tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 16

Dry Valley Ch. 16


Mitch hopped into his truck and raced to Jess' place, not caring about stop signs, thankful for the lack of traffic. He wondered what she meant, no one in Dry Valley would enter someone's home in the middle of the night, residents of Dry Valley just were not like that.

When he was finally able to calm Jessica's nerves, it only served to raise his anger beyond belief. God help the person who had entered her home he told himself, his rage about to explode. What else had this person done while here, what else was the lunatic capable of doing? He admitted to himself that someone had in fact entered her home, someone had violated her privacy and he made a pact to himself that it was the last time it would happen. Jess belonged to him now, it was his duty to protect her and he would do that even if it meant his life. Mitch made Jess vow that every night from here on out would be spent in each other's arms.

Mitch headed back to his ranch to begin his day. This intruder was really playing havoc with his head. He sat and thought about what had already transpired, about the day before all this had happened. The big Wednesday night dinner at the O'Grady's had been just twenty four hours earlier. Both were excited to share their proposed marriage with family and friends. They discussed on the way over how Wednesday night dinners use to be a weekly exchange and agreed, once they were married, they would continue the tradition, inviting everyone over to their place.

Dinner was served later than planned; the news of both pending marriages seemed to be more important than dinner this evening. For the Walker's, it meant their sons would finally be happy, finally settle down, and hopefully, they would see grandchildren running around soon. The O'Grady's were thrilled to finally see their niece come out of her shell to become the beautiful person they knew she was. Not only that, but a girl certainly couldn't do much better in Dry Valley than to take a Walker boy as her husband.

When the ladies had finished cleaning up after the dinner, Jessica stepped out onto the porch, taking Mitch's hand and tugging at him to follow her. She led him out back near the creek before saying anything. She knew something was bothering him and had a pretty good idea what it was. She placed her fingers against his lips as she began speaking in a soft, calming voice.

"It's okay Mitch, that your brother has news as exciting as ours. You should be happy for him, not angry. All that really matters is that we will be spending our life together."

Jess knew Mitch well enough to know of his jealousy towards his twin brother. She knew that it always seemed to him, that his brother managed to take the attention off Mitch and turn it on him. It had been like this all his life. She pulled him to her, holding him tight, kissing him in a way that she knew would turn his head to more pleasant thoughts. Once again Jess proved to him that they were made for each other, knowing exactly what to do to him. His arousal was immediate, his hands wandered down her back, grasping her butt and grinding himself into her.

"Let's say our goodbye's and get out of her Jess. I promised you a night of long steamy sex and I always make good on my promises."

It wasn't but a short time later when they pulled up to Mitch's ranch house. Where they would stay the night had not been discussed, but Mitch wanted this night to be special, one she would remember when they were old and resting in their rocking chairs together on their front porch.

He held her head gently while his mouth pressed against hers softly, easing his tongue inside her warmth. The softness of her face contrasted to the roughness of his fingers as they made their way along her neck, before reaching the buttons on her blouse, undoing them one at a time. "Jess, I love you," he whispered as he slid the blouse off her shoulders, his calloused fingers sending shivers through her. His eyes shifted to her full breasts contained only by the white lacey bra, his cock reacting to the view his eyes consumed.

"Mitch, let me..." He held his fingers to her lips, silencing her as his eyes rose eventually looking into hers.

"Let me do this my way Jess." His lips pressed tightly against her neck, opening to suck her into him. Leaving a mark, letting all know, Jess belonged to him.

His hands met behind her, undoing the snap that contained the nipples he wanted to devour. Mitch slid the flimsy straps off the feminine shoulders, releasing Jess' breasts. He immediately bent down, his mouth opened to swallow, suck, and lick her nipple, making it harder than it already seemed to be. His hands descended down her back, holding her hips tightly while lowering Jess to sit on the edge of the bed. As her body lowered, Mitch followed, ending on his knees before her.

His eyes peered up to hers, pleading with her. Jess looked down, unsure what his look meant until his lips opened.

"I know I promised slow Jess," his hand already unfastening the skirt that covered her lower body. "I'll make you happy tonight Jess, many more times than you ever thought possible, but, seeing you, being alone with you, I'm not sure I am ready to take it slow." His hands already had her skirt down to her ankles. Mitch bent lower, kissing her hips, licking under the waistband of her panties. His hands slid them delicately down her shapely legs, licking along.

"If I promise to make this quality over quantity, does speed really matter?" He looked into her eyes, pleading for the answer he wanted. He wasn't sure why, it was the way it would be anyway, he would take her quickly and would take her many times throughout the night. Mitch picked her up, moving her body on the bed, laying her head back against the pillows.

He pulled his shirt off, tossing it to the floor, his hands immediately undoing and lowering both his pants and underwear. He stood out, straight, the head of his cock glistened with pre-cum. Mitch laid over Jess, his lips enveloped hers, and their tongues collided in a panic frenzy. Their hips moved together, the head of his shaft opening the folds of her sex, feeling her wetness.

Mitch's arm slid under her leg, his bicep hardening under her thigh, lifting it up, spreading her wider to accept him. When her leg was bent he pushed in swiftly, not stopping until he moaned, his hips grinding against hers. Together they quickly reached a rhythm, with not only hips but hands and mouths as well. It wasn't long before they climaxed together for the first time in their lives, the first time of many before the sun rose in the eastern sky, the first time together of many if Mitch had anything to say about it.

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