tagLoving WivesDriven To Desperation Ch. 02

Driven To Desperation Ch. 02


Before the baby came, which was six years after our marriage, and ever since our honeymoon, Anita came up with a variety of experiments to satiate her lust. She was simply unstoppable and I was finding it extremely difficult to put up with her needs.

She was a perfect daughter-in-law and most of my friends and family were envious of me. Outside the privacy of our bedroom, she looked so innocent and so demure that it would be impossible to imagine that she would be even capable of experimenting with sex to such an extent so as to exhaust a virile man like me.

She would always dress conservatively. Invariably decked up in saris and high-necked, long sleeved blouses and very occasionally giving even a hint of her large breasts by keeping the border of the sari firmly in place by means of pins, it would be extremely rare for even me to get a glimpse of her large breasts ensconced in the blouse.

That she was a big girl was evident; no clothes would hide that fact. But she always kept those curves well hidden. Even the gowns she wore at home were large, loose and shapeless.

In the bedroom and with the door locked, she was totally different. She had a large wardrobe full of provocative dresses. One-piece silk wrap-a-rounds, short and tight mini skirts ranging from woolen, cotton to sheer nylon and silk, tight thigh hugging cut-off jeans with audaciously low-cut and sleeveless T-shirts, fishnet stockings, outrageous thongs and crotch-open panties, one-piece form fitting leather outfits…you name it, she had them all.

Her friend who was an airhostess kept up a steady supply of these outfits. Whenever there would be an occasion that I came out of the bathroom at night, I would find her standing in front of the large mirror (she loved mirrors) dressed up in these outfits and striking provocative poses that invariably gave me a hell of a erection.

She would also spend a lot of time making up her hair. She had plenty of them on her head (apart from the hair on her head, you wouldn’t find a single strand elsewhere on her body: she waxed them and shaved her pussy regularly). She would sport a ponytail, tie them up in a bunch above her head, divide them into a pair of plaits or simply let them loose.

I often worked late at nights (in the beginning she never gave me a chance to) and for that purpose, I had built for myself a small desk, complete with a PC, a printer and the more outdated drafting table.

Many a times, she would shut off the light on her side and go to sleep; other times she would simply lie down on the bed, blanket up to her chin and wait for me to finish my work and join her.

On one such occasion, I was working later than usual and I guess she got impatient.

“Ash,” she called out softly.

“Yeah?” I asked her without looking up from the drawing I was studying and had to finalize before the next morning.

“Ash,” she called again.

“What is it, Ann?”


I turned around. She was laying on her back on the bed the blanket as usual up to her chin. She had a mischievous look on her face.


“Look again,” she grinned impishly.

“I see nothing,” I complained looking around the room.

“Nothing now, and everything suddenly,” she whispered and in one swift movement of her hands, she threw the blanket away from her body.

Underneath she was stark naked! Her legs were wide apart and she let her hands fall to her sides. She flicked her tongue over her lips and even as I watched, her legs came up. Up and up they rose till they were perpendicular to the bed.

“Eat my pussy,” she said, kneading her breasts.

Needless to mention, the drawing was forgotten and in less time than you would say ‘shit’, I was on top of her, in the classic sixty-nine.

She had drawn upon all her experiences from reading on this position. I would be on top of her or she on top of me. Or, we would lay side-by-side, legs thrown over each other’s shoulders savoring the taste and the smell of each other. Then there was that position where she would hang half out of the bed so that her feet would be firmly planted on the floor and waist up she would be lying on the bed; I would be astride her and waist down would be hanging over the edge of the bed, my mouth fastened on her pussy as she would suck me. When I would be the one at the bottom, I would slowly get up so that I would be standing on the floor and her thighs would be over my shoulders. I would bury my face between her legs and down below she would use her mouth on me.

One special occasion I remember was when she was wearing an obscenely tiny patch of garment across her tits: a simple strip of cloth that went across her nipples and was tied up at the back. This offered her entire tits in view, save for the two-inch wide strap across her nipples. Down below, she was wearing a micro-mini skirt revealing her strong thighs and, when she bent, her naked buttocks.

We were lying beside each other and she was fondling my prick and I had my hand up her skirt, fingering her pussy.

“Want to know what Vera got for me this time from NY?” she asked me. Every time she asked that question, it was like someone putting a lighter under my testicles!

“What is it this time?”

She produced a plastic bottle from the side-table. “This,” she told me.

“And what’s that?”

“It’s called scented Pheromone; it is mixed with some kind of oil from Africa.”

“And what is it supposed to do?” She had my interest by now.

“It’s a lotion that increases sexual attraction when rubbed and massaged on the body. That additive also has some properties that increase the period of fuck activity”

She was very succinct, my little wife.

So I ended up lying on the bed, clad in my briefs and nothing else. She was wearing that tiny halter (if it could be called that) and loose skirt: an outrageous combination really, but one which suited her fine. It revealed almost all of her gorgeous tits and covered up most of her buttocks.

She first made me lie on my stomach and she straddled my hips. The musky oil was cool and soothing and soon, I was drifting to a peaceful nap as her strong yet gentle fingers massaged the liquid into my back. She did my shoulders and then slid down and began doing the legs. She carefully massaged each toe, the heels and then proceeded to rub the oil into the cheeks of my buttocks. To do this, she had to lean down and I felt her breasts brush against my legs.

“Turn over, big boy,” she announced and when I did, she gasped and then giggled.

“It seems that big boy’s little boy has become big,” she said.

“If you do that, it will even if you don’t use that Pheromone thing,” I told her.

She carefully avoided my prick when she did the front of my body. I could see half of her tits hanging down and brushing over my body as she painted me with that liquid.

Finally, I could take no more. I had, by this time, an enormous erection and it seemed to me that it was bigger than the one I normally have.

“Damn it, girl,” I admonished her, “Isn’t it time that you oil me on the part that you have so studiously been ignoring all this time?”

She laughed and gently tugged down my briefs, allowing my prick to spring out from its confines.

“Oh, oh, that’s a hell of a boner,” she chuckled.

I shuddered when she took me in her slippery hands. She began to massage the oil into my prick, moving her fist gently over the throbbing flesh: up and down, back and forth. I peeped below and through her cleavage that was hovering over my stomach, I could see my prick standing tall, glistening with the oil and definitely appearing larger than ever.

I suddenly realized that I hadn’t even felt like spurting my juices; normally, such attention (minus oil) would have me coming in no time.

I continued to look at her. There was concentration written all over her face as she milked my prick in her hand. She held my testicles in the other and anointed it as well till oil was dripping over the bed sheet.

“Let me do you, Ann,” I told her in a hoarse voice.

She was delighted and rolled off my body to lie face down on the bed beside me. Getting up on my knees, I reached for the lotion and straddled her strong thighs.

I began with her shoulders, pausing to pull away the knot of her halter top, in the process revealing the whole of her back above the waist. I doused the liquid in a liberal dose onto her skin and began to massage.

“Ahhhhh! That’s so good,” she murmured, turning her face on the pillow and offering me a look at her in profile.

She closed her eyes. “Relax and enjoy, baby,” I told her and poured more of the stuff on her back. As I massaged, I let my hands drift down her sides so that my fingers brushed the side of her large tits. I rubbed the curve of her waist, slipping down her thighs to massage her lower back.

She lifted her hips when I pulled the skirt and I whisked it off. She was naturally not wearing any panties, which was excellent because it let me to immediately begin to massage her ass cheeks.

She began to moan as I rubbed down the back of her thighs, her legs and then her heels. Like she had done to me, I oiled each toe of her legs before instructing her to roll over “little girl”

She did. The sight of her, naked with her back on the bed never failed to enhance my arousal. Irrespective of what state I was in, this sight always took me up a gear as it did now. Her large heavy breasts stood up proudly, defying gravity, the nipples erect. She had this habit of always spreading her legs apart when she would lie on her back and that very clearly showed her wet pussy, devoid of any hair.

It took me a lot of effort not to throw away the bottle of the lotion to the ground and myself on her top. I slid up so that I was now sitting on the top of her thighs.

As I leaned down to rub the front of her shoulders and neck, I felt the tip of my prick rubbing against her mound. This made her moan again and her lips parted. She opened her eyes and fixed her gaze upon me as I gently lowered my slick hands till I they covered her tits.

“Oh my God!” she wailed when I began to massage them. It’s strange, but when a guy gets to massage an attractive lady, he always wants to do the boobs more than anything else. I was no exception. I had prolonged it as much as I could, but when I felt the heaviness of her swollen tits, the hardness of her nipples and the soft, slick and warm mounds of flesh, I did not want to touch her anywhere else, at least not for now.

She writhed and wiggled and moaned as I kneaded and caressed her breasts. My hands kept slipping from them: they were so oily and slick.

“You like my tits, don’t you?” she asked her silly question through clenched teeth.

I managed to smile and nod and began to pinch her nipples between my fingers. She thrust her heaving chest towards me and her hands slipped down to grab my erect prick.

“I can see that you like them,” she said, fondling my prick with her oily hands.

“And,” she continued, “ if you like them so much, why don’t you fuck them?”

I didn’t understand first. I just looked at her questioningly.

She whispered, “Slide up my body till you are sitting on my stomach, but take care; don’t treat my stomach like it was your chair”

I slid forward. She had oiled my ass and I had oiled her stomach, so the sliding up part was easily accomplished.

“Now put your cock here,” she said, putting her hands over mine and parting her tits away from each other.

I understood and eagerly thrust upward. I felt my hard prick rubbing her flesh and I stopped when it was lying between her tits, the head poking her chin.

She then put her hands on the sides of her tits and pushed them together, trapping my prick in the slick valley.

“Now, darling, move your cock to and fro and fuck my tits,” she said.

I didn’t have to be told twice. Putting my hand over hers so that the two of us could press her tits together harder, I began to move my prick in her cleavage. The movements made wet and squishy noises caused by the fact that her tits and my prick were both slick with the oil.

It was a heavenly feeling. I could feel the sides of my prick slide against the wet, hot and soft flesh of her tits as I began to piston in and out.

“Wait,” she suddenly said, and I did. She added another pillow on top of the one that she already had. “Let us see if I can suck your cock when it comes out from the top of my tits.”

I pushed forward and a little portion of the top of my prick poked out. I paused to allow her to try and suck it. She couldn’t, not because of lack of trying or that my prick was too small. It was because her tits were too damned big.

“At least I can lick the tip, so come on and fuck,” she murmured. If she was disappointed, she didn’t show it.

I began to move furiously now. She licked the tip whenever she had the time.

“Oh god, oh god, it feels so good,” I groaned.

“Here too,” she agreed, beginning to move her whole body in rhythm. “Come on, baby, fuck my tits, fuck, fuck harder, oh yes, like that.”

Blindly I reached behind me as I continued to move over her. My hands found her pussy and she moaned when I rubbed her slick pussy lips.

“Put your finger inside my cunt,” she commanded.

So as I let my prick fuck her tits, I shoved one finger inside her hot pussy, feeling those amazing muscles of her pull and snap at it.

I don’t know how long we kept it up, but when she suddenly arched her back, grabbed my finger and pushed it deeper inside her pussy, I knew she was coming.

“Oh yes, oh yes, fuck my tits with your cock, oh yes, fuck my cunt like that,” she screamed and I felt her legs rising off the bed and clamping together to trap my hand there.

“I think I am going to come, baby,” I gritted out.

“Oh yes, oh yes, shoot your spunk out, lover, shoot it between my tits, come honey, come, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

Grunting with passion, I unleashed my juice, letting it erupt from my prick. She brought her hands back to her its to squeeze them together and moved her chest in the opposite direction of my movements, milking me out.

I was exhausted after having drained out my juice, which she immediately spread all over her boobs. But she wanted more.

“Please honey, eat my pussy, put your tongue inside me,” she begged, pushing my shoulders till I was sliding down her body.

I parked myself between her legs that were now wide apart and raised.

Her pussy was wet and glistened with the oil. Opening my mouth wide, I lowered my face between her legs and began to munch on her sweet and bald pussy. She kept whimpering and telling me to shove my tongue all the way in, push my finger along with it and then rub her erect clit.

Her legs lowered and she held my face firmly between them, her hands at the back of my head, urging me on.

She made me lick and suck her till she came twice.


Anita had a small studio connected to my office. She was a camera freak and a damn good photographer. And she was making as much money as a photographer as I was doing as an architect.

She had a massive collection of magazines pertaining to The Art of Photography. She admitted that most of her artwork was inspired by the articles she read from the magazines.

For any customer to get his or her (or their) photos taken, the passage to her studio was the same as the passage to my office. At times it embarrassed me to direct the prospective customers to her studio: I had very little clientele as compared to hers.

On that particular day, I was at my desk explaining to my two assistants what precisely I wanted to do with a duplex that I was involved with. My secretary was typing away on the Word Processor; I had given her enough work to last for a week.

My phone rang and I picked it up. “Yeah?” I growled.

“Hey darling,” Ann was speaking in a low voice. “Can you rush down over here? Real quick?”

She was at the studio. Normally, she would have yelled for me to get to her office and that was when we shared our lunch together.

“What is it?” I tried to sound like I was conversing with an angry client. My two assistants were studying the printout I had handed over to them.

“Just make up some excuse there and get in here,” she sounded breathless and when she goes off like that, it usually means one thing: she was horny.

I paused, feeling my prick stiffen inside my trousers. We had never done anything at the office or her studio, and I suddenly wondered why we hadn’t. God knows, we had plenty of opportunities.

“Ash, it’s urgent. I’ve got something to show you”

“Okay. Tell you what? I’ll grab my lunch early and make time for you.” I was playing for the benefit of the assistants and the typist.

“You know what it is,” she giggled. “Is your cock all hard and ready?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming.”

“Don’t come right there! Get in here first.”

I slammed the phone down and pretended to get worked up.

“Sorry guys. It’s my brother-in-law. He’s thinking of renovating his office and bungalow. You’ll go ahead and finish the final sketches. If I get the time, maybe we will despatch the final drawings for approval.”

They nodded and I rose. I nodded at Meghana, the typist and she smiled ruefully at me.

I walked casually to the studio, pushing the door open. I entered.

The studio consisted of a small outer office where there was a large sofa and four chairs with an octagonal centerpiece, on which, were strewn a few magazines. One side of the wall was covered with huge blowups of some rather astonishing photographs she had taken. She did outdoors and wildlife. She also did what were popularly called ‘model shoots’ that consisted of over a dozen photos of prospective models in various poses.

To one side of the office was her ‘Get Shot Here’ room where you had to go to get photographed. That room was full of various kinds of cameras: still and video, and it had another door that opened into the dark room. To the other side of the ‘Get Shot Here’ room was another door that led to a large antechamber, which served as our lunchroom. There was a table that could easily seat six, a large couch, three chairs, a narrow settee and an attached bathroom.

It was in the antechamber that I found Anita. She was seated on a chair that she had drawn up against a wall. On a small desk pushed against the wall was a large magazine whose pages she was flipping through.

Anita’s office attire always consisted of a skirt that reached to the middle of her legs and a rather severe round-necked blouse with long sleeves.

She had unbuttoned her blouse and was playing with one tit that she had pulled out from her bra. The skirt was pulled up over her knees and her thighs were spread apart.

She looked up at me when I walked in and smiled. “Close and lock the door honey. Look what Vera sent me this time.”

I locked the door and approached her. It was a large color glossy magazine, about fourteen inches by eight. She was looking at a picture that showed a blonde on her fours and a black man behind her, half of his huge massive prick inside her pussy. The blonde had her face raised towards another black prick pointing at her.

“Shit! This is a damned porno mag!” I gasped.

“You seen them before?” she asked casually, flipping the page. Here, the blonde had half of the second prick in her mouth and the one in her pussy had completely disappeared inside.

I stood behind her, my hands on the back of the chair that she was seated on and stared.

“This makes me so hot,” she exclaimed.

I studied the photograph and felt my prick jerk. I was startled when I realized that it was the photo more than the stage of partial undress of Anita that had turned me on.

She flipped another page. The blonde was kneeling on the floor, sucking one prick while the other man was under her his face buried between her legs. His prick that faced the camera was enormous and the photo clearly showed the veins running across the shaft.

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