tagRomanceEagle's Nest Ch. 2

Eagle's Nest Ch. 2


Sinking into the white, leather seats as we pulled away from the curve, I finally noticed that my stomach was not in my throat. I wasn't nervous like I usually am. I was relaxed, inquisitive. I looked about me, noticing the luxuries around me. The small tv, the stereo/cd player, the bar, the snacks....all these things surrounding me...for my comfort. The tinted windows shaded my view of the streets as we moved on to the interstate. The curtained window separating the driver from my view, slowly lowered as his voice came over the intercom. It was the same voice that had called me just a short while ago.

"I hope everything is to your satisfaction Ms. Hawthorne. Please feel free to help yourself to anything. We'll be on the road about an hour and a half. There's a selection of your favorite cd's to the right of the stereo console if you'd like to play them, or the tv is connected to the satellite if you'd like to watch your show as we travel. If you need anything, please call me on the intercom to your left. It's under the arm of your seat. I'll be glad to stop at a rest stop if you need to powder your nose."

I just caught the barest hint of a chuckle before the intercom went silent and the curtain raised between us again. I found the remote for the tv and the stereo. Leaning forward, I picked out a Celtic harp cd and inserted it into the player. Discovering that the seat was actually a hidden recliner, I laid back and watched the scenery change as we traveled toward the mountain area of Eastern Kentucky. Not many people in my state realize what a wealth of nature we live within, but by exiting the interstate as we had and traveling the winding two lane roads, you can distance yourself from the city's mass of humanity, and return to the wilderness of Boone and his followers. Time seemed to slip by me, as we climbed higher up into the tree lined mountain. Even as large as this car was, there didn't seem to be any difficulty managing the narrowing curves. Sunlight filtered through the trees, dappling the roadway. August is warm in the lower regions, and the coolness brought forth in the forest is a welcome change from my usual environment. I quieted my mind and tried not to wonder why I was in the limo. I was going to enjoy this adventure.

As the driver slowed to negotiate one more curve, I glanced out the window and realized we were nearly to the top of the peak. Up ahead I could see a pull-off parking area and a set of steps that climbed the remainder of the peak to the top. I leaned forward to look closer as he parked the car at the spot I saw. When the engine was shut off, he stepped out of the car to open my door. Reaching for my hand, I was assisted out and handed a key.

"If you'd climb the stairs to the cabin reserved for you, I'll wait till you unlock the door before I leave. I have instructions to return tomorrow around noon to pick you up and return you to your home. Enjoy your retreat." That was all he said as he closed the limo's door and waited for me to ascend the length of stairs. "Is there anything else I should know?" I asked him. "No ma'am. I believe there is another envelope waiting for you inside", with that he turned around and reentered the car, sitting so he could see me when I reached the top of the steps. Well, here goes nothing, I thought to myself.

It took me about 5 minutes to climb the 57 steps. Yes I counted them all, stopping occasionally to turn and look around me and gaze across the never ending vista of fir trees surrounding me. I could hear the wind whisper softly through the pines and the call of the birds kissed my ears as they floated on the currents around the tree peaks. Turning the key in the lock, I opened the door, turned and waved good-bye to the driver and walked into the cool interior of the rustic log cabin. A late afternoon sunbeam from the west window, cast itself across the table, highlighting a massive bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Their scent filled the room, complimenting another hint of a masculine fragrance. That was it, I could smell after shave, the pine trees, and the damp wetness of the forest floor. It blended in such a way that my heart began to race with the thought I might not be alone after all.

Leaning against the flower vase was another cream colored envelope but this time, addressed to Jessie, in a flowing script. I walked to the table and picked up the letter. There it was again, more of that scent. Placing the envelope closer to my face, I took a breath, pulling the aroma deeply into my lungs, savoring the scent before I stuck my finger under the flap and removed the contents. Unfolding the crisp sheet, I stared at the signature. It was from my Nighthawk again. 'Silly woman, who else?' I thought to myself. The neat penmanship spoke of a man assured of himself and his place in the scheme of things. Each line was perfectly straight. There were no mistakes, no cross outs, no misspelled words. I began to wonder if there were no flaws in him like the many I felt within myself all my life. If it weren't for the fact that I knew his secrets, things he never let the people close to him see, I would have felt inadequate to be in his presence. I could feel him in the room, maybe not in a physical form, but he was here to guide me on this adventure, just as he'd guided me over the last few months into learning to love myself. With a sigh of contentment, I opened the letter and began to read.

My Dearest Jessie,

Thank you love, for being so brave, for taking this time for yourself, to discover things you never dreamed of, and for letting me be a part of all of it. I've watched you bloom like a dew kissed rosebud since we started talking over the Internet, and I want you to now fully open yourself to the sensual being you are. Explore all of your senses these next few hours, follow my instructions along the way and take the time to listen to your soul as it learns to sing it's own song. Trust me my darling.

I want you to take the remote on the end table behind you, push the on button and listen. Do it now sweetheart, for me.

Lovingly, Nighthawk

I turned around to see the slender, black remote control, lying as he said it was near the couch. Lifting it toward the audio system to the right of the fireplace, I started the music that softly filled the quiet room. Single melodies of strings and woodwinds gradually blended into a crescendo that slowly descended once again into a single violin's song eliciting visions of solitude.

"Jessie, go outside and stand on the porch. Look to your right and watch the evening's sunset. Enjoy the dusk as it settles over the tree tops and listen to the music's attempts to imitate the majesty and splendor before you". It was Nighthawk's voice. The soothing deep resonance of him talking to me, recorded over the music. I glanced toward the fireplace, thinking I'd find him standing there, but I was alone. Turning, I did as he asked and stepped outside to watch the sun as it cast brilliant bands of yellow then gold, orange then red and finally deep burgundy, lavender and blue as it lowered to set for it's night's rest. As the colors swirled and changed the music behind me seemed to compliment and accentuate the changes. I was entranced with the visions playing before me. I started to drift off in thought when the deep timber of his voice once again called from the cabin's interior.

"Come back inside my dear. Go through the doors to your right, into the bathroom. Everything you need is in there. I want you to do something you've never done before. I want you to shave your mound for me. Leave only a triangle in the front. Remove all the hair between your thighs. Yes love, you can do it. Make yourself as smooth and hairless as the day you were born. Trust me Jessie".

The cadence of the music changed as I walked into the soft candle lit bathroom. I didn't even ask myself how the multitude of candles got lit. This was a magic time, anything was possible with Nighthawk. My mind refused to work logically and I wasn't about to fight it's fleeing from the streak of responsibility it normally had. Redwood incased a deep tub, surrounded on three sides by tub-to-ceiling mirrors. I felt strange looking at myself as I slowly undressed. There was no one to hide from like this, not even myself.

"That's it Jessie, look at your body. See it as I would see it if I were there right now. Run your hands along the curves of your hips. Lightly encircle your breasts and hold them gently. Look closely darling and see the beauty you were blessed with. Now, take the shaving cream from the sink, and fill your hand with the cool, white cream. Put one leg on the edge of the tub, so you can cover between your legs with it. That's it, feel the coolness touch your skin. Slide it over yourself. Doesn't it feel good?"

I was hypnotized by his voice. I couldn't help by follow his taped instructions. There was no shame in what I was doing. I was alone and in my solitude I could see the lovely lady standing there, poised to expose herself to the mirrors and the razor within her hand. Slowly I moved the blade across the hair, removing it all till there was only the triangle he requested. Running warm water in the sink, I used a wash cloth to remove the remaining shaving cream. I tingled at the contact of the rough cloth against the virgin skin. I couldn't ever remember feeling anything as soft as the outer lips of my vagina. My finger explored the folds and crevices, dipping between the lips, finding moisture to slide against. Soon another finger joined the first as I started to move them faster against the smooth skin. Sliding the fingers on each side of the lips, the palm of my hand touched my clitoris and I jumped as an electrical sensation traveled across my body. I pulled my hand away. What was I doing? What was happening?

"It's ok Jessie, to touch yourself. How are you going to know what to have a lover do to your body, if you yourself haven't explored it's treasures? Now step in the tub and run the shower, feel the needle like points of water as they travel your back and your legs. Take the shower gel and lather yourself, running your hands across your breasts and stomach, hug yourself, Jessie. Love yourself for you are a beautiful woman."

The melody changed to a dreamy interlude and I did as he once again bade me to do. I found no displeasure in my form any longer. I caressed myself lovingly, imagining it was Nighthawk's hands traveling my body. His presence permeated the cabin. The thought and consideration he'd put into creating this get-a-way, left an imprint on all the objects around me. I watched myself in the mirrors as I bathed. I smiled at the nude creature before me, as she swayed her body to the chorus playing from the living room. I could see the glow in my eyes and the more I looked toward it, the more it shined for me. Wrapping my arms around my breasts, lifting them up as a lover would, to be kissed, I smiled one more time before I shut off the shower and started to dry with the huge towel from the heated rod. The comforts of this place constantly amazed me. Was there nothing he'd not thought of for my comfort and pleasure?

I tucked the towel around me, and stepped out of the bathroom, watching the glow of the fireplace. But wait a minute. How did a fire get started? I took a tentative step toward it when I caught the scent of after shave again. The hair on the back of my neck started to rise and the shivering I was experiencing wasn't from the cold air.

"Jessie." I felt his breath against my neck as he whispered in my ear. Large, warm hands descended on my shoulders and I was pulled back into his chest before his arms wrapped around me. "Jessie, my love. Don't be afraid. I would never do anything to hurt you. Trust me."

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