tagNovels and NovellasDressed To Kill Ch. 08

Dressed To Kill Ch. 08


This chapter as a bit of a bastard child, kicking screaming as it was brought into existence. I hope you find it OK.


Noella woke Sunday morning wondering if it had all been a dream. When she saw the black and white lingerie and "nasty" black studded heels lying on the floor, she knew that the amazing threesome had been a reality.

OMG! what have I done!............but fuck it was amazing!.......... Tick threesome off the bucket list!

She laughed to herself but she was gripped by a strange mixture of guilt and euphoria.

Can I face Julia today?

With all her neighbours coming over for afternoon tea today, she knew she would have to face Julia and wondered what her reaction would be.

She contemplated the previous night over her standard Sunday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on sour dough toast, accompanied by a monster latte.

She then got her thoughts together about what she needed to do before everybody arrived at three o'clock.

Once she was showered and dressed in her sloppy house cleaning tracksuit, she attacked the house with vacuum and duster, ensuring everything was perfect for everybody to arrive. Over a lunch of fresh fruit she thought of Sarah.

I hope she had a wonderful night.

She decided to send her a text message.

"How was the party?"

A couple of minutes later a reply from Sarah appeared on her phone.

"Had a gr8t nite. every 1 said i looked beautiful. Lachie was very impressed!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)"

Noella replied.

"That's wonderful! Luv U. Mum."

Feeling happy that Sarah had had a good time, she cleaned up her lunch dishes before organising the food for the afternoon and making sure there was plenty of cold champagne in the fridge and there were glasses ready to go. About two o'clock she headed upstairs to get ready. The new red knee length pencil line skirt, teamed with one of her new blouses, a Parisienne looking number with a scooped neckline framed by a little ruffle, were given the nod for today. She hunted out a pair of trusty red stilettos from the wardrobe and was pleased with the look. The blouse revealed nice cleavage, the skirt emphasised her slim figure, the slit in the back of the skirt highlighted her legs and the red heels set everything off nicely. She examined herself in the mirror after applying her makeup.

Yep. Feeling good! Looking hot!

By two forty five she was downstairs ready for everybody to arrive. Nervously she checked the house for every detail before checking the food was all set to go. As she surveyed the house for anything that was out of place, she noticed that there was a message on her phone. She'd been so busy she had missed it. She picked up her phone and opened the message. It was from Mark! She hurriedly read the message.

"Hi Noella. In real trouble. Jennifer out of control. Can't break free! She keeps threatening to kill herself if I leave. Don't know what to do! Help!!!! Mark.

Shit! This has to happen now!

She quickly sent a message back.

"Be strong. I'll work something out. What's your address. Will help soon."

She didn't have any idea what she would do, but if she at least had his address, she could go and make sure he was alright.

What a bitch that woman is!

She took a deep breath to calm herself ready for her guests when the doorbell rang. Noella checked herself in the mirror in foyer before opening the door to find Julia standing on the doorstep, looking resplendent in a flaming fuchsia pink outfit.

"Hi beautiful." she called.

"Hi Julia."

"I thought I'd come just a couple of minutes early to give you this." she said holding up a black shopping bag as she entered. "They're your clothes from last night. I thought it might be better if the others didn't see me returning clothes. We don't want any difficult questions, do we?"

"Thank you. That's very thoughtful. I'll just put them here in the hall closet for now." replied Noella as they kissed each other on the cheek as Julia entered the foyer.

"I've got a bag for you too, with those lovely things from Justin. I'll try and give it to you discreetly later."

"That's great. And look at you. Looking hot again! You make me want to make love to you again!"

"Julia!" she scolded.

"Don't worry the others aren't here yet and I promise I'll behave." she replied cheekily

"Thank you. I would appreciate that." She escorted Julia into the kitchen/ family room and was just about to pour some champagne when the doorbell rang again. Noella went to answer the door. It was Prue.

"Hi Prue!" greeted Noella, as she opened the door.

"Hi Noella." replied Prue, who had a shopping bag in one hand and a wine carry in the other. They pecked each other with a greeting kiss.

"You know the wine wasn't necessary."

"I know, but I wanted to."

"Well thank you. Come this way. Julia's in the kitchen."

"My goodness Prue! You look stunning!" exclaimed Julia as they entered the kitchen.

"You do look beautiful." agreed Noella.

Prue placed the bag on the floor.

"Thank you. This bag is for you Julia." she said before giving them a twirl to show them the beautiful white figure hugging dress with fine black detail, which matched the sexy black suede pumps she was wearing.

Noella just managed to finish pouring the ladies champagne when the doorbell rang again.

This time it was Jeanette and Steph, also carrying bags. It was kisses and champagne all round when they made it to the kitchen.

Steph was wearing the shortest of red dresses, that barely stretched over her butt and boobs, three of the five buttons on the front remaining undone to reveal a red lace bra. Tall red strappy sandals completed the sexy look.

Jeanette towered over everybody in black sequinned platform heels which matched a medium length skirt with shoe string straps and a bulging bodice that was struggling to restrain her fulsome chest.

Bubbling champagne in hand, they made their way to the sitting room in the front of the house. The room filled with chatter and laughter as they sipped their champagne and helped themselves to the beautiful food that Noella had served.

After about half an hour Noella called the ladies to order and they all retrieved their photos from their bags. It appeared that had all taken the opportunity to bring the outfits that had worn at the last gathering to return to Julia.

They sat on the couch and sofa chairs.

"I'll go first." she said, as she collected her photos from a book shelf against the wall.

The laughter soon reached a crescendo, as in turn, they each revealed their baby and teenage photos. The photos were a litany of baby and toddler nakedness, kids smeared with all manner of substance, weird haircuts, hilarious school photos with ugly uniforms, first dates, outrageous perms, cutting edge hair colourings and some really "special" retro fashions. They all laughed so hard there was tears coming from their eyes.

Eventually calmness overcame mayhem.

Soon it quietened, their mouths full with Noella's delicious food and sipping champagne. In the quiet Prue unusually piped up.

"I brought my Tarot cards if anyone is interested in having a reading."

Of course they all wanted a reading with Julia going first. The cards indicated she was in a good place at this moment. She was prosperous, but she needed be careful of her ex-husband in the future. Her love life was strong but she would be compelled to a make a choice between a casual and permanent relationship in the future.

"Hmmm. Interesting" said Julia as she contemplated her reading.

Steph was next and the cards indicated that she would continue to experience success, with exciting possibilities in the future, including travel. They also showed that she would have to put down roots if wanted to experience lasting happiness and true love. She was pleased with the reading.

Next Noella took her turn to kneel at the coffee table where Prue was laying the cards.

"Wow said Prue, There's lots of stuff happening here!"

Prue went onto describe a maelstrom of activity in her life. The cards showed she had just had a whirlwind encounter with a strong young man and there was another relationship which seemed quite different, but Prue couldn't explain why, but it may cause confusion for Noella. She went onto describe a time of adventure and discovery.

"How does that sound?" asked Prue.

"So close to the truth its scary." she answered.

"There is also some conflict with someone who has been a major part of your life."

"That would be my ex-husband."

"Yes that sounds likely."

My God it's so true it's scary. I hope no one asks me about those relationships!

"It is a bit of a mixed bag." concluded Prue.

"Yes it is." laughed Noella a little nervously. "But thank you. You've been great."

Prue continued on to do a reading for Jeanette which revealed an exciting life where continued hard work would pay off, but true love and might be hard to find.

"I've never looked for true love." said Jeanette. "Just hot sex!"

They all laughed.

"Now that Jeanette has brought up hot sex. I have to tell you something." confided Prue.

"What's that Honey."

"You know when we all got dressed up last time."

"Of course! We all had great fun, but if I remember you were a little hesitant to start with."

"You're right, but by the end I had a great time."

"We certainly did!" agreed Jeanette.

"Well I have to say I'm glad you encouraged me and I felt very sexy. Even wearing the outfit home was fun."

"It was our pleasure." confirmed Julia.

"I have been going out with this very nice man, Mitch, who is ten years younger than me." Prue began, feeling very self conscious."I really like him, but he seemed very reserved and polite and I was wondering whether he was really attracted to me."

"So what happened?" asked Julia, the others all listening intently.

"Well a couple of weeks ago I had him over for dinner. It was all going nicely, but it seemed like he was just going through the paces making polite converstion, so I decided to find out once and for all whether he really wanted me. So after dinner." Prue continued. "I excused myself for a few moments and went upstairs and became Nurse Prue."

"Go girl!" exclaimed Noella.

"Yeah! Go Prue!" said Steph joining in.

Prue continued hesitantly, not used to revealing intimate details about herself to other people.

"So when I went downstairs I was feeling a bit awkward, but I thought I was looking hot."

"So what happened?" asked Jeanette.

"He was shocked when I came down stairs. The nurse costume doesn't cover very much!"

Prue's brought some chuckles from the other ladies.

"I told him that nurse needed to take give him a physical to ensure that was in good physical shape."

"You didn't?" asked Noella.

"I did." she replied.

"So what happened?" urged Steph.

"I made him take off his shirt and.....

"And...?" asked Julia.

Prue's thoughts went to that wonderful night when she had played nurse, stripping her patient naked. The kissing and caressing of his strong lean body and the taste of his long hard penis in her mouth. His response had been passionate. Piece by piece he had removed the Velcroed outfit, tantalisingly revealing ever large areas of Prue's skin, to which he diligently and expertly applied his lips and his hands. Her body had sung with pleasure as he sought out her breasts and nipples, lavishing them with his attention, before laying her on the couch. Now only adorned by stockings and heels, he feasted on her sex, sending her on a ride of ecstasy. Eventually he entered her. She greedily took his hard member, urging him on. Her finger nails firmly dug into his buttocks. Soon he paused to lift her from the couch, her legs now wrapped around him. Still thrusting into her, he carried her to a chair that stood next to her dining table. He took a seat with Prue implanted on his pole. Prue was now in charge, sliding on his member, she enjoyed the size of his cock inside her. She ground her hips, pleasuring his dick intensely before fiercely wrapping her arms around him and pumping his cock with strength and passion, which sent them both into the delirious world of climatic orgasm.

"The rest is history!"

"History! Exclaimed Jeanette.

"Ok ...OK..Ok. We made love........... all night!"

The others hooted and hollered making Prue blush with embarrassment.

"See what happens if your brave and a little adventurous." said Julia.

"Did I really say that?" asked Prue. "But you're right. I took a risk. He loved being 'treated' by Nurse Prue and now our relationship is incredible."

"That is fantastic Prue." said Julia. "I'm glad my little outfit was of some help."

"I must say it has really started something! I have even gone and bought some lingerie and we are having great fun enjoying each other."

"I am really happy for you Prue." said Julia. "You all wore you costumes home last time. Is there any body else whose had some fun?"

Noella put up her hand nervously.

'Me." she squeaked.

"Do tell." commanded an interested Julia.

"Yes. Do tell!" the others chorussed.

"Well..."Noella started nervously. "It all began when I decided I should do a "hot walk" of my own."

How much do I tell them?

Noella went onto describe her "hot walk" through the supermarket and the mayhem that it created, to the laughs and screams of approval of her neighbours. She continued on, telling how she went on to "hot walk" the Mercedes dealership.

"You didn't?" demanded Jeanette.

"I did!"

She tdescribed how she went for a test drive and bought a beautiful convertible from hunky Mark. She didn't tell them about the wonderful sex. Moving onto the day she finally collected the car, she described the lunch at Donnelli's and cruising with her friends Suzie and Jodie.

"Hey! Where's my drive?" complained Steph.

"Be quiet!" scalded Julia.

"When I got back from cruising with Suze and Jodie, I was shocked when I turned into Fahrenheit St. to find Mark parked in front of the house."

OMG how much do I tell them? What will they think of me?

"I saw him." interrupted Jeanette. "Silver Mercedes. Cute ass."

"That's him! He had dropped past because he had some promotional items for me, which was very nice of him. Anyway I got him to get in the car and took him down into the garage." Noella paused nervously.

Here goes nothing.

"So when we got down to the car park I asked him to christen the car with me."

"What did you do?" asked Prue, somewhat confused.

"Christen the car."


"They had sex in the car." blasted Jeanette bluntly.

"You didn't?"

"Ah.......Yes.....We made love."

"Noella!" scolded Prue.

"What can I say. It was wonderful!"

"Go Noella!" yelled Steph.

"Yes, go girl!" agreed Jeanette.

"And the maid outfit?" asked Julia.

"Well after the christening, I took him upstairs and, like Prue, I told him I had to freshen up. I went and changed into the maid costume and then..........did a bit of Spring cleaning so to speak."

"Spring cleaning?" asked Prue again.

"They had sex again." Jeanette's bluntness continued.

"Yes we did, Nurse Prue."

The others cheered and giggled at her revelation.

Noella felt a little embarrassed in revealing her exploits, a slight redness colouring her cheeks.

"Well Noella. You continue to surprise me." commented Julia.

"I didn't plan it! It just sort of happened."

"The best way." advised Prue. "It means you've attracted these desires into your life."

"Oh Prue. Do you really believe that?" asked Jeanette.

"Of course. It's the Law of Attraction! But I don't care if you don't agree."

"Well they were certainly attracted!" giggled Jeanette.

"Actually I'm a bit worried about him."

Noella told them about the text message she had received just before they had arrived and the whole bloody mess with Jennifer. How Mark was feeling trapped, as she was threatening suicide if Mark didn't capitulate to her demands.

"I hate women like that." exclaimed Jeanette.

"I told him I 'd help him." continued Noella. "But I've got no idea what to do."

"Good luck with that." advised Julia. "Those sort situations can get real messy."

"I've got an idea!" spouted Jeanette.

"O oh." said Steph. "Anything could happen with Jeanette in charge."

"Steph go and get the bags with the leather outfit I wore and the leather dress you wore."

"Ok." and Steph scuttled away to the front foyer to get the outfits.

"What are we going to do?" asked Noella.

"You and I are gong to pay Mark and his bitchy woman a visit. But it won't be any sort of ordinary visit!"

"What sort of visit?" queried Noella somewhat fearfully.

"A visit they will never forget!"

Within half an hour, Noella and Jeanette were standing in the sitting room looking like they were ready to go to an S & M convention. Noella was sizzling in the black leather lace up dress, the leather lacing showing off her stunning back, completed by fishnet stockings and Julia's nasty studded heels. Julia had furtively retrieved them from the front foyer on the pretence that she had brought them over to show Noella and brought sighs of admiration from everyone

Jeanette looked terrifying and intimidating in the leather corset, matching briefs, elbow length gloves and thigh high boots. She too was sporting fishnet stockings and everybody winced as she whacked the riding strop into her hand.

"My God Jeanette you look too scary!" observed Prue.

"Prue's right!" agreed Julia. "You look way too scary. Noella you just look hot!"

"Why thank you Julia." replied Noella.

"Yeah sizzling hot!" said Steph.

Whilst they were dressing, Noella had messaged Mark. He had obediently sent her his address.

"R u and Jennifer home? R u staying home?"

A reply soon came.

"Yes & yes."

Noella typed back.

"Hang tite. We're coming to help!"

"Gr8t!!!" he replied.

God I hope this works!

Soon the five friends were bundling into Noella's beautiful Benz, which stood in the garage with the top down.

"Wow! It's beautiful!" exclaimed Steph.

"Yes. Wonderful!" agreed Prue.

Julia was driving, as she'd only had one drink and Noella's leather attire was too restricting and revealing to allow here to hop behind the wheel. Once they were all on board, Julia guided the car up the drive and onto the street.

Their destination was Head St. in Brighton East. Steph was jammed in the middle in the back seat between the glamozonesque leather clad women and Prue was in the navigator position, in the front passenger seat, whilst Julia marvelled at the performance of the red convertible.

"This is some car Noella!" she enthused as she glided up Dendy St. towards East Brighton, heads swivelling all the way as people tried grab a glance of the car full of beautiful women, two of whom would look more at home in a dungeon.

"I agree." replied Noella. "I love it very much!"

"I would too if it was mine." admitted Julia honestly as they cruised towards Head St.

Soon they pulled up in front a group of eight stylish townhouses, not unlike those at 125 Fahrenheit St.

"Now when we go inside, just follow my lead." Jeanette told Noella.

"Ok." said Noella who had no clue as to what was about to unfold.

The two ominous looking women alighted from the car and adjusted everything, ensuring that they looked amazing, as they strolled down the path towards Mark's apartment at No.2

"Ok. Let's shake her up a little. " said Jeanette. "I'll be the bad cop. You're the good cop. Ok?"

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