tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDressed for Suck-cess

Dressed for Suck-cess


I had met my new friend just before Christmas, and we had already played a couple of times before today. However, it kept getting hotter, and today it was just too hot not to write about it.

If you've read any of my other stories, you'll know that I'm an older bi married white male living in west central Texas. I don't usually write about events involving cross dressing, as I don't do it often, but I do enjoy it occasionally. It's hard to find guys who like another guy to dress for them, let alone guys who want to do it as well, but I lucked out this time. He is in his early thirties with a sexy muscular body, and he loves dressing and being sucked by someone who is also dressed. Lucky me!

After weeks of trying to align our schedules, we were finally able to hook up today. In anticipation of his arrival, I was wearing a white silk teddy with snaps at the crotch for easy access, and contrasting black crotchless stockings. He asked me to have something ready for him to wear, and I selected a pair of dark thigh-high stockings, a sexy red teddy, and a silky thong in black with red and pink hearts.

As I waited for him to arrive, I sat back on the couch and rubbed my satin-covered cock, picturing myself on my knees feasting on his thick cock. I hadn't waited long before he arrived.

Once inside, we exchanged pleasantries as he undressed and put on the sexy lingerie I had waiting for him. In a few moments he was dressed, and we stood close while I fondled his cock in the thong.

He was hard and ready, and I wasted no time in having him sit on the couch. He spread his legs for my camera as I took a picture of him, stretching the thong with his huge erection. He then spread the thong away from his cock as I took another picture, and then set the camera down and began to enjoy his cock.

I knelt before him, my own cock straining against the satin as I leaned to kiss his beautiful penis. He moaned at the contact, arching his cock forward into my mouth, as I enveloped the head with my lips and began to slowly suck. I worked my way down his shaft, not stopping until it hit the back of my throat, then slid my lips back up to the head and began to suck. His cock tasted so good, and I had waited more than a month since the last time we played, that I began combining sucking, licking, and nibbling his head and shaft. I then pulled the thong aside to expose his sexy shaved balls, and began licking and sucking them into my mouth. He moaned in pleasure and spread his legs wider, giving me access to his balls. I licked and gently sucked them, and then I began to go lower.

I licked the sensitive area under his balls, and then urged my tongue even further down. I've never been much for rimming, but he was fresh from the shower and his tight bottom beckoned me further. I pulled the thong aside as far as it would go with him seated, and licked the tight pucker of his anus.

I licked for a few minutes, hearing him breath more deeply as I went, then I decided I wanted more. I asked him if he would like my tongue all the way in his bottom, and he turned around and got on his knees on the couch, presenting his taut buttocks to me and willing me to continue. I paused to take a pic, and then spread the thong and got a shot of his anus, now quivering with desire.

I put the camera back down, pulled the thong aside, and went to work on my prize. He moaned as I penetrated his anus with my tongue, shoving it in as far as it would go, spreading his bottom with my hands so I had more room. Reaching down with my right hand, I felt his cock, rock hard and oozing, rubbing along the couch as he humped his ass back in my face. By that time, I wanted and needed to have my tongue inside him, and I pumped his bottom with my tongue like it was a cock, driving it into his anus and hearing him groan at the intrusion. His bottom gripped my tongue like a vise, but I drove it onward and rimmed him with all my energy.

After a few furious minutes of tonguing him, I moved back down to his balls and gently began to kiss and suck them. He reached under his cock to help me, moving his balls all the way back to greet my lips. As I kissed them, I reached down to my own cock and felt an ocean of precome waiting there. Feeling bold and hot, I scooped some onto my finger, then rubbed it on his hole and resumed licking him there. That was a first, as I had never licked my own precome off another guy's bottom, and it was hot!

I wanted to see what else I could do, so I moved my mouth back to his balls and began rubbing his hole with my thumb. This brought a slight moan, but no resistance, so I slowly began to penetrate his tight anus with my thumb. I pushed it in gently to the first knuckle, and he moaned a bit more. I licked and kissed his shaft and balls now, gently pumping my thumb in his hole, and his cock got even harder.

For the next fifteen minutes, I kept up a round-robin, alternating between licking his bottom, balls, and shaft and fingering his hole with my thumb. I kept rubbing my own precome onto his hole, licking him and using it as lube to finger him, still amazed at how hot it was! I'm a bottom, but I think if I could have stood up and fucked him right there and then, he wouldn't have stopped me.

Finally, my poor tongue was getting worn out, and I wanted to taste his orgasm. He turned back around and sat down, and I immediately engulfed his dick and began voraciously sucking him. He continued to moan as I told him I wanted his juice, and continued to shove my mouth up and down on his cock. This went on for another ten minutes, until finally I felt his legs quiver. "I'm gonna come!" he shouted, and at this, I gently slid my finger back up his tight bottom. He exploded at that point, thick sticky come pouring out of his cock, and I swallowed as fast as I could. It seemed like gallons, and as he relaxed, I slid my finger out of his bottom. His cock was wet with come, and I spent ten more minutes licking him clean and teasing his balls and shaft as I went.

He needed to go, so we thanked each other and he got dressed and left. I took the thong and put it on, getting stiff when the wet material came tight against my own bottom, then sat down on the couch and began to masturbate. I pulled up the last picture, me licking his long shaft, and pumped my cock, thinking about how good it had been and how much I enjoyed rimming him and tasting my liquid on his bottom. I came hard, spurting my own ocean of semen, then cleaned up and got dressed. I sure hope I get to try his cock in my bottom soon, but something tells me he wouldn't mind being fucked either; should I ask him which one he wants more? Reader feedback is encouraged on this subject; let me know what you think I should do with him next time!

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