tagIncest/TabooDylan And His Mother Ch. 02

Dylan And His Mother Ch. 02


For a week after Dylan and his mother's initial encounter, the two continued to meet in Dylan's room late at night. Karen would wait until Dylan's father had drifted off to sleep, then creep upstairs to encourage her son to masturbate while she watched. She liked to talk dirty and let him fondle her breasts through her nightgown; Karen even started masturbating herself while watching the lurid scene of her son beating off his meat.

It was like she was twenty years younger and crushing on a boy for the first time again, and though Karen knew that things with Dylan had gone way too far she couldn't deny what a thrill it was to be fooling around with a hot young man half her age. It didn't hurt that Dylan's penis was longer and thicker than any other cock Karen had ever seen; just looking at the thing made her wet between the legs. Fantasies of touching it filled her thoughts night and day. She wanted to hold her son's penis, suck on it, and heaven help her, have it fill her pussy. She knew Dylan wanted it too; he was growing more confident each night they met with more familiar touches and dirtier talk. It excited her that Dylan found her to be so sexy, but Karen needed the situation to have boundaries to limit her own guilt.

Dylan was just as pre-occupied with Karen as she was with he. It was weird for him at first, she was his mom after all, but she was suddenly incredibly sexy to him. She was so tan and skinny and beautiful, and the dirty things they did together put the zap on Dylan's horny teenage libido. He had stopped masturbating by his lonesome in anticipation of his mother's nightly visits.

It was a Saturday morning, a week after Karen had first watched her son masturbate. The pair of them were trying to act normal during breakfast while Dylan's father was present, until he announced he had to go to the office for a few hours. This was not unusual; Dylan's dad frequently worked on Saturdays.

Once the two of them were alone, Dylan looked over at his mom. She was wiping off the kitchen counter, wearing her short robe that showed off those sexy legs. "Mom, looking at you is making me so horny right now."

Looking over the shoulder with a teasing smile, Karen glanced at her son. He was only wearing a pair of shorts and the sight of his smooth chest and youthful muscle was making her as horny as he. "Sweetie, behave. You just masturbated last night, less than twelve hours ago."

"I know, but you're so damn sexy mom. I can't help it."

Karen blushed and shook her head. She had created a monster. She continued cleaning up the kitchen, noting how bold Dylan was becoming with her. It worried and thrilled Karen at the same time. Then she heard him say "See?"

Turning around, Karen saw that Dylan had pulled his shorts down. He was sitting at the kitchen table sporting a massive erection. With a sharp intake of breath, Karen's eyes were glued. "Oh my, Dylan honey. Just look at you. Did you get that from looking at me?"

"Yeah. I told you I can't help it. All I have to do is think about you and this is what happens."

With tunnel vision, Karen continued to stare at her son's boner. She took a step forward without even thinking about it. Karen was fascinated by its size, drawn to it. "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. Here I am wearing nothing but this skimpy robe, I had no idea what it was doing to you."

As Karen got closer she could see a dollop of pre-cum forming on the head of Dylan's penis. She wanted to touch it so badly. Would that be so awful, to give the son she loves pleasure? They were both consenting adults, after all.

Dylan whispered, "Mom? Do…do you want to try holding it?"

It was as though an invitation was all she needed. Karen nodded quickly, then knelt down to one knee and reached out with a hand. She gasped as contact was made; Dylan's cock was hot from all the blood flowing through it, and it twitched when she grasped it. "Dylan, baby, you really are horny aren't you? You're hard as a rock."

Nodding without word, Dylan was transfixed by the sight of his mother encircling his erect penis with her fist. Her wavy blonde hair was gathered up behind her head, messy and unkempt, but Dylan thought his mom looked beautiful. It helped that he could see her breasts the way she was kneeling.

"Let me help you." Karen said as she used her palm to smear Dylan's pre-cum all over his shaft. "Do you want mommy to jerk you off, sweetie? Would that help?"

Dylan moaned and nodded again, "Yes, oh god yes. Can…can I see your boobs, mom? I love looking at them so much."

Without a thought, Karen used her free hand to pull the shoulders of her robe down to reveal her bare breasts. In the meantime she started slowly stroking her son's thick shaft, coating his natural lubrication all over his penis and making it nice and slick, using her thumb to press and coax against his soft underside.

"Oh mom." Dylan groaned, "That feels so good." His eyes locked onto his mothers breasts, with their soft pink nipples and large areola.

"Do you like looking at my tits, baby? Does it turn you on to look at mommy's tits while she jerks you off?"

"Fuck yes, mom. Your tits are so gorgeous…"

Karen took great pride under her son's gaze. He made her feel so young and sexy. She wanted to please him. And his cock! It felt so good in her hand. So large and firm. She resisted the urge to take Dylan into her mouth and continued to work him by hand. "So is your cock, honey. It's so big and beautiful. My son has the most beautiful cock in the world."

Using the circle of her hand, Karen started jerking off just the head of Dylan's penis, letting her fingers drag over the firm ridge of his mushroom crown over and over. More pre-cum leaked out of the tip and added to the slick friction she was creating, which caused Dylan to start breathing in a throaty and aroused way, moaning "…mommy, oh mommy…"

"That's it honey." Karen whispered seductively, "Relax and let me take care of your big horny boner. Mommy will make it all better by jerking her baby off real good."

With longer strokes up and down Dylan's shaft, Karen began squeezing her son tighter and more firmly as she beat him off. She kept a quick pace for several long moments, the only sounds in the kitchen coming from her slick pumping fist and Dylan's aroused moans. Karen feared her son was too close and wanted to extend the time she had with this monster cock, so halted her pace and rubbed the underside of her son's shaft against one breast.

"Oh god mom, that's so hot. Rub my cock against your beautiful tits."

Using a flattened palm, Karen sandwiched Dylan's cock into her plump breast, pushing it against the hardening nipple. It was all so naughty and erotic that Karen's pussy was quickly becoming soaked, her sex leaking it's natural fluids. With a free hand she undid her robe's tie and allowed it to fall open, exposing the front of her naked body.

Dylan nearly popped right there, seeing his mother all but nude for the first time. He knew her breasts were beautiful, their full shape and the way they sagged against her chest just slightly. But now he could see her flat stomach, wrinkled just a bit from the way she was kneeling, and the fine hairs beneath which led to a neatly trimmed pussy. Dylan gasped at how sexy his mother was as she started rubbing her clitoris with a pair of fingers.

"I need to masturbate too, sweetie." Karen said with a smoky breath. "Your big cock turns mommy on, it's making her cunt so wet. Does my body turn you on? Do you like looking at mommy's naked body?"

His cock throbbed and Dylan gasped, "Yes, oh fuck yes mom, god you're so hot. You're the sexiest girl…woman I've ever seen."

Karen returned to stroking on her son's cock, masturbating him as well as herself. She would pump at the base of his shaft a few times, then coax the entire length before circling her palm over the head of it. She knew at that moment that there was no turning back. She loved her son, and she loved his penis. She didn't know what the future exactly held, but Karen knew she would never be able to give up pleasuring her son's magnificent cock. "You'll never have to masturbate again, honey. I'm is going to take care of my beautiful baby from now on. Whenever you are horny, whenever you need servicing, mommy is going to take care of her son's big beautiful cock. I can't believe I created such a perfect specimen of dick…oh shit, honey, mommy is going to cum…" Karen sped her fingers over her clitoris, mindlessly horny from jerking off her own son. Her pumping fist paused and she just squeezed Dylan's erection as an orgasm wracked her body, causing her to tremble and moan

"Do it mom, cum for your son. Oh mommy I love you so much, make your sexy pussy cum."

Karen gasped and shook from the power of her orgasm, her clinging fist on Dylan's cock the only thing keeping her from falling over. "Oh god…oh my god. Dylan, honey, mommy came so good." She looked back to the giant boner in her hand and resumed stroking with renewed fervor. Like a slut in heat, Karen began talking dirty…

"I'm addicted to your big cock, Dylan. I need to see it shoot again. Mommy wants to see it spurt out all your milky seed." Karen's fist was a blur, and Dylan's hips were bucking in the chair as he grunted. "Decorate me, Dylan, make mommy's hot fucking tits messy with your cum. Shoot your naughty incestuous sperm all over your mother's body and make me filthy with your love."

Dylan couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mother's mouth. She was driving him wild and his face scrunched up as he felt his orgasm start to rise from his balls and up the shaft of his cock. He grunted, "Uhn! Oh god, oh fuck mom, I'm going to cum!!"

"That's it baby, cum for mommy! Show mommy how much she turns you on." Karen knelt closer and aimed Dylan's penis towards her chest. "Let me see your big fucking cock give me its gooey prize. Oh shit, yes, that's it Dylan, cum for your mother. Cum for mommy!"

The first spurt splashed against Karen's chest right between her breasts as Dylan screamed in the throes of ultimate pleasure. She aimed the second long rope right onto her nipple and squealed with glee. The twitching cock slipped in her hand and the third and fourth ejections landed on Karen's neck and chin. She couldn't believe the amount of cum that was flowing out! A few more dollops of the thick sperm flowed more gently from Dylan's penis, coating her hand and wrist.

"Oh sweetie. Look at what a mess you made of me." Karen said as she licked some of the cum off the space between her thumb and pointer finger. "Mommy is all messy from your precious love."

"Jesus, oh god mom, holy fuck, that was amazing." Dylan breathed.

"Such a naughty, dirty boy you are, squirting your nastiness all over your mother like that." she teased. Karen really blew her son's mind when she dipped her head and lifted a breast, licking the semen off of her own nipple. "Next time I'm just going to have to swallow it all."

Dylan smiled, leaned forward, and kissed his mother right on the lips. The move surprised her, but she kissed him right back. "I love you mom. I love you so much."

"I love you too, sweetie. Now I better go get cleaned up before your father gets home."

Dylan slumped in his chair as he watched his mother walk out of the kitchen. He really was in love. In love with his own mom.

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