crowd. He suspected that some were swingers.

The guy took Jean into a bedroom. Frank waited a few minutes. Upon cracking the door open he could see Jean on her back. Her black dress was bunched at her waist. The dress was partly off one shoulder, and her bra was off one breast. Her pantyhose hung from one leg, as were her panties. The guy had her legs pulled up so that he pussy was in position to allow him to slide his cock anyway his little heart desired. He was fucking her as a woman should be fucked, Frank thought.

Frank backed out, and stood in the den in a position so that he could watch the door. Soon, happy guy came out, while zipping up his pants. He wandered over to the bar. After fixing himself a drink, he approached a heavyset guy. The whispered to each other. Heavyset walked to the bedroom. When Frank peeked, Jean was but a few patches of white skin under the guy fucking her.

Nothing was said on the way home. When Frank came out of the bathroom, naked, sporting a hard on, Jean reached up to give him a long kiss. "Do you love me?" She cooed.

"Of course. Were you a bad girl tonight?"

"I didn't mean to be. I don't know exactly how it happened, but a couple of the guys got frisky."

"How frisky?"

"Between my legs frisky."

"Did you like it?"

"Every minute. Damn boring party until I was joined by the frisky guys."

"I saw them do it."

"How on earth did I find a guy like you? What is your reaction to all this? Aren't you afraid that I might leave you for some guy?"

"Not in the least. Who else would understand that you are doing this just for the excitement? A bird in a cage isn't free. Only the bird that is free, and yet comes to sit on your shoulder is you pet. That is what you are, my pet. Fly all you want, but come roost with me. And, yes, I love you. On your back, Pet."

In September, a maintenance man, she knew as Buzzy, at the mall came onto Jean. She had helped out at a mall display. She thought that it was a joke at first. Heck, he was only twenty-two or so. Later that day, he handed her a note with his name and apartment number. "Meet me at three this afternoon?" He challenged her. His face a big smile.

Jean was about to say something glib, but stopped to look at him. He was attractive. He was available. And she did have the time. Why not? She thought. "I'll be there."

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