tagBDSMDusty Diaries Ch. 1

Dusty Diaries Ch. 1

byLord Imhotep©

St. Mary’s high school for girls has a long tradition of corporeal punishment. All of the teachers and administrators are male. Thus, when a young lady is to be punished with a spanking, paddling or canning, depending on the severity of the offense -- two males need to be present. For most girls this made punishment twice as enjoyable, two men to see their most private of parts exposed. At St. Mary's, bad girls that were to receive spankings, were required to undergo complete physical examinations before and after their punishments. This meant going to the school doctor, disrobing into a flimsy cloth gown with a string behind the neck and waist.

Dusty was the school slut: hair in pig tails, tongue piercing, sensual tattoos and jewelry in all the right places, multiple ear piercings, belly ring, clit ring, anklet, toe ring, Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie, or nothing at all underneath. She was hot, exuded sexual chemistry. In class she was a regular Lolita, performing fellatio on a totsie pop while teasing her instructors bedroom eyes, opening and closing her legs. All the good girls called her names behind her back, like “Ho”, “Slut”, “Bitch”, the usual name calling for a girl sexually advanced way beyond her years. If there were a sex IQ, then this girl would be an Einstienian sex genius. The whole school administration wanted to correct this sexual sucubus using corporeal punishment and wanted in get into her pants.

Dr. Jack was the doctor in charge of student physicals. He was 6'4" tall and very handsome. Girls would swoon looking at Dr. Jack, imagining if the rumors were true: vaginal and anal examinations after a spanking. The rumors were true. The doctor had to examine the punished female’s posterior for signs of physical abuse, and a full body cavity examination of the young girls for signs of sexual abuse. A pre-punishment GYN exam to establish if the girl was a virgin to begin with. Non-virgins were caned as an extra offense.

Dusty sat in the back of biology class, nervously crossing her legs, hoping she wouldn't get called into the principal's office for a spanking. Dusty was wearing a red plaid tartan pleated skirt that reached mid-thigh. She was wearing a white blouse, white mesh bra, white mesh panties and bobby socks. Dusty was a senior. Dusty would love to be examined by the doctor, before and after her spanking. She was terrified of the pain of being caned, since she was not a virgin. Three months ago, one of the teachers drove with Dusty, once a month, to buy school supplies. Dusty would rub her foot on his bulge, as the teacher was driving. One day the teacher couldn’t take it any longer. He pulled the car over to the side of the rode and made 18 year old Dusty a woman.

Two more classes until school lets out, maybe I got away with it, Dusty thinks to herself. A student walks in carrying a note and presents it to the biology teacher. Dusty face turns red in anticipation of what lies ahead. The teacher says, "Dusty, you are needed in the school doctors office. Please go there at once." Dusty gets up from her chair, ever so slowly, her head spinning. Fear and dread make her stomach twist in knots. She bows her head, eyes lowered as she walks down the long aisle, girls sitting at their desks, on both sides, look up to see Dusty's beet red face. One girl, in the back of the class, stares at Dusty's hips swaying, her short shirt moves to the left and right, imagining what punishments were in store for Dusty’s ass checks. Dusty turns the brass knob on the classroom door, and heads towards the doctor's office.

Dusty walks into the doctor office for the first time, a place she has sexually fantasized about. A young redheaded receptionist tells her “Have a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly”. Dr. Jack would always call the receptionist “Red”, not because of the red hair on her head, instead is was for the tiny, wispy landing strip of red hair above her clitoris. Dr. Jack is busy performing a post spanking physical on a naughty blonde. Dusty glances at the clock, biology is almost over. A few minutes pass the bells rings signifying the end of the period. Only two more periods remain. The door to the examination room opens, the young blonde freshman girl, walks out in tears, adjusting her skirt, rubbing her sore bottom. Dr. Jack, holding a clipboard, tells Dusty to step inside the examination room. Dusty gets up slowly from her chair. Dr. Jack says, "Hurry Dusty, I don't have all day. I need to examine you later, as well as the other girls you were with!"

Doctor Jack has a split personality, much like the fictional Dr. Jeckel Mr. Hyde. At first, the doctor was able to repulse his intense, primal sexual urges; lately however, the Mr. Hyde side of his personality has become increasingly more dominate, controlling and sensual. The doctor has decided to take the Mr. Hyde trail, with his penis leading the way like a baton.

Dusty's face became flushed. The embarrassment of being punished, and the excitement of being exposed to the doctor commingled to excite Dusty sexually. Dusty felt herself getting wet, as she walked past the handsome doctor, a doctor that she had fingered herself many times fantasizing what this moment would be like. “Have a seat on the examination table and I will be with you shortly,” says Dr. Jack with a grin, eyeing her attractive tight bottom from behind as Dusty nervously approached the examination table, imaging what her backside would look like bare-bottomed. I guess I’ll find out in a minute, Dr. Jack thinks to himself.

Dusty expected the familiar alcohol disinfectant smells of traditional doctors offices, but this doctor’s office was very different -- the raunchy scent of fresh sex permeated the air. Dusty sees the examination table in the center of the room and heads toward it. She walks past the black leather doctor’s stool. Puts her foot onto the rubber footstool, lifts herself up, sits on the protective paper that creases under her weigh, making an unpleasant sound, her bottom feeling the coolness of the black leather cushion on the examination table. She wiggles her fanny on the table anxiously waiting for Dr. Jack to close the door and begin the exam. See glances at the cotton balls stacked in a glass container, K-Y cream tube, latex examination gloves, clear plastic speculum, pap smear swabs, stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, enema bag, douche bag, thermometers in a glass jar half filled with water, and a stainless steel bed pan. The doctor is explaining something to the receptionist. Dusty presses her legs tightly together, squirms a little as she hears the footsteps of the doctor approaching the door. She feels her face getting flushed.

“I see that somebody has been a naughty girl, and needs to be punished,” said Dr. Jack, smiling, as he closes the door behind himself. “Y-e-s D-o-c-t-o-r,” Dusty stuttered, almost inaudibly to herself. “Well then, I will have to give you a complete physical and GYN examination young lady,” the Dr. gleamed, “I need to ask you a series of questions, most are of the yes/no variety. Are you ready?”

“Yes, doctor”

“You understand what is involved in a GYN exam, right?”

“Yes, doctor. I have read about it in “Seventeen” magazine,” said Dusty, trying to sound grownup.

“Have you ever had a pelvic examination before?”


“Have you had a Pap smear?”


“Digital rectal examination?”






“Are you a virgin?”

“No,” Dusty sighed

Dr. Jack grinned, “At what age did you lose your virginity?”


“Have you ever been fitted for a diaphragm?” Good, thought Dr. Jack. I can’t wait to palpate her teen cervix.


“What method of birth control do you use?”


“Did your lover use a condom?”


“Why didn’t you get pregnant?”

“He was an older man. He had a vasectomy. We had sex several times after the first time without a rubber or anything, I never got pregnant.” Said Dusty trying to sound mature.

Dr. Jack was getting erect. The outline of penis pressed against the fabric of his pants, out from his white lab coat, like a small tent. Dusty’s eyes where transfixed on his package. The doctor smiled even wider, detecting the sex flush, and highly aroused state of his young female patient. He imagined what it must have been like for a grown man to slide his massive tool into the peach fuzz of this over sexed teen, and pop her tight cherry. He lusted for her young, hot body. He wanted her nude – quick.

“Please disrobe completely. Put on this gown.” Dr. Jack handed Dusty a small green gown too skimpy to cover her completely. Dr. Jack was supposed to give her a white sheet to drape over her legs to provide her with modest cover. But then again, Dr. Jack was supposed to have one of the nurses in the examination room at all times while the patient was in a gown, this is why Dr. Jack had told the receptionist that he was not to be disturbed under any circumstances. Dr. Jack was also supposed to leave the room as the patient undressed, only to enter the examination room, after the patient had cracked open the examination room door a little. Procedures be damned. Dr. Jack wants to fuck Dusty six ways to Sunday. This girl’s ass was going to be his, but first he desired that she be totally humiliated first.

Dusty slowly unbuttoned her sheer white blouse, the lace of her white mesh bra shown beneath, a faint trace of her pink areola, now turning more red, as it becomes engorged with blood, nipple tips turning as hard as stones. Dr. Jack’s cock throbs as he thinks about the breast exam. “Hurry up! I don’t have all day. My time is important. You aren’t the first girl I’ve seen completely naked. Please strip completely before you put the gown on, you understand,” exclaimed Dr. Jack. Thinking of seeing this young beauty bare, buck naked had his rod rock hard. “Yes Doctor, I’m sorry sir,” said Dusty. “Better stop wasting my time, and strip naked, or I’ll whip your ass myself, understand!” shouted the doctor. Good idea, pondered the doctor.

The redheaded receptionist heard it all, and was petting her peach, nice and moist, her other hand cupping her breast, stroking her nipple. She had locked the doctor office door and placed the “Closed” sign on the door, as per the doctor’s orders. She was going to be fucked while Dusty was going to be punished in the Principal’s office. The mere thought of Dusty being spanked, while she was getting fucked in her muff by the doctor caused the redhead to shutter and climax. Two long fingers, nails painted a bright red, wedged into the soft rose colored mound of her sex, all the way in, impaled, like a doctors cock. “O-h-h-h-h-h, y-e-s!” The redhead trembled with lust. Imaging the doctor’s cum in her tight teen pussy.

Dusty quickly unbuttons her top, unclasps her bra, her young breasts jiggle with anticipation, sticking straight out like half of a coconut, firm, ripe, rich in milk, healthy young girl tits. The Dr.’s erection is killing him, he unzips his pants to release some pressure. His stiff 9 inch penis slides out of the confines of his silk boxer shorts, like an anaconda snake it springs from the restraining button in the middle, and bolts out free from everything, it’s blind eye peering towards Dusty’s naked breasts. Dusty, unzipping the back of her skirt, has her eyes bug out peering at the enormity of the Doctor’s pink, rigid staff. “Oh, my god!” exclaimed Dusty. “Don’t be alarmed young lady, I know you’ve seen this before, and it won’t be the last either,” said the doctor.

Dusty slips her skirt over her hips, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet, all the while having her eyes glued to Dr. Jack’s enormous tool. Now the moment the doctor has been waiting for only the panties and bobby socks remain. The doctor can clearly see her pubis mons pressing against the sheer fabric of her lace mesh panties. The panties are so tight that the clitoris, and the folding bloom of her inner and outer lips are clearly visible, straining, pushing outward like a blossoming orchid. Dusty’s dainty fingers reach into the elastic band of her panties, she starts to slowly pull her panties off, but, remembering the doctor’s impatience, she yanks them down, as if they where on fire. Dusty’s gold anklet with charms of various popular Kama-Sutra sexual positions jingled, attracting the doctor’s attention momentarily, as he fantasized Dusty and himself passionately intertwined doing all of the eastern sexual practices. The doctor luxuriated on the fragrance of Dusty’s cunt, a blend of “Little Sexy” body spray, “Teen Sprit” deodorant and female sex pheromones. “Nice haircut,” says Dr. Jack, eyes glued to the shape of Dusty’s cropped feminine hair above her sex. The vulva was bald, a soft patch of light brown hair, an inch from each side of the V of her pelvis. “Lay on your back.,” says Dr. Jack, “and lift up your legs.” Dusty’s completely nude except for her bobby socks, which the doctor pulls off, one by one. The anklet jingles again, prompting the doctor to exclaim, “Love the artwork on your anklet.” Dusty blushes. Dusty is laid bare on the examination table. The doctor sucks in the aroma of a young girl with her teen perfume and deodorant like an asthmatic gasps for air. He pauses for a moment, examining her with his lustful eyes, from the top of her young head to the tiny digits of her toes, stopping momentarily to gaze on her pussy. He thinks to himself: I must shove my cock into all of her openings and cum in her tight ass after this physical exam.

The doctor hands Dusty the green gown. Dusty puts her slender hands through the sleeves of the gown, finally covering her nude form. Dusty reaches behind her back to tie the strings in the back. Dr. Jack takes the largest thermometer Dusty has ever seen, and begins to shake the thermometer. Dusty wonders how she is going to get the cigar sized thermometer into her mouth. The Doctor dips the huge bulbous end of the thermometer into a large jar of Vaseline, holding the jar inches from Dusty’s face, as he slowly removes the thermometer smothered in Vaseline. Dusty’s eyes are the size of saucers as she realizes the thermometer is going into her rear end. “Rectal thermometers are more accurate than oral thermometers,” said Dr. Jack. Dusty could feel the anal sphincter spasm with the thought of the cold glass rectal thermometer entering her bottom. The Doctor impatiently yanks her gown off in one fluid motion, baring Dusty again. “You won’t be needing this anymore,” says Dr. Jack. Dusty was shocked. The redhead in the next room was achieving orgasm. “Lay on your stomach, legs apart, so your feet are at the sides of the examination table,” said Dr. Jack.

Dusty can’t believe her luck. She want’s Dr. Jack to find her sexually attractive, so she lifts up her knees, spreads the knees apart, to give the doctor a glimpse of her feminine charms. She rolls over on to all fours, lifting her bottom up like a bitch in heat. Her vulva is exposed to the doctor, a couple feet from his face, he takes a long, deep whiffs of her sexy scent, as she lowers her waist down to the examination table, keeping her feet spread wide apart. “I will be touching you, relax,” said Dr. Jack. ‘Okay,” said Dusty breathlessly. She feels the doctors fingers in the crack of her ass. “I will open your buttocks,” said the doctor. “Okay,” said Dusty dizzily, feeling the doctor spreading her butt checks apart. The doctor places the rectal thermometer on the entrance of her anus. Dusty feels the cold bulb touching the outer area of her ring muscle in her bottom. “I will be entering your rectum with the rectal thermometer,” said the doctor. “Yes,” said Dusty anxiously. “Relax your rectum, take a real deep breath and then cough,” said the doctor. The doctor sees the young patient breath deeply, “this may feel slightly uncomfortable at first,’ said the doctor. Dusty let out a cough, then the doctor proceeds to slide the cold glass rectal thermometer all the way in, “There you go,” said the doctor, until only the tip from 106 degrees on shows above Dusty’s anus. The doctor closes her butt cheeks, but keeps a firm finger on the tip of the thermometer to keep it in place. With his free hand he places on the ass cheek closest to him. “Good girl,” the doctor says as he looks to his watch. “Five more minutes and it will be out,” said Dr. Jack with a grin. To Dusty the five minutes felt more like ten, as the doctor slowly pulls the rectal thermometer out, with a twirling motion, from her firm virginal bottom. “You can sit up now,” said the doctor. “What’s my temperature doctor?” Dusty asked. “Marginal, I guess I will have to take your temp later, before your enema, of course”, said the doctor as he gets an eye full of Dusty turning over on her back with legs apart.

Dr. Jack lifts the back of the examination table up, until it locks in place, at a 45 degree angle.

“Lay back on the table,” says Dr. Jack. Dusty lays on her back, knees pressed tightly together. Dr. Jack pulls the stirrups out one by one, until they clank, fully extended. Dusty can hear and feel the stirrups as they slide out. Her teen pussy gets excited at the prospect of being fully exposed to Dr. Jack’s lecherous eyes.

Dr. Jack lifts one leg into the stirrup, then the other leg, clamping the ankles with thick black leather cuffs. Dr. Jack clamps Dusty’s left wrist into left cuff above her head, leaving her right hand free for the sex play that was about to begin. Dusty’s breasts jiggle as she strains to escape from her bonds. Dr. Jack laughs, cups her firm teen breast, tweaking the blushing nipple with his fingertips. “Red, get in here, now!” the doctor yells. The redhead removes her hand from between her legs, leaps from the chair behind the receptionist’s desk, opens the door and says, “Yes Master Jack.” “Strip bitch, and sit on this slut’s face as I examine her cunt.” Says Dr. Jack. “Oh, my god, yes Master Jack, right away.” Says the redhead as she peals off her clothes, in a blur she is naked, on the table, wisps of fine, curly red pubic hairs above a shaved vulva, vaginal lips in full bloom over Dusty’s face. Red’s firm teen butt hovers over Dusty’s blue eyes, two baby smooth cheeks descend, smothering Dusty’s face with searing, hot female flesh. Dusty starts to instinctively lick the young redheaded girl’s clit and inner lips, tonguing in and out of her tight, wet muff, enjoying the sweet smell of her sex.

A trio of lust, the redhead squeals in delight as Dusty’s tongue searches the depths of the redheads love hole. Dusty wets her index finger with her love juice and slowly, glides her finger into the redheads tight backdoor, first the sphincter, then the full length of Red’s rectum. The Doctor yanks the redhead by her red locks, impaling her soft, youthful mouth onto his hardness. Holding her head, with both hands, like a melon, the Doctor rapidly jerks Red’s head up and down to satisfy his urgent lust. Red swoons from the velvety touch from Dusty’s serpentine tongue. The Doctor can’t hold off any longer, the sight of two young teenage girls naked on his examination table, one with a finger and a tongue lodged in the most private of parts, ejaculates all over Red’s pretty, sex flushed face. Red’s face is doused white in cum, while the passion flower between her thighs erupts with a writhing orgasm, grinding her clit into Dusty’s chin for all she is worth, peachy cream oozing forth from the opining of Red’s tender peach, down into Dusty’s awaiting mouth. Dusty savors every drop of Red’s love juice, feeling the pulsating squeezing sensations of an intense, multiple orgasms, emanating from redheads sphincter, choking the base of Dusty’s index finger. Dusty slowly pulls the finger Red luscious posterior, sucks the finger like a baby sucking her mothers nipple. Dr. Jack straps Dusty’s free hand into cuff above her head, leaving her helpless to his nasty examination.

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