tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrilling Miss Daisy

Drilling Miss Daisy


Daisy took her time dressing for the party. She wanted to look sexy and provocative. Her braless tits and hard nipples poked shamelessly through the tight red cotton top cut above her pierced belly button. A tiny black skirt barely covered her ass cheeks. The eye shadow was heavy and the lipstick bright red.

Daisy stood in front of the mirror and smiled. The girl staring back at her had that "fuck me" look she wanted to achieve. Not that Daisy was planning on getting fucked. She wasn't that kind of a girl. She just wanted to make Randy Martin regret having dumped her for Monica. Daisy might not be a blonde with big tits but hers weren't bad and her ass was as tight as anyone's.

Daisy had been especially hurt because Randy was only the third guy that she had ever let fuck her. She was just getting over a long term relationship when her best friend Gloria introduced her to Randy. He seemed like a really nice guy. She foolishly let him fuck her on their third date. The next day he dumped her for that slut Monica.

Gloria had come up with the idea for making Randy pay by having Daisy dress provocatively for the party. Daisy was nervous about doing it, but was determined to pull it off. If it was a slut he wanted then so be it. She was planning to flaunt her body and flirt shamelessly. Daisy was going to put on a show that would make Monica look like a nun.

Daisy was a little self-conscious when she saw the look the taxi driver gave her. Acting like a slut was not in her comfort zone. She smiled and gave the driver the address. When he pulled up in front of the house Daisy was surprised that there weren't more cars. It was late enough for the party to be in full swing. She didn't really know the people throwing it. They were friends of Gloria's.

Daisy decided to call Gloria to confirm the address. She searched through her purse and found that she had left her cell phone at home. The cab driver was getting impatient. Daisy paid him and stepped onto the sidewalk in front of the house. She couldn't hear any music. Something wasn't right.

Daisy looked at the address on the slip of paper Gloria had given her and confirmed that she was in the right place. She cautiously approached the front door and knocked. A good looking hunk in his mid twenties wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt opened the door. He was big and powerful like a football player. His blue eyes scanned her outfit.

"Can I help you, Miss?"

"Um... I'm here for the party. There is a party, right? Gloria invited me."

He gave her a strange look.

"Oh yes... the party. Well, Gloria is not here yet, and you are a little early, but you are welcome to come inside and wait. I'm Mike."

She introduced herself and entered. They walked into the front room. There were four other guys, all well built, sitting on couches and chairs watching a basketball game. None of them seemed dressed for a party, and no one else was there, but he did say they were coming didn't he? Mike introduced her.

"This is John, Ray, Brian and Dave. Guys, this is Daisy. She is here for the party. Gloria invited her. Look why don't you take a seat while I get you something to drink. I'm sure the others will be by soon."

Brain and Dave made a space for her between them on the couch. She hesitated. Something wasn't right. She pulled down on the hem of the skirt, but it still rode most of the way up her thighs. Her nipples were poking shamelessly from her top. Daisy could feel all four sets of eyes undressing her. She was getting nervous and hoped the others would show soon.

Mike fixed her a drink. It tasted sweet and fruity. He turned off the television and put on some soft music. Out of nervousness she drank quickly. Mike refilled her glass. She drank that as well. All of a sudden she got dizzy. Her head was spinning. Everything in the room became a blur.

A hand touched her thigh and slid up her leg. Another cupped her breast and squeezed the soft flesh through her top. The hand on her thigh slid under her skirt until she could feel his fingers brush against the crotch of her panties. She pressed her thighs together trapping the hand between her legs.

"Wha... what are you doing," Daisy said groggily.

Mike, who was behind her, tilted her head back. He leaned over and kissed her. His tongue probed into her mouth. Daisy knew this was all wrong and that she should stop it, but it was like she was dreaming and powerless to do anything. Besides, she was the one that had dressed up like a slut. Wasn't she just getting what she had asked for?

Her top was pushed up over her tits. Two hands squeezed her naked flesh. The hand wedged between her legs cupped her pussy. His fingers pushed against her panties and rubbed her slit. Without really thinking Daisy opened her thighs. It was like her body was responding to his touch on its own. Something deep inside wanted this.

The crotch of her panties was pulled aside. A finger slid along her gash which was already slimy with excitement. She felt it slide into her steamy passage. Daisy spread her legs even further. She moaned when a second finger was pushed into her body. She felt a rush of pleasure surge through her loins. A distant voice echoed in her ear.

"What a fucking slut. Look how much she loves it."

Daisy kept trying to focus her mind to stop this madness but it was impossible. Her body was on fire in response to the way it was being touched. She did want more. She found herself squirming against the fingers in her pussy and moaning into Mike's mouth. Both of her nipples were being pinched and squeezed.

Someone pulled down her panties. Daisy's legs were lifted in the air and spread apart. A tongue parted her folds. A pair of lips covered her swollen mound. She broke the kiss with Mike to see what was happening. Dave's face was buried between her legs. She gasped when his tongue pushed into her opening.

Daisy's head was still in a fog. She looked around and saw Brian and Ray standing naked on the couch with their hard cocks waving in her face. Brian leaned forward and brushed his swollen knob against her cheek. Daisy turned her head and saw the veins bulging from the hard flesh only inches from her lips. He grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her mouth.

Brian fucked her face with hard deep strokes. Daisy gagged each time he slammed it against the opening of her throat but he had a firm grip on her head so she couldn't pull away. He went faster and faster until spit was drooling from her lips. She gasped for air when he finally pulled out. Seconds later Ray turned her head and shoved his cock into her mouth.

Dave pumped two fingers in and out of her pussy while he munched on her clit. Daisy could feel pressure building in her belly. She humped his face and moaned around Ray's cock in her mouth. She was going to cum, something she usually did only with great difficulty. Her body was already shaking as the pressure continued to build.

Her pussy exploded. Dave clamped his lips around her mound and drank the juices flowing from her gash. Her screams were choked out by the cock stuffed deep in her mouth. Spit flowed from her lips and chin drenching the cotton top stretched up above her tits. Daisy was still shaking when Dave pulled his mouth from her pussy.

Ray finally pulled out and slapped his cock across her face. Daisy coughed and gagged trying to catch her breath. Brain climbed off the couch and stepped between her legs. He lifted her knees into the air and guided the head of his cock between her pussy lips. He found her opening and plunged. His hard meat speared deep into her belly. Daisy threw her head back and gasped.

John climbed onto the couch where Brian had been standing and rammed his hard cock between her lips. Brian continued to pummel her pussy. She could feel his hard meat drive deep into her belly on each powerful thrust. Everything around her was spinning out of control. Daisy struggled for air. She could feel the pressure of another orgasm building in her belly. She was helpless to stop it.

The explosion rocked her like an earthquake. Daisy felt every ounce of energy rush to her pussy. Her body tensed. Her fingers dug into the flesh of Brian's arm. John's cock fell from her mouth. She jerked and bucked against Brian trying to drive him deeper. A scream pierced the air and then another. Her pussy clenched in a series of spasms around Brian's thrusting member.

Daisy was trying to catch her breath when Brian pulled out. He rolled her limp body over until she was on her knees with her elbows propped on the back of the couch. Ray moved behind and slid his throbbing meat between her ass cheeks. She gasped when it plunged deep into her belly.

Brian moved around the couch and shoved his dripping cock between her lips. The pungent taste of pussy filled her mouth. Ray slammed her body forward with each powerful thrust of his cock driving her mouth down the length of Brain's shaft which stabbed at her throat. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face hard and fast.

Daisy was having difficulty keeping up with the two cocks pounding her body. She gagged and choked on Brian's hard meat as it tried to pry open her throat. Spit drooled in strands from her lips and chin. Ray's cock plunged deep into her belly again and again. Juices streamed down the insides of her thighs. His balls slapped wetly against her clit each time he drove into her.

Daisy could feel her world spinning out of control. The pressure in her belly was building to another orgasm. Her pussy clenched and twitched against Ray's thrusting cock. She felt Brian swell between her lips. He grunted and thrust hard. She choked on the stream of hot cum that splashed against her throat. It came shooting out of her nose.

No one had ever cum in her mouth before, but Daisy really didn't have time to think about that. Spurt after spurt of thick cum drooled out from her lips. Ray continued to pound into her gushing pussy. He thrust deep and grunted. Daisy could feel the warmth from his cum spread through her belly. Her whole body tensed. Another explosion ripped through her gut.

Brian's cock fell from her lips. A flood of cum drooled from mouth and ran down her chin. Ray pulled out of her pussy. She could feel his seed running down her thighs. Dave moved behind her and plunged his hard meat into her cum-filled chamber. John stepped in front of her and rammed his throbbing cock between her lips. They found a rhythm and slammed relentlessly into her two orifices.

John grabbed her head and thrust his cock deep. Daisy felt her throat being pried open by his long cock. She gagged and choked but he didn't let up. She struggled to get away but he held her tight. His cock pushed into her throat. She had no choice but to find a way to accommodate him. She relaxed and felt her urge to gag slowly dissipate. He pushed deeper. His pubes tickled her lips.

Dave pounded her pussy hard and deep driving his cock up against her cervix on each powerful thrust. The cock down her throat finally pulled out. A huge gush of spit fell from her mouth as she gasped for air. The cock in her pussy slammed into her so hard she could feel her body being jerked forward on each thrust. Another orgasm was rapidly building in her belly.

Her body was trembling when something warm splashed against her cheek. John aimed his cock at her face and sprayed spurt after spurt of thick cum across her forehead, up the side of her nose, over her lips and into her hair. Seconds later the cock in her pussy swelled. Daisy screamed. More cum filled her pussy until it was streaming down her thighs.

Daisy collapsed onto the couch still shaking. Cum was drooling down her face and dripping from her chin. More oozed out from her pussy onto the cushion. Daisy slowly opened her eyes. Everything was still out of focus. She looked around the room. There were four naked men standing in front of her. Did she really just have sex with them or was she dreaming? She was so confused

Mike sat next to her and wiped the mess from her face. He lifted a glass to her lips. She swallowed the sweet liquid that filled her mouth. Daisy felt like she was floating. She could see a girl that looked like her sitting naked on the couch with a skirt bunched around her waist. Had someone kidnapped her body?

Mike pulled down his shorts. He put his hand on the back of her neck and pushed her head down towards his lap. Daisy gasped at the size of the monster draped across his thigh. It was huge and wasn't even hard. It had to be a dream, she thought. No one could really be that big.

He pushed her face lower. Her lips brushed against his warm flesh. Daisy put out her tongue to see if it was real. It twitched and grew even bigger. She curled her fingers around it. It certainly felt real. So did the desire that throbbed in her loins and pulsed through her nipples. Her body had never felt so alive. She no longer cared whether or not she was dreaming.

Daisy slid her mouth up the vein-streaked shaft. She swirled her tongue across the mushroom-shaped tip lifting the oversized knob to her mouth and stretching her lips around it. She felt him grow even bigger. He pushed deeper. When his knob pressed against her throat more than half his length was still exposed.

Daisy tried her best to pleasure him with her mouth but it was a hopeless task. He was too big and her mouth was too small. Even her fingers were no longer able to encircle his girth. She concentrated her efforts on his knob sucking it in and out of her mouth while she swirled her tongue across the tight skin. Her hand pumped up and down his shaft.

Mike grabbed her head and fucked his cock up into her mouth. His swollen knob slammed against her throat. Daisy choked and gagged trying to keep up with his thrusts. Spit poured from her lips. It drooled down the length of his shaft and over her fingers. She tried to take him deeper but he was just too big.

Daisy felt someone slip two fingers into her dripping pussy from behind. Daisy squirmed against them. Her moans were muffled by the huge cock stuffed in her mouth. A third finger was pushed into her overheated flesh. Ripples of pleasure pounded in her loins. Her pussy twitched in a series of spasms.

Mike rammed his cock into her mouth faster and faster. Spit flew from her lips and splattered across his thighs. He slammed her head down against him each time he thrust up into her mouth. Daisy felt his knob punching into her throat. She desperately needed air and struggled to break free but Mike wouldn't let go of his tight grip on her head.

The fingers in her pussy were pulled out. One of them slid between her cheeks and pressed against her tight sphincter. Daisy winced when she felt it twist into her body. This was a new sensation. No one had ever touched her back there. The pressure was almost unbearable but there was nothing she could do to counter it with Mike's cock still slamming against her throat.

The finger in her asshole went deeper and deeper twisting and turning inside her until it was buried to the knuckle. Daisy gagged and choked on the cock in her mouth as she struggled for air. The pounding in her head was so intense that she thought she might lose consciousness.

A second finger was shoved into her asshole. Her body stiffened. Her sphincter clenched as Daisy tried to fight the unbearable pressure throbbing inside her bowels. The two fingers dug inside her dark passage stretching it wider as they plunged in and out of her body. Daisy tried to relax but it was impossible. She was quickly fading into darkness.

Before the world went black Mike pulled her up by the hair. She coughed and choked struggling for air. A flood of spit poured from her mouth and over his cock. She was vaguely aware of the fingers being pulled from her asshole. Something big and hard and round pressed against her sphincter.

Daisy was trying to catch her breath when Mike slammed her mouth back down on his cock. He forced his knob into her throat. She forgot all about the pressure against her asshole and concentrated on the cock that was choking her. She pushed her tongue down the underside of his shaft and tried to relax. Despite his size he finally slid past her gag reflex and into her throat.

Daisy slid her mouth down his shaft working him deeper and deeper until she felt his pubes against her lips. Moments later Brian pushed the knob of his lubricated cock through her sphincter and into her asshole. Daisy winced from the unbearable pressure in her bowels.

Brian pushed his cock deeper. Daisy wanted to scream and struggled to pull free. Mike held her head firmly in place with his huge shaft buried deep in her throat. Tears streamed down her face. Brian's cock continued to plow deeper and deeper into her dark passage. Daisy thought he was going to rip her apart. He shoved the last inch into her quivering body.

Daisy thought she was going to pass out. She tried to breathe through her nose but couldn't get enough air. Brian held his cock deep inside her throbbing asshole. The intense pain slowly subsided as she adjusted to his size. Daisy felt her body relax. Brian slowly moved inside her. The pressure was still intense but not painful like before.

Mike finally pulled her mouth off his cock. She took several deep gulps of air before he rammed his cock back into her throat. Brian fucked her asshole faster and deeper. The pressure in her bowels slowly morphed into a pleasurable throbbing. It felt good. So did the cock in her throat.

There was something so dirty and nasty about what she was doing. Her pussy pulsed with excitement from having a cock down her throat and another up her ass. Daisy slid a hand between her legs and found her clit. The throbbing in her loins continued to grow. The pressure in her belly became intense.

Daisy wanted more. She moved her ass against Brian's thrusting cock trying to drive him deeper. Her mouth bobbed up and down Mike's shaft. It punched into her throat again and again. She felt Brian drive deep into her asshole and grunt. Hot cum pulsed from his cock and filled her bowels.

Her orgasm hit like a thunderbolt. She jerked and twisted in a series of convulsions. Daisy plunged two fingers into her pussy. Another orgasm ripped through her body. She lifted her drooling lips from Mike's cock to catch her breath and gasped when another spasm gripped her insides. Brian pulled his spent cock out of her sphincter. Cum oozed out of her asshole and down her thighs.

"Let's see if we can fit this big cock into your tight fuck-hole," Mike said pulling her into his lap.

Daisy swung her leg over his muscular thighs and perched her pussy just above his throbbing meat. He guided it between the pink folds hanging out from the gash splitting her swollen mound. She felt his enormous knob press against her opening and stretch her as he pushed inside. She pushed back and felt him go deeper and deeper stretching the walls of her cunt.

"Oh... oh god... aaaahhhhhhhhhh..."

Before he reached bottom Daisy had another orgasm. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. She lifted up and slammed down hard against him. His cock plunged deep into her pussy. She felt it bounce off her cervix. She screamed as another orgasm tore through her body. Filth spilled from her mouth as she transformed into someone she didn't know.

"Fuck me... harder...shove you big cock up my cunt... yes... do it... fuck me..."

She lifted up and slammed down on his length again and again. Her cries of pleasure shook the walls as one orgasm after another ripped through her body. Daisy was trying to catch her breath when someone moved behind her and pressed his cock against her asshole. She looked back at the intruder. It was John.

"What... no... it's too much... they both won't..."

Before she could finish John rammed his cock up her ass. She tensed thinking that he would rip her apart. The pressure was almost unbearable with Mike's cock still buried deep in her pussy. Mike began to move in rhythm with John. Daisy was surprised at how quickly she adjusted to the two cocks stuffed in her body. She screamed as another explosion shook her world.

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