tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrunk Driving Ch. 01

Drunk Driving Ch. 01

byThe Freek©

Crashes of thunder echoed around my head as the rain beat down mercilessly against the ground. It was already late and I was getting concerned. I had let my daughter go out with some friends to celebrate her 19th birthday, with the promise of and early return. As the clock struck two and flashes of light sprung from the sky, my thoughts turned to the safety of these 19 year old girls.

I imagined the worst that could happen to them, like any other caring parent would. The anger of them being late was gone. I turned and went back inside as to not look too nervous if they came down the street. I watched a late sports report while I waited. It did nothing to distract me. What felt like years passed me by as I waited for their return.

Just as I was ready to contact the police, my front door swung open. It was my daughter and only one of her friends, Sandra. They were drenched from head to toe. Their hair was stuck flat to their face as it barely covered their half open eyes. They were intoxicated beyond comprehension.

"Where is Emily?" I asked. "You didn't leave her somewhere did you?"

They just broke out into drunken laughter, the kind of laughter that doesn't really make you happy, but more annoyed than anything else. They merely pointed back out the still open door. I looked out the door to behold two bizarre sights. The first was my car parked in my garden the other was Emily laying in the grass slowly doing snow angels.

"Bloody Hell," I yelled.

My daughter knew her drunk driving would not go over well with me. A resounding crash echoed from behind me. I turned to see the girls falling into the hall closet as they attempted to get away. Too drunk to manage their fine motor skills and not drunk enough to just pass out.

My head swam with anger at the utter stupidity of these girls. I stomped around the house in my anger as I assisted the girls out of the closet. They scrambled to get untied from the coats that had rained down upon them. My daughter was on the bottom, face first into the floor. Her friend was struggling to get off of her as her sense of balance was out of whack.

I grew frustrated with their struggles and finally lunged out for the friend. I grabbed at her arm as she flailed around in the coats and shoes. She seemed to be fighting my attempts to pull her out or maybe it was the alcohol. I grabbed her arm and started to draw her towards me. Slowly I moved my hands up her arm. Her shirt was tight to her body, but was pulling apart at the buttons as I pulled. She seemed to loose her balance again and return to her state of disarray. As my frustration grew, I yanked her roughly to an upright position forcing the buttons on her shirt to pop off.

I couldn't help but notice her firm wet young breasts as they hung out in the open, supported by a lacy pushup bra that left her hardened nipples exposed. She stood in front of me almost oblivious to her predicament. I was angry enough to let her stand there and embarrass herself. My daughter was stuck with her feet in the air and skirt up around her waist. Left exposed was her naughty little see through G string panties.

"What the hell are those," I yelled as my temperature rose even higher.

I never thought that my daughter was one of those girls that would be wearing sexy underwear. I wondered what they had really been up to tonight. I wondered if she had become the same little tramp her mother had. Her mother constantly would accidentally flash her shaved pussy to unsuspecting business men in restaurants, just to see them squirm. She gets off on the reaction of men when they can't voice their approval due to their present company.

"You little ....," I caught myself before finishing the thought.

The thoughts of all those boys looking at her young bald pussy, clamoring over each other in an attempt to get an up close and personal view of her virginal pussy intensified my anger, but not more than the thought that maybe she wasn't a virgin anymore. I reached for her arm and roughly yanked her out of the closet and to her feet.

"Who drove my car home?" I demanded.

The two of them just looked at each other and pointed out the door timidly. My daughter turned on her heals and grabbed Sandra's arm, pulling her towards the stairs. I watched them stumble up the stairs. My daughters skirt still high on her waist exposing all of her firm round shapely ass, except for the small piece covered by the inch of material that wasn't crammed up the crack of her ass. My anger didn't dissipate as they tripped on the top stair and dragged one another to the ground. Every bang and bump annoyed me. I knew it would be useless to yell at them tonight, but tomorrow would be a different story.

I turned my attention to the open front door and the storm raging on outside. I needed to return my car to the driveway and out of the garden. Emily needed to be brought in from the rain so she didn't do anything else stupid tonight, like drown herself in the rain. I headed outside to inspect my car.

Immediately my attention was drawn to the big dent in the side of the car and pieces of my fence trapped underneath. Now I had an even bigger reason to be upset. These girls needed to be taught a lesson. I moved to the car and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Now that's useful I thought, locking the car after you crash it. I prayed the keys weren't left inside, but I wasn't hopeful. With all the rain I couldn't see inside, I had to ask Emily.

I scoured the lawn looking for her. She was probably rolling in the grass somewhere. It was then that I found her up on all fours struggling to get up. She was completely disheveled. Her hair was covered in grass and her back was covered in a combination of grass and dirt stains from her attempts to create snow angels. I headed to her calling her name.

"Emily, Emily. Where are the keys to the car?" I asked

"Keys? What keys?" was her reply.

"The keys to my car. You know the one you parked in the garden." I pressed.

"Oh that one! Yep, got them right here in my pocket, help yourself" she blathered.

Damn it, I thought, now I need to search her. I started with her shorts, assuming that like most people she would put them in the front pocket. I grabbed at waist band as she continued to have difficulties standing. How the hell, did they get home in one piece, I wondered. Holding her waist band in the back I pulled her to her feet. She just giggled as she rose into the air. She was having difficulties remaining standing, so I slid my arm around her front to hold her up. Using my other hand I grabbed at her pockets.

I felt several lumps in one pocket. Assuming it was my keys I forced my hand into this young girls pocket. Her head rolled back and hit me in the face. A ringing pain filled me as the back of her head collided with the front of mine just above my eye. The pain made me less than gentle as I forced my hand into her pocket. I grabbed the soft wad inside and pulled it out with much trepidation. I was expecting the worst, but was semi relieved to find that it was only a wad of material. I thrust it to the ground and jammed my hands once again into the girl's pants.

With her balance wavering Emily's knees started to buckle and she slid down in my grasp. As she slid my hand rose up and stopped her decent by grabbing a firm grip on her C cup breast. Emily was so out of it that she didn't even respond as I squeezed her breast and pulled her up again. In the coldness of the rain her shirt had become completely soaked. I could feel her nipple react to my squeeze. Feeblely, she reached up and grabbed at my arm. She attempted to pull free of my grip on her tit, but never uttered a word. I finally released her when I was certain that both front pockets were empty.

I thought for a moment about where they could be the only place could be in the grass. The thought of searching the grass in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm was one that I found less than appealing, but I knew that it had to be done. I scoured the area where Emily had been laying with no luck. Anger and frustration were consuming me. I was angry at these three girls for all this trouble and they needed to learn a lesson.

I was finally ready to give up and try again in the morning when I could see. I turned back to Emily and pondered the ramifications of leaving her outside for the night. Coming to my senses I turned and went back for her. She had resumed her position of being on all fours, struggling to get up. I pulled at her waistband again only to have her wretch on the lawn.

"Don't pull so hard buddy. You're gonna make me puke again," Emily sputtered.

I tried to help her up by pulling on her arm, but her legs were not cooperating. Finally, sick of all this mess, I reached under arm and around her chest with both arms and pulled her to her feet. I was surprised how heavy she was, it must have been the fact that her legs were dangling behind her. As I pulled her upwards, her big wet tits slid underneath my grip. Her top had come up with her arms and was leaving her heavy breasts totally exposed to the rain.

I didn't care anymore about her privacy. I was only interested in getting her into the house. I repositioned my grip under her tits and started dragging her towards the house. It was a difficult task but I got her inside. I slammed the door behind us and fell back against it totally exhausted. I looked down upon Emily as she laid sprawled on the floor, tits hanging out and legs spread open.

The baggy shorts created large gaps at the leg holes. Large enough holes to allow me to see that Emily was "going commando." Her young pussy was partially covered, leaving the majority of it exposed to me. It was neatly trimmed and protruding slightly. The kind of protruding that usually occurs when I girl is getting aroused. I looked at her face and realized she had passed out.

Gently, I pushed her leg, in an attempt to jostle her awake. I called her name several time as a shook her with no response. I stared at her young pussy as it stared back at me. I reached out towards her tit and gingerly touched it. Not a muscle moved. I touched her nipple flicking it gently with my finger tip. Emily didn't move. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and felt it react to my touch. Both nipples started to grow as I continued to fondle her breasts. Her breasts felt so firm in my hand not like the hangers I had become accustom too.

I left my hand on her nipple as caressed her entire body with my other. I entered her inner thigh slowly and gently as to not awaken her. Sliding slowly up the soft milky flesh of her inner thigh I paused to gage her reaction before I touched her pussy. She never moved so I proceeded with caution to touch her. I touched the outer lips of her pussy as best I could from up her pant leg. A soft moan escaped her lips and forced me to with draw.

When I realized that she was still out cold I immediately went back to her soft pussy lips. I rubbed her lips with my fingers as her lips continued to stick out from her body. Her nipples stood up hard from her mountainous breasts, her mouth slid partially open. I flicked at her nipples with my tongue as I kneeled down beside her. The taste of her nipples so young and now so clean from the rain filled my mouth. I made circles around her nipple as I struggled to undo her pants.

After closing her legs I slid down her shorts and left them around her ankles. I buckled her knee and spread open her legs as for as they would go. Now there in the light I could see clearly, the object of my affection. Her pelvic bone rose from her body as her flat stomach rose and fell gently. I slid my hand completely over her pussy and I squeezed her gently. She cooed for a moment and fell silent, her mouth still slightly open. I felt the warmth leaking from her and into my hand and I knew she was horny. I traced her pussy lips spiraling towards the centre.

I used my finger to separate her pussy lips as my middle finger darted inside her wetness. The inside of her body matched the outside, both wet. I drove my finger in and out as she started to become restless. Closely I watched her pussy as I forced the skin inside by adding a second finger; soon her own lubrication had coated my fingers allowing the fingers to piston into her unimpaired. She rolled her head to the side and started to moan again. Her moans became mixed with her words as she tried to speak.

"Ohhh....I....Ohhhh. Pleeeeasssseee.....no.....I.......Ohhh God...Don't....virgin....Ohhh.......please....no, she sputtered.

Her pleasure had started a war with her morality, both wanting the other and me to relent. I certainly had no intention of stopping my assault. Emily was a hot young thing who was at my mercy to not fuck her silly. She was helpless to resist and I wasn't eager to stop. I decided that I needed to be really nasty to her and make the no side surrender.

I leaned over her shaved pussy and dragged my lips down her lips. I repeatedly opened and closed my mouth tasting her juices as they leaked out. I pulled her clit in between my lips and pulled it away from her body. She moaned gently and stopped talking. I drove my fingers back into her pussy and pumped her as I tasted her naughty young pussy. I was treading in untamed wilderness, a place where no man had ever gone before and it served her right for driving my car and smashing it up. Amidst my enjoyment she started to talk again.

"It feels good ..... but I can't... please don't...stop....please stop," she said much clearer than before.

There was no mistaking her wishes; she didn't want to continue any further. I pondered her request for a moment and held my fingers still. I weighed my options and came to a simple decision. She would never be able to resist me in her present state. She did smash up my car, I thought. The little bitch deserves everything she gets. With that in mind I continued to push my fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Oh no...no...please...no," she whimpered.

I didn't pause again. I forced my fingers deep inside of her pussy. She started to moan again, but this time it was mixed with tears. I didn't care. Her pussy tasted so good, so sweet and fresh. My tongue licked viciously at her clit as she tried to close her legs. With little effort I forced her legs back open. She moved her hand in front of her pussy in a feeble attempt to block my sucking. Her real problem was the war. Her morality was loosing. She still cried as I licked her pussy, but stopped trying to stop me. Soon she just lay there whimpering.

I was enjoying eating a young pussy again. It always seamed to stay wet, even when she wanted to control her pleasure. I needed something to finish her off. I looked around as I squeezed her nipple with one hand and pumped her pussy with the other. It was then that I saw the perfect item. I reached into the closet him the pussy hand and pulled it out.

The handle on the umbrella was made of wood and was ribbed to enable a good grip in wet conditions. I took one final lick at her pussy pushing my tongue deep inside her to taste her sweetness. I placed the handle of the umbrella at the opening to her love tunnel. I started to gently push it up in side her as she gasped in excitement before more tears fell upon her face.

"No don't fuck me....No..." she sobbed, but it was too late. The four inch handle was already pushing past her virginity. I grabbed the umbrella and held it inside her to let her get used to the size. After a few seconds I could see her pussy was relaxing. I started to move the umbrella in and out with increasing speed. I squeezed her tit as it quickly turned red from my aggression. She cried and moaned in a confusing muddle of noise.

"I guess you won't get drunk like this anymore, will you?" I barked.

Her tears continued as I fucked her with the umbrella. It didn't take long for her pleasure to take over. I released her tit and focused on her clit to ensure that she cam. She started to beg me to stop as she rapidly approached her climax. I was ruthlessly hammering my daughter's friend, forcing her to climax with an umbrella. I chuckled to myself as I thought about the idea. I watched her tits as her breathing became more raged and broken.

What a great story she would have to tell her first boyfriend, I thought spitefully. I watched as her chest heaved heavily. Not from the tears or the emotional scarring, but from the pleasure of being fucked for the first time and being able to orgasm too. She was a lucky girl, I thought. Most girls get a guy who will bang away at them for a few minutes, if they are lucky, before loosing their load with little regard for her excitement. When all is said and done all she will be left with is the unhappy memory and probably a swelling stomach. At least this way she will get the enjoyment out of it, I concluded.

I leaned in to this young girl with lustful desire filling me. I positioned myself over her public bone to ensure a great view of her pussy being fucked for the first time. I pulled the umbrella deep inside her as I felt her stomach heave under my weight. Using my free hand I went to work at forcing her over the edge. Fiddling my finger between her pussy lips I found her clit. I drew up my finger straight away from her body. I paused at the zenith of her clit before I pushed down again. By dribbling my split onto her clit I removed all the friction.

Now she was totally lubricated, inside and out, her body started to become enveloped in the physical emotions raging throughout her young body. My head bounced up and down as her breathing matched the pistoning of both my fingers on her clit and the phallus fucking her sober. The tears were lost amidst her groans of desire as the heat built inside her. As it burned it quickly turned into a roaring fire, encasing her in an orgasm she would never fully remember.

I dropped my face onto her clit and licked her until she convulsed with pleasure. Her legs stayed open as wide as she could make them. She had unhooked one leg from her shorts and was as open as she could be. What a little slut, I thought, laying here on the floor having an orgasm from an umbrella. She said she wanted me to stop, but she is really a slut and wanted to get fucked. Nasty thoughts raced through my mind as I watched her contortions subside. As I looked back at her face it was red with the rushing blood of her orgasm.

I left the umbrella deep inside her pussy and stepped back to see her reaction. She lay still for a moment before she reached for her nipples and twisted them herself. She never opened her eyes as she reached for the umbrella. I decided that one last lesson needed to be learned.

As she held the umbrella inside her pussy I moved towards her in haste. I swatted away her hands and roughly and quickly yanked the umbrella out of her pussy. She jumped as it left the confines of her love tunnel. She groaned with sadness as I watched her pussy collapse back to its normal shape. Her mouth hung open slightly as I pushed my finger inside.

At first she pulled away, but I hooked my finger inside and pulled her mouth open. I placed the handle of the umbrella into her mouth. The juices of her own pussy dripped into her mouth. She turned her head to force it out.

"No...No more...you fucked me already. No....no..." she pleaded, but it was too late for that.

I mounted her chest, sitting on top of her big soft tits. I pinned her shoulders under my shins and used my knees to hold her head still as I pushed the handle back into her mouth. I made her clean the handle of my umbrella by forcing her to deep throat it. She was well skilled at sucking, that must be how she was keeping her boyfriend happy. She sucked it as if it were real cock. Her tongue sliding out as I pushed it into her mouth, until I was sure that it was free from her pussy juice.

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