Early Arrival


I knocked several times. No answer. Susie had said she might still be at the store if I arrived early, but I knew where the key was hidden. "Go on ahead and let yourself in," she had said. "There's a couple of beers in the fridge. I'll be picking up more at the store, so help yourself if I'm not back yet." The key was right where it was supposed to be, taped to the bottom of one of the decorative rocks in the planter beside the door. I unlocked the door, then replaced the key and returned the rock to where I'd found it.

The TV was playing loudly in the bedroom even though she wasn't there, but that wasn't unusual. Susie always left it on when she went out for short periods of time. "Burglars are less likely to try to get in if they think someone's here," she had told me one time when I asked her about it. Actually, it makes sense, but I'm not one of those people who can leave the house with the TV on and nobody to watch it. Just one of my many eccentricities, I guess.

I got a beer and wandered into the front room. The beer tasted great after the ride over with the top down on the Boxster. The sun and wind had left me feeling really thirsty. The noise from the TV started to get to me as I stood staring out at the manicured golf course fairway beyond the sliding doors leading to the little patio. "Cripes that's annoying," I thought. "Now that I'm here, there's no reason to have to put up with that racket." I set the beer on the table and walked down the short hallway to the bedroom.

As I reached to push back the partially open door, I saw movement on the bed. I froze with my hand hovering over the door handle. Susie's pale right leg, bent at the knee, was moving slightly in rhythm with the music coming from the TV. I leaned to my left to see if I could catch a glimpse of whatever it was she was watching. On the TV on the dresser opposite the door, a man built like a Greek god was pumping his cock into his matching Greek goddess in time to the slow beat of a very erotically sensual song. My entire body flushed with heat. I knew that my ears -- indeed, my entire head -- had to be beet red as I realized Susie must be masturbating while she watched a porno video.

Susie and I had been friends for years, but we'd never been intimate. We'd never even thought of each other in that way. Finding her masturbating made me want to turn and sneak quietly back out of her apartment to spare both of us the agonizing embarrassment if she found out I'd watched her pleasuring herself.

But my curiosity, as well as my rapidly swelling cock, stopped me. With my heart thundering in my ears, I very slowly pushed the door the tiniest bit farther open until I could see that her face was turned away from me towards the TV, her entire attention on the video. She was panting, obviously working towards an orgasm as her fingers massaged her clit and stroked the sensitive areas in and around her pussy.

Like a yawn in a crowd of tired people, I was swept into the emotion of the moment and had my already throbbing cock out of my pants in a matter of moments. I watched her hands as they worked at her pussy, strayed from time to time to her breasts and nipples, then back to attack her clit aggressively. She was whimpering now with her need to come. My hand pumped more and more strongly as I raced her to a climax.

Her breath caught and she groaned as her hips twitched at the moment of orgasm. My own orgasm came as she exhaled, her hips dropping back to the bed while her fingers still moved slowly inside her. I caught the come in my free hand, then backed as quietly as I could away from the bedroom door. I washed my come down the kitchen sink and dried both my hand and my cock with a couple of paper towels.

"Now what?" I wondered. I had no choice. I had to pretend I'd just arrived. I crept over to the front door and made a great show of opening it as if from the outside, then closed it noisily and called out, "Hey, Susie. You home?"

The TV clicked off and there was a rustling of bedclothes as she jumped off the bed. "I'll be out in a minute," she called. "You're here even earlier than you thought you'd be."

"Yeah," I called back. "Traffic was really light. Okay if I have a beer?"

"Whatever you want," she replied.

"Whatever I want?" I called.

She didn't answer. After a minute or two she emerged from the hallway dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt. Her pale skin was beet red from top to toe. I looked her up and down. "You sunburned?" I asked.

She couldn't look me in the eye. "No. I just woke up from a nap."

I smiled. "You must have been tired, huh? Feeling better now?"

She blushed even more deeply, but managed to look me in the eye. "Much better." There was the hint of embarrassed naughtiness in the look.

"Nothing gets rid of tension like a good, ah, nap," I declared.

I watched her eyes while I set my beer bottle down as if carelessly onto the crotch of my Levis and let my hand slide deliberately down from the neck to the base of the bottle. Her eyes flicked briefly to where it ended up, then back to my eyes. At that moment, she knew that I knew what she had been doing, but neither of us would ever admit it to the other.

The sexual tension for the rest of the visit was so thick you would have needed a chain saw to cut it, but neither of us acted on it, then or later, though God knows I would have jumped at the chance.

When I got home that night, I oiled up my cock and settled down to masturbate slowly and luxuriously as my mind ran over and into all the secret places on and in Susie's body. In my memory, Susie once again touched and pleasured her secret places as I watched and, once again, I came just after she did, only this time I let my come spurt up and over my stomach and chest, then continued to rub the now supersensitive head until I couldn't stand it anymore.

She'd probably be mortified to know I actually watched her masturbating that day, but maybe -- just maybe -- it'd turn her on to know the number of times I've jacked-off to the memory of that erotic interlude. Even now I can clearly see her fingers in my mind as they disappeared into the soft folds of her crotch, and my cock still responds almost as strongly as it did when it happened.

I keep thinking that one day I'll write it all down and send it to her, but that'd be awkward because we're still great friends and I wouldn't want to do anything to threaten that friendship.

Still, I can't help wondering if her body would be as much fun for me as it was for her.

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