tagNovels and NovellasDressed To Kill Ch. 05

Dressed To Kill Ch. 05


Chapter 5

A little after three, Noella got a call from Mark saying that he had got the keys for the E500 Cabriolet and was asking if it was convenient for him to bring the car round at this time. Noella said it was fine and made busy touching up her makeup and replacing her jacket with a tight and revealing red top with a plunging neckline that framed her shapely breasts perfectly. Checking the mirror in the foyer of her townhouse, Noella was happy with her look.

Looking good! Feeling great! Ready for some fun!

Soon the doorbell was ringing and Noella quickly answered the door to find Mark, keys in hand.

" Ready to go?" he asked.


"Your not driving in those?" Mark queried, pointing at the magnificent but towering YSL heels.

'Why of course not!" replied Noella. I've got my driving flats right here." she held up some black flats that she had held behind her back.

"Great!" confirmed Mark. "Let's go."

Noella closed the door behind her and they made their way down to the gleaming electric blue Benz that was waiting at the curb with its top down, perfect for a sunny spring after noon. Mark handed Noella the the chunky black ignition key and he walked around and opened the driver's side door for Noella.

"Why thank you." She cooed with a smile as she gently lowered her behind onto the cream leather seat. She exchanged her heels for flats then slid her stockinged legs under the wheel. Mark gently secured the door behind her which resonated the healthy clunk that European cars are famous for. He walked around to the passenger side and climbed in.

"Ok Noella. Let's go!"

"Aye! Aye Captain!" she replied as she inserted the key in the electronic ignition switch and fired up the beautiful machine. Mark gave her a brief overview of the controls an then Noella flicked on the indicator, checked the mirrors, made a quick shoulder check and eased out from the curve, the smooth V8 engine purring under the control of her right foot.

How awesome! Beautifully smooth! And so powerful!

Noella loved the feeling of having a tamed lion under her accelerator foot, which was ready to roar whenever the whim took her. She enjoyed the precise control and exact braking that made driving this car an outright pleasure.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed as pulled out of her street and onto the main road as they headed for Beach Rd., a sweeping Boulevard that hugged the bay coastline.

"You like?" asked Mark somewhat rhetorically.

"Of course!" and she slapped his arm with her free hand as she guided the gleaming Benz through the traffic. Mark lean forward and clicked the sound system on and fiddled with his I-Phone and soon the Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" was booming through the incredible JBL speakers. Noella enjoyed the rocking vibe as she headed down Dendy St. towards Beach Rd. Soon they reached the junction of those two roads. She turned the right indicator on and eased the sleek car to a stop at a red light.

I wonder what this baby's got.

As the lights turned green, Noella tugged the wheel right and planted her foot hard. The car lurched forward and heaved right as the big V8 got down and dirty with a sweet growl, but there was little wheel spin or tire smoke, as the wizardry of the traction control smoothed out all bad habits of the powerful engine, ensuring it was perfectly behaved.

Noella grinned as the car launched forward and swept up the hill and over the right crest. Mark leaned over and firmly placed his hand on her knee in a father like gesture.

"Did I say you could do that?"

"Did I say you say you put your hand on my knee?"

Holy shit! His hand feels magnificent! I've got goose bumps all over!

Mark quickly withdrew his hand for fear of offence, somewhat surprised by his reflexive paternal action.

"Did I say you could take your hand off?" asked Noella in a firm but inviting tone, a cheeky grin on her face.

"Do I need permission for what I do with my hand?" he inquired.

"Well it depends what you're doing with it."

"Oh I see." countered Mark, rising to the verbal sparring as the Benz swept around the undulating bends of the road, under Noella's deft control.

"I think you should put it back on my knee."

"Your wish is my command." and he gently replaced his hand on Noella's knee and then slid it upwards to the hem of her skirt, creeping under to rest on the top of her stocking, where he gave her leg a gentle squeeze.

Holy fuck! His hand his so hot! Oh my God, it feels wonderful.

Noella could barely focus on the road as waves of heat and desire swirled through her body like tidal waves.

"You're driving beautifully." complimented Mark.

Shit! He's got his hand up my skirt and he's telling me I'm a good driver! WTF!

"Why thank you." replied Noella, nice as pie, giving no indication of the wild feelings that surged through her tingling body.

They made their way past Brighton Yacht Club and headed towards the city, their path now marked by large mansion style homes, Noella's flesh still burning from the heat of Mark's touch.

"So what do you think of the car?" Mark seemed to be in salesman mode again.

"I think it's beautiful! So smooth and silky to drive, but still so powerful." remarked Noella. "And I love having the top down."

"And do you like this?" grinned Mark as he gently rotated his hand from Noella's outer to inner thigh, sending a shiver through her body.


"If you keep doing that I'm going crash this baby!"

Mark laughed loudly, a huge smile spread across his face as Noella negotiated a right hand turn off the Beach Rd. and headed up Bay St, towards the shopping centre. The sound system was now pumping out U2's "Beautiful Day".

"You know I don't get many opportunities to take such a beautiful woman out in a car like this, let alone one who let's me stroke her thigh!"

Noella felt a flush of heat through her face.

"It's not everyday I get to meet such a handsome man." She took her left hand off the wheel and gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

How do I tell him hat he is making me melt?

Now it was Mark's turn to go tomato red, embarrassed by Noella's candid revelation.

Soon they passed through the shopping centre, the gleaming blue Merc turning more than a few heads. They crested the hill, fortuitously getting a green light, Noella turned right onto the Nepean Highway and gave the car a kick with her right foot. They were soon at the eighty kilometre an hour speed limit, the car exerting little effort. The conversation within the car dried up after their mutual admiration.

What do I now? I love his touch. Do I want more?

After a couple of kilometres she turned the car off the highway, back towards Brighton and her house. Pulling up in front, she eased the car to the curb she broke the silence.

"I want one. When can I have it?"

"That simple eh?"

"I 'm girl who know what she wants." She reached over and slid her up hand up Mark's thigh and gently squeezed his crotch. He was shocked by her forthrightness but made no attempt to move her hand as she began a slow stroking action that soon solicited a stiff reaction.

"I think we should go inside and discuss my purchase." she advised.

"That would be good." he agreed, struggling to spit the words out, his voice all throaty after Noella's gentle massaging of his manhood.

How sweet he is. I haven't felt this desire forever! How could I resist this chance?

So they both climbed out of the awesome car, she replaced her flats for her heels, meeting Mark, on the foot path. She handed him the car chunky keys and then took her house keys out of her clutch bag. She then took Mark by the hand and led him to the front door, opening it with a click of the key. They stepped inside and closed the door behind them.

Once inside she led him into the kitchen/living room.

"Nice place!" he complimented as he placed the Mercedes folder he had brought in from the car on the marble kitchen bench. Noella placed her clutch next to it. She then turned and took a step up to Mark, put one hand behind his neck, the other on his firm butt and squeezed his body to hers as she lifted up on her toes and placed her lips on his mouth, gently probing with her tongue for entry into his mouth. Mark was caught off guard a little, but he quickly responded, kissing her back.

Noella the aggressor! I'm going to have what I want this time! His lips are so soft and delicious.

She worked her lips sensuously against his as he cupped her buttocks with his hands so that were firmly meshed together. She rolled her tongue over his and he responded with the firm invasion of her mouth. Noella was burning with passion as they explored each others mouths, locked together in a firm embrace.

Oh shit! He is so strong. I want him so much. I have never kissed a man like this!

They held the embrace for some minutes, enjoying the feel and desire of each others body. Mark then shifted his hand from its firm planting on her ass, to explore her body. He slowly slid it up her side, before diverting to the front of Noella's top. He cupped her left breast, pushing it upwards slightly and giving it a gentle squeeze before searching for the nipple through the shirt and bra.

Noella exploded, jamming her tongue inside Mark's mouth.

Oh fuck! My knees have gone weak. I want him now.

As a moan of pleasure inadvertently slipped from her mouth, she reached down and reacquainted herself with the hard bulge in his trousers causing his grip to stiffen.

"You are magnificent." he groaned.

She leaned up to his ear.

"You haven't seen anything yet." she whispered and she traced the ridges of his ear with tongue before encasing the whole ear with her mouth and sucking hard.

"Ooooooooooh. Fuck!" he exclaimed.

"Do you like that?" she teased whilst squeezing his balls through his trousers.

"I like that even better!" he retorted

Noella continued to apply her tongue to his ear whilst still gently squeezing his crotch, the zip on his pants was now having trouble containing the swelling mound it covered. Noella laughed at the reaction that she had induced. She then wriggled free from his grip a little, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her to reveal her curvaceous breasts which were pushing agains the restraint of her black silk bra.

"Wow!" gasped Mark and he reached up with both hands too follow the generous curve of each breast and then with his right hand he reached behind her and deftly released the clasp that was holding the bra in place.

"You clever boy!" she giggled.

With Noella's breasts free of any incumbency, Mark helped himself, leaning down, he covered her left nipple with his mouth whilst he twiddled the other like a radio dial, which resulted in it becoming instantly hard.

Oh my God! It feels wonderful!

Enjoying his caress and his suckling, she put her hand behind his head to guide and encourage him, although it seemed that not much encouragement was required, as Mark was a very willing partner.

With the other hand that had been camped on his groin, she began to work on his fly, sliding it down so that she could then release his belt and trouser button. Suddenly his pants dropped, allowing Noella to wrest his masculinity from his underpants. Holding the thick long shaft in her hand, she gently gripped and re-gripped the rod, before sliding her hand up and down its full length.

"Fuck!" he gasped as he released the grip he had on her tit, with his mouth, re-attaching his mouth to hers, drilling her mouth with a tongue full of passion and desire. Noella thrilled at the power of his kiss and marvelled at the erectness and size of his cock.

Holy cow! That is one big cock. I've never known one so large. Oh, I want it!

With her free hand she unzipped the back of her skirt and using her old skill. she wriggled her hips so that it soon slipped to the ground, the full shape of her lithe body was now exposed. Seeing the fulsome form of Noella's body, Mark released their kiss so that he could apply kisses down her neck, sweeping across both breasts whilst she gently stroked his hard member. He stopped at each nipple to gently circle them with his tongue, before bending his knees so that he could peck his way down her gym flattened stomach, over the black suspender belt and onto the sheer french nickers she was wearing. For Noella the sensation was nothing short of mind blowing, as her skin burned with every touch.

Oh my God he is amazing!!!

When Mark reached his desired destination he gently lifted right her leg and rested her heeled foot on the foot rail of the stool that was standing next to the kitchen bench, where this passionate entanglement had begun, causing Noella to lose her handle on his dick. His hand shifted to the centre of her sex and caressed it gently, sliding up and and down the diaphanous front of the French knickers, which made Noella visibly draw breath, as the nerve endings sang their approval of such attention. Mark now slipped his finger under the thin material. Circling the edge of her sex until he discovered her clit, he then gently dipped his finger into her moist pussy , which generated a swift gasp of air followed a deep soulful groan from Noella as she placed her hand over his, to him guide to her pleasure. Hooking his fingers in the top of her panties, he pulled down smoothly, removing the last barrier for is prying tongue. He then replaced his finger with the darting action of his tongue.

"Oh yes!" Noella murmured as she become delirious, a flood of pleasure sweeping over her body.

Is this what heaven is like? A dreamy man making me sing with joy.

Noella just let go and allowed herself to float down the river of ecstasy, as an orgasm began to build like the shudders of a volcano about erupt. Mark intermittently replaced the flicking acton by sucking her clitoris with explosive results.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She groaned as her body trembled and shook like no orgasm she had ever experienced. All her weight went onto Mark as all the strength in her body drained away as it convulsed with bolts of joy.

THAT is what I call an orgasm!!! What have I been missing all this time?

"Oh Mark that was amazing!"

"You haven't seen anything yet." he grinned.

Having recovered a little, Noella lowered her foot from the step of the stool and reacquainted herself with his rock hard member, gently squeezing and releasing her hand, causing it to grow visibly?

"Holy fuck!" he cried. "Are you going to tease me to death?"

"I just might." she replied sweetly. "But I do think we need to lose some of these clothes."

As he leant back against the kitchen bench, she began to undo his shirt buttons before sliding her right hand underneath its material, stroking across his firm pecs, then squeezing his left nipple which hardened immediately, still working the rigid pole with her left hand. Once all the buttons were released she peeled the shirt back and attached her mouth to his right nipple sucking hard, before she gently gripped it between her teeth.

"My God Noella! What are you doing Noella! I'm going to explode!"

"I could stop if you don't like it." she offered coyly.

"No, no, no. Don't do that!"

"So you do want some more."

"Pleassse." he groaned.

With that, she knelt and circled the top of his cock with her tongue, before grasping the head between her lips, giving a gentle suck.

"Shit!" he groaned.

Delicately she slid her lips back and forth before accommodating most of his member in her mouth, its size defeating her desire to absorb its entirety.

"Fuck Noella! What are you doing?"

Noella slowly withdrew her mouth up the length of his cock.

"Is it not good?"

"It is amazing!" he gasped. "Please don't stop."

"Are you sure?" she replied, forever the tease.

"I'm sure!"

"Your wish is my command!" she complied.

Noella slid the rock hard cock back into her mouth, sucking the tip before again swallowing as much as she could manage.

What an amazing dick! I do love hard cock!

She busied herself stroking the rod with her mouth. Mark's groans of pleasure, ever increasing in volume.

"My God Noella! Where did you learn to do this?"

Noella took a short break from her pleasuring.

'I think it just comes naturally!" she laughed, before continuing to give Mark's rod a good working over.


He held her head with both hands, guiding the stroking motion, his pleasure becoming more intense with every stroke.

"I think I need to fuck you now." admitted Mark.

"Do you really? You're sure you don't want me to just suck you all night?"

"No. I won't last all night!"

" What a pity." Said Noella sweetly. "I think we had better do something about that, don't you"

"Please!" Mark begged.

Standing, she took a step towards Mark as he leant against the bench. Hooking her right YSL heeled foot on the second rung of the stool that was next to him, she placed her left leg so that she now straddled is hard cock. With her right hand, she guided him into her place of desire.The first touch of their sexes being like a flash of lightening. The groan she emitted was deep and intense.

Holy fuck! How can I take this!

She slowly moved up and down on the tip of his rod as she began to take his size inside her, each move, evoking a moan of desire.

"Fuck Noella! Fuck me!" Mark demanded.

Soon she was able take all of Mark's shaft, her moistness allowing her to glide slowly but surely up down its length. She secured herself by clasping Mark's neck with both hands whilst Mark fastened his hands on her butt, grabbing so firmly that the skin surrounding his hand turned red.

"Oh Mark!" She cried as their pace gathered, their hips working in unison. Their beings melded together in a tryst of sexual pleasure. She clamped her lips to his, spearing her tongue into his mouth, so that their tongues became entangled in a vigorous jousting match.

Oh how good is he! I want it to last all night.

She ground her hips to his, twisting like a cork screw with each action.

"Fuck that is good!" he proclaimed.

Suddenly she stopped at the bottom of her stroke.

"What the fuck!!!" he cried.

"You'll see."

She began slowly squeezing his pole with her sex. Slowly gripping. Un-gripping. Gripping. Un-gripping.

His mouth released a long slow guttural groan.

"Noella. You are magnificent."

"So are you."

Standing, she released his penis from within her and turned around and placed her hands on the stool. She gently spread her legs and braced herself.

"I think it's your turn to do the work." she told him.

Obediently Mark moved behind her, looking to re-insert his magnificent log in Noella's warm pussy. Raising it with his hand, he began to lunge at his goal , with little success. Noella reached back between her legs to guide his magnificence inside her.

Slowly he entered her, causing her to gasp as she accepted his advance.

Fuck!!! Fuck!! And fuck! ..............My God it is good!!!

With his entry assured, he rammed home his advantage, causing Noella to draw breath.

Holy shit!!!!!

Mark continued to deliver long hard strokes.

"Oh yes! Yes!! Yes!! Fuck me Noella!"

Noella responded, pushing against his hard cock, occasionally pausing to grasp the poll with her muscles.

"Fuck me Noella! Fuck me!"

Their bodies pumped. Their muscles sweated, as they worked towards mutual pleasure. The pleasure intensified and he slapped her ass with his right hand, spurring Noella onto more urgent action, when Noella suddenly paused.

"I want you to fuck me on top." she told him

Standing, she again released his cock and turning she lifted her butt onto the stool she had been using for support. She stretched her legs to their full extension before spreading them to create a large V.

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