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Welcome to the Love and Limousines Chain Story. Each author will be telling their own little tale of what happens in the backseat of the limousine. Each author will be using a different letter of the alphabet for the driver's name. Only time will tell what the driver's names will be.

I hope you will enjoy the individual tales and let us know what you think of the hot stories.



It was a typical day at Love Limo's the drivers were in the break room waiting for their assignments. As they sat around chatting, enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, soda or whatever. There was always something to munch on as well. They had a habit of exchanging their stories about some of the things that happened in the back seat of their limo. The stories were the usual told over and over again by drivers.

They had an on-going bet to see who had the hottest and steamiest story to tell. Many of the stories involved formal dates to the prom, weddings, special occasions, men with their girlfriends or the reverse.

Everyone in the room started to grumble and groan at the mention of Driver Ichabod Butterworth. They couldn't help but thinking of him having a typical story of group sex. Every driver in the room imaged that Ichabod could tell a story that would be typical at the same time disappointing. Many of the other drivers all had at least one bad experience with Ichabod.

This man had wrecked too many relationships with clients, and of course there was the incident in which Ichabod caused a lawsuit that resulted in everyone's pay being reduced. Diver Ichabod personality was also part of the reason why several other driver avoided him even before that incident. The man was known for being self-centered and rather rough when he spoke.

Ichabod is a tall man of 6-foot-6 with broad shoulders and a nice build. He has an overwhelming presence to his size. People don't notice his build as much as his height over them, it has a tendency to make some people feel uncomfortable because he over powers them.

Ichabod had coffee brown eyes and brown hair with red highlights when he stood under a street light. He kept his hair the length of his fingers, which he always ran his fingers though when worried. He has strong cheek bones and a strong chin. Ichabod's nose though was similar to his namesake's famous pointed nose, but aside from that few people made the connection because Ichabod Crane was not physically opposing as Ichabod so few people made the connection.

Before I begin my story, Ichabod began sitting down, I'm not going to talk about one of my usual drives, I want to talk about a last minute job. I received a call from dispatch that one of the other drivers had gotten sick and I was chosen as the replacement. The client, one Miss Bárány had requested a ride from the airport to her estate. At the time, I had been driving limousines for almost a year. Up until then, I had mainly driven groups of people to and from proms. I didn't drive around many business men since they never request me.

For those of you who don't know, I started driving limousines after I got fired from driving a trash truck. I also studied to be a masseur for a while. Then I couldn't get by on job that is solely based on tips. I'm a large man that often towers over my prepubescent clients. I don't know why people don't see me as a sensitive guy, I mean I'm nice to my costumers and they never wish want to talk with me. I think that's why this client sticks in my mind. For a few minutes, I think that she actually saw me. When I first saw Miss Bárány, I just knew that she had to be my client. Compared to the other people waiting at the international gate, she was the only one that looked like she would pay for the expense of our limousines. I didn't have a clear view of her figure, but I could make out from the outline of her body from the way her clothes hanged. I knew that she would have a body that was delicate and feel delightful underneath my hands. I don't like to touch anorexic women; since they were all skin and bones. It makes their skin move differently when I would massage it.

Miss Bárány's face captivated my interest, so I examine on it, rather than trying to figure out her dimensions. She had the face of an angel outlined by a halo of chocolate brown hair. I figure she was of European descent like the rest of those rich folks. Yep, she had all the makings of a first class lady, especially while dressed in a thick fur coat. I don't know why, I've always associated the rich with having nice fur coats. She had this air about her that made her seem enchanting and pure. I didn't get the sense off her that she was a whore.

When she walked up to me and introduced herself as Miss Bárány, I of course offered to help her with her luggage. She gave me an arched eyebrow and gave me an eye-catching smile. I couldn't help myself when I grinned back her. As I loaded the suitcases into the limousine's trunk, I noticed that her coat seemed to be made of rabbit fur patched together, and parts of the coat didn't look at all stable.

I was surprised when she touched me on the shoulder. Her ashen skin was soft and supple. She put her other hand into her coat while I struggled to keep my eyes on her face as she gave me a sly smile. Miss Bárány stoked my arm as she pulled out a cigarette, and asked for a light. I fumbled while trying to get the lighter out of my pocket. She granted me with a short giggle as I tried to get the lighter up to her cigarette. I knew that she was pleased with me from the way her eyes twinkled as she glanced at me.

That's when I heard a growl from behind me that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

"Farkas, don't scare off the driver." Miss Bárány warned him gently.

I turned around in the direction that she was looking, in her direct line of her sight was a man dressed in baggy clothing. I looked behind this guy to see if she was possibly talking to another person, but there was only a group of female tourists standing nearby. I noticed how the tourists were looking at him while they were talking to each other, then one of the tourists walked up to him. She placed a hand on his butt and the guy almost jumped a foot in the air. Then the tourist proceeded to invite him to her hotel for a night of fun.

The guy gave a low sensual growl and approached the tourist, then put his head near her neck. I didn't catch any words that the guy said, if any. There was this moment of intimacy that I didn't feel right looking at. I could tell by the huge blush on her face, the tourist was affected by whatever he was doing. I could see his nose almost trace the area near her ear down to the base of her neck. I was got this dirty feeling from watching, this intimate encounter. All of a sudden, he backed away from her eyes wide open, waving his hand over his nose. I could see the look of disgust clearly on his face. I believe that her offer was rejected. The lady turned away pissed and furiously stalked off back to her friends.

I guess he sniffed her and didn't like what he smelled at all. I have never seen a guy sniff a woman's neck before and since. It's just weird to see someone do that to someone and I'm not sure if I would like someone to do to me.

The doubts that I had about them being together were squashed when Miss Bárány exclaimed in a pissed off tone, "Get in the limo, Farkas."

I was disheartened to hear that, I would have preferred to spend the long drive back with just the two of us. Now, our little exchange was over and it would be time for me to do my job. I took a second look at this Farkas, he was dressed in baggy clothing as I first observed. I didn't get what Miss Bárány and that tourist found appealing about this man . I mean I'm no pretty boy model type, but I don't look like an unkempt man. This guy had matted hair that wasn't short, and looked as if he hadn't shaven in a few days.

As Farkas approached the limousine, I could see what the women were after. I could tell through his baggy clothing that he had rippling arm muscles and a tight stomach. His body reminded me, of the body that I dreamed of during my teenage years. Then there were his eyes which scared me, they hinted at a part of him that I didn't want to meet in a dark alley in the middle of the night, then again I might hesitate at high noon.

Miss Bárány seemed anxious to get to where she was going, because she politely reminded him about leaving the airport and returning to her estate. I witnessed a look transform the Farkas's face as he entered the limousine; it was look of terror from someone who might be claustrophobic.

Miss Bárány seemed pissed off at Farkas's behavior. As she entered the limousine after him, I was able to see a generous glimpse of a pair of well toned ashen legs. I could easily picture those legs wrapped around waist which made my cock start to harden. I hear a growl from Farkas; I glanced at him in response. I noticed his eyes flash gold as they traveled from me to my costumer.

On that day, I was driving a limousine that was rigged to keep noises going in-between the front and back compartments. I turned the speakers on in case the client wanted something. Which would happen every now and then, it happened on a previous drive that day. Naturally, traffic was horrible as usual, with the construction on the beltway, and an accident on the outer loop. As we got father way from the city, I was able to go five miles above the speed limit which allowed me to take about an hour to drive to the client's estate.

That's skipping over too much though, about ten minutes into the drive. I heard Miss Bárány say, "I can't believe that you flirted with that woman. Am I really that unappealing? I mean I must look like a wreck after that long plane trip. I..." Up until that time I hadn't heard the voice of Farkas. It was deep, rich, and definitely foreign sounding. He had one those deep voices that I suppose can make a woman wet, just reading off a menu. I have enough memories of women swooning over such voices at movies to know.

"She didn't meet my standards. She smelled too much like other men for my tastes." Farkas spoke with true disgust in his voice. I was surprised that he was able to pick up the scent of other men.

"Oh, so if she had smelled like other women then it would be okay?" Miss Bárány sounded uncertain of herself. She didn't seem to be that confident, anymore.

"I was just teasing her, no different than what you did with our illustrious driver. I saw the way you were flirting with him." I listened more closely to their conversation at the mention of driver. I couldn't help but think, so what if she was, there's nothing wrong with that Miss Bárány is a free woman. I didn't see a ring on her finger.

"What I was doing, was being nice and I wanted a light. What's wrong with that? How does that justify what you did?" Miss Bárány started to sound upset at this point. I just wanted to stop the limousine and run back there and toss this loser out.

"I was just having some fun with her, let it pass. You know that I'm only interested in you. Haven't I been able to prove that?" After saying that Farkas seemed to be able to placate her, and they stopped talking for a while.

It wasn't until we had really left the city and on the outer loop, till I heard Miss Bárány speak. "What are you doing, wait till we get home at least before you do that!" "What's wrong? Don't you like what you see?"

Miss Bárány responded quickly, "That's not what I said, just keep your clothes on." I heard slap a moment later and then I heard that voice again, "Now, I understand, I can smell it. You like what you see too much." I heard some movement in the back compartment.

Miss Bárány sounded uneasy, "That's not what I said. Just keep your clothes on. I could hear the rustling of clothing and a clunking sound similar to shoes being tossed. I could the feel the limousine suddenly lurch to the side, like someone had jumped from one side to other. I could hear Miss Bárány cry out "Watch it! Don't pull the coat any more apart."

That's when I decided to turn on the mini TV and camera to view what was happening in the back. The image I was greeted with was something along the lines of what I imagined. Farkas already had his clothes off; I could get a decent view of his back. It was well defined with muscles and looked tense even with my lousy reception of the TV. His clothes were thrown around the limousine. I could tell that Miss Bárány was already out of her coat and what ever she wore beneath it. I got a glimpse of her underwear and her bra looked as if she would pop out of it at any minute. Miss Bárány was wearing a white thong with hose and her shoes were already off. I could make out the look on her face, it was filled with lust, but she seemed hesitant to follow though.

Farkas seemed to be in the process taking of the hose. He was in between her legs and rubbing his hand up and down them. I watched him almost ripped them off her hips, his fingers making holes into the hose itself. Then he grabbed them again, this time making more holes further down the legs. I could see the tatters of the hose coming off with his violent actions.

"It's too bad that we can't go on a little chase isn't it? It would be nice to chase my little rabbit." I could barely make out his voice, although he was teasing her with words. I could make out the smug look on Farkas's face and his posture hinted that he was in control of what was happening and was enjoying it. For a few minutes, he didn't move and just seemed to grin; I couldn't help but compare him to a predator savoring the moment before he would pounce on his prey.

Farkas grabbed the remains of the hose and wadded them, then through it. "I don't understand how you can stand wearing such things for long time periods. Why do you make yourself suffer?"

"Well, I think that my legs happen to look great when I wear hose, that's what important is." she replied with satisfaction.

I could tell that he wasn't doing harping on her about her wardrobe as Farkas grabbed part of the coat. "Well I don't see why you have to wear this silly coat all the time. It's barely holding together."

"Don't talk about my coat that way, it's important to me because you gave it to me... oh...the condition of the coat doesn't matter. Miss Bárány responded, sounding more frustrated then before. While she as talking, the man had started to rub the fur against her skin. She was moaning in response with a flushed face. I could see that the fur was being used to knead her breasts. I watched Farkas move the fur down to massage her foot, then bring it back up her leg to her crotch. He stayed there for a moment, and then repeated the process with the other leg. Farkas seemed to be merciless in his actions and didn't increase his pace no matter how she pleaded.

I wasn't unaffected by this little sex scene going on, my cock had already been rock hard as I took in this scene. After seeing the little episode that was going on now, I was more than ready to burst. I knew that I had to stop and get my own release soon or I would explode right there in the front seat. So, I decided to gas up the limousine. In the distance, I could see a spot where I could get away from this couple. I put my foot on the gas and stopped at a gas station. When I arrived at the station, it seemed deserted. I didn't see any cars and the lights were off. I couldn't get into the rest room with out breaking in. So I quickly ducked behind the back of the station, but at least I was out of site of my passengers.

As I stood and got my little driver out, I pictured Miss Bárány's face in my mind. I pictured the look on her face as she was caught up in her bliss. I imaged that I was between those lovely legs, messaging them. I was touching her velvet skin. I pretended that I was thrusting my hips in and out of her body. I feel her legs rap around my hips and pulling me in deeper. I could feel her lovely breasts in my hands as I messaged them causing her nipples to harden. Her soft subtle lips were kissing me; our tongues did a delicious dance. That did the trick for me; I let out my seed on to the wall. When I was able to pull myself back together, I headed towards the limousine.

That's when I realized that I hadn't pulled into the best of places, and I figured it would be a good idea to leave as soon as possible. As a hurry back to the limousine, I realized that if I should have looked around a bit before pulling in.

As I start to pump the gas, I can hear Miss Bárány's moans of ecstasy pouring out of the back compartment. For the rest of the time, I stopped looking around and start to think about the comparison of what I'm doing versus the backseat's occupants. I heard the sounds of two people having passionate sex in humming out of the backseat; I can't help but picture the rough images of inserting a thrusting cock and pumping in and out of another's body. At the same time, I was inserting the gas nozzle and pumping gas into the large body of the limousine. I resisted the urge to mimic what I pictured was going on inside the backseat to what I was doing to the pump. Although the relative size is a horrible match, I try to think of other things, least I have to make another trip behind the station.

After I finally reenter the limousine's front seat, I decided to turn on the speaker again, only to find out how the passengers were fairing. At first I didn't hear anything, I started to believe that the couple had finished and had noticed as to why I had stopped the limousine. Then I started to hear the sounds of Miss Bárány moaning again. She sounded as if she was riding a horse on a bumpy road. I decided that I had seen enough that night and didn't turn on the camera again. I also started to hear a faint growling sound and made a note to get the limousine check at the shop. When we got within five miles of my destination, I warned the passengers that we were close.

When I finally got to the destination, I spoke though the intercom telling them of our arrival. I moved quickly opened the door to finding Miss Bárány fully dressed and a little flushed. Following her was a huge black dog, causing me to do a double take. I looked for the man inside the backseat, but he was missing. I heard Miss Bárány call for Farkas to come to her. I noticed the dog gave me glare before following her.

I looked inside the limousine, and the interior was trashed, claw marks on the upholstery. I walked up the Miss Bárány to have her sign the trip ticket, but she already had a check written. I flipped out when I saw the tip; it was enough to fix the interior three times over. I couldn't really complain. There was one thing; I found this broken claw in the upholstery. I checked it out and I think it's a wolf claw not a dog, now I'm sure that you guys have more erotic stories, but I probably won the weird factor.

I would like to point out that I the writer is not really trying to beat my peers, but merely attempting to write. I would also thank my editors for helping a new writer trying to get story ready.

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