tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 09

Driving in Snow Ch. 09


Chapter 9

I handed the phone to my wife. Ann called her Mrs. McCartney. My wife objected saying: "My name is Filipina but everyone calls me Fil." Ann offered to take us out to dinner tomorrow night. My wife accepted and Ann asked her to choose a nice restaurant where we could all talk. The two chatted happily for about ten minutes. I was surprised, actually shocked, by this. Then it occurred to me that these two are friends over many lifetimes at the level of soul. It got me thinking about how strongly the soul can interact with the personality.

My wife passed the phone to me.

College choice.

Ann filled me in on her Friday. She met with Dr. Schmidt's friend and they had a wonderful talk. He asked her to just call him Ivan. She said that he really is an amazing person and Dr. Schmidt is right when he told me that he is a 'really nice guy.' He had passed her papers to the department head and they had several long discussions about how to recruit her.

She continued: "He called the university president and set up a meeting for us at 2:00 pm. We were supposed to get fifteen minutes.

"He took me on a tour of campus and bought me a very nice lunch in the faculty dining room. While at lunch Ivan spotted the head of the philosophy department and waved him over saying: "Here is a young lady you really need to meet." We had a very nice conversation and I came away with another firm supporter. He really lit up when she described the book she has started on the spiritual and philosophical ramifications of quantum physics.

"We met with the president and Ivan did a marvelous sales job on my behalf. The president asked me a number of questions and seemed pleased with my answers. It ended up with my being offered a special doctoral program. Basically: I'm going for two doctorates: physics and philosophy. I get to take those final exams that I want for credit, without concern for prerequisites, starting this semester. I do have to pay for the courses but that's OK with me. I will receive intermediate degrees as I meet the requirements for them. I am free to choose extra courses as I wish to qualify for those degrees. The president was firm on one point: I will need to live in a dorm for one school year, starting next fall. I do get to have a car on campus and I get to keep full rights to any and all inventions I have made or will make in the future. Ivan will be my faculty advisor. Our meeting ran forty minutes.

"Afterwards Ivan and I walked over to the admissions office and filled out paperwork. Then we walked over to the security office and I was given a student ID and a parking sticker."

She concluded with: " I'm in. This feels right."

After I hung up Fil said: "She seems really sweet."

I replied: "She is really sweet."


Saturday was just as busy for Ann. First she scanned the real estate section of the phone book. She let her intuition run as she selected an agent. She called her and they made an appointment for that afternoon, meeting for lunch.

Ann was aware that her SUV was just to big for most of the campus lots. She needed something smaller. She decided on both small and fun. Then she went on line and located all the local Mazda dealers. She also looked up all there was to be known about Miata pricing.

She then drove to the closest and looked over the new Miatas. She then asked if they would be willing to accept a $500 profit on a clean deal for cash on a new Miata. They said yes but then tried to finagle a higher markup. She stuck to her guns and got her price. She would finish the transaction and pick up the car next week.

She had lunch with the real estate lady and explained that she wanted an office with attached living quarters. Describing what she wanted in office space as two or three offices and room for a lab. She also explained that her mother and sisters might come for extended visits so she wanted space for them as well. She wanted to lease with an option to buy but would buy now if that is what it would take. The agent argued that someone in Ann's position had very little chance of getting a mortgage. Ann explained that she would not need one. At first the agent seemed resistant to the idea but she finally concluded that Ann was very serious.

It was then that a light bulb went off in the agents head. There was a property that had come on the market a year before the might be what Ann wanted. The agent went on line and found it was still available. It had been a law office with housing above. It had been owned by two lawyers who died in quick succession. Another law firm bought the practice but did not want the building.

The agent called the listing office and they all met at the property. In many ways it looked like a large house. There were some differences however: The driveway turned into a large parking lot behind the building; There were two front doors, one at the right front corner of the building and another about ten feet away. Each door had an intercom.

We talked later and Ann described the tour: "We entered the left of the front doors. This opened into the foyer of the law office which was a sitting area in front and a receptionist's or secretary's desk toward the back. The suspended ceiling was twelve feet high. Just in front of the secretary's desk a hall ran off to the left. There were four doors on the left of this hall and three on the right plus an open area on the right between the second and third door, as well as a door at the very end.

The first door on the left opened into a large conference room. The conference table and chairs were still there and would seat 12 people. There were another dozen chairs along the walls. Nice chairs.

The next door opened into another room with a small table and several chairs but this room featured floor to ceiling bookcases on both side walls. Each side wall had a wheeled ladder on tracks for access to the upper shelves. There were also bookcases under and around the front windows.

The third door opened into a long narrow storage room. The fourth door opened into a smaller conference room which also had an outside door, basically a fire exit.

The three doors on the right side of the hall each opened into a large office. Each still had a desk, chair, guest chairs and a table. There was an intercom box on each desk.

The open space was a kitchenette area with a full size refrigerator, a small counter with a sink and cabinets and a table with a microwave and coffee machine on it. There was a door at the back of this area that led to a narrow hall with an elevator on the right and an outside door.

The last door at the end of the hall was a small half bath.

Most of the walls were paneled. It was nice wood.

After exploring this we returned to the foyer which had three additional doors. One at the back went to the parking lot. We went through the front of the two doors on the right side of the foyer. This led to stairs to the second floor.

The stairs went to a large living room with a free standing fireplace in one corner. The living room had a railing overlooking the stairs. Beyond the living room was a small dining room. Beyond that was a very nice kitchen. Most of the appliances looked fairly new and there was lots of cabinet and counter space. The elevator went to the kitchen. Along the front of the building were three nice size bedrooms and a full bath with shower. The last bedroom had its own bath with a Jacuzzi tub for two and a bidet. Past the kitchen was another small bedroom.

The second floor ceiling was normal height.

"The bedroom in front of the living room had stairs to the attic which was fully floored and had an air conditioner air handler and ducting as well as the elevator mechanism. There was still lots of usable storage space.

"Returning to the foyer we went through the last door which led to the basement. The basement was divided in two by a wall with a large door. The front half was concrete but the back part was carpeted. The area around the clothes washer and drier was tile. It was clear that this was a dry basement. There was a second air handler in the basement in addition to the furnace and water heater. The elevator opened into the carpeted side. There were a number of storage cabinets along both sides of the dividing wall. There was also lots of empty steel shelving, two wheeled carts and a hand truck.

"We took the elevator back to the first floor. It measures about 5 by 6.

"We went outside and walked around the building. The siding was aluminum and looked fairly new or at least well maintained. The door at the elevator had an arrow pointing toward the foyer door and a label: "Use other door." There was a two car garage facing the parking lot. On the other side of the parking lot was a stair down to the basement and behind that was a slab with two air conditioners. The parking lot had twelve spaces.

"We looked at the lot next door which is mostly woods. It is part of this property.

"By the way it is within walking distance of campus."

Ann told the agent that she was very interested but wanted her partner to look it over too. They arranged to possibly meet again on Sunday.

Ann meets my wife.

Ann drove to our house and we all went in my car to a small restaurant out in the country that is one of Fil's favorites.

Ann and Fil really hit it off. We enjoyed a great meal. We went back to our house and Fil invited Ann in.

Fil inviting Ann in was totally out of character for Fil. The way this was unfolding was mind boggling to me.

They talked for over two more hours. Occasionally I got a word in edgewise.

As Ann was getting ready to leave my wife dropped a bombshell. She said: "Ann, I don't mind if you sleep with my husband."

Talk about mind boggling.

That night I hugged my wife extra tight.


The next day I looked over the proposed property. I liked it. Ann made an offer: lease with an option to buy.

The Next week.

Over the next week things were somewhat hectic.

Ann opened a checking account and arranged an electronic transfer from her broker in the amount of $100,000. The bank decided to treat her as an extra special customer.

She contacted a lawyer and started the incorporation process. Serendipity continued: the lawyer she chose has a nephew who works in the state office that handles incorporations. We received expedited handling.

We picked up her Miata on Tuesday afternoon. Ann decided to call it 'the red rocket.' She gave me the spare key. She also gave me a key to her SUV.

She did not get the rent she wanted but she did get a slightly lower option price and the option could be exercised at any time over the next two years. Ann took possession on Wednesday.

I helped her move in. We spent the rest of the day buying furniture, furnishings, food and supplies. She took my advice on beds: A king size undamped water bed for the master bedroom, a damped king size water bed for the next bedroom, a regular king size bed for the last big bedroom and two single beds for the small bedroom. We picked up an air mattress since her beds were not due to be delivered until tomorrow. We went to the grocery together. We each pushed a cart. She filled both. There is a lot to setting up a new household.

Ann loved the bidet.

Ann and I tested out the air mattress. It was a different way to make love. Slightly bouncy.

My wife joined us for dinner. We enjoyed a pleasant chat. Later Ann called home and suggested Barb and Connie come and visit colleges.

Thursday Ann stayed at her new home waiting for the various furniture deliveries. Ann used the wait time to write up some of our inventions and to explore the place in detail. Everything showed up! She found connectors for the intercom boxes were all over the place. All of the outside doors had intercoms. There was an intercom box on the secretary's desk. The living room had a full panel on the wall near the top of the stairs. So did the kitchen.

In the evening she ran around picking up things she had forgotten.

I found that I had been losing about one pound a day ever since Barbara's hands on treatment. This necessitated regular shopping trips to buy pants, belts and particularly underwear.

Ann spent all day Friday on campus. Mostly in the library and bookstore. She had lunch with Ivan and the head of the physics department.

Friday evening I joined Ann in a visit to a local electronics store. She purchased a large HDTV and a 7.1 sound system with wireless surround speakers and a 15 inch subwoofer. We also picked up a wireless router and some other computer stuff. It took us over an hour to set the TV and Audio gear up.

I went home to sleep.

Saturday morning Ann and I made love on the undamped water bed. She really enjoyed the way we made it slosh. So did I. We laughed that we had found a new way to explore resonance.

In the aftermath I found a song running through my mind, with a modified lyric: 'Nothin' could be fine-a than to be in your vagina in the mo-oor-rnin'.' Ann laughed.

We kissed. I said: "Well it's true." She kissed me again.

Ann telepathed: "How about Barb's and Cindy's and Connie's.

I replied: "Those too." We both laughed. Ann knew how much I loved her. She knew how much I loved the others. She knew how much I loved.

Afterwards we took a bath together in the Jacuzzi tub. We had fun. It is easy to be playful with Ann.

We used our telepathic link as a way for me to learn the proper way to write patent disclosures. We both worked through the day on disclosures. Late in the afternoon Fil joined us.

That evening Ann fixed dinner for both my wife and I. Fil thoroughly enjoyed both the meal and conversation afterward. She had been reading our past life history book. She was coming to appreciate just how much love permeated the functioning of our spiritual family. At one point my wife said: "Matt dear, at various times you have talked and written about the universality of love and I thought: 'Yeah sure, what a crock,' well I wasn't getting it but now I do get it. I also am coming to appreciate the Taoist farmer story, seeming problems do turn into blessings."

Monday and Tuesday.

We started a pattern of my working on disclosures in the office while Ann was in and out. Ann would work on disclosures when she was not otherwise occupied with school.

We got the cable hook up on Monday. With that was wideband internet.

We decided to use the first office to meet people and share the second office as our working space. We moved the desk and table from the third office into the second one. We found this worked well. We bought the parts for two new computers and assembled them ourselves. Each system was equipped with two large pivoting monitors. I also bought another laptop so I could leave mine home.

Barb and Connie visit .

This pattern was interrupted when Barbara and Connie flew into Albany airport the next Wednesday afternoon.

When we met them Connie pulled her hair across her face below her eyes and asked seductively: "Am I still your mystery girl?"

I replied: "You will always be my mystery girl."

We had nice hugs all around. Nice but sedate, we were in public after all.

They used the SUV to drive up to Skidmore that afternoon.

We all went out for dinner that evening, including Fil. My wife was very pleased to meet both Barbara and Connie. Barbara was radiating love. Connie was shy but still looked longingly in my direction. The conversation was very relaxed although largely superficial. Over time my wife would become fast friends with both Barbara and Connie.

Fil went home while I went to the apartment with the girls. Once we were inside there was a race to see who would be nude first. Connie won but not by much. She got the first hug. Hugs all around. Lots of laughter. Four very happy people.

Connie said to me: "It was kind of weird to meet your wife but she's really nice. Does she know about us?"

I replied: "Yes she does and synchronicity really worked: She opened the past life history to the story of Suzanne and Pierre."

Connie said: "Wow!"

I thought: 'That's Connie.'

We moved to the Jacuzzi. Our Jacuzzi was designed for two, would be tight for three but four was ridiculous. We had lots of laughter and squealing. We had a blast. At the end I got to enjoy toweling off the girls.

Barb noticed the bidet. She pointed to it and asked Ann: "Is that what I think it is?"

Ann answered: "It sure is."

Barbara then asked: "Is it for what I think it's for?"

Ann replied: "Try it."

Connie then said: "What are you two talking about? What is it for?"

Ann turned one valve then the other, felt the water, waited for the hot water, adjusted the valves a little, and straddled it.

Connie went: "Oh my god."

Ann stood up and Barbara straddled it.

Barbara went: "Umm nice."

Barb let Connie try it. She moaned happily.

I watched.

We decided on an early bedtime. Ann and Barb both agreed that tonight was Connie's turn.

I did not know it then but Barbara tried sleeping in the undamped water bed.


We used the middle bedroom. The one with the damped waterbed.

As we entered the room Connie said: "I went on the pill the day that you left."

So I asked: "Does that mean you are safe now?"

She replied: "Uh huh."

We pulled the covers back and climbed into bed. I held her, gently stroking her body.

She said: "You have opened so many doors for me."

I asked: "How so?"

She replied: "The whole spiritual universe, the whole world of love, the whole world of true relationships, so many things. If someone had asked me before we met if I could be any closer to Barb than I was then I would have said no, not possible. Well it is possible. Before you came along Barb didn't talk much about the spiritual side and if she had I wouldn't have listened. Now I find that that is our main area of conversation. We love each other much more for it. Why didn't she tell me all this stuff before?"

I replied: "You answered your own question. You would not have listened. She waited until you were ready. "

She snuggled up close, kissed me gently and said: "I've been dreaming about this night."

I replied: "I have too. I feel so innocent when I am with you."

She responded: "Oh. Why do you think that is?"

I answered: "Maybe I'm connecting with the energy of Pierre, maybe I'm reflecting your energy, maybe some of both. In any case I like it."

I kissed her on the tip of her nose. She giggled slightly.

She said: "You're a nut but then I love nuts." She reached down and gently fondled my testicles

and added: "especially yours."

She kissed me passionately. I kissed her back. Lots and lots of tongue action. Eventually I started kissing and nibbling my way down her body. She loved every bit of it. Finally she moved flat on her back and started tugging at me to be on top of her. I moved into position and slid slowly in.

I found there is something magical about making love with Connie. I felt an incredible joy from head to toe. This didn't seem psychic - just incredible joy. It was clear that she was loving it too. I felt immensely loved, not just by Connie, or Connie, Ann and Barb or Connie, Ann, Barb and my wife but by the entire universe. As wonderful as my lingam felt in her yoni, and it was lingam in yoni, it was secondary to an overwhelming sensation of loving and being loved. Then we had our orgasms together. We both lay there panting. Then we both said: "Wow."

We rolled to our sides. We went to sleep in each others arms.


I woke up about 6:00 with a very full bladder. Connie and I were still entangled. I carefully disentangled myself and headed to the bathroom. When I returned she was awake. I returned to her arms and we made out fiercely. She really responded when I shifted to sucking on her nipples. I started to play with her lower lips, clit and vagina. Connie climaxed. I kept going and she was soon having orgasm after orgasm. We were both panting. Finally she begged me to stop.

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