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He walked in the house chatted momentarily with the kids nothing serious just normal chit chat. The kids knew we were going out that night and they wanted to know how long we were going to be gone. Movies and pizza with tons of popcorn and soda was ready for them to devour their few hours of freedom away from the watchful eye of "Mom." Several hours was their answer. The normal stern "be careful" was issued from him. Even though not their children he still cared for them greatly and as I listened from the hallway my heart flipped slightly at his concern. I had no idea what was planned, most of our "dates" had been stay at home types as of late but when he called me from work and asked me to be ready I was more then willing.

He looked up and as his eyes light up I knew I had reached the desired effect. The simple blue jean skirt and burgundy lace top went well together the skirt slightly shorter then what I liked showed off my legs. He liked my legs I knew. They were encased in black nylons attached to the black garter that rode on my hips. The heels finished off giving my legs a longer look then normal. I smiled at him and walked to him slowly giving him a gentle hello kiss. My lipstick was stay on so I knew there would be no smudge but I looked to make sure a soft laugh escaped my lips. My eyes looked deeper and greener with the way I applied the light coat of shadow, my lashes long were darkened with mascara. Very little make up just enough to enhance was her rule. Her hair flowed loose in back pinned at the sides giving me a youthful playful look. I kissed each of the boys and promised that I would be home the playful party jokes passed between and by the time I got out to the truck I was genuinely laughing.

He watched me as she walked ahead of him. He always loved watching her ass and legs. Not much into heavy women he did find her attractive and for a moment his mind went racing at the thoughts of the night planned ahead. He opened the door for her assisting her into the truck and it was then that he noticed for the first time her breast were bound. He groaned and she looked at him in question. The minx did not know his plans but it seemed that her playfulness was going to help even more. He had planned this night for a long time, they had talked about it several times but he had wanted her to wait until she thought he had forgotten before he sprung it on her.

They drove up the alley behind a building and then he pulled over. "We need to talk" he said.

My heart dropping into her stomach. For a moment I thought this was the end of our relationship. I had been expecting it for several months. No real commitment on his part he always gave excuses as to why he didn't want to commit to me.

Well, I told myself mentally you knew it was coming take it like a woman and remember to thank him for the fun you are after all a lady.

He opened the door and walked around to my side of the truck. This was not what I expected. He opened my door and held out his hand. Was this going to be his joke his end to bring me not far from my house, dump me and leave me to walk home? A light mist of a rain begun to fall and I thought to myself again Perfect just what I want to be miserable and it rain on my walk home. I placed my hand in his forcing a smile on my face I did not feel. I picked up my purse but he took it from my hands.

"I said talk not walk" he said and laughed. He walked me to the back of the truck and opened the tailgate. I crawled inside uncomfortable. The skirt and heels made it hard to remain a lady. I should have worn jeans, I thought.

"Do you remember our talk" he asked as he settled in next to me.

"Um which talk is that we've had umm lets see. thousands" I said a bit sarcastic in a playful way.

"Ohhh so the little wench thinks she has a voice does she" He said softly his hand reaching out to gently touch my face. He reached out and kissed my lips and as he moved away he slid the gag in place.

The shock lite my eyes and he smiled. "yeah, that talk" he said with a smile as he pressed me downwards and secured my hands above my head.

"Such a sweet loving thoughtful woman you are to have done me the kindness of binding my girls" he said as he slowly undid the lace top kissing each bound breast as he did. Securing my legs he reached back up and slide the skirt up baring me to his gaze.

"So sweet but why the panties love, so very unlike you" he said a bit disappointed as his finger trailed along the outside teasing. Slipping off my heels he set them aside.

"Nice and sexy but you won't be needing them unless of course your toes get cold" he reached out and gently rubbed each foot before sliding out of the truck and closing the door.

He got back into the cab of the truck opening the window between us. Turning on the music he begin to drive. I closed my eyes in relaxation. I knew this would be a long night and I should get some sort of rest.

"Welcome to Mc Donald's drive though may I help you" My eyes shot open. OH Gods what if someone saw me. Though the windows were tinted I still had thoughts of some strange man viewing me from the drive through window.

"Yes, a number 1 and a number 7 both with large cokes" I wondered briefly what he had ordered. But we pulled forward and the lights suddenly were shining brightly into the back of the truck. I tried to sink down onto the mattress to stay hidden but he leaned back and begun to talk to me.

"Are you comfortable back there my girl?" he said

"Oh yeah you can't answer can you" he said laughing. The guy said something I could not catch and I heard him say

"Oh yeah she's all tied up back there no place to go" then he pulled forward. I smelled the food and heard him roll up the window on his side before driving off. A short time later we pulled up somewhere else. Lights blazing he got out of the truck, walked to the back and lifted the back of the canopy a so that anyone could look in. The huge 7-11 sign showed off to the left.

"I will be back in a minute" he said and walked off. Mortified I struggled THIS had NOT been talked about. THIS was going over that line. A few minutes later I heard him whistle as he came around to close the door. He got into the truck and begun to drive again. For what seemed like forever I waited for him to stop again half hoping and half fearing that the police would stop him. How would I explain? Would I explain? My anger and frustration had given way to a bit of fear now. I kept reminding myself. I trust this man. I trust this man...

We drove for a while me in the back all tied up and him in the front listening to music singing softly. Soon the roads turned bumpy and I knew we had left the even pavement and that meant most likely the security of close people. He brings the truck to a stop and turns everything off. He hops out and comes around opening the back of the truck again. I can look over his shoulder and see the outline of trees and the stars up above. It's a rather pretty spot from what I can make out. I look at him my anger still with me, no not anger I tell myself, humiliation and fear. He crawls into the back of the truck and lightly caresses my breast bringing his head down he takes my right nipple in his mouth and licks it. ' Um I always like the way you taste" he said and I shivered a moment.

"Here I have you all tied up and no where to go, and all for my taking" His voice sounded almost sinister as he tenderly rubbed his hands along both my bound breast lightly flicking both hard nipples. He slides on hand down between my legs.

"oh so wet and hot" he said crudely

"just the way I like you this means your really going" with that he pinches my clit softly twisting lightly. Then he gently begun to massage my thighs.

"So tell me Kyt this is the one time I will allow you to speak if we continue. Do you wish to continue?" with that he reached up and lightly took the gag off my mouth. I lick my lips and swallow hard my eyes searching you.

"Yes, Master I wish for you to fulfill my dream push my limits if you can" With that he leans down and swiftly kisses my lips in a passionate enflamed kiss. Slipping the gag back into place he looks at me

"Giving you pain will give me pleasure but I want you to know my heart that each stroke of pain rips me as well and you will be rewarded in the end" Dipping his head he bites my neck at the shoulder and I squirm. Hands grabbing at my breast he squeezes them painfully.

"Already my cock is rock hard thinking of you tied up back here" Swiftly he takes his jeans and pulls them down slightly just enough for his cock to be free and positions over me.

"I want to feel my release before I give you anything" With that he slams his cock deeply within me causing me to cry out in pain. Not overly large he is enough to hurt me if he doesn't take his time and this was a time when time was not on his mind. Slamming into me he grabbed my breast twisting my nipples painfully. He watched as tears welled in my eyes and fell down my cheek. Thrusting harder he slammed deeply into my tightness groaning loudly. He pulled from behind me the whip and saw the flash of fear and excitement in my eyes. Rising back he let the whip fly across my breast watching as a single long welt showed, again he hit me this time slamming hard into my tight cunt. Over and over this happened hitting in defined areas of my breast light and hard slamming his cock to match the stroke of his whip. I screamed into the gag finally a long painful scream of agony as the whip flipped across my nipples and he slammed into me spilling his seed deeply.

Taking the gag off he tenderly kisses my lips 'Honey, oh honey" he says softly over and over as his lips travel my face kissing the tears.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asks. Laying back I shiver the orgasm so intense I cannot think let alone speak.

Concern clouds your face as you see the distant look in my eyes. "Kyt please honey" Scared that I am lost in flashback you begin to untie me. Already we had spoke of my past of my flashbacks and how when and if they happened you would handle them.

As you finish loosening the first tie I look at you "Please. continue" the softness of my voice catches you off guard but there is a hint of begging you have never before. You loosen the other tie at my hands and pull me to a sitting position. Holding me close to you you kiss me then lay me back down and untie my legs

"No please I want to continue" I say softly

"I need to continue please oh gods please don't stop" the softness and begging still apparent in my voice but you ignore it and me for that matter. You slide my shoes back on and tell me it's time to get out. I crawl to the edge of the bed of the truck tears in my eyes not just from pain but from a longing that I cannot express. I step out with your help not looking at you and begin to fix my top.

"Did I tell you to do that?" you ask me harshly and I look up at you with a renewed hope in my eyes daring not to hope. I allow my hands to fall to my side. You place the gag back in my mouth and tie the scarves to each of my wrists again. He tied it to where my hands were tied up over my head stretched out and to the top of the truck. Kneeling down he tied my legs spread wide to each of the tires. He reached in and grabbed the whip looking at me as he did so. He walked behind me lightly caressing my ass as he did then he swiftly pulled my skirt down. I wore nothing now but the garter belt and nylons the corset hung loosely along my chest covering nothing more then my stomach. CRACK the whip bit into my skin and I arched my back throwing my head back and screaming into the gag. CRACK the whip flew this time landing between my shoulders bringing a line of fire down my back. Counting to concentrate 2 I say to myself as another scream rips from my lips. 3, 4, 5 .... 9, 10, .... 16.

My screams turn to hoarse moans until finally the red haze takes over and I slip beyond it into the blackness. My body slumps forward already drained of orgasm after orgasm each fiery hit searing my soul. He walks up unties my hands and leans me against the tailgate of the truck. His hard cock throbbing. He thinks for a moment debating on waiting until I am awake but realizes his own passion has gotten the better of him as he slides deep within me. Never had he felt me so tight and so wet. Even as I was I gripped him tightly to me and he slammed deeply into me over and over lost in his own lust not even feeling my body respond anymore. Placing his hands on my hips he lifts me up and slams me deeply a cry of passion escapes his lips. Loosing the gag a little I finally work it out of my mouth. I feel him spray deep with in me as his hands grip my hips painfully.

"Better my love" I ask. Pulling out he quickly unties my legs and holds me close to him. He sets me on the edge of the tailgate and rushes back to the cab of the truck. Pulling out a cloth and iodine and water he brings it all back.

Opening the water he lets me have a sip. "Slow" he says. Then he begins to slowly clean my wounds. Touching lightly followed by kisses as he cleans each spot. Wrapping me in a blanket he pulls me close to him and together we sit back and watch the night sky. I drift peacefully into a light sleep resting in his arms listening to his heart beat.

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