tagSci-Fi & FantasyDucky the Demon Hunter! Ch. 02

Ducky the Demon Hunter! Ch. 02


By the time Ducky was done with Father's prayer gauntlet she knew she would never use demon cum as a contract confirmation again.

That was probably Father's goal.

She went home, stripped, and crashed without a second thought on her couch. When she awoke it was afternoon. She luxuriated in a long bath, soaking her soreness, headache and fatigue away before running to her kitchen to grab some food. She had fruit, bacon, and cereal, which she munched on as she towel dried. Her amber colored eyes took in the news irritatedly. Somber lack luster tales of murders, heroes, and villains aired repetitively. Boring, if she wanted heroes and villains...

Changing the channel she found a cartoon of Batman.

Yes! This is what she lived for, those rare moments when things worked out. Half way in to the Batman chasing down the Riddler she heard a ringing. She started to head for her belt when she realized it was in fact her cellphone. Laughing she picked it up off the kitchen table.

"Duck baby. Talk to me."

"Hey babe are you dressed?" a rusty but sweet voice asked.

"Heck no Diamond. It's my day off."

"Well get dressed. You, me and Ezekiel have been summoned by the boss man."


"Hey, we'll get ice cream after."

"Zeke paying?"

"You bet."

"See you there."

Ducky raised up, sighing as she turned off the TV. "Bye Batman."

Thinking about what she had to do, she realized she had forgotten about Harold.

"Harold? Harold sweetie where are you?"

She sensed the presence behind her before the mass came down to tackle her. Looking up she saw the lean orange colored tabby cat was mid air aimed toward her head. She caught him right before he landed on her face and swung him about.

"So close my bay-bee!" she said with gushy baby talk inflections.

The cat meowed happily as she rubbed its head.

"You tried to catch mama didn't you? Didn't you!"

Harold had been a stray with a nasty habit of surprise attacking anyone and anything that had ventured into his alley. At first the attributes seemed too intelligent so paranormal activity had been thought up. People thought he was a changeling. When she had come to investigate, lovable Harold had jumped off the roof towards her. She was about to shoot him on instinct, but his cute amber eyes that reminded her of her own had stopped her. So, she took him purring and docile to St. Modesta's. Later, it was concluded he was just a really strange cat. That being said, unless he was headed to the pound, he was headed home with Ducky.

She carried him into the kitchen where she cut up pieces of chicken and put them on top of his cat food. She filled his water bowl and smiled, washing her hands.

"Mama will be back soon baby. Behave okay?"

Harold meowed at her like he was actually responding and she rushed off to put on some clothes. It was light out so she couldn't wear her usual get up. Instead she wore a plain fitted black shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. She put on a pair of black shades and threw on her motorcycle jacket. Slipping on her combat boots she gave herself a quick look in the mirror. Her hair was a red brown, very red when the sun's rays fried it enough. She slipped a hand through the unruly bits that stuck up from the collection of bits that consisted of her hair.

She could thank a wind demon for the new style. That cheeky bitch really did not take her capture and deliver contract well. For the time being she tried not to think about her lost luscious locks. Shoot, she wore a hood most of the time anyway.

Her sleek mode of transportation was a black Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. The sweet ride had been an upgrade from her previous ride to reward herself for a successful slew of bounties. Of course it had a couple of handy modifications like the break on the speedometer so that the bike could actually max out its speed. Oh her tires were bullet proof. She put on her "safety" helmet without laughing, a feat on its own, and headed to St. Modesta's. As she expected there was a bulletin outside indicating that the church's "private prayer session" was out back in the garage.

Ducky wheeled her bike into the vast garage that lay behind the formidable building and recognized Diamond's red Ducati. She put the kick stand down and proceeded to walk towards the first set of doors. Passing the metal detector, she raised her hands for her pat down by two Men in Black looking studs, and then went through a retinal and hand print scan. Then she went inside.

The room was dark like night. Pretty much everyone was wearing black. Diamond stood out like a nun in a strip club. Her hair was a rainbow of colors, some Ducky was sure she had made up. It was like the reflective prism of a diamond. Thus the name. She was sitting at what appeared to be a bar, but was actually just a random long table with stools. Diamond spotted her and excitedly waved her over.

Beside her next to her left was a six foot seven man with dark chocolate skin. He wore shades much like Ducky's and his body was a carved masterpiece. Each muscle was lean but defined. You could tell just by the way he sat he could pack a mean punch.

"Duck baby how's it hanging?" Diamond said giving her a very unprofessional hug.

The others around them didn't say a word, knowing that with these two hunters appearances were deceiving. Hunters were naturally suspicious loners, but the others made it a habit to avoid Ducky and Diamond like the plague.

Ducky had the highest success rate in the history of The Church with the exception of Cross and another hunter named Smite that was several years her senior. Diamond had the highest accuracy for long distance kill shots. Most of the time she took out her targets without them ever seeing her face.

"I don't want them to recognize me in hell," she had told Ducky once.

She had laughed.

Diamond prayed more than she did, granted Ducky wasn't bound to a demon. Somehow the two of them had gotten hitched in an open kind of "at the end of the day you're mine," sort of way.

Back to the hanging question.

"Don't know," Ducky responded giving Ezekiel a lecherous gaze. His human form was ever so delicious.

"Why don't we ask Zeke? Zeke, how's it hanging?"

He grinned, betraying his true nature with a row of sharp teeth.

"Wouldn't you like to know Kitten?"

"Yes. That is in fact why I'm asking."

He turned and looked at Diamond. "Ask her, she felt it all last night. How was it hanging?"

Diamond blushed, her pale unmarred skin splotching with red. Ducky was sure she saw a few hunters clench their fists. Oh yes, that was another reason they were disliked, they fraternized with the enemy. With rumors about how far Ducky fraternized and Diamond's known bo, they were practically infamous. Lucky for them the big boss didn't care.

Ezekiel gave her another look and pointed to his hair giving her a quizzical look. Ah yes, he could probably see perfectly in here. She shook her head in dismissal. It was just a stupid awful story.

Suddenly the wall in front of them started to illuminated with light. The room began to hum and glow in a particular pattern that checked for any spies, unfamiliar magic, and anyone who had no right to be there. After the room was satisfied a symbol of a cross appeared in front of them.

"Children," the voice boomed.

It was the raspy war hardened voice of Cross, the leader of The Church.

"Yes Father," they all answered dutifully.

He seemed to take a count of all the voices he heard before continuing on.

"You have been summoned here solely because your records indicate that you are qualified to be part of the selection process of a life bound contract."

A gasp sounded in the room.

Lifer contracts never expired. Usual contracts had a time frame and if the hunter did not complete it during the allotted time it would be recycled into the network until someone did. The bounty went up with each incomplete until the level of danger rose. For lifers, once they were accepted they were usually never passed on until the hunter died. Sometimes they even passed on to a fellow hunter family member. A whole bloodline could be bound to a contract!

They turned you into an Ishmael to your Moby Dick, the Van Hellsing to your Dracula. The Fat kids to the McDonalds.

In short, they made you legendary.

In the history of the Church, excluding Van Hellsing, there were 3 life bound contracts ever made.

"Your mission will be a Level AA mission."

Another gasp resounded.

"I want that man removed."

To their shock a burly man was escorted out of the room by the studs who were guarding the door. Zeke put his hand over Diamond's mouth as she tried to keep her laughter in. She put her own hands over his and Ducky put hers as well. A laugh and Diamond would be kicked right out. Cross cleared his throat before continuing on.

"Due to the danger of this mission it is to be expected that you will tackle this problem in teams of two. Those teams selected will be those of you whom show interest. Based on the strengths and weaknesses of your combined and individual skills the strongest team will be sent. Your records will remain under scrutiny henceforth. Should you fail to complete a mission during deliberation you will be disqualified. The chosen team will receive full details. A monthly stipend for a continued pursuit of this assignment will be rewarded as long as progress is clearly exhibited. The bounty will be separate from this. They are as follows."

The screen dimmed to show the amount of money they would be receiving. Zeke struck out like viper and covered both their mouths as gasps tried to escape them. They were't the only ones, several gasps were heard. Ducky didn't know such numbers could exist. With that many zeros she thought she'd get a math problem equaling X! A dreamy sigh escaped her.

Looking over Zeke saw Ducky in what appeared to be the throes of actual physical pleasure.

My kids would be set. My kid's kids, my who damn line! Gosh...am I drooling?

They seemed to catch themselves as Cross made the figures disappear.

"I will have results in a month. Those who accept this offer write your names on the scroll in front. You are dismissed."

The room faded back to dark and no one moved. Slowly the hunters looked up at one another seeming to size each other. Zeke released them and Ducky gave Diamond a pointed look. Diamond smirked at her. Walking forward she watched as the hunters watched her walk forward, her boots resounding through the floor. Grabbing the quill with its black ink bottle she wrote her name in big curvy scrip at the top of the scroll. Oh these old school cats.

S."Ducky" D.

There, it was done. Her first initial, code name, and last initial.

Behind her Diamond waltzed up and she handed her the quill. Diamond scratched in her name and replaced the quill before she was halfway down the row. She watched the other hunters through her black shades as they examined her as well. She had no doubt what would happen now. They would try to separate them, suddenly locating their numbers and addresses. Instantaneously they would become invested with their lives and possibly offer bribes. Some would be more honorable and state they clearly wanted business. Either way, they were about to become a hot commodity, even if they were normally avoided. Linking arms with Diamond she walked out, Zeke tailing behind them, his red eyes peeking threateningly at their competition.

"A lifer Duck?" Diamond said sighing as she sat on the back of her Ducati.

"You regret it?" Ducky asked as she straddled hers.

Diamond scoffed. "Hell no. You see their faces? Priceless."

Zeke climbed in front of the Ducati, kicking up the stand without so much as stirring Diamond. Shoot, she was sure he could lift that bike over his shoulder, and if he could do that...he could do so many other things. Seeing her heated gaze she smirked and hit the ignition. She followed them, to a cute little ice cream parlor that made authentic curl your toes 1970's sundaes. Ducky parked her ride at the curb and ran inside. She ordered a classic vanilla hot fudge sundae and stood rocking on her heels in anticipation before Zeke opened the door. He held it open for them and Ducky giggled.

"How chivalrous."

Diamond laughed and joined her. "Lots of training. Want to see him roll over?"

Zeke cleared his throat but they only kept giggling. Ducky put her shades in her hair while Diamond and Ezekiel ordered. Diamond turned to her before her face contorted in horror.

"God girl! What happened to your hair?"

Ducky sighed. What a delayed reaction.

"A pissed off Level C."


"Wind. Bitch didn't like her cage."

"Ouch, you should've capped her in a box."

"I should've knocked her ass out."

They sat down at a booth, knowing that Zeke would bring over their sundaes for them. Especially since he was already roped into paying. Ducky watched his muscled ass and thighs and wondered what it'd feel like to have a Shadow demon give it to you good. She was sure he knew all the dark places she...

"Ducky. Stop. I can smell your foul intentions from over here," Zeke said without turning in a mildly irritated voice.

Damn those demons and their dog like abilities to sense and smell emotions like, lust for example.

"Who told you to have a rock hard ass?" she mumbled.

Diamond laughed, used to it by now. She was wholly unaffected. Ducky had been one of the core reasons they had gotten together in the first place.

"You can join the party if you bring a friend you know," Diamond whispered, leaning over to her.

Ducky grinned widely. "Anything you like baby and I'll have it tied and face down on your comforter."

Diamond giggled and noticed Zeke sparing them a few suspicious looks.

"He is hot though," Ducky said dreamily."Especially in his demon form."

In Ezekiel's true form his skin was pitch black like the night. His eyes were of course red, but his currently black hair would turn red too. His nails would grow and so would...another already ample part of him. She knew how ample it got too. Her first meeting of him he had been as naked as a jay bird, demonic and all. How much she wanted to stick that beastly cock...

"Ducky. Control yourself," Zeke hissed viciously.

He too was affected by the first instinctual commands of demons. If she wasn't too careful he'd fuck her in the diner. She wasn't sure if she should stop when Diamond gave her a meaningful look.

"Easy tiger. We'll play spades someday."

"I wanna play now," she pouted like a child.

Zeke walked over, handsome, buff with a tray full of ice cream and fries.

"Don't we all," Diamond said huskily.

Zeke's eyes shot to hers as he placed the tray down. Gingerly he sat beside her, a feral gaze pining her down. Like that red flame demon, he too was controlled by his baser instincts. Then he turned to glare at Ducky.

"You're a bad influence on her."

"Like you should talk!" Ducky scoffed, taking her sundae. She dipped a hot salt fry in the sweet whipped cream and moaned as the delicious combo entered her mouth.


She took her spoon and shoved ice cream into her mouth.

"This is what I live for."

"You live for everything. You say that all the time," Zeke replied, rolling his eyes.

"Exactly," Ducky said blowing a kiss. She smacked her lips and pointed her spoon at him.

"You know? One of these days I'm going to fuck you."

He shook his head, eating a spoon of his own sundae. "I know."

"Like really fuck you. Mach truck fuck you."

"I know."

"And you're going to like it."

He sighed heavily. "I know Kitten, but today is not that day. Mach truck and all."

Ducky pouted as Diamond laughed in response.

"Don't worry Ducky. I'll slip him some melatonin one of these days and call you over."

Ducky grinned kissing her cheek. "You rock."

Zeke put an arm around Diamond and raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"What? I owe her one, and it's not like she's ugly...or I don't need a break."

She leaned over to Ducky gesturing over her shoulder. "When he's in heat he leaves me bedridden for days."

"Sounds awesome."

"Females," he hissed tiredly.

"Males!" they shouted back, holding their spoons like Napoleon. They all started laughing as the depth of their genuine bonds showed through. She truly cared about both of them. Ducky turned to Zeke pointing her spoon threateningly.

"And it's Duck, not Kitten Ezekiel! Get your animals right!"

Zeke lowered his glasses so she could see the tops of his red eyes and grinned seductively.

"You know why I call you Kitten, Kitten." Ducky blushed. Of course he went there.

"Yeah well...shut up you jerk. We swore not to speak of that again."

"Aw...you've embarrassed her," Diamond cooed as she licked her spoon.

"Impossible. That requires shame."

"Shut it shark face! That's it, you're not my friend."

"I am your friend," Zeke's low voice quipped forcefully. Bonds were not easily broken in the demon world and he'd probably torture her to death before he let her renounce their friendship. She just said things like that to get him going.

"No, you're not. Diamond is. We're not friends anymore starting from now."


"Because you're mean."

"So? You're childish."

"And evil."

"What's your point?"

"And you don't care about me."

Zeke gave a long sigh. He put a hand on her head, rustling her chopped up strands. His face showed amusement but at her childish ways, but he was sincere. "I care about you little kitten. More than you'd ever know."

"Yeah?" She looked up at him, making her eyes wide and sweet.




"Then, um...fuck me like a whore."

Diamond choked on her sundae. He laughed, pulling his hand off her head as her eyes went back to their normal lusty narrow.

"In due time kitten. In due time."

By the time Ducky, Diamond, and Ezekiel had finished clowning around it was nighttime. With laughter in her heart Ducky practically skipped into her apartment to eat some well deserved take out with her dependent Harold.

"Harold baby! Where are you num nums?"

"We're over here."

On instinct Ducky rolled to her coat stand, retrieved two guns and had them pointed toward the intruder in seconds. Her murderous intent vanished when she saw the lesser water demon sitting on her couch. He was an almost translucent light blue. The texture that made up his skin also made his hair. It was styled in watery spikes above his head per usual. He wore a leaf where his crotch would be, though clearly he had pushed his equipment in for the moment. He had pale blue eyes and as far as demon builds went, he was a wimpy. He was long and lean like ballet dancer, but with very little of their muscle.

"Aquiius, what are you doing in my apartment?" Ducky groaned, lowering her guns. A cat that looked like Harold purred in his lap.

"You put down your guard so soon Miss Ducky?"

"You're too damn worthless to kill."

"Aw Miss Ducky. That hurts!"

Ducky gave him a sadistic smile. "Trust me Aquiius, it doesn't. Now get out."

Aquiius petted "Harold" and the cat playfully licked his face.

"But Ducky, Harold wants me to stay. Don't you Harold?"

The cat meowed on cue. That reminded her, where was her cat?

She looked around, stomped into the kitchen and back before frowning at him.

"Where's my cat Aquiius?"

He pretended to be dumbfounded. "But, Miss Ducky. Harold's right..."

"My cat fucking hates you Aquiius. He can sense a leech from a mile away."

She went into her room and saw he had bound her angry hissing cat inside of a sound proof level 1 cage. She looked up at Aquiius angrily as he made the fake Harold dissipate. She growled, releasing her cat with a quick mantra. He jumped into her arms and snuggled her shooting a dirty look at Aquiius over her shoulder. Wriggling out of her arms he disappeared down the hallway. Knowing Harold, he would be perched on the highest piece of furniture he could climb to, silently waiting for his revenge. Looking at Aquiius in disgust, she grabbed him by his scrawny little neck and dragged him into her living room. Throwing him down on the couch she towered over him as he looked at her with reproachable eyes.

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