tagRomanceDriving Leah

Driving Leah



Ma Reilly was pushing sixty and although wealthy still worked the early morning shift at Ma Reilly's Diner simply because she'd always worked the morning shift for the past thirty-nine years, including the last twenty-three years as owner of the business.

She'd married three of her regulars over her time at the diner and each one got around ten years out of Mae. She'd begun marketing herself as Ma Reilly when her last husband, Stan Horn, wooed her successfully. They had a happy nine and a half years together but tragically thirty-two days after his big lottery win Stan died after the last of many seizures suffered throughout his life. Ma inherited most of that $872,000 windfall.

Oliver Webb watched Ma carrying over his lightly done steak with two fried eggs and a scoop of fries.

"No salad?"

"No ma'am."

"Your mother will be displeased."

"May I request salad please ma'am."

"Ruby, a complimentary salad over here," Ma yelled. "Where are you heading son? I don't recognized you from around here."

"To New York ma'am. I'm joining my Uncle Roy who makes safety harnesses for dogs traveling in vehicles. He markets them by mail order but is employing me for several months to set up credit card sales via the Internet and to lead product marketing."

"My daughter from my first marriage wants to go to New York. Can she ride with you?"

"If she's ready to leave within the hour and pays her way and half the gas."

Ma pulled out a roll of money from her apron pocket, licked a finger and counted off ten $100 bills. "Will that cover her dues?"

"That's too much ma'am. With two night's accommodation, meals for two days and half the cost of gas I reckon $450 should do it."

"Well you're a few hundred ahead on the deal. But remember put her into harm's way and I'll come after you with a meat cleaver."

"That's very generous of you ma'am and I hear the warning. But why pick on me?"

"You are clean-cut and ordered salad out of respect for you mother's wishes. That suggests you are okay. How old are you son?"


"Nice age. Leah who will be traveling with you is thirty-six. Refuse to have sex with her while you are driving because that could bring harm to you both. I call and get her over here pronto."

Fifteen minutes later conversations stopped. Oliver looked at the main entrance. A fabulous looking cream complexion redhead in a very short lace dress and cute ankle boots stood at the doorway.

Ma yelled Table 7 and Miss Universe began walking to Oliver's table.

He swallowed and shook.

"Hi," she smiled, as Oliver scrambled to his feet. "Mon says you'll drive me east."

"Yes and my name is Oliver Webb."

"Oliver, a pretty name. Mine is Leah, spelt L-e-a-h and the surname is Rainsford. Are you ready?"


"Then let's say goodbye to Ma and go."

Oliver said in surprise, "You call you mother Ma?"

"Yes, it's shorter than mom."

Oliver nodded.

* * *

After nine hours on the road including stops for gas, the restroom and lunch Oliver said, "Shall we stop off at this next city?"

"Sounds good to me. Watching the road and jawing has made me tired."

"Right we'll get a couple of nice rooms at a place with a heated pool, um if you like swimming."

"Yes I'd love to soak away road tiredness. Let's get one room and upgrade."

"Are you sure?"

"What are you shy or don't you sleep with women?"

"I told you I was married."

She smiled and said, "So?"

"I don't know what to say."

"Omigod. You're shy."

Oliver shifted on his seat. "Your mom warned me not to bring harm to you."

"Oliver that's just her way of saying don't go to sleep at the wheel or drive into something. I'm a big girl and she couldn't care a fuck who I have sex with provided it's not with my asshole of a husband."

"You're married?"

Leah said patiently, "If Asshole is my husband it follows I must be married. Did you finish elementary school?"

"I think I did and went on to earn a masters in computer science."

"Oh my apologies. I guess I mistook your nervousness for dumbness."

"It's all right. Besides you look if you'd be really good at it."

"Dear Oliver. Just because a women offers to sleep with you it doesn't follow that you have to have sex."


Leah slapped a hand on to his thigh. "But after a few drinks, a swim and something to eat I'd like to finish off with you coming inside me."

The car lurched.

Stroking Oliver under the ear Leah said huskily, "Do I excite you Oliver?"

"Yes," he croaked. "I need a drink.

Oliver went to the pool swaggering, knowing he would soon be having sex with the best looking and smartest babe with the best body he'd ever met. He could count the females he'd had sex with on one hand. There had been Diana, Freda, Roxie and Shannon before marriage and then eight years ago he'd married Shannon's older sister Nevada, latching on to her after Shannon had dropped him for Michael, his best buddy. In recent times Nevada had him rationed to sex once a week unless once a week didn't suit her. In contrast Michael was losing weight and complaining Shannon wanted sex night and day.

Complaining! Yes and the poor guy now wondered if he was meant to be gay. It was impossible to believe Nevada and Shannon were sisters with sex drives so substantially different.

"Hi Oliver."

Christ Leah was in the pool floating on her back without a stitch on. Her boobs were out of the water and her legs were wide open and anyone could see she shaved. Oliver looked round wildly for baton-waving policemen charging towards them but apart from Leah and him the basement pool area was deserted.

"Come over and suck pussy darling," she cooed "I find it a great way to relax.

"I'd rather swim thank you."

"Okay please yourself darling."

Darling? The bitch was attempting to seduce him psychologically after finding a frontal pussy showing had failed.

He removed his swimming shorts, not wishing to be called a party pooper.

"Omigod a man of steel," Leah called. "It's not even stiff despite having sighted pussy."

"It knows it's not feeding time," Oliver sniggered and dove in, hearing her bellow in laughter.

She wanted to race of course. Oliver thought she looked in superb physical condition so thought she might clean him out over two laps so he challenged a five-lap race, knowing by then his endurance training in cycling would have come to the fore.

He should have known. When he offered her a five second start advantage she smiled and asked was he nuts. She completed the fifth lap as he turned at the end of his fourth.

Jesus. No way would he have sex with her; she'd kill him, draining his balls dry.

They stood drying and he eyed her. Pulling aside her towel she flaunted her body.

"So you like my body?"

"It's about as close to perfection a mortal woman can get."

She appeared surprised.


She toweled her hair and said, "After me winning the swim I expected you to be resentful and say oh it's all right."

"I'm not a poor loser."

"No and I see that now. You don't have to fuck me so relax."

He smiled and said thanks.

"It's not necessary to be so polite Oliver; I'm not used to it. Men including my husband regard me as a trophy."


"You are such a darling guy Oliver. I was beginning to think guys like you didn't exist any more."

Oliver swallowed and said could he ask her something very personal. She said of course.

"Leah if I do generate the desire to have sex with you, may I?"

"Of course you may darling and thank you for asking. Let's dress and go out for dinner."

They chatted and eventually just seemed to click and both were aware their relationship had reached that point. A little later Oliver said, "Should we laze around in the morning and head off after lunch?"

She cocked her head and said, "Why don't we stay one more night? You said you had time up your sleeve."

"Okay and I think it would help you to unwind. You are rather tense Leah."

"I don't want to talk about it."

Oliver said firmly they'd talk about it tomorrow. "You need to unload baby."

She scowled.

They returned to their room a little drunk. Leah asked Oliver did he wish to undress her and looked a little upset when he said no. She stamped off to the bathroom and slammed the door.

"I'm married," he yelled at the door but there was no answer.

Leah returned nude and said sullenly, "Well at least kiss me good night."

"Yeah sure," Oliver said, holding out his arms. They closed round the softness of Leah. She sighed and engaged in a long kiss with no caressing and she sighed when they broke apart.

"You kiss great for a guy who doesn't fuck," she complained and her expressed softened when Oliver scratched an ear and apologized.

Oliver awoke during the night to find Leah licking his dick and working it up. He pretended to remain asleep, knowing a woman of her experience was unlikely to be deceived. But she sucked and jerked away until he gushed and he heard her spitting out semen but neither of them spoke. She rolled away and he thought she was wiping her mouth and tongue on the sheet and then she lay still and he drifted off back to sleep.

He awoke in the morning to find her with her knees raised so he massaged her pussy thinking she'd be awake and after working in two fingers sloshed away and teased her clit with a finger on his other hand and could feel her body heaving against his hands. She finally groaned into a release and when her breathing steadied he went off to the shower knowing she was now asleep.

Oliver sat outside on their balcony for almost ninety minutes before Leah arrived, dressed and smiling. He jumped to his feet and kissed her and she kissed back, restraining herself.

They pulled apart reluctantly and she said a strange thing: "I feel like a woman again."

Oliver scratched his nuts and she eyed that and smiled. He thought if she felt like a woman what was she before? He figured she was enjoying being treated as a person rather than as a sex object. Her big-dick husband and his pals probably brutalized her.

They went out for breakfast after booking their suite for another night and later went shopping. She returned with flowers for the room and appeared to have had her hair trimmed.

Oliver was happy to see her and said, "You know you are a very lovely woman," thinking she'd like that but was delighted when she rushed him and kissed him and brushed back his hair and said he was such a beautiful man.

"What's this," she asked, looking at the gift on the bed.

"Just a wee something for you for being such a good traveling companion."

"But no one gives me gifts," she cried, ripped open the wrapping of the sixty-buck bracelet.

"Oliver this is gorgeous."

He squirmed and colored under her intense gaze.

"I shall treasure it always. You are so kind to me. You don't want sex from me but you enjoy my company. Well that's something."

They spent the afternoon beside the pool, watching two noisy families at play, enjoying the atmosphere. Every so often Leah reached for Oliver's hand and squeezed it and held it for a minute or two.

They dressed at 4:00 and went to a bar for a couple of slow drinks before ambling off somewhere for dinner.

Leah said, "Is it because you are married that you don't wish to have sex with me or is it you don't like me?"

Oliver smiled and held her gaze. "First let me ask you this: Why do you appear to be so insecure?"

"Because I've been constantly abused."

He laughed and said, "What you!" and then knew he'd goofed, watching her bottom lip protrude. "Sorry, I really am Leah. I ought to have known something had gone very wrong in the relationship with Asshole. Want to tell me about it?"

He slumped shoulders rose a bit and she said firmly, "Yes but you won't like it."

"Try me."

"Mom told me to stop using his name and that no way am I to go back to him. So we refer to him as Asshole. He has a small dick, only five inches."

"What when fully erect?" Oliver asked in disbelief.

"Yes and I'd had quite a few big ones in my time, some painfully so. I thought what a relief to find the guy who was engaging me romantically was under-endowed. Fellatio is fellatio no matter what length you gobble and Asshole and I found it best to have sex doggy. Providing I didn't thresh about he rarely fell out. But stupidly he wanted everything and when those more enterprising attempts usually failed he became increasingly depressed and he changed, losing his respect for me as if it were my fault. He began fisting me and if drunk would be yelling, 'Take this you bitch.' He even attempted to fist me anally but when I broke free I grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened him, saying I'd kill him in his sleep if he ever attempted to do that again."

"Good girl."

Leah smiled appreciatively. We settled into a routine that varied between doggy and fisting but three weeks ago he came home drunk with four of his drunken pals and the five of them masturbated over me, drenching me. Incredibly they all had small dicks. After showering I went to the bedroom and locked myself in. I packed up the things I really wanted and left during the night, the five of them were asleep on the floor of the lounge. I stayed with mom and she advised me to just disappear. We went to her attorney and she signed the transfer of ownership of an apartment in Manhattan she'd inherited from her second husband. I had just told her the previous night I felt I was ready to move and next day she called to say she'd met a clean-cut guy who'd impressed her. She told me you had agreed to take me to New York and that you looked trustworthy and very fuckable."

"Your mom said that?"

Smiling weakly Leah said, "What trustworthy" and grinned when Oliver said, "Good one Leah."

"Leah I'm astounded that anyone could treat you so rottenly and admire you for shooting through. When we arrive in New York just disappear into the mass and start your life anew."

"That's what mom advised me to do and said if I had become afraid of men I could always take up with a lovely female."

"Would you want to do that?"

"No. Mom owns the apartment Asshole and I lived in so yesterday she planned to have an eviction notice served on Asshole with two security guys forcing him to pack his personal possessions and send him off with a boot up his ass."

"Couldn't the attorney have done all of that without muscle men?"

"Mom is canny. She didn't want her apartment trashed. He has our car and our joint possession won't come to much so mom believes he won't seek a divorce and after a couple of years if I want a divorce I could return to my home state and file for divorce as an abandoned wife. She believes Asshole won't respond to any attempts to locate him and get a legal response from him. Even if he does come forward she said it won't matter because we didn't have much in the way of marital assets to split. Asshole and I lived the high life and spent almost everything we earned."

"Well all I can say is you've done the right thing and I'm proud of you."

Leah smiled and took his arm and they went to their table.

They chose Chinese and during the leisurely meal Leah said, "And what's it with your marriage?"

Oliver shifted uncomfortably on his chair. "Her mother is a bossy bitch, always interfering. My wife was fine for the first couple of years of marriage, sweet and considerate and regarding us as a well-functioning team and we were at that stage. But then she began to change, rather slowly and within two more years I'd concluded I'd married a shrew. She became bossy just like her mother and we began to scrap and soon not a day went by without us having at least one confrontation and we lost respect for one another. With that happening I went off the idea of having children, not wanting to have them reared in a household where their parents scrapped. She resented that and left me for almost a month but then lost patience with her mother and returned to live with me. She now only wants sex one a week and sometimes complains that's too much."

Leah's mouth fell open but she refrained from commenting.

"Nice food," he said and that appeared to end that topic until Leah said, "Does the fact you are moving to New York for a while without your wife suggest you are running away?"

He wriggled on his chair again but finally had his thoughts sorted. "I really don't want to talk about her but I'll say this. When Uncle Roy called me to help out I suggested we could try that period as a trial separation. But she hit the roof and said no way would she contemplate a divorce. She'd made a mistake marrying me and she was determined to live by that mistake. She's Catholic. That's all I wish to say."

"Well that satisfies me Oliver except it doesn't explain why your wife finds you unsuitable for her needs after marrying you for life and why she has become a shrew. The problem could be her mother, I just don't know."

"Let's leave it there. In two days you'll be settling into your new life in New York and I'll be out of your life."

"Do you want me out of your life?" Leah said gently.

He acted as if he hadn't heard her say that.

"Oliver please reply."

"I'd be a fool to let you go."


Leah's heart rate soared when Oliver said he'd be a fool to want her out of his life. She'd much rather had he clutched over his heart and said he loved her and never wanted her to leave him, but that was over-expecting. At least he'd not rejected her.

Leah ate slowly and fed Oliver some chicken from her sweet and sour dish to try. She watched his lips close over her chopsticks to remove the morsel. Oliver had olive skin, dark hair and was very good looking. She'd had his long and thick dick in her mouth the previous night and he'd gotten her off brilliantly just after dawn today and that made her think his wife must be raving mad to allow that talent to go virtually unused. God any man denied opportunity to fuck would go off and find it elsewhere.

She smiled and Oliver smiled back at her. Leah thought of squeezing his dick between her breasts and opening her mouth to take all he had when he ejaculated. She then took fright. Mrs Webb was not giving her husband the sex he wanted so why wasn't Oliver ramming Leah Rainsford 24/7 when it was practically laid out for him?

Leah sniffed and thought he regarded her as a slut and Oliver Webb had high standards and didn't fuck sluts. God how could life be so unfair. This guy coming from a little city into a mega city would probably fuck a hooker and not realize she wasn't a film star until she asked for the payment. Leah thought she had sufficient experience to nail most guys but they would be coming on at her; the problem with Oliver was he didn't seem to care what she had waiting for him between her legs.

Well she had tonight and tomorrow night to try to nail him. If she failed to do that he'd just disappear, leaving her to get her sex from jerks or the partners of women in her apartment block. She'd have to move gently in on him, to attempt to get his motor running without being too obvious. Once she managed to control him he'd see the sense of fucking her.

As they walked back to the motel Leah said she was going to have a bath and invited Oliver to join her.

"You had a bath before we left for the bar," he accused, as if there was a water supply crisis or her memory was defective. It was like been kicked in the head; she'd stupidly fouled up because she hadn't thought the tactic through. Now she had a headache.

Oliver stopped at the entrance and said he was going for a walk.

"That's fine," Leah said, aware she hadn't been invited to walk with him and wondering if he would look for a hooker.

"Don't wait up for me. I could be some time."

"Well a hooker would have him off within two minutes so what was it? Oh the asshole, he wanted her asleep before he came to bed!

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