Drug Bust


Samir drove quickly, he had to reach the rendezvous on time, or else he would be in big trouble. His wife Radhika, unaware of his predicament kept urging him to slow down.

Samir was a small time retailer. He ran a chemist store in central Mumbai and had run into heavy gambling losses. This had compelled him to turn distributor for some Nigerian drug dealers thru his retail shop. Using off some of the drug money proceeds to pay of his many outstanding debts he was on his way to convince his principals to give him some extra time to pay up.

He reached the isolated petrol pump at Sewri where he'd been directed. Maurice and Peter, the Nigerian dealers would be waiting for him. He had been on the road with his wife when they called and asked him to come immediately to settle the matter. Having no choice he'd taken a detour and reached the pump. Getting off he told his wife to take the car and go home. As she was about to leave a white van pulled up. Maurice's henchman Francis got down and roughly pushed Samir into the van. Francis was built like a tank, his 6 ft broad muscular frame dwarfed Samir, who stood a puny 5'6" in his socks and weighed just 115 lbs.

"Where are you taking him," screamed Radhika, concerned for her husbands safety.

"Just go," screamed Samir gesturing frantically to his wife.

"She your wife," Francis asked Samir, Samir nodded quietly. Francis walked over to Radhika's vehicle and bellowed, "Park your car and get in with your husband."

"No way," she replied.

Francis gestured to another obese man sitting in the van. A revolver magically appeared in his hand and pointed at Samir's head.

"So are you coming or not?" Francis bellowed again.

With tear stained eyes Radhika replied, "I'll come with you."

Radhika got out of her car and ran to her husband. Her sari clad extremely overweight frame did not make it easy for her to move quickly. She sat quietly in the van next to her husband. Francis got in and tied and blindfolded both Samir and Radhika. Satisfied that his prisoners were securely bound and gagged he got off the van and shutting the door secured it from outside.

Both Samir and his wife struggled against their bonds, but Francis had done his job well. The dark tinted glasses on the air-conditioned van made it impossible for any outsider to see their predicament.

The obese henchman drove the van after rechecking his captives bonds. Francis took the wheel of Samir's car and followed the van as the bound and blindfolded duo was taken to their meeting.

"Welcome, welcome," said Maurice as Samir's eyes struggled to cope in the brightly lit warehouse. "And what do we have here?" he asked pointing to Radhika.

"My wife," said Samir quietly.

Maurice's eyes glistened as he took in Radhika's busty corpulent 5'4" 150 lb. sari clad body.

"You brought the money?" Peter's voice boomed as he walked up and stood next to Maurice.

Radhika started sobbing at the sight of the six-foot plus muscular Nigerians.

"Shut up bitch," boomed Peter, "Or I'll punch the little shit."

Radhika muffled her sobs and watched as Francis dragged Samir over to Maurice and Peter.

"You brought the money?" Peter asked again.

"I don't have it today but I'll get it within a week, please give me an extension," pleaded Samir.

Maurice pushed Samir sending him sprawling on the floor, "You little shit. Who gave you the right to play with our money," he bellowed.

Radhika started sobbing again and ran to her husband. "Please leave us alone, whatever it is we'll pay you off, please let him go," she pleaded.

Maurice walked over and grabbing Radhika pulled her off Samir.

"Leave her alone," screamed Samir.

"And what are you going to do about it big boy," laughed Maurice, as he jerked Samir to his feet, "You need to be taught a lesson."

Maurice ripped Samir's shirt off exposing his painfully thin hairless torso. Undoing Samir's belt he dragged his trousers and underwear off as Samir struggled in vain.

Samir stood there, tears streaming down his cheeks, arms held by his side, naked except for his socks and shoes.

"What a wimp, I've seen young girls with better physiques than yours," taunted Maurice laughing at Samir's woefully thin naked body and matchstick legs.

"And what the hell is this? A worm? Fuck my pinkie is bigger than that," laughed Peter pointing to Samir's tiny inch long shriveled penis, "Hey wife, does he manage to fuck you at all with this thing?"

Radhika looked away not wanting to witness her husband's total humiliation.

"Hey, I'm talking to you," said Peter angrily. Radhika continued staring at the floor. Peter walked over and grabbed her hard, Samir moved to intervene but Francis and his henchman held him down tight.

"Hold him down, I'll teach him to fuck around with me," bellowed Maurice. He dropped his jeans and boxers exposing his black monster cock. It hung halfway to his knees in its limp state.

"Omigosh," Radhika gasped as she laid eyes on the eight inches of limp circumcised cock meat dangling from Maurice's crotch.

"Hey wife, undress and come here, I can see you staring at my man cock," Maurice ordered.

"I'm not doing anything of that sort," said Radhika defiantly, unable to take her eyes of Maurice's cock. She had never even seen any man naked except Samir. Radhika stared, enamored by the exposed cock head, in total disbelief that a cock could be this big. He was more than twice as long limp, as her husband was erect.

Having been a virgin when she married her sexual experience was extremely limited. Samir mounted her routinely on Saturday nights, sucked and licked her breasts for a couple of minutes and fucked for a full five minutes before he climaxed in her pussy. She barely felt any sensation when he penetrated her and she always used her fingers to satisfy herself right after her husband rolled off her and went off to sleep.

The revolver appeared magically once more and was pointed at Samir's head.

"Ok, ok, I'll undress," said Radhika fearfully. She undraped her sari and slip and stood before her tormentors clad in her undergarments. Her white bra encased her humungous breasts and her belly fat hung over her huge white panties, which encased her heavy cellulite laden buttocks.

"Strip totally, let's have a look at you naked," growled Peter.

A tearful Radhika sobbed as she released her breasts from the confines of her bra. The grapefruit sized mounds flopped down and hung towards her fat abdomen. She covered her massive black nipples with her palms, her eyes pleading for respite.

She allowed Peter to yank off her underwear. Her hairy pussy was now visible, as she stood totally nude except for her sandals.

"Oh fuck! Look at them titties guys, fucking massive, and what a big fleshy butt," said Peter grabbing and squeezing Radhika's obese body.

"She's a fat ugly bitch, but she'll do, I like her big titties," commented Maurice on Radhika's dark naked corpulent figure.

Radhika unsuccessfully tried to cover her hairy pussy with one hand and her breasts with the other, but Peter glared at her and she dropped her hands to her sides exposing her shame for all to see.

Maurice undressed and walked over to Radhika. Now totally nude he looked like a bodybuilder, not an ounce of fat on his well-muscled body, his still soft circumcised dick swinging around like a python.

Radhika stared wide-eyed at the monster swinging between Maurice's legs still unable to take her eyes of the big cock.

"Yeah wifey baby, cocks can be that big. Not all of us are hung like wimps," grinned Maurice. "Look all you want baby, it's going to be in your pussy soon."

"Well Samir, I have a proposal for you. We are going to use your wife in front of you. If we're satisfied you get a 48-hour extension. Do you accept?" bellowed Maurice.

Samir nodded quietly, he needed the 48 hours to save his skin. If it meant sacrificing his innocent wife, well so be it.

"How can you do this to me Samir?" sobbed Radhika. "I'm your wife, I can't handle him, just look at the size of his thing."

Samir looked away too bothered with saving his own skin rather than facing up to his wife.

Maurice stood over Radhika his massive limp dick staring her in the face. "This is a man's cock, not a little worm like your husbands. You're gonna suck it good, if you bite I'll kill that wimp, understood."

"I've never done that, please let me go," Radhika whimpered. Maurice nodded at Francis who raised a fist at Samir. "Ok, I'll do whatever you say," Radhika nodded thru tears, her eyes still focused on Maurice's cock.

"That's better baby once you experience my big black cock you'll realise what you've been missing out on. That wimpy cock is just no good for a fuck," grinned Maurice as he massaged his still soft cock.

Radhika took hold of his limp cock with both her hands and tentatively licked the exposed cock head. This was the first time she had laid eyes on a circumcised cock. She was secretly fascinated by the big appendage, still in shock over its sheer size.

Samir watched as his wife tried to suck and lick Maurice's monster, he too was awestruck by the size of Maurice's dick. Being very conventional, he had hardly seen another naked male much less a male as hung as Maurice, he too couldn't believe a cock could be this big.

Maurice's dick grew even bigger as Radhika slobbered over it, fully erect now it was close to 12 inches long and 2 inches across. Radhika drooled over the rock hard monster cock having to use both her hands. Maurice grabbed her by the neck and fucked her mouth, he was only able to get about 4 inches of his monster into her before Radhika started gagging.

"It's huge it will never fit inside me," whimpered Radhika releasing the foot long cock from her mouth.

"Enough bitch, get your ass over there," glared Maurice guiding Radhika to a wooden table. Radhika complied quietly and walked over to the table. Maurice positioned her on the table and spread her legs wide exposing her fat hairy cunt. Radhika sobbed uncontrollably with shame as her cunt was now totally exposed. Maurice stuck his index finger inside Radhika stimulating her pussy walls. Radhika gasped at the intrusion, it felt longer and thicker than her husband's cock, her hips started squirming and her juices started flowing around Maurice's intrusion.

"Hey pussy boy your bitch is getting wet, she's real horny," grinned Maurice, elated by Radhika's reaction to his stimulation. Satisfied that her pussy was now sufficiently lubricated he positioned the plum sized head at the entrance of Radhika's pussy and penetrated her slowly.

"Ow, Ow, you're killing me," screeched Radhika, her hips struggling against the monster cock making its way into her. She sobbed with pain as inches of hard dark cockmeat slid up her love canal.

"Please don't, please leave me, its hurting me, It won't fit inside me please," sobbed Radhika tearfully as Maurice sunk his entire length into her pussy and made contact with her cervix.

"Relax and enjoy my man cock baby, you're just not used to a big dick. After I'm thru with you you'll be begging for it," gloated Maurice. Turning to Samir he bellowed tauntingly, "Hey pussy boy, I don't think you have ever used this cunt properly, she's so fucking tight. You just don't have the right cock equipment for this juicy pussy." Samir looked down, his humiliation had reached a new high.

Peter and his henchmen had a good laugh as they watched Samir's expression. "Hey Pete, come and suck her titties, they look really fat and juicy," called out Maurice. Peter dropped his jeans and boxers as he walked over to Radhika, his circumcised cock almost fully erect. His cock too was enormous, just an inch shorter than Maurice's. Standing next to the copulating couple he drew off his shirt, his physique was similar to Maurice, well muscled without a hint off flab.

Peter latched onto a fat nipple and guided Radhika's hand to his cock. Radhika lay back as Maurice pounded her hard; the excruciating pain in her pussy had now turned into an extremely pleasurable sensation. She felt guilty that she was actually enjoying the fucking that Maurice was giving her. His cock filled her pussy to the brim and gave her sensations that Samir had never come close to giving in ten years of marriage.

"Ah yes fuck me, fuck me, fill me with your big cock," moaned Radhika. Her pussy was now on fire and she bucked her hips vigorously against Maurice urging him to fuck her harder. She grabbed Peter's 11-inch monster and began jerking him off.

"Hey pussy boy looks like your wife is enjoying fucking my big cock. She's got a real tight juicy pussy," taunted Maurice again pumping hard into his now willing victim.

Samir sobbed as he watched his wife of ten years shamelessly and willingly copulated with his tormentors before his very eyes.

Grabbing Peter's neck Radhika forced him to take more of her massive breast into his warm mouth. "Aahhhh...fuck me harder, yes fuck me hard with your big cock," she wailed as the first throes of her orgasm hit her now pleasured cunt. She thrashed about as she climaxed, her fat belly and hips bouncing obscenely as she bucked wildly under her rapist.

Maurice waited until Radhika recovered from the first ever-vaginal orgasm that she had experienced.

"So wife did you enjoy fucking my big cock? Was it better than pussy boy?" gloated Maurice running his hands over Radhika's breasts squeezing and pinching her massive orbs.

"Yes I loved it, my cunt has never felt anything like it. Your big cock is fantastic, I barely feel Samir inside me," she replied breathlessly.

"Hey Maurice, this little faggot's got a woody," called out Francis pointing out Samir's tiny four inch erection.

Peter turned around, "Hey pussy boy, looks like you enjoy your watching your wife getting fucked by a man. Hey Maurice look at that tiny dick, looks more like a tiny cocktail sausage to me."

Everybody laughed at Samir as he stared at the floor trying to will his erection to go down, but the sexual coupling he had just witnessed had turned him on too much for that to happen.

"Fuck the faggot Francis, pound his pretty little backside," called out Maurice, his monster still buried deep in Radhika's pussy.

Francis undid his trousers as his henchman forced Samir onto all fours and placed his arse high up providing easy access to his would be rapist. Francis took a condom from his wallet and unrolled it over his thick eight inch cut cock. Using a bit of spittle to additionally lubricate the condom covered tip he positioned himself right behind Samir.

"Eeeyooww...." howled Samir as Francis thrust his thick cock head hard into his virgin arsehole. Samir tried to crawl forward but Francis and his henchman held him down tight.

"Stay still, pussy boy if you know what's good for you," hissed Francis, taking hold of Samir's tiny scrotum.

"I will I will, please go easy," pleaded Samir tearfully. His erection had all but disappeared as his cock shrunk further into his scrotal sac.

"That's better faggot," said Francis as he rammed his thick cock further into Samir's virgin arse.

Radhika was now oblivious to her husband's suffering as Maurice had started fucking her again. She was really enjoying sex for the first time, her hips meeting him thrust for thrust, and her mouth full of Peter's hard cock.

Maurice fucked her hard till he felt the cum build in his balls. This fat bitch was a real slut he thought to himself as his powerful hips thrust into Radhika.

"Hey Pete, move off and fuck the bitch I'm gonna come in her mouth," said Maurice withdrawing his foot long monster. He quickly traded places with Peter.

Radhika gagged, as she tasted her pussy juices as Maurice put his slick dick into her mouth, he pumped his monster dick a few times and emptied his copious load within Radhika's lips.

Radhika gagged again as Maurice's cum slipped down her throat; she was unable to swallow the entire contents of Maurice's balls. Her face and neck were covered with come as Peter pounded her vagina mercilessly. She bucked against Peter violently her body fat jiggling obscenely; her loins were once again on fire with the pounding Peter's cock was giving her.

"Aah... yes, yes fuck me, fuck me with your big cock," wailed Radhika as she felt another stirring in her loins as the second orgasm of the afternoon hit her corpulent body. Peter was not as considerate as Maurice; he continued his merciless pounding of her vagina not waiting for her to recover from her orgasm.

Radhika wailed as Peter fucked her hard, "Please stop, please, just for a little time please."

"Shut up, I can see you're enjoying it," growled Peter shoving a thick finger into Radhika's virgin arsehole.

"Ow.. Please no, not there," screamed Radhika as she felt the anal intrusion.

"I told you to shut up, and enjoy it," growled Peter again.

Radhika nodded her submission, her eyes and expression displaying the pleasure she was enjoying.

Samir's pain lessened as Francis kept thrusting deep into his arsehole. His arse had coped well with the penile intrusion and his tiny cock stood erect once again.

He looked up to see Peter thrusting into the loins of his corpulent wife as he let loose his potent seed into his now extremely willing victim, Radhika bucked hard against Peter milking his seed from his balls. Oh shit, Samir thought as he watched Peter withdraw his still erect cum stained penis from Radhika's vagina, his wife had no protection and she would most probably get pregnant.

"Yo Francis, are you enjoying yourself?" asked Maurice.

"Pussy boy here has a nice tight bum," grinned Francis. "The little faggot is actually enjoying it, look at his little worm, it's standing up."

Both Peter and Maurice had a good laugh. "Hey wife jerk your husband off, I bet he'd love to cum while he's being fucked. What about it pussy boy?" bellowed Maurice.

Samir nodded, he was beyond all humiliation now. He was now enjoying his anal rape and sought release even if it came by his wife's hand in front of strangers.

Radhika stared at her husband; she couldn't believe that he was actually enjoying being fucked in the arse.

"Hey wife, get your ass over to pussy boy and jerk him off," bellowed Maurice again.

Without any hesitation Radhika walked over to her cock impaled husband. Peter's cum dripped out of her pussy and onto her thighs.

"Yeah wife, jerk him off," cheered Maurice.

Radhika reached under her husband's woefully thin torso and took his uncut penis into her palm. She pulled and jerked the tiny appendage and massaged his swinging balls.

Samir's face contorted with ecstasy as his wife played with and jerked his uncircumcised cock. He squealed and ejaculated into her palm, his cock shriveling up once he had emptied his load.

"Hey Francis, you want a piece of her?" asked Maurice.

Francis nodded in reply and pulled his thick eight inches out of Samir's arsehole. "She's full of Pete's cum, I want her cleaned up before I fuck her."

"That's pussy boy's job, he can lick Pete's cum out of her," sniggered Maurice. "Spread your legs wifey dear, pussy boy here is having dessert."

Samir had collapsed on the floor and was catching his breath. Both Francis and Peter picked him up and placed his face between his wife's fat thighs.

"Clean her up pussy boy," ordered Peter.

Knowing better than to argue with his tormentors Samir pushed his face into his wife's hairy bush and commenced lapping up Peter's cum as it flowed out of her pussy.

"Clean her thighs too pussy boy," sniggered Francis.

Samir obliged without a murmur and lapped up the drying cum which was coating his wife's thick thighs.

Radhika squirmed as Samir licked her thighs and pussy. He had never even kissed her pussy in the ten years they had been together. She was quite enjoying having her husband lick her off. The fact that it was forced on him and they had an audience didn't even cross her mind as she grabbed his neck and forced his tongue deeper into her pussy.

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